Broken Dream Boulevard

Broken Dream Boulevard

Nightmare Garden

General Information
Species Somnium Herba
Home World Somnortus
Body Rose-Like Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Flower Manipulation
Dream Manipulation
Classification Flora
Alien Number 8
Namesake Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day
Green Day-Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Squeaky Clean) BEST EDIT!

Green Day-Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Squeaky Clean) BEST EDIT!

First Appearance Working on the Railroad

Broken Dream Boulevard, often shortened to BD Blvd, is an alien from the series Tech 10: Star Spirit.


BD Blvd's abilities include:

  • Flower Control
  • Thorned Vine Creation
  • Sleep Inducement
  • Dream Walking
  • Dream Manipulation

His Thorned Vines are primarily used for his sleep-related abilities, but can also be used for combat, maneuverability, or defense.


BD Blvd is a plant-like humanoid alien, primarily green with pink and blue markings. He has a petal-like pattern on his chest, in the center of which is the StarTrix symbol. His head and hands resemble blooming roses and rose petals, and he has sky-blue eyes that are partially hidden by his leaf-like head covering.


BD Blvd's real body is completely vulnerable while his mind is in the dream world. In addition, his vines must maintain constant contact with his target in order for his sleep-related abilities to work.

His body is shown to be relatively frail, as a single punch from an average human is capable of knocking him out.

As shown in Mad World, if he gets knocked out in a dream, it performs the opposite effect in real life, waking him up and temporarily shorting out his dream-based abilities.

Projection Transformation

When used as a Projection Transformation, BD Blvd's main directive is to trap its opponent and put it to sleep.

Nightmare Garden

An alternate version of BD Blvd known as 'Nightmare Garden' first appeared in Mad World. His appearance is generally the same, save for having a different color scheme and the StarTrix symbol being replaced with that of the InverTrix.


BD Blvd

Nightmare Garden


  • BD Blvd's original design was that of a strange, ghost-like tentacled creature, which was then altered into a humanoid crab-like alien. That train of thought ended up being abandoned for the plant concept, and the latter design ended up being the basis for Viva La Vida.
  • BD Blvd's appearance was inspired by Roselia from Pokemon, whereas his abilities were inspired by Joseph Joestar's Stand, Hermit Purple, from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street.

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