Brandon 10 (Reboot)
Season 2, Episode 5
Brandon 10 - Brawl
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Brawl is the 18th episode of the rebooted series, Brandon 10.


A playground is seen in the mist of a peaceful day, soon interrupted by the sound of an explosion. Ro-Warasaur is then seen flying into an obstacle course, destroying it upon impact.

Ro-Warasaur: Gah...

He looks up from the crushed plastic and sees a big robot with a set a pinchers and a blaster attached to one arm.

Robot: Challenger Accepted. Power set... medium, Skill level... low. Challenger Unworthy.

Ro-Warasuar, getting up: If that's supposed to be you taunting me then you need to get some better material.

Ro-Warasur fires cannonballs from his shoulder canons at the robot who simply blasts them with his blaster. Ro-Warasaur grunts in frustration then looks behind him. He grabs the remains of the obstacle course and hurls it over at the robot. The robot switches its pinchers into a saw blade of some sort. It then raises its arm and slices through the course. Just the course breaks up, allowing the robot a clear line of sight, Ro-Warasaur charges ahead and strikes the robot back. The robot then readjusts itself and fires a powerful beam from its blaster, which Ro-Warasaur carefully dodges. He then grabs the blaster and tears it off from the robot's arm. The Robot backs off and looks down at its arm, examining it for a brief moment before turning back to Ro-Warasuar. It then reaches for hte blaster quickly but Ro-Warsaur uses it to blast him to the ground. He then drops the blaster and steps forwards, grabbing the Robot. The robot continues to put up a fight, striking Ro-Warasaur in the jaw and shoving him off of itself. Ro-Warasaur is thrown to the left and looks up at the robot who charges for it, buzz saw at the ready. Ro-Warasaur then turns around when the robot comes in for the strike, causing the buzz saw to break upon impact of Ro-Warasaur's shell. Ro-Warasaur then whacks him with his tail then turns back, grabbing him and hurling him into the swing set. The swings crunch upon the impact. The robot sparks up as it tries getting out from the swings but Ro-Warasaur walks over and crushes the swings around the robot, entrapping it. The robot struggles to move until it finally accepts its defeat.

Ro-Warasaur: So, how's that for a low skill set? Now who or what are you? Are you on of the Creator's robots or something?

Robot: Challenger Victorious. Power set... medium. Skill set... high. Challenger Worthy.

A mechanism seems to activate within the robot causing particles to appear around it and Ro-Warasaur until they both start to fade away.

Ro-Warasaur: Hey, what's going-

Before he can finish his sentence, Ro-Warasaur and the trapped robot are gone.

Theme Song

In a dark room, the particles appear to reform until Ro-Warasaur appears within the room. He looks around, confused.

Ro-Warasaur: Wha-What's going on here?

The room then starts to shake slightly as it begins to rise upwards. Soon, a hatch is seen opening as the platform that Ro-Warasaur is standing on elevates into a more wider and open area. Ro-Warasaur covers his eyes from the sudden light but lowers his arms when his eyes adjust to it. A cheering can now be heard as a look of surprise appears on his face.

Ro-Warasaur: Whoa...

All around Ro-Warasaur is an audience of various aliens from a variety of different species, cheering him on. He seems to be in an arena of some sort. As he continues looking at the alien audience, the floor opens up behind him in a similar way that happened for him. Ro-Warasaur finally turns out, a look of surprise on his face when he sees a big, blue fat alien rising up from a platform across from him. The alien roars out and flexes, causing the audience to cheer louder than than already have been. Ro-Warasaur simply looks confused and starts to step towards the big alien across from him.

Ro-Warsaur: Hey, I'm uh- not from around here. Do you have any idea what this place is?

The big alien then looks away from the audience and turns angrily to Ro-Warasaur. Ro-Warasaur, immediately noticing this, stops in his tracks and holds his hands up.

Ro-Warasaur: Okay, Okay. I can take a hint.

Alien: You- YOU!

Ro-Warasaur: Who? Me?

Alien: This is your first fight, no? Heh, I see... Very well, prepare yourself newcomer for this will definitely be your first AND last fight on the Doomcruiser.

Ro-Warasaur: D-Doomcruiser? Hey, what exactly is going on her-

Alien: Enough Talking! The audience wants only one thing and one thing only; a good fight. So why don't you be a good whatever you are and at least make this a challenge for me. The alien then stretches its muscles, as if getting stronger on the spot. He then starts to charge towards Ro-Warasaur in a bolt of anger. Ro-Warasaur looks surprised but then gets over himself and breaks into a fighting stance.

Ro-Warasaur: Look dude, I don't know who you are and what I'm doing here but if you want a piece of me- just you try and take it!

The audience cheers them on even more. The alien fighter than goes in to strike Ro-Warasaur. He tries to dodge but is struck in the face a few times over. Ro-Warasaur then throws his arms as if to throw a punch but simply misses and is struck in the shoulder by the alien. He then drops to the ground on his knees.

Ro-Warasaur: Ugh!

The alien then turns to the audience and throws all four of his arms up. The auidence continues to cheer him on as Ro-Warasaur struggles. He then growls under his breath and pushes up from the ground. The alien then looks back, noticing Ro-Warasaur trying to get up.

Alien: You just don't give up, do you? Fine. I'll make this quick for you.

The alien goes in for another strike, as if to finish him off, but Ro-Warasaur manages to block his attack. The alien is then shocked by this as Ro-Warasaur grabs his arm and flings him over his shoulder, slamming the alien into the ground. The slam seems to shake the whole area slightly, throwing the audience of aliens into a deep silence. They look at one another before turning back to the arena. The alien then tries getting up but winds up passing out in the progress. Ro-Warasaur then looks up at the alien audience and throws his hands up, just like the alien was doing before. The instance after, the alien audience erupts into a burst of applause as they now starting cheering him on again.

Ro-Warsaur: Now, that's more like it. (smiles)

The fight is then seen being broadcast on a large screen before a figure.

Figure: Interesting... Interesting.... Just who is this mighty warrior? He appears novice yet noble. Awkward yet ambitious. Perhaps this is just what I need? I must observe more before I pass on any final judgement towards him.

Ro-Warasaur continues egging the audience on but then the Omnitrix symbol flashes red and starts beeping as well.

Ro-Warasaur, noticing this: Uh oh!

Within a red flash, Ro-Warasaur transforms back into Brandon and stands before the alien audience as a Human now. The audience then, of course, break from the applause into an outburst of confusion. Brandon looks down at his hands and then back at the audiences. After a moment of confusion, they break into applause once again, perhaps even louder than before.

Brandon: Okay? They seem into it for some reason. I wonder why that is...

Brandon scratches the back of his head as if pondering his current situation, while he also still being broadcast on the figure's screen. The eyes of the figure are now even more fixated on the screen than before.

Figure: Yes... Yes! Very interesting, indeed. A warrior that I definitely need to keep an eye on more so. Although, I must make sure this is not another trick by my other warrior. Yes... put them against each other, I will. (laughs) This will be most interesting...

The figure presses a button on his control pad. Back in the arena, Brandon is now seen examining the arena more thoroughly than before. He kneels down and moves his hand through the sand at his feet; there appears to be a metallic surface underneath the sand.

Brandon: Metal. Someone is definitely up to something here... but what?

A sound is then heard causing Brandon to turn around, looking behind him. Another platform seems to rise out of from the arena floor.

Brandon: Another fighter?

Brandon looks down at the Omnitrix, seeing how the hourglass is still red. He then looks ahead, worried.

Announcer: And now to bring you a rather interesting turn of events. One of your beloved warriors will now face off against his equal or maybe even his superior. Which is which will be decided over a brutal match so put your hands, claws and tendrils together for the Dead Ringer!

The audience starts to chant this fighter's name. Brandon looks around at the audience then back over at the rising platform, even more worried than before. As the platform elevates to the arena floor, a humanoid figure also rises into sight. Brandon's worried expression then evolves into a shocked one with a hint of despair.

Brandon: N-No... It can't be!

Announcer: Give it up fo-ooo-or... The DEAD RINGER!

Below the speakers at the top of the arena's dome, standing before Brandon, is also Brandon, looking rather worse for wear.

Brandon: You're... me!

Brandon Clone: I'm not you! I keep telling you that but soon you'll see what I really mean.

Brandon: Brandon Clone... I thought you threw yourself into deep space.

Brandon Clone: I threw myself? Don't try to make yourself feel better! You opened the portal, you sent me here! To this prison! But it looks like you finally fell right into my trap.

Brandon: T-Trap? What are you talking about?!

Brandon Clone: I convinced the owner to take one of his robots to Earth in search of a mighty warrior for his arena on board the Doomcruiser. Of course, it could have been anyone and hurt a lot of people but then again you are the only hero around, aren't you?

Brandon: Listen, I get that you're made at me for making you clean up my lab and stuff but abducting me into an alien arena in deep space? When will this end, Clone?

Brandon Clone: It ends when you finally realize how different we are! How I'm not you! How I'm better than you!

Brandon: If you're looking for a rematch then bring it on! Last time I checked, I still have a Omnitrix to spare.

Brandon Clone: If you can create genetic altering machines then so can I.

Brandon Clone pulls out a metallic, make-shift harness of some sort with electric wiring and alien components built into it. There are also several tubes and such. From a distance, it might look like a big Omnitrix prototype design. He puts it on and charges it up.

Brandon: Wh-What is that?

Brandon Clone: It's a genetic transference device. I built it from some spare parts I found lying around and whatever else I can get my hands on. All the suffering has finally paid off, now that I can use this on a suitable target. You see, when I tried testing it before, it would only lock onto your genetic temple. If focused on, let's say other fighters, then- well, there's a reason they call me the dead ringer.

Brandon: You don't have to do this.

Brandon Clone: Of course I do. This is what it was always leading to. Me replacing you. Soon I will have your power, leaving you with nothing but the pain and suffering that I had to go through! So goodbye Brandon, no longer will I have to deal with being compared to you!

Brandon Clone finally activates the machine, releasing a light-green beam that hits Brandon. The audience cheers as Brandon is lifted slightly into the air by this energy beam firing from his Clone's harness.

Brandon: ARGH!

Brandon Clone concentrates on the calculations but then looks on as Brandon flinches and flails around in the energy matrix. The harness then starts to spark up and malfunction, with the green beam distorting into a red beam.

Brandon Clone, attempting to mend to the controls: No, no, no, no, no! The energy matrix has become unstable... But I'm so close to being free from you! Ugh! I must push on- I have no other choice.

Brandon Clone continues on with his experiment. Brandon weakly opens his eyes and sees the harness begin to overload.

Brandon: Stop! Don't! The harness- It's going to-

The energy input bursts from the harness' frame and overcomes Brandon Clone who lets out a painful yell then evolves into a monstrous roar. Within a flash, a wave of cloud covers the arena floor. Brandon, now on the ground, coughs and makes his way onto his feet.

Brandon: W-What happened? Clone? (looks around) Clone? Clo-

Brandon Clone, voice distorted, unseen: I am not your clone...

Brandon: Where are you? What did you do?

Brandon Clone, voice distorted, unseen: What did I do? Gah! It's always me taking the blame! Always me doing the dirty work! Always me getting the worst end of the shaft! Well, no more, hero... The experiment worked. I am no longer your clone anymore. I am something powerful, something new...

The smoke then begins to clear as Brandon looks forward, seeing a hunching over figure.

Brandon: Wha-

He stops, his eyes widen and he nearly shakes as a shadow overcomes him. Before him, there appears to be some kind of amalgamation of Brandon's transformations in the form of a mostly humanoid figure; it has Freezefire's frozen flame surrounding its head, his right eye is that of Grey Matter's, he has Angler Fish's lure, Big Boo for his torso, Upgrade for his abdomen and Ro-Warasaur for his legs as well as Heatblast and Diamondhead for both left arms and Four Arms and Wildpup for both right arms. The creature stands before Brandon, watching him in its monstrous presence.

Creature: What? What are you looking at?!

Brandon: You- You're- You've mutated...

Brandon Clone looks down at himself, raising his arms before him. He looks at himself in disbelief, almost in horror.

Brandon Clone: N-No... No, no, NO!

He slams the ground before him with all of his arms. He remains there for a moment before raising his head slowly at Brandon.

Brandon Clone: You did this...

Brandon: Me?!

Brandon Clone: You did this to me somehow! I know you did! It had to be you! It's always you that's doing bad things to me!

Brandon Clone forms a fireball in one of his arms as he slowly stomps towards Brandon.

Brandon, noticing the fireball: Calm down, you're not yourself.

Brandon Clone: I don't know who or what I am! But then again, I never did! I wonder why! Every day that I sat in this prison ship, I wanted to get the power to get revenge on you and finally show everyone just what type of person I can be. And now I finally have it. This curse is actually a blessing in disguise. (laughs) And now, by the time I'm done with you, no one is even going to be able to tell that you're Brandon at all.

He presses the fireball closer and closer to Brandon who tries backing away but finds it incredibly difficult with Brandon Clone's new found stature and close position. Just as Brandon Clone is close to having the flame in his hand consume Brandon's face, an alarm goes off.

Announcer: Aaaand that's the end of the match. All fighters return to your stations and await your next match.

Brandon Clone: NO! NO! NO! I almost had him! I will have him! I will end him!

Announcer, more sternly: All fighters must return to their stations and await the next match.

Brandon Clone: I have power now. No one tells me what to do anymore!

Brandon Clone winds up throwing the fireball at the speaker, destroying it. Brandon Clone breaths in heavily as he lowers his arm.

Voice: Ah, ah, ah, Dead Ringer. You know what we said about destroying property.

Brandon Clone, grimly: You...

He turns around, seeing a tall blue alien with red eyes and a black goatee dressed in a white outfit, wearing white gloves.

Brandon: And who are you supposed to be?

Figure: All your questions will be answered shortly. But for now, I need you to exit the arena. And since I arrive in person to do so, it would seem that you two have forced my hand.

The figure removes one of his gloves, revealing his hand and raises it towards Brandon Clone. His hand then forms an eyeball which releases a blue and white energy beam at him. Brandon Clone is then whammied.

Figure: Now return to your station and wait for the next match.

Brandon Clone then stomps back to his platform. Brandon watches confused yet intrigued.

Figure: You seem like an intelligent specimen. That could be bad for business as long as you don't get any ideas. But for now, try and use whatever brain cells you can muster up and do as I have asked. I hope I don't have to use my powers on you and- damage your well being.

Brandon: How did you do that?

Figure: All your questions will be answered shortly but right now I need you to return to your station and wait for the next match. Do not let me repeat myself... otherwise.

He stretches his hand out.

Brandon: Okay, okay. I'll head back to my "station".

Brandon gets up from the ground and brushes the sand off of him quickly. He then heads to the platform that he arrived in and stands on it. He looks ahead and across from him, seeing the mutated Brandon Clone in some kind of trance.

Brandon, quietly, to himself: Oh Clone... What have you done?

The platform then start to drop and descend at a steady rate, having both of them leave the arena until only darkness remains. Over in the fighting chamber, Brandon is seen stepping off from the platform. He looks around, seeing various fighters and warriors of different species, different sizes, different gears and equipment.

Brandon: Gosh, it's like the Senior locker room for the jocks back at school.

He pinches his nose after unintentionally taking a whiff.

Brandon: Ugh! And smells like it too.

A shadow overcomes him. Brandon looks up, seeing a grey, muscle-bound alien leaning over him. He also has an eye patch covering one of his three eyes. He has a collar around his neck.

Alien: You think I'm smell, huh? I should just smash your face in, kid!

Brandon: Oh yeah? Well, I'd like to see you tr-

He looks down at the Omnitrix which seems to be acting strangely. He then slowly looks back up at the alien, growling before him, and chuckles nervously.

Brandon, sheepishly: Uh... Y-You think we can talk about this?

The alien grabs him by his shoulders and raises him into the air.

Alien: TALK?!

Voice: Enough, Valgor.

Valgor turns his head, seeing a humanoid alien in bronze armor and red cloak. He has a face similar to an octopus, with two tendrils at each side. Valgor hesistates but sees the glare coming from the other alien. He then lowers Brandon and steps back.

Brandon: Thanks... Who are you? Where am I?

Other Alien: I am Belli, a warrior from the planet Delmax II. You, like us, are prisoners on board the Doomcruiser, an intergalactic freighter that acts as a prison, a battle cruiser and an arena.

Brandon: There must be a way to get out of here.

Belli: There is no way out. We've tried. We've all failed.

Brandon: Well forgive me for trying anyways.

Brandon starts to walk away but then a door opens behind him.

Belli: He's here. Everyone, get into your positions!

The whole group of fighters quickly rush over to their positions and either kneel or be seated. Belli stands by Brandon as they both look at the opening door. Two robotic guards step out followed by the figure from before. He straightens out his attire and smiles at the two of them as he scans over the room.

Figure: Impressive, impressive. This must be a record. (turning back to Brandon) Now, I believe I owe you some explanations. (sees Belli) I see you've already acquainted yourself with Belli, he's the sort of Captain down here. But you won't here it from him, he's the ol' modest type.

Brandon: Yeah, of course I want some answers. Why am we all being held prisoner on this ship? Who are you? What's my clone doing here? And why are we all fighting each other?

Figure: Hmm... you weren't kidding about wanting answers. Okay, fine. You were recommended by your doppelganger, I scouted you and you answered my specific criteria in fighters. I am the Master Handler, that is the only name you need to worry your tiny little mind about. I am your superior, I am the controller of the Doomcruiser and I am the greatest thing since sliced vorbnots. Your "clone" has been one of my favored fighters, his tenacity for escape and his quench for vengeance is just so unique. I hardly see that in any one. Someone out for blood that isn't mine. Hmph. I guess that didn't really answer the question did it. He came to us, it was like a gift really. He said it was your doing so I suppose I have to thank you for giving me yet another gift. His incredible mutation. My own little monster. Now I can double the fights and double the earnings. All thanks to you. Now the two of you, with your audience captivating powers, will fight for me... forever. Which brings us to your last question... "Why are we all fighting each other?" (chuckle) You sound so innocent and naive, but I suppose you are only just an Earthling... and a child at that too. I'm making you all fight because it's FUN! People love violence, they can't get enough of it. I mean you were a Warasaurian earlier, those guys love fighting- it's even in the name. I offer the people of the galaxy what they want and I name my price. They give me money and I give them fighters. It really is as simple as that, my boy.

Brandon: And it doesn't matter if they want to be here or not? Your fighters are people too, they probably have lives back at the planets they were taken from.

Master Handler: As long as they remain on this ship, they belong to me. That includes you and the other one. Now it seems that you have some rather fascinating abilities. They need to be put in check. Guards!

The guards hold Brandon down as he struggles to escape them.

Brandon: Hey! Get off me!

The Master Handler reaches into his pocket and retrieves a chip of some kind. He places it on Brandon and it activates, clamping onto him.

Brandon: Gah! What did you do to me?

Master Handler: It's a security chip. That'll enable me to control you and the other fighters when things get a little... out of hand, as you might say. Observe.

The Master Handler snaps his fingers and the chip on Brandon lights up, shocking him.

Brandon: GAAAH!

The electric pulses then fade and Brandon drops within the robot guard's grasps.

Master Handler: Now you know not to mess with me. I'm finished answering your questions. From now, you will answer to me and me alone. Do I make myself clear?

Brandon breaths and looks up at the Master Handler.

Brandon: I will get off this ship and I will free these people from you.

Master Handler: Heh. A real challenger. You're not the first person to defy me but maybe this time you'll finally be the last. You ought to rest up, fighter, your next match will be on sooner than you think.

The Master Handler then turns and walks back out the door. The robot guards drop Brandon on the floor and leave, following him. The door then shuts close. Belli then helps Brandon up.

Belli: Are you alright?

Brandon: N-Not really. Why'd you guys just stand around and let that happen?

Belli: Do you think we wish for this to happen? Like I said, you are now a prisoner like us. We have all been branded with the same chip. If he wanted to, he could have clapped and electrocuted the whole chamber. I have been a prisoner here for years and am probably the oldest one here. So I know more than anyone else, that there nothing more pain and suffering here.

Brandon: I heard something similar from- It doesn't matter, I guess. Are you sure there isn't a way off of this doomcruiser?

Belli: Well, there are escape pods in case of an emergency. I heard him mention them at one time. But no one has been foolish enough to attempt to use them.

Brandon looks at Belli.

Brandon: I might know someone who is.

Belli: Even you can't take on the Master Handler and his robots alone.

Brandon: So fight with me. We can all escape together.

Belli: I have lost my will to escape, so have we all. The only motivation we have is fear- fear that he will come and shock us more and more than the last time. We can't handle it anymore, young warrior. I suggest you get used to fighting because you will have to do it for the rest of your life.

Brandon: The only thing that I'll fight for is my freedom. I thought you would have all done the same but I guess I just don't understand or something. But you were right about one thing.

Belli: And what's that?

Brandon: That I can't take him on and all of his defenses all by myself and since I'm the only type of person who is willing to try to escape... I just have to find someone on this ship that's like me.

Belli: But there's no one on board that's anything like you. You're the only Human here. Brandon: Well, he might not be Human anymore... but he's still me somehow.

Later, in the arena, the audience cheers on in anticipation as the platforms start to rise up to the arena floor.

Announcer: People of the Galaxy, let's get ready to Brawl!

The audience cheers on louder than before. They seem aggressive and demanding but also gleeful. Brandon rises from the platform, wearing a shoulder guard and carrying a strange-looking hammer.

Announcer: On the Contrarian side, he's a new-comer from the planet Earth; a Human with the power to change his shape and size. Lend him a hand, for pity sake, he's the Crusader!

The audience cheers him on. Brandon sneers at them but then looks ahead at the rising platform ahead of him.

Announcer: And now, for the main fighter you've been waiting for, he's done blasting the competition away and has come to face his equal in battle. We're talking about a 12 foot tall, brutal-machine of destruction with powers that we have yet to comprehend.

Brandon, under his breath, sarcastically: Thanks for making this easier for me... (sigh)

Announcer: People of the Galaxy, give it up for the Dead Ringer!!! The whole arena erupts in applause as Brandon Clone, in his mutated state, rises from the platform. He looks ahead at Brandon, huffing hard. He then grimaces in anger, bearing his sharp teeth. He points at Brandon.

Brandon Clone: You're going to pay for what you did to me.

Brandon: I didn't make you like this, all mutated.

Brandon Clone: Oh no? Maybe not, but you did make me into the monster I was way before this happened. And now that I have the power to finally put an end to you, now I can be the real one and YOU can be the clone!

Announcer: FIGHT!

Brandon Clone dashes forwards, clearly angered.

Brandon: Wait! We don't have to fight.

Brandon back steps as Brandon Clone charges past him. He then turns around and looks at him.

Brandon Clone: What are you even talking about?

Brandon: We both want to same thing to escape.

Brandon Clone looks off put for a moment until the audience starts cheering him on again. He looks up at the audience then back at Brandon with a grin on his face.

Brandon Clone: You hear that? They love me. They actually love me here. Why on Earth would I want to escape? Looks like your strategies are starting to fail this time. Now I'm done talking to you. The only way you're going to send your message to me is by beating it into my skull. RAAH!

Brandon Clone runs towards Brandon with a fireball ready.

Brandon looks down, and sees the Omnitrix still flashing. He whacks it once and it makes a noise before turning green again.

Brandon: Fine, looks like I'll just have to do that then.

Brandon then activates the Omnitrix and slaps down the face plate. Within a green flash, Brandon transforms. Brandon Clone throws the fireball at the humanoid figure and goes in for a strike, only for his hand to be caught by a green fist.

Ro-Warasaur: You just don't learn, do you?

Brandon Clone: Just like our last fight then? Fine. I've been waiting for a re-match. Only this time, it seems that I'm the one with the upper hand!

Brandon Clone then delivers an uppercut with his other arm, knocking Ro-Warasaur back. Ro-Warasaur rubs his chin and stands in ground. He then launches cannonballs from his shoulder canons at his mutated clone, who fires crystalline projectiles from one of his fists, slicing through the cannonballs mid-air.

Brandon Clone: My Turn!

Brandon Clone then throws a series of fireballs at Ro-Warasaur, who turns around- using his shell as a shield. Brandon Clone then grabs Ro-Warasaur from behind and hoists him into the air. He then performs a piledriver move on Ro-Warasaur, letting him drop to the floor. The audience around them cheers even more.

Brandon Clone: You think you can beat me? Haven't I already proved that I'm better than you?

Ro-Warasaur: Is that what this is about? You proving yourself to be better than me?

Brandon Clone: I'm better than everyone! No one can tell me what to do now especially you...

Ro-Warasaur: Everyone except one person... the Master Handler.

Brandon Clone wraps his arms around Ro-Warasaur's throat, putting him into a choke hold.

Brandon Clone: Shut up.

Ro-Warasaur: Even if you beat me, he'll still have control over you with that chip and as long as you're on board the Doomcruiser, he owns you.

Brandon Clone: SHUT UP!

Brandon Clone lets him go and tosses him before him. Ro-Warasaur then looks up at his mutated clone.

Announcer: And that's the end of the first round... The fighters will now return to their chambers and prepare for the second round.

Brandon Clone: Meet me in the Aggresor chambers...

Brandon Clone walks past Ro-Warasaur, bumping into his shoulder as he makes it to the platform. Ro-Warasaur then turns back and looks at Brandon Clone leave. Ro-Warasaur then grunts. Later, in the chambers, Brandon is seen walking through a hallway. As he continues into this hallway, some figures step out and block him. A lanky alien that looks like a walking purple twisted spiral and a overly muscular alien with a lopsided head.

Twisted Alien: Where do you think you're going, kid?

Muscular Alien: Y-Yeah. We want to have a word with you.

They start to get closer as Brandon backs away from them. The muscular alien then reaches for Brandon abrutly but is grabbed from behind and thrown back. The twisted alien snarls at the figure who grabbed his associate only to see Brandon Clone staring down at him. The twisted alien then backs away.

Brandon Clone: He's mine...

Twisted Alien: O-Of course. Of course!

The alien then flees.

Brandon: I can't believe you saved me from them.

Brandon Clone: Don't mention it... really, never mention it. The only reason I wanted to see you was to get a better chance to destroy you myself for all the things you've done to me... but I guess I never truly be able to in a place like this. Having someone who thinks they're better than me tell me what to do. Why haven't I seen in from the beginning?

Brandon: Something tells me you had other things on your mind.

Brandon Clone: So what do you do? There's no way off this ship.

Brandon: Two heads are better than one. I already found a way, we have similar minds- so try thinking like me. I'm sure if we combine our efforts, we can definitely form a plan and get us out of here. All of us.

Brandon Clone: All? You don't expect me to help you save everyone here, do you?

Brandon: That's what being a hero is. We don't leave anyone behind... even if they are strangers or people trying to rough you up.

Brandon Clone: Grgh. Alright fine! We'll do it your way. So think like you... ugh- do I really have to?

Brandon: It's the best way to come up with a plan that we can both agree to, and those kinds of plans are the best plans for getting out of here.

Brandon Clone: Okay, okay- uh- well, if I were you, you'd probably want to use your powers more, get around, so we'd need to get these chips off.

Brandon: We also have to make sure we're not seen by the Master Handler. No doubt he's got cameras and guards around every corner.

Brandon Clone: I've been here long enough to know the guard rotations but we're going to have to disable the cameras... Now about this exit of yours.

Brandon: The escape pods.

Brandon Clone: No one's been foolish enough to try the escape pods.

Brandon: So I've been hearing but it's our only shot at getting off this ship.

Brandon Clone: Let me see your chip.

Brandon shows him his chip. Brandon Clone then grabs it in his arm and concentrates. The techno-lines on his abdomen stretches over his arm until the chip sparks up and falls off.

Brandon: How'd you-?

Brandon Clone: It's part of me now, one of your aliens. I can interface with technology but it's very limited. I can also...

He changes the density of his body slightly and the chip phases through him, dropping to the floor. He returns back to a solid form.

Brandon Clone: Phase slightly...

Brandon: Wait, if you could do that then why didn't you just do it earlier?

Brandon Clone: It's like you said... I had to think like you. Even I got the chip off, I'm still a prisoner here. The only way we get off this ship is... together.

Brandon: So what's the next step then?

Brandon Clone: You need to get to the control room and disable the cameras. I can direct you there but you'll have to go on your own. I'm too noticable and my powers don't work well enough for me to do it alone.

Brandon: Yeah, that's a smart way of thinking.

Brandon Clone: I also have enhanced intellect now.

Brandon: Alright, now you're just showing off. But how exactly am I supposed to take out the security?

Brandon Clone: Maybe now it's time you started to think like me... (grins)

Brandon looks a little confused. Later, in the control room, there are a couple of robot guards maintaining the security through a series of monitors. The Master Handler stands, watching a monitor that views the Contrarian chambers.

Master Handler: Where is he? Where's my latest fighter? Does he truly think he can hide from the likes of me? Everyone must fight here... so says I.

An alert then goes off, catching the Master Handler's attention. He turns and sees on a different monitor, viewing the Aggressor chambers. Brandon Clone appears to be throwing a fit and getting into fights with other Aggressors.

Master Handler: Fascinating... As much as I would love to see them maul each other to pieces, I can not allow this to continue. Fighting amongst themselves does not pay well in the long run... at least, not without a live audience. Guards, handle the situation.

The robot guards move out while the Master Handler focuses on the screen. Behind him, Big Boo phases through the walls and looks around, currently intangible. He then locates the security controls and deactivates them.

Big Boo: There. Security System down.

Master Handler: One of you... in here?!

Big Boo turns around, seeing Master Handler looking directly at him.

Big Boo: How? How can you even see me?

Master Handler: You forget. I am the Master Handler. I see all, control all, and command all that are on board my Doomcruiser. Even if you belong to that retched species.

Big Boo: Wow, rude much?

Master Handler: I don't know what type of game you're playing at by being here but know that there isn't any escape for you- especially now that you're dealing with my most prized fighter yet.

Big Boo: Oh really? And who might that be?

Master Handler, grinning sinisterly: Me!

The Master Handler removes his gloves and opens his palm at Big Boo. An eye ball opens up on his hand and releases a blue and white energy beam at Big Boo. Big Boo is surrounded by the energy and pulled forwards.

Big Boo, struggling: I- I can't phase through this!

Master Handler: I've prepared for everything and everyone including the likes of you. Now prepare to be dominated within my Doomcruiser.

Big Boo: There's one thing you didn't prepare for.

Master Handler: And what's that?

Big Boo: This!

Big Boo releases a cloud of dark energy from underneath his skin. The cloud escapes the energy field and spreads around the Master Handler. He coughs and gags as the cloud surrounds him. The eyeball on his hand then begins to dull, nullifying the energy beam. Big Boo then uses this chance to escape by phasing through the floor, but not before slashing the security controls with his claws.

Master Handler: NO! (coughs)

Elsewhere, in the chambers, the fighters are seen sulking when their chips spark up and detach themselves from their bodies. Belli places his hand on his chest and feels it, now free of the chip.

Belli: We're... We're actually free? But how? How is this possible?

Big Boo, phasing through the ceiling: I may have had something to do with that.

Belli: But why? Why endanger your life just to save us all?

Big Boo: You're worth the risk. All of you are. You're not some property that belongs on this battlecruiser. You're all people and you all deserve to return to your own homes. But the Master Handler was right about one thing; you guys are fighters. But we're not here to fight each other, we're here to fight for our freedom and get off of this ship.

Belli: I don't know... You may have freed us all from the shock but do you really think we can escape?

Big Boo: We can do anything if we all work together. You don't have to fight with me but I'd really appreciate it, Belli.

Big Boo drifts off, phasing through the wall, leaving Belli to think. In the hallways, Brandon Clone is seen smashing down a few of the robot guards on his own but is beginning to suffer difficulties. Some of the robots are then slashed from behind suddenly and drop down to the ground, deactivated and damaged.

Brandon Clone: What?

Big Boo then becomes tangible before Brandon Clone.

Big Boo: Thought you might have needed some help.

Brandon Clone: What took you so long? We don't have time to be hanging around out here.

Big Boo: Well, I-

Yells are then heard. Big Boo's eyes widen as he turns, seeing Belli lead the charge against the robot guards with a crowd of alien fighers rallying behind him.


Big Boo, smugly: That is what took me so long.

Brandon Clone: ...Urgh. Now you're just showing off. Let's just get this thing done already.

Brandon Clone stomps forwards with Big Boo following behind through the air. Between Big Boo, Brandon Clone in his mutated state and the army of fighters lead by Belli, they all fight their way through a series of robot guards by utlizing their unique power sets and fighting moves; Big Boo with his slashes, Brandon Clone with his fireballs, crystalline shards and sheer strength, Belli with his warrior skills and the many others putting in their due. Finally, the mass of them arrive at the escape pod room. Big Boo then floats ahead of them and points to the escape pods.

Big Boo: We're nearly there, everyone!

The Omnitrix symbol then beeps and flashes red before Big Boo transforms back into Brandon. Brandon looks down at himself, now Human.

Brandon: Aw man!

Master Handler, unseen: Well, well, well. It looks like the little ghost was nothing more than a kid trying to be a hero.

Brandon looks ahead and sees the Master Handler blocking the way to the escape pod control panel.

Master Handler: You all belong to me, don't you forget it. I've taken you away from your miserable lives and provided you with a more intense and addicting lifestyle. Don't you just enjoy the feeling of crushing your opponents into dust and pulverizing their spirits within your own bare hands?!

Belli: No! Because we are not your toys for the entertainment of others. We are all warriors in our own respective ways. You have no respect, you have no warrior's honor, Handler.

Master Handler: Who needs honor when you can make all the riches in the world? This Doomcruiser may have lost its security and defense systems but the navigation control is still functional.

Brandon: You didn't-

Master Handler: That's right! In just a few minutes, we're about to launch into another galaxy. And you'll never see your homes again. You'll have to work for me! FOREVER! (laughs)

Brandon Clone: I'm tired of people telling me who I am and what to do!

Brandon Clone stomps forwards aggressively towards the Master Handler.

Master Handler: Ah, ah, ah. Not so fast, big guy! I may have lost control of this ship but I still have control over you!

The Master Handler removes his glove and points his hand out towards him. Brandon Clone forms a shield on his Diamondhead-arm and holds it before him. The beam then fires from the hand's eyeball and hits the crystalline-shield reflecting back at the Master Handler.

Master Handler: Wait, wait! You can't possibly handle that much power! You're- You're just a- AAAHH!

The Master Handler is then hit by the energy beam and- within a flash of light- explodes into a ball of energy.

Brandon Clone: What was that? You didn't finish...

Brandon: You... You didn't have to do that.

Brandon Clone: He didn't really leave me much of a choice, now did he? Hurry up and get those escape pods ready. We don't have much time left.

Brandon thinks briefly then tends to the control panel.

Brandon: Alright, Escape Pods are active. Everyone, head in!

The alien fighters head inside the escape pods one by one. The doors close behind them as they enter and the pods launch from their stations. Belli stops before his pod and turns to Brandon. He looks to say something but Brandon just smiles and nods at him. Belli bows his head, as if in honor, as turns to the escape pod. He enters and the pod door closes behind him, with the pod launching away from the Doomcruiser shortly after. Soon, there are only two pods remaining.

Brandon: And that's us. Two pods on a flight path to Earth.

Brandon steps down from the control panel and walks across from Brandon Clone, who remained where he was the whole time.

Brandon: We can finally leave now, return to Earth where we both belong.

Brandon Clone: That doesn't sound like what you said before. Before you were determined to get rid of me.

Brandon: Well, you didn't exactly leave me much choice, now did you?

Brandon Clone grunts as he turns his head back to glare at Brandon.

Brandon: Look, after working together, I feel like- maybe there's a chance for you. Maybe.

Brandon Clone: You mean after me being more like you, you see hope for me.

Brandon: That's not-

Brandon Clone: Admit it. I'm a monster now, nothing can change that. And since I'm not you, I'll always be a villain in your eyes. Besides, you didn't really think some outing was going to make us best buddies, did you?

Brandon: I hoped- I hoped you might have changed at least a little but I guess I was right to trust my feelings after all.

Brandon Clone: You knew I'd betray you.

Brandon: All I had to do was think like you.

Brandon Clone: So why did you-? Let me guess, you want to be the hero and take me down yourself. Heh, well you're not the only one who's picked something up by thinking like the other person. Now that I have 10 of your aliens' powers, I can now predict what you're going to do with them. In fact, I can probably overpower you with my own power set.

Brandon: Just because you're a mix between 10 of my aliens, doesn't make you all powerful.

Brandon Clone: Hmph! I guess we'll just see about that.

Brandon Clone then opens his mouth wide and blasts an ice beam at Brandon. He attempts to dodge but gets his foot caught by the ice, freezing it. Brandon trips on the ground and thugs at his foot to get it free but his efforts appear to be wasted. Brandon Clone stomps towards Brandon slowly, forming a fireball in one hand and an crystal shard in his other one.

Brandon Clone: It's a bit ironic, isn't it? You being destroyed by your own powers being used by your own creation. Just goes to show how much of a failure you really are! Not me! YOU!

Brandon looks at the Omnitrix, which starts acting strangely again. Brandon turns from the Omnitrix to Brandon Clone, who still approaches at a steady rate.

Brandon: Just because those things happened to you doesn't mean you have to become a villain or even a monster. Just look at the fighters that you helped save. They did things they regret because of this cruiser but in the end they worked together to do the right thing. They put that stuff behind them so they can do something good for each other. No, you're like this- not because of the mutation or the work I made you do, it's because you made yourself like this. You only have yourself to blame.

Brandon Clone stops and looks even more upset than before.

Brandon Clone: You don't know what I feel! But soon you will, I'm going to make you suffer in every way I know how- using each and every one of my new abilities.

Brandon tries activating the Omnitrix.

Brandon Clone: Go ahead and dial up another one of your alien heroes, Brandon! You already know I'm more powerful than you. I know your alien forms and I even have some of their powers. You're done!

The Omnitrix then changes to green and finally activates.

Brandon: We'll just see about that then!

Brandon smacks the face plate down and transforms into a New Alien that resembles a large pterodactyl. The alien bursts out from the ice and spreads its wings.

New Alien: Another new one?

Brandon Clone, surprised: You- You have more?!

New Alien: I guess you're not the only one full of surprises.

Brandon Clone yells out and throws a series of fire balls at Brandon. He flaps his wings and takes off into the air, dodging the fireballs, until one of them hit him. He drops down to the ground and lets out a cloud of gas from his beak, almost as a reflex.

Brandon Clone: Looks like you're luck just ran ou- (sniffs) Urgh! What is that smell?!

New Alien: Smell? What smell?

Brandon Clone: How can you not smell that? Unless...

New Alien: Unless I control gas... Looks like you're the one in trouble this time.

Thew new alien takes off and flies around Brandon Clone. Brandon Clone tries striking him down but constantly misses. He then summons a fireball in his hand.

Brandon Clone: I have you now, you stupid bird!

The new alien then unleashes a cloud of gas from its beak in his clone's direction. Brandon Clone fires the fireball but the gas cloud explodes, knocking Brandon Clone back into one of the escape pods. He looks up and sees the new alien land before him.

Announcer: Less than one minute until the Doomcruiser takes off!

Brandon Clone: There's no way I'm getting beat by some flatulent pterodactyl.

New Alien: More like a Gasadactyl. And I don't know if you noticed but you don't exactly have time to fight me.

Brandon Clone: I won't need to. Letting you stay on board suffering fight after fight like I did seems good enough for me. Meanwhile, I escape in the escape pod that you programmed for me. Guess you weren't able to beat me after all, Brandon.

Gasadactyl: No, don't!

Brandon Clone laughs as he enters the escape pod. The doors close behind him and the pod launches. Inside the pod, Brandon Clone turns from the window- viewing the Doomcruiser- and sees the monitor. The projected course is actually away from Earth rather than towards it.

Brandon Clone: Wait, what?! No, no, NO!

The pod then takes off, launching him far away. Gasadactyl smirks.

Gasadactyl: I guess thinking like you made me realize you'd betray me anyways. Good thing I reset the coordinates at the last minute.

The Doomcruiser shakes slightly.

Announcer: Engaging Warp Drive!

Gasadactyl: Uh oh! I better get out of here while I still can!

Gasadactyl flaps his wings and flies over to the remaining escape pod. He goes inside and the doors close behind him.

Announcer: Taking off in 3... 2... 1...

The pod launches from the Doomcruiser, just as the Doomcruiser starts to drift ahead. Its engines then kick in and the whole ship blasts forward, warping off to the next galaxy. The escape pod blasts forwards as well, on its way to Earth. On Earth, the escape pod crashes close to the playground. The door then opens and Brandon walks outside, holding his head. He then looks around, seeing the green grass, the blue sky and passing birds.

Brandon, breathing in the air: Ah! It's good to be back Home.

Brandon turns to the skies.

Brandon: Despite you trying to destroy me and everything, I really hope you find something better out there, other me...

He sits at the base of the escape pod and just looks out at the sky, thoughtfully.



  • Brandon
  • Belli (First Appearance)
  • Valgor (First Appearance)
  • Alien Fighters (First Appearance)
  • Alien Audience (First Appearance)


  • Brandon Clone
  • The Master Handler (First Appearance)
  • Other Alien Fighters (First Appearance)

Aliens Used


  • Gasadactyl makes his debut in this episode.
  • In the original episode, Brandon used Four Arms, Diamondhead and Upgrade however that was not the case in the rebooted version.
  • This is the first episode where Brandon has to work together with one of his enemies.
  • Brandon Clone's fighter name was going to be The Deciever, a title given to him because he tried decieving the owner many times prior. However, it was changed to Dead Ringer, another way of saying clone.
  • Brandon Clone's mutated state remains almost indentical to the original in the reboot however rather than having Wildmutt's DNA, it's actually Wildpup. This was changed to balance out the number of original and canon aliens used in the mutation. It'll also allow Brandon Clone to utlize Wildpup's abilities later on.
  • Originally, the villain was simply known as The Master but this was changed in the reboot to something more unique. His new name, the Master Handler, was inspired by a wrestling handler which acts as a manager and is also a reference to Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Master Hand.
    • Also, because of his new name, he now has abilities and a personality that fits with the name, in more ways than one.
  • Coco was going to appear in this episode, despite not appearing in the original, but it was decided against it.
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