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This is the character. You may be looking for his series, Brandon 10.

Brandon Tennyson is the main protagonist of the series, Brandon 10.


In The Original Series, Brandon wears green shirt and brown cargo pants. He also has black hair and wears the Omnitrix on his left wrist. In certain episodes, such as Water Worries, Brandon would wear green swimming trunks mainly for swimming. In After Party, Brandon wore a tuxedo to his cousin's wedding. And in Day Dream, Brandon wore a superhero outfit in a dream dimension.

As revealed in Web of Terror, Brandon dressed like Sherlock Holmes one Halloween and in a mysterious adventure however it is unknown if this took place during The Original Series.

In Alien Force, he wears a green jacket and a black shirt with jeans. Since he is a teenager, Brandon is now taller and looks older than his younger self. He also wears the re-calibrated Omnitrix on his left wrist.

In Party Time, Brandon wore a top hat and a bowtie briefly as if for trying it on for fun. In Prince of Mars, Brandon disguised himself in a cloak to pretend to be an alien shopper. In Shutdown, Brandon wore not only an orange spacesuit from Bartarge III but a caped outfit with a hood used for retrieving information in disguise. In Web of Terror, Brandon is seen in his pajamas for the first time which consists of a grey T-shirt and a pair of blue shorts.

In Ultimate Hero, Brandon wears the same clothes as in Alien Force and his appearance doesn't change as much. However, instead of wearing the Omnitrix on his wrist, he now wears the Ultimatrix.

In Cold Front, Brandon wears a green snow suit along with some breathing and climbing equipment.


In The Original Series, Brandon is a brave and smart kid. He will often throw himself into a situation without thinking it through and get stumbled on problems however the obvious comes to him eventually and he tends to figure it out. He is also very childish, being a 10 year old, and often plays pranks and says puns and one-liners. Although he acts like a child, he knows when its time to be serious when the situation calls for it.

In Alien Force, Brandon is practically the same as he was as a child. He likes to goof around but he tends to get serious when the situation requires it. He is also a teenager now which means he acts more mature. During Season 3, he becomes a little irresponsible and egoistic since he had saved the universe from the Zonarians.

In Aliens Among Us, Brandon lowers himself to a girl named Abigail, whom he had met when they were kids. He then becomes concerned with the fate of the Earth and becomes problematic when being lectured by Uncle Bill. He acts self-centered and naive at times however he is just trying to help in every way he can, even though it seems useless. When Uncle Bill is mind-controlled and Abigail is threatened, Brandon makes the choice to save Abigail after hurting Bill which he didn't want to do. After encountering Bill in his weak state after recovering from the mind-control and stair fall, Brandon discovers that he can't just act like a hero but instead become one which gets him back on track.

Brandon slowly begins to realize his mistakes and knows how he has to act in order to pass through situations such as when The Conqueror returned and when his aliens escape from the Omnitrix in Conquest of the Conqueror. When Brandon discovers that his new Omnitrix creation survived, he becomes too focused and determined on finding it and as a result acts more like a leader than a hero but only in situations involving the New Omnitrix such as Key of Time and Gate in Space. At points where it seems like there's no hope, he sometimes feels like giving up but he doesn't or tries to figure out a plan as quickly as possible as seen in The Battle For Earth Part 2. When he loses the Omnitrix and almost his best friend, Brandon gets emotionally upset up until a point of begging for help as seen in The Final Fight Part 2 however he gets inspired with hope by places from the past.

After the events in The Final Fight, Brandon accepts the New Omnitrix despite not really wanting it anymore. He also seems to return to his regular state of mind which is balanced between leader and hero.

In Ultimate Hero, Brandon's personality doesn't seem to change much from Alien Force however, now being an world renowned super hero, he gets a bit full of himself at times and tries to please his fans rather than attend to the situation at hand. This, sometimes, gets him into situations as he isn't thinking completely about what's going on. There are points where his ability to be a hero is tested like in Fame's Game where he nearly injured someone to a possible point of death but decided to back down knowing it wasn't the right thing to do. He also gets upset when around someone who doesn't care much about the world(s) around them but more about themselves. He's also seems more compassionate than before as he's willing to make Marion feel better and trust James even though he made it possible for his secret to get leaked. However, as seen in episodes like Across the Planes, when confronted with death, especially to those whom he felt responsible for, Brandon seems to become filled with rage and goes berserk using his big, heavy-hitting aliens however his sense of compassion and reason draws him back from making regretable mistakes.

After the events of An Extreme Crisis Part 2, Brandon began facing tougher scenarios which forced him to make decisions that he may end up regretting later as seen in Isolation. This started pushing out a more voilent side of Brandon as seen when he fought brutally against the Extreme Biker King in To The Extreme. However, Brandon still hung onto his postive traits by trying to see the good in people and looking after Ja'Nene.

Powers and Abilities

Brandon once had the power of his Omnitrix, which contained the DNA of almost every species in the universe, giving him the powers of any selected alien transformation. At his best, he's a genius and can invent devices to suit his needs as well as navigate machines, examine alien technology and improve the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix, which is complex machine that very few can understand.

In Alien Force, he has learned combat skills as well a defensive maneuvers, such as a dodge roll, from training with his cousin.

Ever since The Final Fight Part 2, Brandon uses the Ultimatrix, which has the same functions as the Omnitrix but has even more features such as evolved transformations and it functions much more efficiently.

In Ultimate Hero, Brandon becomes more comfortable talking to other people and has a celebrity status that grants him things he never had as much before such as regconization, fans, respect, oppertunties and possibly a fortune. Brandon is also more quick to his reflexes and more durable as he can survive jumping out of a moving vehicle with little or no injuries at all, as seen in The Spy Who Evolved Me. As seen in Australian Force, Brandon learned how to fix cars from Coco.


Brandon 10

Original Series

Brandon was an average 10 year old until his life changed on his summer vacation where he became a secret billionaire. Brandon used part of the money to build a secret underground laboratory and celebrated by hiking in the mountains. As he was hiking he encountered a "shooting star" passing by a high speed and a "smaller meteor" dropping from it as the shooting star disappears. Curious, Brandon investigates the area for the meteor and trips over a glowing green tube implanted in the ground. He retrieves the tube to his new lab where he taught of a containment unit design for the tube, a watch-like device. After hours of building and designing, Brandon successfully created the Omnitrix.

After testing the Omnitrix and transforming into his first alien, Brandon was concerned and scared at first but soon after getting used to it, Brandon saw the he had the ultimate chance to become a superhero. He would later fight against evil alien threats such as The Conqueror, his arch-enemy.

In the last episode, Brandon 10 vs the Conqueror, Brandon during a battle with the Creator, Brandon accidentally activated the Omnitrix's self-destruct and rushed off with Coco to find the Omnitrix's final ingredient. He learned he could be a hero without the Omnitrix and Coco got captured by the evil Aqualads. Brandon then discovered that the creator of the Omnitrix was really not the creator of the Omnitrix at all. With great timing, Brandon unlocked a new alien, Way Big, and threw the Conqueror back onto his ship and into space. Afterwards, Brandon realizes that the ship impact will hit the Earth and flies over to Earth to reach the Conqueror's ship in time. When he gets aboard he fights off the Conqueror, he inserts the Omnitrix into the ship's controls and jumps out into the ocean before it explodes in the atmosphere. When Brandon reaches the shore, he finds the Omnitrix destroyed and rushes to his lab to restore it but it seems there is nothing he can do and leaves but it self-repairs over the years.


Brandon was just an average kid about to embark on his summer vacation when he remembers to go to the store after forgetting earlier when watching TV. Brandon then rushes to the store but is too late as the store manager had already closed up for the night. Disapointed that he failed to prove himself again, Brandon sits on a curb and finds a mysterious scratch card (for the lottery). He then finds out that he's rich and decides to cash it in to a convience store across the street.

Since that's a massive cash claim, Brandon must wait a while in order to get the money however he is given an apparent chemistry lab set that was on the market for a while. Brandon takes it home in the rain and assembles it for hours until he finished. Trying to get it to work, Brandon trips over a rug and the machine collaspes into his basement which apparently powers and repairs the computer. Brandon then celebrates by doing something productive, since the rain stopped, and decides to go on a hiking trip thanks to a pamphlet his teacher gave him. However, Brandon finds it boring and decides to take a break when he gets to the top which is close to a forest. He then notices a small meteor in the sky which had a piece of it broken off and crashes into the hill.

Brandon then investigates and trips over an alien DNA rod which is somewhat radioactive but Brandon had a piece of his computer and used it as a containment unit. Brandon then brings to make to his home where he calls up his friend, Coco, and asks him to come over to check it out. Brandon then works on the containment unit to make sure it doesn't leak with any more radiation. When finished, Brandon constructed a more advanced containment unit which appears as an alien watch-like device. Brandon puts it on and then transforms, for the first time, in front of his friend. Fortunately, Brandon returns back to his Human Form however, being exposed to the radiation from the alien rod, Brandon's Computer system evolved itself and formed into a super computer using machines from around the house such as a television.

Brandon then decides to go out and get the cash he earned in order to replace all of the devices his computer ate but then encounters some robot droids in search for his device. Brandon transforms again and defeats the droids which lets loose yet another droid however bigger and stronger. Brandon, now used to the machine, transforms once again and defeats the monster droid before it destroys the city. Brandon then calls up his parents who were pressed him with time and had no choice but to leave for vacation without him however they called up a babysitter than never arrived but instead of telling them the truth, Brandon lied and wanted a summer all to himself and his new things. Now looking forward to an awesome summer, Brandon names his device, The Omnitrix.

Brandon 10: Alien Force

After 5 years without the Omnitrix, Brandon was a normal soccer-playing teen until he found out that an alien invasion was going to hit the Earth. He decided to call up his friends and fight the bad guys once again. With his new Omnitrix, Brandon transforms into 10 brand new alien heroes and it's up to him and his friends to save the world once again.

In The Final Plans, Brandon took his team to sabotage the machines used to conquer the world created by the Zonarians. Although surrounded and outmatched, Brandon managed to damage their devices and retreat with the rest of his team. This foreshadowed Brandon as a bad leader in his mind so he took action against the Zonarains but creating a team of friends and allies in The Battle for Earth Part 1.  After being defeated, Brandon chose a more wiser approach by attempting to call a truce with the Zonarian Commanders. When that failed, He took his team to their home planet where he not only fixed a truce with the Zonarian Race but fixed their broken DNA.

In Conquest of the Conqueror Part 1, Brandon becomes an egotist; always boasting about how he saved the universe from the Zonarians. When the Conqueror returns and strikes a challenge to duel with Brandon, Brandon takes the challenge easily instead of as a threat. Being motivated by Coco, Brandon decides to hack into the Omnitrix to defeat the Conqueror knowing more about in during the battle for Earth. However, the plan failed and aliens escaped from the Omnitrix. As the deadline grows closer, Brandon becomes more concerned yet more determined to stop him. When Brandon regains all of his aliens and defeats the Conqueror, he becomes less egotistic and more heroic.

In The Ultimate Device, Brandon goes to the mysterious planet, Enginona. He then discovers that the Ultimate Device that many species' are searching for, including The Conqueror, is his incomplete design for a new Omnitrix. He then remembers memories of the result of launching the Omnitrix into space and how he was devastated by it and eventually forgot until then. After meeting a reality bending girl whom split the New Omnitrix into pieces, he hunts for the pieces between adventures before the Conqueror gets to them. However, every time a new piece comes up, the Conqueror gets it. In Race to the Core, Brandon and the team arrived on Sepulazia also known as The Grave Planet. Brandon, being separated from his friends, ventured around catacombs of the planet and eventually ran into his "future self" whom died because of the Conqueror. This then wrecked him emotionally and he attempted to stop The Conqueror so that the "future" doesn't occur however he is defeated and weakened like his other self. He and the team as well as Sparky are then saved by Celida who even heals Brandon and confronts him with the fact that the planet was from another dimension in the past.

In The Final Fight Part 1, Brandon faces off against his clone when he starts to come after his friends and allies however he is defeated by the new Nodnarb whom uses the new and assembled Omnitrix to transform into an evolved version of Crusher. Brandon is then forced to surrender the Omnitrix to The Conqueror in an attempt to save him friends but fails when they are threatened to be killed anyways. He and the team are saved however by Bill and Erudiden. Brandon then goes through guilt and responsibility as well as false anger to cover it. After being talked to by Celida and Erudiden and being inspired by the forest, he becomes hopeful again and prepares an ultimate plan. When teleported on board with his team and Coco, Brandon activates the Omnitrix's self-destruct but the plan backfires and ends up mutating the Conqueror. Now settling a temporary truce with his clone, Brandon gains the newly named Ultimatrix and defeats The Conqueror. He then sacerfices the Omnitrix and overloads the Conqueror's ship's engines and blows up his ship along with him. After managing to escape, Brandon and the team set out for more possible adventures.

Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero

After about a year of barely any alien attacks, Brandon was adjusting to regular life until he discovers that his secret of being an alien hero has been boardcasted on the news. After accidentally admitting this to the news, he escapes the media and learns more about the majority's opinions through the news. With the help of Coco and Sarah, Brandon finds out that James Tompkins has released his secret through the Internet but, shortly later, forgives him. Brandon then goes to a government facility known as G.E.I.T. and encounters a creature made of living DNA. After Brandon defeats a rogue alien named Poseidon, he attempts to stop DNA X from escaping but is knocked out from an energy blast released from the Ultimatrix. He then heads back to Bellwood to embark on the new adventures that his newly founded fame will get him.

After having a few adventures around the world and in Bellwood, Brandon is contacted by not only DNA X but General Gates as well. He, his team and Bill travel to Florida where Kennedy Space Center is under attack by rogue alien creatures. Brandon, along with his team, manage to defeat the creature and navigate through the center to the control room where they find DNA X, making adjustments to the launch pad. Brandon learns more about DNA X and about the villain known as Khan. Due to an unexpected intrupption, Brandon is then thrown into a situation that might just blow up that portation of the United States however the situation is taken handled and the launch pad deactivates. Sarah then relocates the team to Coco's Garage where DNA X plants a mysterious equation into Brandon's Ultimatrix moments before Khan arrives at their location and threatens the team by injuring Sarah. Brandon saves Sarah's life after exchanging glances with Khan; now knowing his face.

Later on, Brandon and his team were called in by the Mechanics about findings on DNA X however, in exchange for information, Bill was forced to give up data about the Ultimatrix causing major distress throughout the government who demanded that Brandon would attend a court hearing the next day. Because of this, Brandon was asked to sit out of the mission to locate DNA X in order to avoid acting out against the government. Instead, Brandon decided to find out more about the equation DNA X gave him by going to Erudiden. After arriving on Electronia, Brandon learns from Doctor Quantum that Khan will use DNA X to trigger a fixed point in time that must be resolved so Brandon and his team head over the location where DNA X was found.

Realizing that Khan is attempting to travel to the Alterverse, Brandon battles Khan's new mutated form only to be defeated. When Brandon returns to the lab, he finds his team defeated too. Brandon manages to free Coco from his testing chamber and uses his team's prints to unlock 10 X. Brandon transforms into him and travels to the Alterverse where he is stuck on deciding a way to defeat Khan however Coco enters the Alterverse and defeats Khan, himself. Brandon then escapes the Alterverse and helps clean up the scene along with his team and the Mechanics. The next day, Brandon goes to the public hearing and impresses the attending crowd into supporting his beliefs. Brandon then encounters a mysterious, female figure who vanishes before he can see her face and becomes inspired to continue being a hero.

After a while, Brandon sets his plans to helping a charity funded by The Juice Shack however his plans are delayed when he sinks to the bottom of the ocean where they encounter the lost city of Atlantis which is under attack by Khan's robots. With the help of King Cean, Brandon and Sarah locate Khan. Brandon fights with him but is defeated and has his Ultimatrix absorbed by Khan however Brandon continues to chase after him, only to be defeated once again. Now with his team, Brandon prepares to face off against him again until a tear in reality appears in the ocean and serves as Khan's escape route. Brandon attempts to stop Khan once more but is knocked out, forcing him to time out and change back into a Human which leaves him defenseless against drowning. However, Will saves Brandon by returning him to Altantis where he wakes up on the Interceptor, ready to take off. Brandon then goes on new adventures and faces new challenges as he prepares himself and his team, after recruiting James, for Khan's new plan.

After some adventures with James, Brandon had encountered the Dimensional Rift once again. Alien creatures from a two-dimensional pocket dimension had invaded a science facility that the team decided to check out. The creatures had flattened and essentially killed a couple of members of the facility which eventually had Brandon snap at the alien creatures, putting his life in danger because of his fury. Sarah and Coco then calm him down as Brandon learns that attacking them won't get the people back and would only make the situation worse. Brandon then accquires a new alien and uses him to defeat the alien creatures with the help of his team and the remaining facility staff. Brandon's adventures continued with James until they encountered a seemingly unstoppable alien threat which required the assistance of G.E.I.T., an organization that James had to work with in order to help Brandon defeat the alien threat. Once Brandon defeated the alien, with a new alien form, James decided to leave the team and work for G.E.I.T. which had Brandon's team return back to three.

Now, without James, Brandon continues saving the world with his team in places they've never been before like Russia. On Mount Fuji, Brandon had to train with Mr. Chan, the Old Shop Keeper, in order to save his friends which involved learning to fight and manuever without the Ultimatrix which was apparently ninja training.

Afterwards, Brandon was called in by General Gates to examine the Dimensional Rift that appeared in their Bravo Base in Bellwood. Brandon and his team were attacked by Cyberous, from an alternate dimension, and then greeted by two, revamped versions of Brandon from alternate dimensions. By teaming up with his alternate selves, Brandon managed to defeat Brandon Nadir while Khan escaped with a part of the particle accelerator in Geneva. Brandon's alternate selves followed Khan into the Dimensional Rift as they can navigate through space-time in order to return to their home dimensions.

When encountering Khan again, Brandon fought with Khan which caused them both to accidentally get trapped within a dimension between dimensions. Brandon was forced to work with Khan in order to escape the realm which involved him having to save his life from Reachers, creatures that consumed intruders. Brandon then managed to escape the realm but only to be betrayed by Khan who got what he wanted and escaped once more.

Later, Brandon went to visit Uncle Bill, with his friends, in a Mechanic Base. That then went astray when Khan arrived there and attacked the base. Brandon took care of Khan's ship only for it to crash into the Mechanic base. With the assistance of his nieces, Brandon and his team took down Khan's robots which served only as a distraction. When Brandon discovered that Khan wanted a part of the Zonarian gateway, he attempted to stop him but Khan managed to defeat them again. Brandon, with the help of Kayla's technokinesis, finds Khan's location and defeats his robot army however it's already too late with Khan activating his machine built from the parts he collected. The machine then causes dimensions to collide with one another. After Sarah gets taken by Khan into another dimension, Brandon goes away her with Coco and Kayla by traveling through dimensions to find her. At one point, Brandon encounters a dimensions ruled by Khan who totally fear him. Brandon convinced them to help the team by turning on Khan's other Dimensional Destabliser however it was rigged by Khan to destroy the dimension they were in, causing the Chief of that dimension's people to believe that Brandon betrayed him. Upset by the destruction of the dimension, Brandon gravely seeks revenge on Khan. When Khan arrives, Brandon ends up curing him rather than fighting him. When the dimensions start pulling themselves back together, Brandon attempts to save Khan from falling into a void however, after revealing that someone has been giving him orders, Khan lets go and falls into the void. With the dimensions in tact again, Brandon goes off on more adventures in an attempt to shake off what had occured.

A couple of weeks after the dimension incident, Brandon supports another charity in San Diego, California which supports Eastern Europeans migrating to other countries including the United States. Once there, Brandon gets to meet the host of the event, Elizabeth Kowalski, which they seem to get along very well however an undercover agent working for G.E.I.T. intrupts their conversation in order to bring Brandon in for a debriefing. Brandon is upset and insulted that General Gates would put a spy on him as he trusted him and expected the same trust in return. However, Brandon is asked to inspect an alien pod that G.E.I.T. brought in which accidentally activated when Brandon had touched it, releasing Warax, an alien warrior. After Warax kills a couple of soldiers, Brandon chases after him and fights him however he is outmatched and defeated due to his environmental disadvantage. Without a lead on where to go, Brandon regroups in Bellwood to rest after his defeat. He then goes over to visit Amy, claiming that it's been a while since they caught up on things. Shortly later, Brandon learns that Warax has surfaced in Bellwood and attacekd a science facility in the city. Brandon heads over there, alone, in order to avoid getting anyone close to him hurt similar to those killed soldiers. However, Brandon isn't capable to taking Warax until his team arrives and spoils Warax's plot. Brandon then traces the energy signatures that Warax was utlizing to a small country known as Zankotova where he discovers that Elizabeth is the ruler of the entire country. When Warax arrives, Brandon fights with him through portals appearing across the world until he eventually defeats him and Nomad with the help of his team, friends and a new transformation. However, even after victory, Brandon is still confronted with his earlier feelings until Elizabeth puts him at ease saying that focusing on his relationships is more important than worrying about them so Brandon tries to follow up on that advice only to be sent into another adventure.

Still taking some time off, Brandon goes camping with his friends up by the mountains in order to clear their heads. Finding himself alone, Brandon discovers an alien shuttle containing an alien girl named Ja'Nene, later dubbed Jenny. Brandon gets her back to the campsite and attempts to help her as much as possible while he waits for the Ultimatrix to work again, after she accidentally disabled it. Brandon then recives a call from the Extreme Biker Leader who claims that he has his friends. Brandon takes this slightly seriously, underestimating the Extreme Bikers' threats but still worrying about the safety of his friends. However, he manages to get Jenny to a Mechanic Base, in order to keep her out of trouble. Brandon goes to the base and picks a fight with the Armored Warrior, a new Extreme Biker who easily takes down Brandon. After his defeat, Brandon quickly releases that it's the Extreme Biker King, back for revenge. Brandon is then locked up in a cell, strapped to a table where he is later visited by the Extreme Biker King who explains the current situation to Brandon in a gloating manner however Brandon attempts to convince the Extreme Biker King not to do what he's doing as it will harm others and a more peaceful way is the better course of action however the Extreme Biker King refuses Brandon's suggestions and proves them hycrotical when he shows Brandon his scars from the explosion Brandon caused. Brandon instantly apologises saying that he never meant to cause that much damage to anyone even the Extreme Biker King however the King doesn't see it the same way and uses Brandon's Ultimatrix as a beacon to located nearby alien lifeforms living on Earth.

Brandon, with the help of Jenny, escapes the Extreme Biker facility and attempts to stop the Extreme Bikers from attacking the alien people. He manages to save an alien family from a couple of Extreme Bikers and promises that he'll protect them from the Extreme Bikers. However, the aliens board an escape shuttle which the Extreme Biker King destroys, leaving Brandon caught in the blast and mentally torn from his broken promise. However, that doesn't stop him to from trying to find and stop the Extreme Bikers before they can harm anyone else so he recruits Jenny as apart of the team and they go forth on adventures including ones against the Extreme Bikers.

One time, Brandon was called in by G.E.I.T. to check in on a space station orbiting the Earth which has gone radio-silent. Upon arriving, he encounters alien creatures which start posesssing the crewmembers and breeding on the ship. Brandon was then confronted with a choice: to find way to save the posesssed crewmembers and stop the alien creatures or to let a crewmember sacerfice himself in order to destroy the space station, allowing the team to escape. Brandon chose the latter option and was conflicted on if he chose correctly.

At one point, the Ultimatrix was infected by a parasite who planned on activating its self destruct feature. Brandon then shrunk down into the Ultimatrix, using a shrinking ray made by Erudiden. Once inside, he discovered that the Ultimatrix had a sentient interface which interacted with him like a normal person. Along the way, he talked about experiences, recieved help and got really close with the interface until she was deleted by the parasite. After defeating the interface, he managed to recreate the interface and attempted to find a way to spend more time with her however, as claimed by the interface, it was impossible since she was only a device. Since then, Brandon has been more gentle on the Ultimatrix.

Brandon has also been quite busy and distracted with other people that he's been putting Amy aside, focusing more on someone else or something else. When Brandon gets influenced by a love potion made by Kalina, it negatively affects his relationship with Amy. Realising this, Brandon gets upset with Kalina and argues with Amy, beliving that he should take care of Kalina first then Amy, who has the opposite opinion. Stressed, Brandon ends up yelling at Amy which actually scares her. She then decides to break up with Brandon.

Heartbroken by this breakup, Brandon, unable to cope with his feelings, decides to go off world in order regain clarity. He finds himself on a planet where alien monks that him in and teach him how to let go of Amy. By the time his friends arrive to get him, Brandon feels like he still needs something in order to push him away from feeling the way he did. Just then, Brandon is transported into a racing competition where he manages to save the racers and stop the competition from being used unlawfully. Brandon also recieves a kiss from one of the racers which seems to be the thing he needed to get over his breakup. Since then, Brandon has been seemingly more open towards other females.

Despite saving the day the usual way, Brandon would be more grim when fighting his enemies and grew a bit darker throughout his adventures especially after encountering the Extreme Biker King. He also got closer and closer to Jenny as friends. Brandon continued to search for the Extreme Bikers until he learned how pressing it is on the team. But when the Extreme Bikers finally attack, Brandon wastes no time going after them and attempting to put an end to their plans however it was a trap. Brandon managed to escape with his team and tried to warn the alien population of the Extreme Bikers. Despite being reminded of his failure to save the other alien group, Brandon attempts to save this one. When attempting to release Jenny from the Extreme Bikers' machine, Brandon is confronted with another choice: to release Jenny and fight the Extreme Bikers or use Jenny to kill all the Bikers. Brandon was against having anyone die but he released that if they don't, they'll just continue to kill again. However, Brandon chooses a third option which is to use Jenny to exchange the thoughts and feelings of the Bikers and the aliens with each other and attempts to reason with the Extreme Bikers on how he feels about alien rights.

With his methods working, Brandon still manages to get roped into a fight with the Extreme Biker King who is easily more powerful but Brandon refuses to stay down, despite being beaten so badly, so that he can defend the aliens from him. However, Brandon does manage to defeat the Extreme Biker King, with the help of Jenny's telepathic abilities. Brandon then learns that the King was funded by a mysteriously powerful person and is confronted with yet another choice: to leave the Extreme Biker King defeated or to kill him and stop him from trying this again. But Brandon chooses wisely and spares the Extreme Biker King's life, refusing to become anymore like him.

Later, when Jenny is forced to return to her home planet, Brandon learns that she's been lying to him since they've met which upsets him however he still believes that she's trying to do the right thing unlike the rest of his team. After stopping an assassination attempt on the throne, Brandon feels slightly conflicted when Jenny chooses to stay on her home planet rather than adventure with him and his team however he understands her situation and knows that she'll do good things there.

Afterwards, Brandon is asked by General Gates to stop an unknown mass from impacting with the Earth which later turns out to be a planet known as Planet X. On the planet, Brandon discovers that Sarah has been kidnapped by ninja clones who are apparently attempting to clone a new warrior out of here. Brandon intervenes, causing a malfunction in the cloning process, creating a clone with his DNA instead. While attempting to figure out what's going on and stop the planet from crashing into the Earth, Brandon attempts to show the clone, named Lucy, that there's more than just orders when it comes to life. When offered a choice, Lucy follows Brandon's advice who has grown close enough to her to want to invite her onto the team with him. However, Lucy is shot which hurts Brandon to have to loss her however Brandon is inspired by Lucy's "last words" to keep pushing on.

Brandon 10,000

In a distant future, Brandon becomes a world known super hero and saves the day with many new forms.

See Brandon 10,000 for more information.


Original Series

Brandon has appeared in every episode.

Alien Force

Brandon has appeared in every episode.

Ultimate Hero

Brandon will appear in every episode.


Brandon will appear in every episode.

Video Games

Online Games


Brandon will appear in every special.


Love Interests

The Original Series

  • Chris' Daughter - Brandon wanted to start a relationship with Chris' Daughter after she kissed him on the cheek when he went to defeat the evil Wildpups, in Attack of the Wildpups, however she claimed to already have a boyfriend and she was never seen again.

Alien Force

  • Amy - After seeing Amy win the tennis match, Brandon wanted to talk to Amy and they ended up going on a first date together however it didn't end up right when an alien hybrid attacked them in order to receive help. Although Brandon thought it was going to end badly because of the alien events occurring, she thought it was just weird and that she could continue a relationship with Brandon. In The Battle For Earth Part 2, Brandon states that Amy is his girlfriend although he claims that it was because he wasn't sure if he wasn't going to come back alive.
  • Princess Kalina - Brandon was intersted in Kalina as much as any other girl but he did do as she asked him for unknown reasons either because she was of royality or because he felt bad for her or maybe something else but he did get tired of her wanting him to change form. So said, he left it as them being just friends or close associates. However, Kalina went mad with power and tried to dispose of her own parents just to be married to Brandon in which he refused and defeated her. Kalina was then taken to prison but she still has feelings towards Brandon despite him not for her.

Ultimate Hero

  • Amy - In Fame's Game, its confirmed that they are now a couple. However, after the events of Power of Love, they ended up breaking up.
  • Marion Stewart - Marion tries to use her distress to rope Brandon into being close to her in which she can manipulate him into being into a relationship with her however Amy broke them apart and Brandon claimed that it wouldn't work out because she was 18 and he was 16.
  • Ja'Nene - Brandon and Ja'Nene have been close friends since he saved her crashing on impact. They've gotten along together and Brandon genuinely liked her. However, as Ja'Nene attempts to admit her feelings for a relationship with Brandon, she ended up leaving the team. While this doesn't affect their relationship as friends, Brandon realises that they probably won't end up together in the end.
  • Ultimatrix Interface - Upon entering the Ultimatrix, Brandon discovered the Ultimatrix's interface which was an actual thinking program that can talk and understand things. While he was there, the interface tried to help him as much as possible while learning more about her user. After restoring the Ultimatrix and its interface, Brandon wanted to continue interacting with the interface like this as he felt strongly for her/it. However, this was proven impossible since she's only program.


  • Brandon is an inventor of many machines and devices like the Magnet Gun and the Go-Kart.
  • Brandon's favorite foods are Milkshakes and Burgers.
    • He used to drink Juice instead of Milkshakes in The Original Series.
  • Brandon gets tutored by Sarah and Amy.
    • However, he does combat training with Sarah as well.
  • Brandon put his school back on the Soccer Club Championship in A Hero Returns Part 1.
  • Brandon reads THE WOMBAT Comics occasionally as seen in Alien Operations.
  • In Alien Operations, Brandon begins thinking of finishing the job in a less peaceful way but changes his mind when Sarah gets deeper into the topic. This represented as Brandon's way of thinking that sometimes there isn't a nice way to end something however he no longer has to think such a thought with his friends by his side.
  • Brandon's favorite TV Show is Alien Hero.
  • Brandon seems to be the only character in the series to mix Juice Shack flavors.
  • As seen in The Ultimate Device, Brandon has secrets but, unlike most people, some of his are revealing and dangerous.
    • He also attempts to hide details concerning the past and whatever took place between The Original Series and Alien Force as seen throughout Alien Force including its film.
  • Brandon almost got married to Princess Kalina in Princess Problems despite his age being 15 at the time
  • Brandon tends to eat popcorn when watching Alien Hero as seen in Conquest of the Conqueror Part 1 and Normal Day.
  • Brandon gives up the Omnitrix in The Final Fight Part 1.
  • Brandon's way of being a hero is shown in episodes like Fame's Game.
  • According to Water Worries, the rebooted version, Brandon follows a hero code.
  • Brandon's full name was revealed by Sarah in Across the Planes. His middle name being Lewis.
    • This was added into the show to make his initals, BLT.