Brawnoceros is a hulking rhinoceros-like humanoid alien of unknown origin that features in Back in Action: Alien Universe.


Brawnoceros draws design cues from a number of different real rhino species, primarily his bluish slate grey color coming from both black and white rhinos. He also has a beak-like mouth akin to Sumatran rhinos, rather than mammalian lips. Otherwise, he is a wide-framed humanoid, with natural shields that protect his shoulders, elbows, and knees. His eyes, ears, and nose are spaced apart his wide and long head like rhinos, and his horn is dead center. His feet are three "toes" planted in a T shape, and his hands have three humanoid fingers (a thumb, an index and ring finger) with nails broken right along the center. For reasons unknown, he possesses a partial mane in the user's hair color that runs from just the back of the head to the horn.

His Assault Omnitrix symbol is located on his upper right shoulder.


Like Rath, his species' IQ has a much lower ceiling, which will harm most users' capacity for reason. Unlike Rath, he's a friendly idiot.

Powers and Abilities

Brawnoceros' primary ability is his projectile horn. Poachers beware, because he can both fire it straight ahead and control it once it's airborne. Like a boomerang, it can be pulled right back onto his head. If destroyed (or decayed from prolonged separation), it can slowly regenerate.

Additionally, Brawnoceros has strong natural shields on his shoulders, elbows, and knees. These points are very durable, though the rest of his body is more squishy and fragile. Overall, however, he is somewhat resilient.


His naturally lower IQ can be a detriment to the user and those around them.

Though his horn can be regenerated from loss, destruction of the horn is an excruciating experience to the point that the user could pass out.


Back in Action: Alien Universe


His name is a portmanteau of Brawn + rhinoceros.


  • Brawnoceros has appeared in all but one episode (The Armaggedroid) since his debut.
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