Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero
Season 3, Episode 13
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Brandon Who? is the 43rd episode of the series, Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero.


The episode begins on a snowy slope. A robotic leg then hits the snow and continues walking across the slope. The leg belongs a four legged robot with a bubble at the top. Inside that glass bubble is Master Mind at the controls. A pink energy disc flies through the air and hits the robot in the back, pushing it forwards slightly. Master Mind turns the robot around and fires a green beam at the team, who are after him. They dodge the beam and continue to approach him.

Brandon: Gee, this guy really got his stuff together?

Coco: That's what happens when you let him escape from prison.

Master Mind fires again and the team dodge the attack once more.

Brandon: I didn't let him escape. He got out with the other super villains.

Sarah then forms a pink shield around them, defending them from Master Mind's beam.

Sarah, holding the shield in place: Can we talk about this later? We're kind of in the middle of a battle right now.

Brandon: By the time I'm done with him, the battle will already be over. I just can't believe he tried to escape by crossing the border.

Coco: He did cross the border. We were just lucky to catch up to him or he would been off of our radar.

Jenny: His mental activity is not too difficult to locate.

Sarah: Well not all of us are psychic.

Brandon: Incoming!

Master Mind swipes his robot leg through Sarah's shield, shattering it and knocking Sarah and Jenny into the snow, out cold. Brandon gets up from ducking and activates the Ultimatrix. He slaps down the face plate and transforms into Crusher.

Crusher: CRUSHER!

Master Mind then swipes his robot leg through again but Crusher catches it and holds it in place. Coco then grabs onto the robot leg while Crusher is holding onto it and absorb its material, gaining his metal form. He then forms his arm into a blade and stabs the robot leg several times until it escapes Crusher's grip and whacks Coco straight through a tree, snapping the tree in the half and causing it to fall over. Coco is then seen laying in the snow and looses his metal form. Back at the robot, he blasts Crusher with a beam which weakens him to a point where he is on his knees, holding his head in pain.

Crusher: AARGGHH!

The blast then almost instantly transforms Crusher back into Brandon who passes out right after. Master Mind then picks up Brandon using one of his robot legs and holds him in front of the glass bubble.

Master Mind: At last. After months of planning, I have finally developed a plan that worked far more what I had been expecting. While my current mental capacities are only limited to enhanced knowledge, accelerated processing speeds, mental projection into the minds of others and far more than what I can list within this limited amount of time that I have obtained, I have yet to attempt to change the brain frequencies of a particular specimen... you.

With one thought, Master Mind causes the glass bubble to open, allowing him to stand from the seat and look at Brandon who is still being held in front of him. Master Mind removes a small triangular device from the small control area and holds it to Brandon's face.

Master Mind: With this device, I will be able to rewrite your brain waves. This will make you forget who you are completely and allow me to fill your empty mind with artificial memories, thoughts and even a personality I designed so that you will become my personal minion for eternity.

Master Mind concentrates and sends out a yellow energy wave from his mind into the device which activates by spinning around, collecting the energy and redirecting it at Brandon's mind.

Brandon: AH!

Jenny wakes up and looks up from the snow, seeing Sarah still laying there. She attempts to wake her and notices Brandon having his memory being rewritten. She then attempts to get up and holds her side in pain. She then extends her arm out after a short moment and attempts to concentrate on the device. The device continues working, rewriting Brandon's memory. Jenny concentrates harder until the device stops working, making the energy turn from yellow to pink. The device then stops spinning causing a shockwave to erupt from the device, throwing Master Mind into the forest and Brandon down the slope. The device then lands in the snow, now filled with a green essence. 

Theme Song

After the titles, a road at the side of the snow slope is seen with a old red pick up truck driving down the road. The driver, a man wearing a brown leather jacket with fur, is seen driving down the road. He turns on the radio with one hand and steers with the other.

Radio: And thanks for listening. Today, there was a hockey game scheduled at the local stadium but was evidently cancelled due to the drastic weather conditions. Yes, it seems like blizzard is coming our way so it's best to stay off the roads, watch out around the slopes if you are, in fact, driving today which I recommend you not to do and to wait until the storm passes over. We're looking at a possible overnight thing here, folks, so nothing to much to worry about. The night will be a bit breezy but, by the time you wake up in the morning, you'll have snowy roads and clear skies.

The truck driver then drives around a curve with the snow already falling down and sees a figure at the side of the slope. He then stops the truck and gets out. He then goes over to the figure who is actually Brandon, laying against the side of the slope, with small amounts of snow on him.

Man: You alright? Kid?

The Man taps Brandon on the shoulder then shakes him a little until he wakes up. Brandon looks around then sees the man.

Man, repeating: You alright?

Brandon: What?

Man: I'm asking if you're alright.

Brandon: I don't know. Where am I?

Man: You're at the side of the road.

Brandon: Oh. Who are you?

Man: I'm the guy who found you.

Brandon: Oh.

Brandon then wraps his arms around him as he starts to shiver.

Man: Look, you gonna sit out here or you want me to give you a ride somewhere? There's a blizzard comin' and I don't want you to get all frosty out here.

Brandon, trying to keep himself warm: It is cold out here.

Man: Is that a yes?

Brandon looks up at the man and, after a short moment, nods. The Man then extends his hand out and helps Brandon up from the ground. The man then helps Brandon into the truck and then he gets into the driver's seat. They then drive off down the road. Inside the car, Brandon is seen looking out of the window while the man is driving, with folk music playing faintly over the radio.

Man, driving: So what were you doing at the side of the road like that, if you don't mind me asking?

Brandon: I don't... remember. I don't remember a lot actually.

The Man takes a quick glance at Brandon who exchanges the glance.

Man, driving: Don't I know you from somewhere?

Brandon: You do?

Man, driving: Yeah. You're that hero guy from the states.

Brandon: States?

Man, driving: Yeah. The United States.

Brandon: We're not in the "states"?

Man, driving: Nope. You're in Canada.

Brandon: Canada. How did I end up in Canada?

Man, driving: Who knows? I haven't heard much about you. Here, in our town, we got local radio so we don't hear much about the outside world. I just know you're that hero guy. What's your name again. Uh- Bradley. Bradley 10, right?

Brandon: Um... I guess so.

Man, driving: Yeah. Bradley Tennessee. Well, it's a good thing I found you, otherwise you would have been freezing out there.

Brandon: Yeah. Thank you for doing that.

Man, driving: Always happy to help. Name's Nathan, by the way. People call me Nate, though. So, do you need a place to stay?

Brandon: I think so. I'm not really sure where else to go.

Nate, driving: Well you can stay with me. I own a barn, right outside of town. I was just heading there now before I found you.

Brandon: You don't have to.

Nate, driving: Nonsense. You may be the hero type but you're still a person underneath all that.

Brandon: ...Thank you. Again.

The scene then shows the truck drive off down the road. It then cuts over to the top of the slope where Master Mind recovers and gets up from the snow. He looks around and sees his robot laying against some knocked down trees. He walks out into the open and sees only the triangular device in the snow.

Master Mind, noticing the green essence: It seems that my plan did not go exactly as I had calculated. No matter. The device had worked, never-the-less, and contained the essence of the Brandon 10. With his mind still blank, I should be able to implant my own essence within his mind with ease.

Master Mind then walks over to the device to pick it up and an energy disc is launched at him, hitting the snow in front of him, causing him to stop. Master Mind looks up and sees Sarah throwing energy discs at him from a distance. Master Mind then flees back into the forest. Sarah then groans weakly and drops her arms.

Jenny: Are you okay?

Sarah: Fine. Just- weak. Where's Coco?

Jenny: I will look for him.

Suddenly Master Mind's robot storms out of the forest and looks directly at the two girls.

Master Mind: I would finish them off but these systems have sustained far too much damage. I will need a tactical retreat where I can make repairs and then find Brandon 10.

Master Mind then controls his robot to leave the area.

Sarah: Where's he off to?

Jenny: I will have to tell you later.

Sarah: Wait, where's Brandon?

Jenny looks at the triangular device in the snow. The scene then cuts to the team on the Interceptor.

Sarah: What do you mean his mind is blank?

Jenny: That is what I am trying to tell you.

Coco: Well I searched the slope. Nothing. Looks like a slide mark but it just ends by the road.

Sarah: You think he walked off?

Coco: In this weather?

Jenny: The best thing that we can do is wait.

Coco: She's right.

Sarah: What do you mean she's right? Brandon's out there.

Coco: And we got our butts kicked by big brain back there. We're in no state to go rushing out in the middle of a blizzard. I'll run some of the Mechanic tech on board, see if I can track him but aside from that, we gotta wait, Sarah.

Sarah exhales. The scene then cuts to a worn out looking barn covered in snow as the blizzard runs through. The old pick up truck is parked by the side and a mailbox is seen not too far away from the barn. Inside, the door is seen opening and Brandon and Nate enter. Nate flicks a switch at the side, turning on the lights.

Brandon: This is your barn?

Nate: Yeah. It's not much but it's what I have. You can sleep here for the night.

Brandon: How come you have a barn with no animals?

Nate: I used to have animals. I had a horse once, some cows, a pig. They're gone now though.

Brandon: You didn't-

Nate: No. I had to sell the cows to pay the rent on the barn, my ex-girlfriend, Lily, took my horse and the pig ran off when my brother left the door to the barn unlocked one time.

Brandon: Wow.

Nate: Yeah. But at least I got the barn still.

Brandon, seeing a workbench: You build things?

Nate: Construction. This place is falling apart during some breezy nights. Somebody has to put things together around here. So, you good for the night?

Brandon, turning to face Nate: Yeah. I should be fine.

Nate: If you need anything, just knock at the house.

Brandon nods and Nate leaves the barn. Brandon then turns back to the workbench and makes his way there. He seats by the workbench and examines some of the tools. He then leans back in the chair and turns his head to the right and sees a vacuum cleaner. The scene then skips to morning, showing the barn and the snow no longer falling. The door to the barn opens and Nate enters, seeing the lights still on. He turns them off and walks over to the workbench and sees Brandon sleeping on it, while still sitting on the chair. He's surrounded by parts of a broken vacuum and a small device on the workbench. Nate takes the device and looks at it curiously. He pushes a button on it and it activates, doing nothing noticeable for the moment. Brandon then stirs around until he wakes up slightly and sees Nate. He then gets up quickly and looks at Nate.

Brandon: Nate, uh- this isn't what it looks like.

Nate: What's this?

Brandon: Huh? I don't know. I just sort of- built that. But that's not the important thing.

Nate: What is the important thing?

Brandon: I fixed it.

Nate: What?

Brandon: Well this support beam looked a little weak so I gave them extra support by applying the handle and the wand to it. Then I replaced your lawn mower engine with the motor from the vacuum cleaner. I also added the dirt sensor and some other small parts so now it runs on its own. And I cleaned the broken patch with the hose.

Nate: So you're telling me you fixed my barn with a vacuum cleaner?

Brandon: I also didn't get much sleep last night.

Nate: Come on. Let's get you some breakfast.

Brandon: You're not upset?

Nate: That vacuum was old, anyways. If anything, you helped me out. Just make sure you clean up the mess and put this on, (throws Brandon a red flannel shirt) I don't think you're used to the cold up here.

Nate then leaves the barn as Brandon looks at the shirt he was given. He then turns around and looks at the big mess he made from all the scrap. The scene then cuts to Brandon, wearing the shirt over his black shirt, eating eggs and bacon and a biscuit on a plate at the table.

Brandon: It's good.

Nate: Thanks. I ran out to the diner and pick you up something.

Brandon: Oh. Still good though. A Labrador retriever then comes over to Brandon who looks down at it and pets him.

Brandon: Cool dog.

Nate: That's Biscuit. I named him that cause he loves biscuits.

Brandon grabs his biscuit and holds it in front of Biscuit. Biscuit barks at Brandon.

Brandon: Sorry but it's mines.

Brandon is about to eat it but sees Biscuit pouting and stops. He then stares off for a moment, lowering the biscuit, which allows Biscuit to eat the biscuit, snapping Brandon back to reality.

Brandon: Hey!

Biscuit continues eating the biscuit, without looking at Brandon. Brandon then sighs and looks at Nate.

Brandon: So what's up for today?

Nate: I'm going to head into town. Drop off some supplies. You can ride with if you want?

Brandon: Sure.

As Nate leaves the house, a faint beeping noise is heard. Brandon then looks around, confused and nearly terrified until he looks down at his sleeve and pulls it up, seeing the Ultimatrix, beeping. He looks a little distressed and hits the face plate, deactivating the beeping. He then exhales and takes a longer look at the Ultimatrix.

Nate, calling from outside: You coming?

Brandon then looks up at the door then leaves the house. The scene then cuts over to the team on the Interceptor.

Sarah: He's not picking up.

Jenny: What if he's in trouble?

Sarah: Can't you just track him down with your telepathy or whatever?

Jenny: I would but this is the only source of Brandon that I am picking up. (shows off the triangular device)

Coco: So what? He's in the mind triangle?

Jenny: Not exactly. I fear that his mental essence has been removed from his mind and planted into this device. There is no possible way to track him telepathically.

Coco, to Sarah: What about your energy tracking ability?

Sarah: I doubt it. If his mental state is changed, his energy signature could be slightly altered. Also, this device is just going to cause a lot of interference.

A pinging noise is then heard over a computer station. Coco goes over to it and sits at the station. He then access the station.

Coco: I've got a unknown frequency coming from a small town close by.

Sarah: You think it's Brandon?

Coco: Could be anything but it's the only lead we got.

The scene then shows the cargo bay door of the Interceptor lowering and Coco's Car driving out into the snow and onto the road. Master Mind's robot then peeks out of the woods, watching them drive off.

Master Mind: Thank you for the directions, you ignoramuses.

Master Mind then goes back into the woods. The scene then cuts over to the local town. Nate is dropping off some supplies at a school while Brandon is leaning against the truck. He then sees a girl with brown hair and a blue shirt. He then looks at Nate, distracted by the supplies and heads over to the girl.

Brandon: Uh- Hey.

The girl looks up and smiles at Brandon.

Girl: Hi.

Brandon: I'm Bradley.

Girl: Zoey. Are you new here? I haven't seen you around lately.

Brandon: Yeah. I'm from the states, apparently.

Zoey: Cool. I heard you helped Nate out.

Brandon: You did?

Zoey: It's a small town.

Brandon: Right.

Zoey: Well any friend of Nate is a friend of mine, I guess. Nate always helps out around here so I'm glad we got another helper. Hey um- you wanna hang out? There aren't a lot of people like you around here.

Brandon: People like me?

Zoey: Yeah, y'know, helpful, creative... cute.

Brandon blushes slightly.

Brandon: Uh yeah well you're kinda cute too.

Zoey giggles. The scene then cuts back to Nate's barn where Coco's Car drives up to.

Coco: He's in a barn?

Sarah: This is where the frequency stops.

The team exit the car and approach the barn. They open the door and enter the barn, seeing the workbench and the lawn mower.

Coco: I think we've been duped. Maybe Master Mind is trying to throw us off.

Jenny: Look.

Coco and Sarah look in Jenny's direction and sees Brandon's jacket hung on a nail sticking out of a support beam.

Coco: Okay, so he was here.

As Jenny takes Brandon's jacket down and holds it in her hand, Sarah looks at the workbench and grabs the small device.

Sarah: This looks like a make-shift frequency distributor.

Coco: A what?

Sarah: It's a device that creates impulses with various frequencies. It's set on the Interceptor's frequency which is why we were able to pick it up.

Coco: So he built a device so we can track him down.

Jenny: His mind is blank. There is no possible way for him to be able to do this sort of thing without any former memories.

Sarah: Maybe his memories are slipping back or- maybe his motor memory is still in tact.

Coco: What do you mean?

Sarah: Well he used to build things, right? If that's the interest that blank slate Brandon took up, then his motor memory would kick in and he would unconsciously build something to track him.

Jenny: If that is the case then we must hurry. If I do not return his memories back to him, he will remain like this. Forever.

A faint explosion is heard.

Coco: Anyone is hear that?

Jenny: It came from outside.

The team exit the barn and sees a small cloud of smoke in the distance.

Jenny: That's where the town is.

Sarah: Master Mind must have found Brandon before us.

Coco: Everyone in the car.

The scene then cuts over to the town where citizens are running about as beams wreck the town's structures, causing fires and cars to explode. Master Mind's robot is then seen, shooting out the beams.

Master Mind: Where is Brandon 10? I must have his mind!

Master Mind continues firing beams at the citizens. Coco's Car then drives into town, moving past the destruction.

Sarah: How could Brandon just let this happen?

Jenny: Without his memories, he would not be able to access the Ultimatrix.

Coco: Then we'd better hurry.

Coco steps on the gas, driving faster. He then turns the corner and sees Master Mind's robot in front of him. Master Mind then turns around and sees Coco's Car approaching.

Master Mind: The perfect revenge.

Master Mind fires his beam at Coco's Car.

Coco, driving: Oh crud!

One of the tires is then shot at, flipping the car into a mount of snow. The team then exit the car.

Coco: My car!

Sarah: We've got bigger problems.

Coco looks up and sees Master Mind's robot above them.

Coco: Oh you are so gonna pay for that. Literally. Paint jobs aren't cheap, y'know.

Coco then touches the side of the destroyed post office and absorbs its material, gaining a brick form. He then forms his hands into mallets and charging at the robot's legs. Sarah then turns to Jenny.

Sarah: You gotta find Brandon, we'll keep Master Mind distracted.

Jenny nods then runs off with the triangular device in hand. Sarah then entraps Master Mind's robot in her pink energy while Coco strikes constantly at one of the legs. 

The scene then shows Jenny running through the town with the device and jacket in hand until she sees Nate's pick up truck parked in front of the Evergreen Public School. She goes inside and looks around the empty halls.

Jenny: Hello? Brandon? Anyone?

Jenny walks into one of the classrooms and looks around. She then sees a bunch of citizens behind a barrier made of desks.

Nate, peeking from the barrier: It's not safe out there, girl.

Jenny: Please, I am looking for a friend of mine. He is in grave danger.

Nate: I think we all, girl.

Jenny looks down.

Jenny: I am sorry.

Nate: What's his name? I know everyone in town.

Jenny: He is not from your town. The name of this person is Brandon Tennyson. He is my friend.

Nate: You mean Bradley Tennessee?

Jenny: If that is what you call you call him.

Nate: Well I'm sorry miss but Bradley is our friend.

All of the citizens then stand from behind the barrier and nod.

Nate: Whatever danger he's in, we'll protect him. All of us.

Jenny: You do not understand. I have to be the one who saves him.

Zoey, stepping out from the group of people: You said he's in danger?

Jenny: Yes.

Nate: Zoey, what are you doing?

Zoey: Bradley might be a great member of this town, a friend to all of us, even if we just knew him, but if he needs help, if any of this has anything to do with him, then we own it to him to give him that help.

Nate then nods after a short moment.

Zoey, going to Jenny: Come on. I know where he is.

The scene then cuts back to the robot where Sarah is still holding it down. Master Mind then presses a button which causes the robot to fire a beam which is blocked by the energy barrier. Master Mind fires again, weakening the shield.

Sarah, struggling to hold the barrier: I can't keep this up much longer.

Coco, striking the leg: I'm almost through.

Master Mind fires again, causing the shield to shatter.

Sarah, falling onto her knees, weakened: AH!

Coco, turning to face her, stopping: Sarah!

Master Mind then kicks Coco using the robot's leg, knocking Coco into the post office wall, and onto the snowy road. Master Mind then continues along his way. Back at the school, Zoey opens a classroom door and enters the classroom with Jenny who sees Brandon, cowering behind a desk.

Jenny: Brandon?

Brandon, looking at Jenny: Who are you?

Jenny: Jenny, your friend.

Brandon: I've never seen you before.

Zoey: That's because you lost your memory.

Brandon: When?

Jenny: Before you came to this town. I can restore it for you.

Brandon: No. No, what we need to do is stop this guy from destroying our town.

Jenny: This is not your town.

Brandon: Who are you to say that? You don't just come here and tell me who I am.

Jenny: But this is you. (shows the triangular device)

Brandon: What is that?

Jenny: It holds your former identity as Brandon 10, a hero known throughout the galaxy who saves lives and fights evils from Earth and space.

Brandon: Space? No, I'm no hero. I'm just a guy trying to help out.

Zoey: Bradley- Brandon, whoever you are-

Brandon: I am Bradley.

Zoey: Listen. I like you. A lot and I know we just met but so far I know that you want to help. You helped Nate, you helped the people in this town and you even helped me. But this town needs this Brandon 10.

Brandon: But I need you, Zoey. If I do this, I'm- what happens to me? Ito Jenny) Huh? What happens? What happens to Bradley Tennessee?

Jenny: He- You would probably be rewritten by the already existing memory and return to your normal- former self.

Zoey: So he'll get his memory back but-

Brandon: I'll never be the same again.

Jenny: We have to do this now or the effect is permanent.

Brandon: Just think about it, Zoey. I could be me forever. No more problems, no more space nonsense. Just us.

Zoey: I like you, Bradley, but Evergreen needs me. If we just run away from this then this town, everyone in it, everyone you helped, is doomed and I would never see you the same again. If you really want to help us, then please, (showing him his green jacket) get Brandon 10.

Brandon then looks a little distressed and looks down at the Ultimatrix. The scene then cuts over to Master Mind's robot standing in the center of the town. Master Mind presses another button on his control panel.

Master Mind, talking through the robot's speakers: Brandon 10. I know that you're here. Present yourself to me and I will end this logical destruction. Otherwise, I will be forced to eradicate this town and all of the civilians within it.

Brandon then steps out of the school, now wearing his green jacket again and holding the triangular device in his hand.

Brandon, shouting at Master Mind: Hey!

Master Mind turns the robot around and sees Brandon in the distance. Master Mind then controls his robot to go over to Brandon.

Brandon: I have what you want. (shows the device off)

Master Mind then stashes Brandon off of the ground, using one of the robot's legs, moving him in front of the glass bubble.

Master Mind: Excellent. This is precisely what I require in order to finish the procedure.

Brandon: Whatever you want, Mr. Brain Guy. Just don't hurt these people.

Master Mind, scanning Brandon: Still a blank slate, I presume. Now I can just finish where I had left off from earlier. However, before I begin, I must drain the remaining mental essence.

Master Mind then presses another button on his control panel, which connects the triangular device to his robot. Master Mind presses another button but a beeping is heard.

Master Mind: Wait. Something is wrong. The mental essence has already been emptied.

Brandon: Surprise.

Brandon activates the Ultimatrix and slaps down the face plate. He transforms into Agilmur and, due to his slightly smaller size, escapes the grip of the robot leg. Agilmur then leaps onto the glass bubble.

Master Mind: What?! Impossible! You- You regained your memory! I scanned you!

Agilmur: Tricked ya. You're the only one with psychic powers.

Master Mind: I will eliminate you with the most phenomenal pleasure.

Master Mind activates two of his robot legs to attack Agilmur who jumps over them, dodging their attacks. He then leaps off one of the legs, escaping its grasp, and smacks the face plate on his chest. He then undergoes an evolved transformation sequence and transforms into Ultimate Agilmur.

Ultimate Agilmur: ULTIMATE AGILMUR!

Ultimate Agilmur then lands on the glass bubble, slamming against it. The robot legs then return at Ultimate Agilmur who grabs one and bends it. The other one comes for him but he releases a sonic howl which disables it. He then smacks against the glass bubble until it shatters.

Master Mind: AH!

Ultimate Agilmur then grabs Master Mind and throws him out of the robot.

Master Mind: NO! NO! NOOO!

Sarah then catches him with an energy platform which seals up to become an energy bubble, entrapping him. Ultimate Agilmur uses his sonic howl to disable Master Mind's equipment and the robot falls onto the street. The citizens then cheer and Ultimate Agilmur turns back into Agilmur who turns back into Brandon. Jenny, Zoey and Nate, along with many other citizens exit the school while the rest of the citizens exit from their own hiding places. Coco and Sarah join with Brandon and Jenny.

Nate: So I guess you really are some super hero.

Brandon: Yeah.

Zoey: So what's going to happen now?

Brandon: Now I head back to Bellwood. My real home.

Zoey: And what about Bradley?

Brandon: He's still in here. Somewhere. But he's not coming back. Sorry.

Jenny: I also made sure that this type of incident would not happen again.

Coco: How?

Jenny: I created a telepathic shield around his mind. That should stop heavy cases of amnesia from occurring again.

Coco: Yeah that's the type of stuff I wouldn't understand.

Brandon, to Nate and Zoey: Thanks for helping me out though, I don't know where I would be without you two.

Nate: I think we mainly did it for Bradley but if anything we should be thanking you all for saving our town.

The scene then transitions to the citizens cleaning up the town. Back at the barn, Brandon is seen petting Biscuit.

Zoey: You really don't have to stick around. Your friends need you.

Brandon: Hey, it's the least I can do. I know Bradley meant a lot to you and everyone else in this town. To be honest, I don't really know how I was able to gain the trust of a whole town within a day by just helping people out but, if it means anything, I'm glad it was this town that found me.

Zoey: For a second there, you almost sounded just like him.

Brandon: He's still me, y'know.

Zoey: Nah. He had a certain kind of charm. You're not so different but then again you are very, very different. I never meant anyone so alien as you, Brandon Tennyson, but I certainly haven't meet anyone so humble as Bradley Tennessee.

A horn is heard honking from outside of the barn.

Brandon: I guess I should get going then.

Brandon is about to leave but Zoey grabs his arm.

Zoey: Wait.

Brandon turns around and is kissed by Zoey.

Zoey, backing away: That was Bradley.

Brandon looks a little surprised but then has an understanding expression on his face and nods. He then leaves the barn and Zoey kneels down and pets Biscuit. On the Interceptor, Brandon is seen walking into the cockpit where his team is waiting.

Coco: So how was it? Living in a town without any memory.

Brandon: Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be actually.

Sarah: But it must have tough for you. Being someone you weren't.

Brandon, sitting in the co-pilot seat: Yeah but that wasn't even the hard part.

Jenny: What was the hard part?

Brandon: It was letting go of a life that was never mine.

The Interceptor then takes off and flies through the sky.



  • Brandon/Bradley Tennessee
  • Coco
  • Sarah
  • Jenny
  • Nate (First Appearance)
  • Biscuit (First Appearance)
  • Zoey (First Appearance)
  • Citizens


Aliens Used


  • This episode was inspired by a panel from a Hawkeye  comic book.
    • It's possible that this episode was also inspired by various other parts of the same comic series.
  • This is the first ever amnesia-based episode in Brandon 10, not counting the episodes involving memory wiping.
  • While originally being set in Canada, alternate settings for the episode would have been in Russia or somewhere near Minnesota (there wasn't an exact location).
  • In the original plot, written well before Season 3 was being planned, the team were fighting Master Mind in an open field where Master Mind stole an alien artifact used to not only make him stronger but to absorb the memories of Brandon. The team would then separate the memory absorber from the power booster and Jenny would attempt to reason with no memory Brandon, trying to come to terms with the alien world, that he has to give up his life in order to bring the Brandon they know back which eventually happens.
  • In a deleted scene, Nate takes Brandon as Bradley hunting where they tranquilize deer for some reason but Brandon doesn't have it in him to take the shot. This causes him to explore himself more and figure out why he does certain things that Brandon did before. This was more or less replaced by the Biscuit scene.
  • It is mentioned in the episode that Master Mind escaped prison along with other super villains. This prison break was featured in the special, Brandon 10: Ultimate Conquest.
  • This is the second episode to take place in Canada. The first being Long Shot.
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