General Information
Home World SQA!DOS
Predator Red-Rumps (evolved)
Body mostly different shaped circles :/
Powers and Abilities
Abilities electricity

Braskidakians are Braskidakos's species in Spinic 10. They live on the planet SQA!DOS.


they have a round square like torso with their code-name (given to them as a child) on their chest, while some braskidakians have hands (and also sometimes fingers) most braskidakians are born with no hands. their legs are usually the same color as their arms and they're also born with no toes.

they usually have no neck and no pupils making their eyes only one color. they're sometimes born with a mouth.

Powers and Abilities

their powers are mostly electric attacks but they are incredibly smart (well 5% of them are super genius) and all braskidakians have the ability to throw their heads (cause they have no neck)


their minor weaknesses are just alot of water and that they need machines to pick up things properly but their main weakness is their biggest weakness yet: FIRE.

Notable Braskidakians

  • Braskidakos (Omnitrix DNA Sample)
    • D-B
    • BraskRump (Omnitrix DNA Sample)
    • B-D
    • JK

Notable Evolved Braskidakians

  • Neo Braskidakos (Neo version of Omnitrix DNA sample)
    • Ultimate Braskidakos (Ultimate version of Omnitrix DNA Sample)
  • Omni-D-B (Alternate evolution type of Omnitrix DNA sample)
  • Sentient Neo Braskidakos (example of naturally-evolved members of Braskidakian)

Notable Braskidakians Hybrids

  • KJ (Braskidakian-Red Rump hybrid)
    • Satan (Alternate Version of KJ)

Notable Braskidakians Fusions

  • BraskRump (Braskidakian-Red Rump Omnitrix/Biomnitrix DNA Sample)


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