General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Unknown
DNA source -none-
Body Human, hunchbacked
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Wind Manipulation
Ice and Fire Breath
Energy Breath
Tornado Breath
Equipment Air backpack
First Appearance TBA

BreezeBreathe is a brand new alien from the Carl 10 Franchise.


BreezeBreathe looks like a living bulging meteor.

He is small and hunchbacked. His skin is purple.

He wears green metallic chestplate and white suit under it.

He wears green fingerless gloves, which are connected to a backpack behind, with a blue elastic pipe.

His Xtratrix symbol is on his left shoulder, also, the silver ring is green.

Powers And Abilities

According to his name, he can manipulate his breath, leading to an ice, fire, energy and/or tornado breath.

It's yet unconfirmed can he manipulate ice, but it's very likely.

He can levitate/float.

Hence his breath powers, he can also manipulate and create winds/tornados.


None, yet.


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