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Humanoid Elephant

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Sonokinetic Combat
Sonic Trumpet
Sharp Tusks
Enhanced Smelling
Enhanced Hearing
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Memory
Elastic Trunk
Air Suction
Power Augmentation (via peanuts)


Sensitive Smelling
Sensitive Hearing
Ben's Peanut Allergy

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Brawlephant is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Turhaathee from the planet Soond'Hvani.


Brawlephant appears like Trumbipulor did during Ultimate Alien, although his grey skin is lighter in tone and slightly more cyan in hue. He also has full tusks which are light grey, matching the color of his finger and toe nails. He wears a primarily black jumpsuit, which is white around the neck and has a white stripe down the center on both the front and back. The outfit also has green stripes on either side at the hips.

Brawlephant wears the Omnitrix symbol on his green fez.


  • Brawlephant has the ability to enfuse his physical attacks with sound-based attacks, giving him sonokinetic combat.
  • Brawlephant's trunk is strong, capable of stretching, and can generate both a sonic trumpeting sound and a suction vaccum.
  • Brawlephant has sharp tusks.
  • Brawlephant can augment his powers by consuming peanuts, allowing him to become larger and much stronger.
  • Brawlephant has enhanced senses of smelling and hearing.
  • Brawlephant has enhanced strength and durability.
  • Brawlephant has enhanced memory, playing off of the idea that elephants never forget.


  • Brawlephant's sense of smell being as strong as it is makes him susceptible to strong odors.
  • Although Brawlephant's species has adapted to be used to their own sonic trumpet and sonic attacks, certain frequences beyond their normal capabilities can still harm them.
  • Due to Ben's peanut allergy, Brawlephant is incapable of augmenting his powers with them. Brawlephant himself does not carry Ben's allergy, but most transformations retain anything they eat when transforming back to Ben, meaning his allergy would kick in as soon as he reverted.






  • Brawlephant's name is a play on "brawl" and "elephant."
  • Brawlephant's species name is a play on the Hindi words "turahee," meaning trumpet, and "haathee," meaning elephant.
  • Brawlephant's planet name is a play on the Hindi words "soon dh," meaning trunk, and "dhvani," meaning sound.


  • Brawlephant was semi-inspired by the creation of Aaron's alien Dumbell.
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