Brandon 10
Season 2, Episodes 14-26
Brandon 10 DVD Season 2
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Brandon 10 Season 1: The Omnitrix
Brandon 10 Season 3: DNA Road Trip
Brandon 10 Season 2: Alien Invasion is a DVD for the show Brandon 10.


As Brandon continues to use the powers of the Omnitrix, more strange things happen like an alien virus, a race and an alternate world where Coco found the Omnitrix.

In Addition to that, Brandon unlocks new aliens Aqualad and Cannonbolt and continues battling villians like the Conqueror.

Episodes Included

  1. The Forest
  2. Infected
  3. Museum Mayhem
  4. Coco 10
  5. Brawl
  6. Heroes
  7. Camp Invansion
  8. Ultimate Prize
  9. Bad Luck
  10. Ocean Land
  11. The Nightmare Realm
  12. The Mutanter and the Mutanted transformations
  13. The Revenge of the Conqueror

Special Features

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