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"I think I like this guy. The colors reminds me of..I don't know? My childhood? Maybe a toy?" -Brick Ape.

Alex's (AL 12's) Segmentasapian form.


Same design as Bloxx's.

I want to keep the color design, I like the colors.


He talks like a bit rough like a wrestler.

He shares the same personality with Alex.


Shapeshifting: Due to his species gaining the power to hide from violent intruders, Brick Ape can morph into any structure-related builds like walls and catapults.




-Cannon: Morphs into a cannon to fire objects.



-Hammer-pult: A giant hammer version of a catapult that is just a hammer replacing the basket.

Regeneration: From being made out of bricks, he can regrow.

Radiation Immunity: Being made out of bricks and .

Size Alteration: He can grow big.

Elasticity: He can stretch and swing like a monkey.

Hammer Smash: A move he made up. He morphs his legs into a hammer and stretches out his arms. He then spins backwards and slams his hammer legs on his enemies.

Giant Fist: He can make his fist more bigger to punch harder.

Explosive Blocks: Create blocks that can explode.

Weapons: He can make weapons.

-Cannons: He can make his hands into cannons.

-Hammers: Forms a hammer fist.

-Mace: Ball of chain or just a ball-shaped fist.

-Shield: Makes a shield for protection.


He can still feel pain.


Limits on fire immunity.

Being broken apart with powerful force. (But can rebuild himself)


(Only Appears in Alien Warriors)

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  • Fury.
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  • I really like Bloxx's design and color. It reminds of something from my childhood. Like a toy or something.

From AL 12 Ben 10 Fan Show.