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General Information

Mutant Segmentasapien/Basalt Hybrid

Home Planet:

Polyominus (Segmentasapien DNA)
Andesite (Basalt DNA)


Rocky Gorilla

Alternate Counterparts Bloxx
Other Info

Enhanced Durability
Material Changing
Environmental Adaptation
Acid Resistance


Limited Acid Resistance
Durability Limit
Slow Shapeshifting

First Appearance:


Brickhouse is the Antitrix's DNA sample of a mutant Segmentasapien/Basalt hybrid, and is Kevin's equivalent of Bloxx. He is a free use alien made by Alan.




  • Like Bloxx, Brickhouse is able to shapeshift his body at will into different weapons or constructs. He is also far more durable than Bloxx.
  • Brickhouse can change the material his body is made of to some extent in order to better fit whatever it is he's trying to do. This is an extension of his environmental adaptation power that comes from his Basalt DNA.
  • Brickhouse is more resistant to acid than Bloxx.


  • Brickhouse can be harmed by acid if exposed to it for long enough.
  • Brickhouse has a durability limit and can still be broken.
  • Brickhouse's weight makes him a slower shapeshifter and builder than Bloxx.


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