Brightside is an alien from Sol 10, used by Major Tom.

Quick Stats
Owner Sol
Body Lithe humanoid
Voice Angelic
Powers and Abilities
Powers Light manipulation
Weaknesses Physically weak
Status Unknown
User(s) Major Tom
Debut When It Started
The Killers - Mr

The Killers - Mr. Brightside


Straight from Sol 10 because I'm too lazy to rewrite it:

"In a flash of light, the Captain disappeared and was replaced by a being of pure gold. This being’s body was that of a slim, fit man, with the tone of his muscles unable to be seen. His body’s texture was smooth and glittered like a summer’s ocean. He had no visible mouth, but he did have two large white eyes with proportional green irises and luscious gold hair that rose upward, as if effected by static electricity. On his sternum, near the heart, was a symbol identical to the one on the faceplate of the Omnitrix. "


  • Brightside is able to manipulate light to form physical objects, i.e. a sword.
  • Brightside has the ability to phase through light to "flashstep".
  • Brightside can 'heal' or recover energy when exposed to light sources.


  • Due to Brightside's reliance on light, if there is no light around him, he must work off an internal supply of light. If that runs out, he is useless.
  • Physically, Brightside is weaker than the average human. Without his light powers, he is nothing.



  • Brightside is named after the song Mr. Brightside by the Killers.
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