is one of the main character in Adventure Nanite 10.

General Information
Species Human/EVO
Age 13
Affiliations Heroes
Occupation(s) Being a hero and an adventurer
Powers and abilities
Abilities See Abilities
Equipment See Equipment
Relatives -Finn
-Unknown mother
Alias Brain
Alternate Counterparts -
Voice Actor -


Brian is a 13-yr old boy, who resembles Finn. He wears an orange shirt and cargo pants, like 10 year old Ben. He also has a hat and backpack like his dad's.


Being the son of Finn, Brian possess agility. He also can forms machines, since he can control his nanites. He has an Omnitrix, which looks like the Ultimatrix but shows icon instead of holograms. He can also fuse two of his machines together, and forms machines while in alien form. He can fuse with Figy to create a huge robotic EVO-like alien with a giant sword.


  • Two Katanas, one gold, and one silver. It is confirmed that the gold katana was made by someone.
  • A Spatula which can turn to a sword, also known as the Swordtula. It was made by the same someone.
  • A gold sword.

Almost everything Figy has.

Relationship with other characters

To be filled soon!

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