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Bronzoon was the wiki's April 2013 featured alien!

General Information
Species Metacho
Home World Exrantios
Body Armored Bell
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Sound Manipulation
Alien Number 27
Namesake Pormanteu of 'Bronze' and 'Monsoon'
First Appearance If: Part 2 (Star Spirit)

Bronzoon is an alien free for anyone to use.

He appears in Tech 10: Star Spirit, Hell on Earth and is planned to appear in Charles 10.


Bronzoon's abilities include:

  • Sound Manipulation
  • Sonic Mind Control
  • Spirit Sensitivity
  • Flight
  • Durable Armor


Bronzoon has the appearance of a 4 ft. gold/silver armored bell. The StarTrix Requiem symbol is on his lower body.

In Charles 10, his eye is now a light teal, and he wears the Polytrix symbol.

In Hell on Earth, he is a brownish-rust color.


Bronzoon's body structure makes him rather inflexible, making it near-impossible for him to navigate tight spaces.


Tech 10: Star Spirit

Hell on Earth


Planet and Species Information

Bronzoon is a Metacho from the planet Exrantios. The original Metacho were practically unrecognizable compared to their current forms; they were large insectoid creatures with long, spindly legs that hung from their body in a bell shape. Ancient Metacho were hunted nearly to extinction by their natural predators, as they had very few means to defend themselves. The remaining population, on the other hand, had developed a mutation that allowed them to incorporate Exrantios's plentiful iron deposits into their biology, eating the ore dug up with the underground insects that composed most of their diets and processing the iron into a tough exoskeleton.

Over time, their iron exoskeleton grew over their natural shape, with the "bell" formed by their legs forming a mold of sorts for the exoskeleton to develop. As evolution continued, their biology was stretched to fill out their oversized exoskeletons, with their eye gradually moving to the front of the "bell". As they lost use of their legs, they were able to use their new shape to enhance their sonic abilities enough to create lift and hover above the ground. Their arms migrated to the center of their backs, bending out to the sides to reach over the bell. The bell's "tongue" is a prehensile mandible that evolved to hang down from the bell and move across the ground to "ping", dig for, and grab underground prey, and has no function in actually producing sound.

Exrantios is a relatively temperate forest planet covered in numerous metal deposits. It has become infamous in the intergalactic community for having a massive magnetic field that causes ships passing through the system to malfunction.


  • Bronzoon's ability to commune with spirits is based on bells of folklore often being associated with the supernatural.

The CaT Collection

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