These are all the episode previews and trailers in Brandon 10.

Original Series


Alien Force

Next Time AF

Season 1


Season 2

New Season

Ready for some more Action?

(Extreme Bikers firing lasers)

Person: Take 'em down!

Ready for some more Aliens?

(Other Person takes off his mask which shows him to be a Zonarian)

Ready for some more Brandon?

(Brandon drinks a milkshake and burps)

Brandon: My bad.

Than get ready for BRANDON 10: ALIEN FORCE SEASON 2!

Crusher: Now we're talking!

More Bad Guys!

(Extreme Bikers pull out their electric swords)

More Battles!

(Gas station explodes)

and yes, more Brandon.

Brandon: It's Hero Time! (Slap down Omnitrix which transitions to the text below)



Brandon, scrolling through Omnitrix: Get ready for a new one!

A Familiar Face

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

TV: In other news, there is devesatigation all across the town. There are fires, damaged property and sights of alien  activity in the near by area.

Sarah: Brandon...

Brandon: It wasn't me I swear!

Shadowy Figure transforms into an alien and flys away.

Sarah: Brandon?

Coco: This is so confusing.

Brandon: I think its time we got to the bottom of this.

Shadowdy Figure, walking up to Brandon: Hello Tennyson...

Brandon, with a shocked look on his face: (gasps)


Brandon: This is the most ridiculiously amazing consumation i've ever eaten!

The Machine

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Bully 1: Well well well. If it isn't Brandon Dorknnyson.

Brandon: It's time for you to go up.

Bully 1: Those... STUPID people were cheering for that geek, Brandon Tennyson! They should have been cheering for me!

There is then a spark from outside spefically from where the rock was thrown to.

Bully 2: What was that?

Brandon: That looks like around that warehouse we were at.

Bully 1, stepping out with a more robotic body and voice: Now are we going to do this the easy way or the hard way?


Coco, smelling his armpit: I think I need a shower.

Sparky Runs Away

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Extreme Biker King, to the "scientist": You there! I came to check on the progress of my technology.

Extreme Biker Scientist: Well with manners like these, my king, it takes a powerful source of energy. One that no Extreme Biker has ever seen before.

Extreme Biker King, turning back to the scientist: Then we shall capture a creature and use it to power our tech!

Brandon: I just didn't want to talk about the dog.

Sarah: You mean Sparky?

Amy: Brandon, what do you mean?

Brandon: What's wrong with that?

Amy: Well you was just like " I don't like Sparky and I never want to see him again! "

By the time Amy reaches the door, Sparky darts across an power line far far away.

Brandon, in the back seat with Amy: I wonder where he could be.

Amy: I never thought you cared.

Extreme Biker 2: Well don't just stand there dude, grab it!

Sparky is zapped and thrown into an electric high tech cage

Extreme Biker King: Just what we needed...

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Sarah: And I know you're upset at Brandon but he's a great guy.

They turn around and look at Brandon. Brandon, not knowing that they are watching him, drinks a milkshake and burps.

The Helpers

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Phone: Hey Brandon, it's Sarah.

Brandon: Oh hey Sarah. What's up?

Sarah, on the phone: Have you seen the news?

Person 1: There are aliens all over this town

Person 2: And they need to be stopped!

Burger Hut Guy: Ha! You couldn't get a reward if it were lying right in front of you.

Person 1: Are you calling us frads?

Burger Hut Guy: I'm calling you Weirdos.

Person 1: You'll see.

There is a large green alien like the one from before throwing a car into a tree.

Brandon: Sounds like trouble.

Only on BTFF!

Brandon: What do I look like a libarian?


Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Brandon: Hey Sarah. What's up?

Sarah, on the phone: We found one of the Zonarian Commanders in town.

Brandon: A Zonarian Commander? Those guys never enter town.

Brandon hangs up, puts the phone away and heads for the door. When he opens the door, he runs into two people.

Brandon: Oh hey mom and dad.

Coco, in stone form, taking the debree off of Electrix: Hey you alright?

Electrix turns back into Brandon.

Brandon: Yeah. I'm fine.

Brandon's parents watch in shock.

Brandon's Dad: ...We know your secret Brandon.

Sarah, offscreen: I think they found us!

Brandon: Guys?!

Zonarian Commander: The Humans will face our wrath.

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Brandon: It was for a- er- school project.

The Rescue Plan

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Zonarian Commander: Is it done yet?

Zonarian 1: Our minds can not continue to proceed with this technical problem

Zonarian Commander, calming down: If our resources can not get this done, then find me someone who can.

Girl: Brandon, you gotta help me!

Sarah: Leave him alone!

Coco: We're sortof outnumbered here.

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Girl: Bingo's Emporium!

Trapped in the Capture

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Coco: You know those Capture Zone projectors we grabbed the other day?

Brandon: Yeah?

Coco: I think it's time we used them.

Sarah: Are you sure this is a good idea?

Coco: I'm sure of it.

All of a sudden, the portal shuts down.

Sarah: Brandon!

Brandon: This place changed since the last time I came here.

Red, winged alien attacks Brandon.

Brandon: But I need to get out of here. And Fast.

Brandon dodges an asteriod that crashed where he was standing.

Voice: Soon I will rule all of the Capture Zone!

Brandon, shocked: What are YOU doing here?

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Brandon: Is it just me or do you smell more like farts than last time we met?

Galactic Law

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Alien Officer: Brandon Tennyson?!

Brandon: Yeah-

Alien Officer: You're under arrest!

Sarah: Arrest? What for?

Alien Officer: You know that you've been hunting down innocent bystander aliens on Earth just for sport.

Sarah: Officer, what if Brandon has been framed. 

Magister Serac, waking up: You.. You crashed my ship!

Zonarian Commander, getting up: This wasn't part of the deal! 

The beams activate which begins to slowly and painfully suck the energy out of all four of them.


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Brandon: Dude. Have you ever heard of mositizer?

Party Time

Coco: Come on! We don't have time to lose.

Sarah: What's the rush?

Brandon, getting in the back seat: Ok got it.

Sarah: What did you get anyways?

Brandon: Just a flyer.

Sarah: For?

Brandon: Oh. Just that theres an awesome party held at the school. Sarah: Guys! There's going to be a school dance!

Coco: Well I guess if it means that much to you... I'll go with you to the school dance thing.

Brandon: It's a date.

The shadowy figure passes by again.

Brandon: Whoa. Did you see that?

Girl: Paul? (turns around) Paul?! PAAAAUU- (is taken by the figure)

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Brandon, sniffing the air: And take a shower.

Stuck Together

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Zonarian Commander: TENNYSON!

Brandon: I'm not going to let you get away this time!

Sarah: Brandon! Wait!

Dimensional Flash

Brandon: Where are we?

Zonarian Commander: We're trapped.

Brandon: Great...

Ground shakes.

Brandon: What was that?

Zonarian Commander: YOU FOOL!

Brandon: My Fault?!

Fireball rains from the sky.

Brandon: LOOK OUT!

Roaring is heard.

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Brandon: Dude, if that's the way you eat all the time, then I do NOT want to hang out with you.

Years Ago

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Blue Energy Figure, checking an alien device on him: It is time.

Sarah, going through boxes: Look at all this junk.

Brandon, going through boxes as well: It's not junk it's just stuff.

Suddenly a beam appears in the garage and the blue energy figure appears from it.

Blue Energy Alien: BRANDON 10! IT IS TIME FOR YOU!

Brandon: We need to get away from here!

Blue Energy Alien: BRANDON 10!

Brandon, in an action pose: Yeah?

Blue Energy Alien: IT IS TIME!

Sarah: Time for what?

Blue Energy Alien: TIME...

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Coco: MY DOOR!

Humungousaur: Um... opps. (getting up) Don't worry I'll fix it.

The Searching Stone

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Brandon, after yawning: What are we doing here again?

Sarah: I heard about this asteriod that crashed outside of town.

Brandon: So?

Coco: So it could be alien tech or something.

Brandon, seeing a boulder lauched at them: Look out!

Sarah: It's in there for sure. Let's go.

An explosion is heard in the distance.

Sarah: What was that?

The flashlight and as it hits the floor, it shows the face of the stone alien.

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Brandon: I spy a... big rock monster alien staring at me.

Coco: I never liked road games anyways.

The Magic Within

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Coco: What was all that about?

Sarah: I don't know. It was like a reflex or something.

Coco: Well we need to know more about your powers.

Brandon: Don't worry. I'll just do that... "thing" I did.

Sarah: Thing?

Brandon: Yeah the one with the mental stuff.

Sarah: Brandon, no. I'm not going to have you go inside my mind or something.

Brandon puts the helmet on Sarah and attaches the power core to the hole in the helmet.

Badges: Is someone there? I need some assistance in Sector 108.

Coco: What's happening to the helmet?

Astro: It's um... Overloading I think.

Coco: Well take it off!

Sarah: No! I need this power!

Coco: Sarah!!!

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Coco: Yeah... (turning away) Worried just like Brandon. Right Brandon?

Brandon, looking at a knocked out wolf alien in the remains of a destroyed shed: Um... Is he going to be ok?

Sarah: He'll be fine.

An Extreme Favor

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Sarah: Is this safe?

Coco: Of course it is.

Bruce, the Extreme Biker, kneeling on the ground and facing the team: I need your help

Sarah: Wait. Why would you want our help?

Bruce: All I want is to take down the Extreme Bikers. And I need your help doing so.

Bruce: We grab the King and overthrow him.

Coco: Sounds like a good plan.

Extreme Biker King: GUARDS!

Bruce: Guarded. Dang it!

Extreme Biker King: Bruce! What is going on?!

Bruce: I'm tired of your demanding ways! I WANT TO BE EXTREME!!!

Sarah: Brandon!

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Brandon: No it's not that. It's just that I don't want that thing (points) to mutant and eat us all.

Sarah and Coco look at what Brandon is pointing at and it is revealed to be a sandwich.

Deep Under

Brandon: A sinkhole sucks up a construction site? What does this have to do with aliens?

Sarah: The report also says that underground where the sinkhole was, there were huge tunnels that went in all sorts of directions.

Coco: You think something is making passage ways underground?

Brandon: There's only one way to find out.\

The ground shakes.

Man: What the blazes?!

Officer: Nobody is getting to that sinkhole except us professionals.

Sarah: But something can be down there.

Brandon, hitting Omnitrix and falling from the sky: Come on! Work! Give me anybody!

A giant worm alien shoots out from the sinkhole and roars.

Stolen Garbage

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

The two stopped and looked. They noticed many small holes in the ground, the backyards of many people and other nearby places.

Coco: Whoa.

Sarah: What could have done this?

Lady at the Door: But there was a little orange groundhog.

Brandon: Alright. Let's Go.

Sarah: Where's Brandon? He should be here by now.

Unseen Alien: GET HIM!

There, in the darkness, stood something with two red glowing eyes. It launched out to reveal itself as a small orange humanoid alien. When it did so, the camera went dark.

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Coco: Oh come on. Don't tell me you're scared of familes driving up to your house in carpools armed with yard decorations.

Brandon: It does sound a bit terrorfying.

The Final Plans

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Zonarian Soilder: I have came to inform you that our plans are nearly completed.

Sarah: Whoa. What's going on?

Coco: Everything is getting turned off.

Zonarian Commander: We have all of our resources and within minutes, our projectors will be charged.

Brandon then stops fiddling with the Omnitrix and turns to the window. He notices that it is raining.

Brandon, to himself: That's weird...

Zonarians: SPIES!

Zonarian Commander: Tennyson!

Brandon: Forget the Milkshake. We need to figure out what's going on.

Coco strikes at the Zonarian Commander. The Commander grabs Coco.

Coco: Gah.

Zonarian Commander: Soon...

Sarah: Coco!

Zonarian Commander: ...this world...

Brandon: That's bad news.

Zonarian Commander: ...shall be ours.

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Sarah: Since when is a Car Show fun?

Coco: Since when is it not?

Brandon: Everytime. (drinks milkshake)

The Battle For Earth Part 1

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Brandon: The Zonarians are getting out of control and we have to settle this.

Zonarian Commander: My plans are complete and now this world shall be ours.

Sarah: What are we going to do?

Brandon: Whatever we throw at them won't be enough.

Zonarian Xs roar.

Brandon: We need a team.

Zonarian, to Commander: You do know what he's doing right?

Zonarian Commander quints his eyes.

Brandon: What we're doing...

Explosion on tower.

Brandon:'s not for just us...

Zonarian Commander: GET THEM!!!!

Brandon: ...but it's for the Earth.

Sarah throws some energy discs at Zonarians.

Coco launches himself, in stone form, at some Zonarians.

Lasers go flying everywhere.

Brandon slaps down the Omnitrix.

Coco: Arn't you going to wish us luck or something?

Brandon: No. Because we don't need it.



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The Battle For Earth Part 2

Shows intense battle

Don't miss the second part of the Brandon 10: Alien Force Season 2 Finale!

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Season 3

Want MORE Action?!

Humungousaur battles an alien

Want MORE Adventure?!

Coco and Sarah are running down a corridor

Want MORE Brandon?!

Brandon is watching TV while eating some popcorn.

TV: (saying something)

Brandon, jumping up and popcorn bowl falls on the ground: YES!

We thought you would! So get ready for Brandon 10: Alien Force Season 3!

Coco: I like the sound of that!

With New Heroes!

Rocks throws a boulder at an alien

Snow Bear: Cool.

New Villains!

A Bounty Hunter fires a missile laucher at the team

Female Voice in the Shadows: Miss me?

And New Worlds!

Brandon: WOO! We're going to SPA- (ship takes off) -AAAAAAAAAAACE!

Spaceship flies towards new planet.

So Check out Brandon 10: Alien Force Season 3!

Only on BTFF!

Brandon: It's Hero Time! (Slaps down Omnitrix)

Conquest of the Conqueror Part 1

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Brandon: I saved the whole universe.

Sarah: Brandon, one day you'll be more aware.

Coco: Dude, you're getting a call.

Brandon, activating Omnitrix and Bill Hologram appears: Uncle Bill?

Bill, over Omnitrix: Brandon, this is urgent.

Figure steps forwards.

Bill, over Omnitrix: The Conqueror is back.

New Conqueror: Conqueror of 10 worlds!

Conqueror defeats a superhero.

Conqueror: You have one day to accept my challenge.

Beam is fired from a device.

Conqueror: Or you will die by default.

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Brandon, jumping up and popcorn bowl falls on the ground: YES!

Conquest of the Conqueror Part 2

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

The Droid: What if he doesn't show up?

Conqueror: He'll come.

Brandon: This is my fight, Sarah.

Explosion underground.

Sarah: Coco?

Sarah finds Coco. Sarah gasps.

Brandon: It's Hero Time.

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Cannonbolt sniffs his armpits.

The Caves of the Cold

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Man: Welcome!

Man 2: Those miners dissapeared.

Coco: Who are you?

Man 3: I'm a miner in this cavern.

Crusher is thrown into a pile of boulders.

Brandon: Get back to the inn!

Man: What do you mean its not there?

Brandon: There's something he isn't telling us.

Eyes glow green in the smoke.

Miners scream.

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Big Chill: That's just COLD.

Cube Town

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Mechanic Officer: We're getting strange reports from a close-by town.

Brandon: Hello?

Man: I'm telling you the sky is falling!

Coco: What a weirdo.

Thunder strikes but no rain is seen.

Brandon: What?

Cubes rain down.

Sarah: What are they doing?

Coco: Nothing.

Brandon: Something isn't right here.

Man writes something with a cube on his desk. The cube then activates.

Electronic Voice: We. Are. Supreme.

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Man: Maybe there suppose to be hats. Alien Hats. From Space!

The team stares at the man.

Your Mines are Mine

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Alien: Our Next Target: Earth!

Loud Crash is heard.

Sarah: What was that?

Coco: No way...

Lasers are shot.

Brandon: What's wrong?

Sarah: Well...

Cave collaspes.

Sarah: If the drill, isn't shut down soon.

Stampeed is heard.

Sarah: The Whole Planet could be destroyed.

Explosion of Lava is seen.

Brandon: We have to stop it.

Rocks fall on Brandon.

Coco charges at the door.

Sarah reaches out in distress.

Alien: Captain, this isn't going to work.

Voice: Oh it will work. It will work...

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Brandon: Planet is in danger and we have to save cows. Great...

Attack of the Cute

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force

Mechanic Officer, over badge: We're getting reports of alien activity in a near by town.

Shows the team walking into town.

Coco, unseen: What type of activity?

Man: Prepare to see something that you've never seen before.

Another man is walking around in a dark barn.

Man 1: Something from out of this world.

Man 2 sees something moving under some covers.

Man 1: Something that you might never...

Brandon looks around.

Man 1: -ever...

Sarah smiles at a small alien figure and a pink ghost-like energy is sucked from her.

Man 1: EVER!

Coco tries to pull something off of him.

Man 1: -Want to give up.

A crowd of people gasp.

Man 2 grabs the covers and pulls them off. He then looks terrified and screams out.

Man 1: Behold!

Brandon activates his Omnitrix.

Man 2: The-

Sarah sheilds herself.


Coco: Wait what?

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Coco: Why are we still here anyways?

Brandon: Because theres popcorn!

Brandon grabs a handful of popcorn and eats it. Sarah and Coco stare at him while he chews on the popcorn.

Unusual Experiements

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Coco's Car drives into town.

Brandon: Finally.

View of the town is seen.

Sarah, unseen: Back home.

Lightning Strikes.

Voice: I will turn this rock of buildings and Human Weaklings.

Security Guard gasps and drops flashlight.

Voice: Into my new experimental playground...

Coco tries to open some doors but they electrocute him.

Sarah: Coco!

Voice: There is absoutely no way to defeat me!

Evil Laughs.

Brandon: We'll see about that.

Giant and metal foot comes down in front of the team.

Sarah: He's too strong.

Coco: What's the plan?

Brandon: I don't know...

Figure uses some sort of force to push the security guard back.

Only BTFF!

Scientist 1: You've been messing with the controls, havn't you?

Scientist 2: Everything would've been fine if you didn't touch anything!

Sale of a Lifetime

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

A figure walks up the sidewalk holding a item in his hand. He approches a house and stops there.

Voice: You have something that belongs to me.

Man: This is all your fault!

The man throws a suitcase as hard as he can however at the exact same time, lightning striked down. The two collided and the suitcase fell down. The suitcase then shakes around and electric charges form around it.

Man: What on Earth?

Coco, coming in: What happened?

Sarah: Brandon!

Man: What have I done?

2 Figures are teleported.

Alien: I'm going to destroy you!

Other Man: That guy is a freak!

A gas station explodes.

Man: Perfect...

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Video Game noises are heard. Brandon and Coco turn to see Coco playing the video game. Coco notices this.

Coco, pausing game: What?

Fans Forever

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Kid: Aw man. School sucks. Life sucks! I hate it! Hate it! Hate it!

Noises are heard.

Kid: Huh?

A large alien robot is thrown into a building.

Kid: AH!

The robot then prepares to fire lasers at the kid.

Brandon: This stuff is serious business.

Sarah, hanging onto some cables: Brandon!

Kid: Not this time.

Brandon: This isn't some movie or game or even a sci-fi TV show. This is real life.

Robot explodes.

Brandon: If we don't do our jobs...

Kid: AH!

Brandon: ...Those robots could destroy the town.

A machine opens and smoke spills out of it. A figure is seen inside.

Brandon: Maybe even the Earth.


Kid: I'm your new teammate!

Brandon gains a startled and nervous expression on his face.

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Brandon: Yeah... How about no.

The Space Empire

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

A purple spaceship is hovering over Bellwood.

Sarah: Is that a spaceship?

Coco: What the...

A large device drops from the spaceship and into the street.

Brandon: What is that?

Coco: It's a bomb!

Alien: Earth is a threat to our planet.

Sarah: What do we do?

Bill: I'll arrest you!

Alien, to communicator: I thought you said you handled them?

Figure: Just get me those crystals...

Alien Guard: Halt!

Bounty Hunter presses buttons.

Sarah: I can't keep this up much longer!

Laser are fired down the corridor.

Alien: Monarians Rule! Monarians Rule!

Brandon, surrounded by guards: Take me to your leader...

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Brandon, still surrounded by guards: I always wanted to say that.

Robot Cops

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Coco: Rumor has it that there are some tough guys out there causing trouble in space.

Space is seen.

Figure: You rang?

Brandon: Are you telling me that there is more than one space police out there?

Coco: Think of it like those guys in the suits and the guys that give out tickets.

Door busts down.

Figure: We came to get something that belongs to us.

Sarah: Who are they?

Alien: This is completely unacceptable!

Alien 2: I won't fail you. I promise.


Coco: What?

Small Spaceship flies to Earth.

Sarah: What?

Two robots barge in from the shadows.

Robot 1: You're under arrest.

Robot 2: Tell him, droid.

Brandon, confused: ...What?

Only on BTFF!

Brandon, in the back on the space police truck: So... Am I like arrested or something?

Robot 2: Yeeeeeeup.


Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force...

Alien: Get Back Here Vermin!

Alien chases Agimur in Bellwood.

Alien: My device here will separate the atoms from your device and your body.

A flash is seen and Brandon wakes up in the Capture Zone.

Brandon: Greeeat...

Sarah: Brandon?!

Coco: This isn't funny to me.

Amy: What's going on here?

Alien: I had enough of this, Vermin.

Brandon: What a minute?

Brandon tries to move but nothing happens.

Alien Limbs fly in through a window and form around a torso glowing.

Brandon, realising he is just a head: AH!

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Brandon's Leg kicks Coco.

Sarah: That's funny.


Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force...

The Bounties

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force...

Bounty Hunter: Boss.

Shadowy Figure: What is it?

Bounty Hunter: I've found us a great target. The best target.

Shadowy Figure: You know that there is no such thing as the BEST target.

Bounty Hunter: Oh yeah?

Sparky flies through space.

Coco: What the-

Brandon: What is it?

Coco: Incoming!

Space Battle.

Mechanic: We really don't know how to help.

Sarah has a look of worry.

Purple spaceship flies towards Earth.


Voice: Well. Well. Well. What do you want?

Coco: We need your help.

Brandon is kidnapped by Bounty Hunters.

Sparky orbits around a planet.

Shadowy Figure: He's right. This is the Best Target.

He drops a paper showing an image of Brandon Tennyson.

War on Warasauria

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force...

The Haunting

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force...

Prince of Mars

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force...

Blast to the Past

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force...

Brandon, on phone: Hey Sarah. Wanna go out for milkshakes?

Sarah: I can't Brandon. I'm busy studying.

Brandon, on phone: Wanna go fight some aliens, Coco?

Coco: I'm busy.

Brandon sighs.

Spaceship drops from the sky at the Juice Shack and an alien robot steps out.

There is a large explosion of electricity and Brandon is thrown out of an anomaly.

Brandon: Ow.

Two headlights approch the ruins Brandon lies in.

Brandon: What happened to Bellwood.

Girl: This IS Bellwood.

Figure with back turned: You haven't changed a bit, Brandon.

Brandon: How do you know who I am?

Guy: You can't use your aliens here. They'll find us.

Brandon: The robots?

Guy 2: They took over the Earth.

Girl: About 30 years ago.

Brandon: There was some Time Travel involved.

Brandon hides under a bridge as a robot passes by.

Guy 2: We're surrounded.

Brandon: How many?

Girl: The Whole Planet!

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Guy 3: Whoooooooa!

Humungousaur: Uh. Nothing to see here. I come in peace. Or something.

Dimensional Dilemma

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force

Brandon, facing off: It's Hero Time!

Brandon slaps down the Omnitrix but disappears from the battle.

Brandon: What the-

A some what futuristic Bellwood is seen.

Brandon: What's going on here?

Voice: Our worlds are being changed.

Lightning Strikes in the sky.

Brandon runs away from a fast jumping figure.

Explosion and a building begins to fall down while Brandon is surfing down its side.

Figure in shadows: You came to the wrong Bellwood.

Brandon: Do I know you?

The Figure pulls out his wrist which has a black and red Omnitrix.

Brandon, in shock: What?!

The Figure takes off his hood and steps from the shadows revealing himself to be Brandon.

Brandon: WHAT?!

Brandon 2: It's Hero Time!

Only on BTFF!

Brandon: And I thought Time Travel was confusing.

The Impossible Girl

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Girl: Save me. Save me. Save me.

Brandon is transported from the Juice Shack.

Sarah: Brandon?!

Brandon, waking up on another planet: Where am I?

A growling is heard in the woods.

Girl: Help!

Brandon: What is going on?

Mountain becomes taller.

Sparky flies through space.

Planet begins to shake.

A wolf alien appears from the trees.

Girl hangs from a cliff.

Brandon: Hang on!

Voice: THE GIRL IS...

Brandon: ...Impossible!

Only on BTFF!

Coco, sarcastic immature tone: Did you really miss us that much?

Brandon: No. I was just- er- bored.

Season 4

As seen at Winter Fanon Con 2013...

Brandon is seen walking on an alien planet. Jungle-like.

Brandon, unseen: I have done many things in my life...

The Conqueror stares while sitting in his throne; thinking.

Sparky in Spaceship mode flies to Earth.

Brandon, unseen: ...But there is a couple of things I'm not proud of.

The scene goes to a temple of sorts.

Conqueror: I now know your secret, Tennyson. And it shall be mines!

Brandon stares with a serious expression.

Sarah: Brandon, what's he talking about?

Brandon: ...The Omnitrix.


Brandon slaps down the Omnitrix and a flash overcomes him.

Coco fights some Extreme Bikers.

Sarah shoots a pink energy ball.

Brandon runs down a corridor.

Sparky fires lasers at a spaceship.

Alien: GET HIM!

Coco: Stop the Wedding!

Bill: I can't believe I'm seeing your face again.

Tyler: This.. Isn't the last time.

Brandon: Let's do this...

The Team jump from a ledge in the temple.

Conqueror: The Moment is Coming...

Brandon: It's Hero Time!

Brandon slaps down the Omnitrix for one final time.

The Ultimate Device

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force! Brandon is seen walking through an alien forest.

Brandon, unseen: I've done many things in my life...

Brandon smiles at the Juice Shack.

Brandon, now in a room: But I'm not proud of all of them.

The Conqueror sits in his throne starring out.

Conqueror: Tell me what I need to know!

Ghost Brandon whispers something to the Conqueror. The Conqueror's eyes open up in shock.

Coco: Incoming Call.

Brandon, surprised: I thought they were dead. Female Voice: It is returning.

Brandon: I thought it was destroyed...

Sarah: What is it?

Brandon: ...It's time.

Explosion. Brandon dodge rolls from attack. Lasers firing. The Conqueror pulls out his energy sword.


Batwing sonic screams. Fire starts. Transformation Flash; Brandon transformed into Magnet Man.

Conqueror: Give it to me! Brandon: You want it? Come and get it!

Sparky flies away. Brandon wonders in space. Light flashes on the team's faces. Darkness.

Conqueror: I know your secret, Brandon 10. Sarah: What's he talking about?

Brandon, after hesitating: ...It's the Omnitrix?

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Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Brandon: I needed information.

A spaceship appoarchs a planet.

Coco: Bartage III. Resting Planet.

Lights flicker.

Sarah: Did you see that?

The team walks through the corridor in the dark weilding flashlights.

A growling is heard.

Alien: We need to get the generator working.

A figure runs through the darkness.

Some crewmembers fire at the figure.

The spaceship enters an electric storm.

Captain: If we're going down...

The Captain and the alien run through the corridors of their ship.

Brandon slaps down the Omnitrix.

The lights flicker some more.

Sarah stands there as something appoarchs her.

Captain: ...Then they're coming down with us.

A roar is heard through the darkness.

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Crewmember, upset: I'm hungry!

Tree of Life

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Swampfire gasps and stares into nothing.

A face appears quickly and whispers Persenia.

Sarah: Brandon?

Brandon, to Coco: What do you know about Persenia?

Sparky flies towards a planet.

Coco's voice: Peaceful planet. Primitive.

Aliens kneel before Brandon.

Brandon: What?!


Fireballs rain from the sky.

Elderly Alien: They are here...

An alien falls over and reaches out in pain.

Elderly Alien: They are here!

Cymbal is heard and echos off.

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Brandon: It's about how awesome I am, right?

Web of Terror

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Brandon: What's the deal?

Coco: Spaceship crash right outside of town.

Debree is seen as the Mechanics handle the situation.

Brandon, looking over it: Whoa...

Sarah: So that's it? No aliens?

Coco: It must have been a dud.

Brandon's voice: I don't know guys... Something doesn't feel right...

A small alien leg then steps from the debree with the majority of the Mechanics leave.

Lightning strikes.

Sarah runs from a group of people with four arms and covered in alien goo.

Brandon grabs his head in pain.

Coco is surrounded by a group of people with the same description.

Brandon, with his hair messier, stands on an edge; smiling dastardly. 

It is nighttime at Brandon's house.

Brandon is sleeping in his room.

Creepy Alien Voice: Come into my parlor... Tennyssson...

Lightning strikes and a spider-like figure appears standing in the corner.

Only on BTFF!

Brandon walks down the street dancing.

Defenders of the Universe

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force...

Voice: My rein of terror begins...

A spaceship flies slowly towards Earth.

Coco: This is bigger than what we usually handle.

Brandon: It's just another alien who needs a buttkicking.

Voice 2: He is a threat to our universe.


An alien fires a weapon at a robot which falls over.

Brandon slaps down the Omnitrix and transforms.

An alien stares out with confidence.

Brandon lies on the ground. As he gets up, a figure appoarches him.

Brandon: Who are you?

Person: We are superheroes.

Brandon has a shocked expression on his face.

Only on BTFF!

Brandon, on board a spaceship: Sweet! Can I get a cool uniform and an awesome nickname?

Key of Time

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Coco: We finally found one.

Sarah: But who else did too?

Brandon: The Omnitrix wasn't only scattered through space but time as well.

Conqueror: I will do anything to get this piece.

Brandon: It's out of your reach, Conqueror.

Conqueror: Nothing is out of my reach.

The Conqueror stands in front of a blue rift.

Coco: That doesn't make any sense.

Alien: In order to gain the piece of power, you will need to turn back the hour.

Brandon turns around and sees a humanoid figure behind him.

Brandon: It's you isn't it?

Sarah: Nobody can control time.

Conqueror: Not control. But to bend to my will.

A tear in reality appears behind Brandon.

Man: If you don't stop this now, then all of reality will be destroyed.

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Alien: I dispise this form of yours.

Upchuck: What? Why?

Alien: Mmmmm. Too Fat.

Seeking the Truth

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Voice: There have been cases like this.

A girl wonders around in a dark forest.

Voice: Some new. Some old.

A light flashes onto the girl.

Voice: But there's been a case that I couldn't shake. A conspirasy? A theory? A Mystery?

Brandon and the team are conversating at the Juice Shack. Across the street is a man looking out of his car.

Knock at the door.

Sarah, opening the door: Yes?

Figure: Sarah Tennyson?

Sarah: Yes?

A man holds out a photograph.

Man: Do you know who this man is?

Photograph is Brandon.

An alien figure comes up to another officer.

A bright light appears over Coco's Garage as wind blows by.

Brandon and The man covers his eyes from the light.

Man: I know aliens are out there!

Sarah: What do you do?

Brandon: We find the truth.

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Female officer gets in the car while the man eats some cheesesticks and a burger in the car.

Man: You have to try these cheesesticks (shallows) They're out of this world.

Mirror, Mirror

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Brandon: Sometime's there's more than what there seems.

The team walks around in a glass world.

Sarah: What is this place?

Coco: Something's not right about this place.

A figure comes across Brandon.

Sarah: Are you alright? You seem different.

Brandon: I'm perfectly fine.

Brandon, in a mirror: That's not who you think he is!

Glass shatters against the floor.

Voice: I will mirrorize this whole universe and rein supreme on both worlds!

Brandon is surrounded in a mirror hall.

Sarah shields herself and Coco.

A Hand comes out of a mirror.

Brandon: Mirror Mirror on the wall...

Brandon has his back turned to a mirror.

The reflection then turns around and smiles evilly.

Only on BTFF!

Brandon: Who's the awesomest of them all?

Coco: Not you.

Brandon: Not you? Got it.

Princess Problems

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Alien: Thank you for saving our kingdom.

Brandon: Oh it was nothing.

Alien: No. You and your friends shall be honored with a celebratory feast!

Coco: Are you okay about this?

Brandon: It's just a little dinner. What could possibly go wrong?

A figure watches from a balcony.

Sarah: I don't like this idea.

Alien: Come now. Your food awaits.

Female Alien: Hi Brandon.

Brandon: Hey.

Female Alien: I just think that you're... like royalty.

Brandon: Um...

Coco and Sarah run from a giant alien.

The back of Brandon's head looks at a door.

Brandon: Call this off.

Alien: I'm sorry but I can't.

Female Alien: We will be together.

Coco breaks the door down.

Coco: Stop the wedding!

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Brandon: Why does it feel like I'm wearing a poncho... A very itchy poncho...


Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Sarah: So what exactly are we looking for?

Coco, driving: Alien Technology.

A beam shoots out from the sky.

Sarah: Guys... I think I found it.

Coco is shocked.

Coco: GAAH!

Brandon: If its the most powerful technology in the universe-

Coco: It's a machine, Tennyson

Robo-Bro 1: I believe you have our machine.

Coco: Knock it off!

Sphere hovers above Brandon.

Robo-Bro 2: Dangerous and Unstable Machine.

Coco: That thing is going to destroy Bellwood!

Spaceship explodes in the sky.

Sphere, in Spidermonkey's voice: Here we go, again.

Only on BTFF!

Brandon: Huh. And I was just beginning to question why you guys instantly got dumber from the last time we met.

Robo-Bro 2: Is that a good thing?

Gate in Space

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Coco: We got something!

Brandon: Hang on tight...

Conqueror: I have beat you the first time, Tennyson.

Sparky flies through space.

Conqueror: I will NOT lose again!

Sarah: The first piece was time so what's this one?

Sparky flies over to a green. planet with rings around it.

Coco: A Hidden Planet.

Brandon, walking around: Stick close. You don't know what's around this place.


Figure stalks through the bushes.

Celida, in space: You're halfway there, Brandon 10.

Sarah shields the team from lasers.

Brandon, in space: But I'm not even close!


Conqueror: Open the gate!!!

Only on BTFF!

Brandon: I'm totally... SPACED out. (awaits laughter)


Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

The Sorceress is levitating with her legs crossed and her eyes closed.

The Sorceress: Rise!

Sarah falls over.

Coco: This isn't right, Tennyson.

Brandon: I know. We defeated him in the past but now...

A figure stands in a bright, light.

Sarah: Who is that?

The Sorceress: We can rule this world of mortals together!

Sarah: You think he wants to spend his power with you?!

Brandon: Give it up, Sorceress!

Coco is thrown into a truck.

Sarah: I never felt so much power before...

Coco: Sarah... I'm sorry...

Voice: I... RETURN!

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Brandon: Time for a spelling bee. Right? Get it? Guys? ...Okay.


Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Coco: What are you doing here?

Gadget: I got a tip for you, old friend.

Coco looks in shock.

Sarah: He wouldn't do that. That's not Coco.

Brandon: He betrayed us before Sarah...

A starship orbits the Earth.

Coco walks through an explosion.

Sarah looks down and sees a broken picture frame.

Brandon: ...It's personal.

Alien: Who do you think you are?

Coco: My name is Coco...

Brandon stands in front of Coco in a threatening manner.

A figure stands in a doorway.

Sarah: Don't!

Coco: ...And I'm going to kill you.

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Brandon: Sarah and Coco sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N- (is pushed over by Coco) WAAH!

Normal Day

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Coco: I know what I did wrong... and I have to fix my mistakes.

Brandon: You can't change the past, Coco.

Coco: Yeah... But I might know someone who can.

Coco's Car stops in front of  a warehouse.

Voice: Coco...  What an unexpected surprise.

Coco: I wanna make you an offer.

Sarah: Where is he?

Brandon: He went out.

Sarah: I have to do this, Brandon.

Figure: I'm afaird I can't let you do that.

Brandon: Are you crazy?!

Coco: I am making a difference!

Voice: This is the price you pay when you think about yourself all of the time.

Coco is shot by a laser.


Coco: No... I did it for you.

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Brandon: Comfy chairs, big TV, perfect wifi, non-spoiled food. We should meet up at your place more often.

City of Giants

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Brandon: Are you sure we should be doing this?

Coco: Absoultely.

Brandon: We're flying sort of under the radar here.

Coco: Don't worry about it. Everything will be just fine.

Sparky flies into a planet's atmopshere.

The whole place shakes.

Brandon: Earthquake?

Coco: The signal is this way.

Brandon: Is it normal for them to happen so often?

A giant shadow casts over the two.

Sarah: This isn't good.

Brandon: Who are you?

Coco: Forget this. We need to get off this planet.

Everything shakes again as a giant alien walks over to the two.

Brandon: We're going to need a bigger alien.

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Sarah: Why does it have to be charades? I'm terrible at charades.

Secret of the Swamp

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Coco: The planet, Marshia.

Brandon: But. That's Loch Ness' home planet.

Sarah: Why would they need our help?

Brandon: He said it would happen. You were there.

A figure walks through the marsh.

Lacusapian: There is a creature.

Yellow eyes are seen.

Brandon: That's not possible.

Brandon is seen floating in water.

Sarah: You would've thought it was like a reunion.

Coco: Readings are off the scale.

Brandon: What are you?

Sarah: Brandon!

Brandon: What could you possibly be?

Voice: It seems you have been beaten again, Brandon.

Brandon: We only have one more chance...

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Loch Ness: I'm in my element!

Coco: Yeah? Well it stinks.

One Step Forwards

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Bill, on screen: I need you to train these recruits, Brandon.

Brandon: (sigh) Yes, Uncle Bill.

A space shuttle flies from Earth.

Sophia: I'm excited.

Brandon: What could possibly go wrong?

The power goes out.

Space Station creaks.

Voice, hissingly: Let the hunt begin...

A Mechanic Officer is taken by a shadow.

Falgar: What this team needs is a leader?

Brandon: And who do you think that is? Huh?

Bill, on screen: I'm sorry Brandon but you're on your own this time.


Kayla, unseen: We could use some light...

Jordan, unseen: Okay (Powers up into his Freezefire form)

An alien creature is seen behind Jordan coming at him from behind slowly.

Only on BTFF!

Brandon, after a moment of silence: So... What about that shuttlecraft food?

Race to the Core

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force!

Brandon: It all ends here.

Sarah: What's so special about this planet?

Coco: It shouldn't exist.

A grey planet with red parts is seen.

Conqueror: You can't stop me, Tennyson.

The planet shakes.

Conqueror: If beating you three times wasn't enough, then a fourth and final time is.

Coco: This planet is flooded with radiation.

A bright light shines on the three.

Sarah: What is that?!

Lava rises from a geyser.

Sarah chokes on smoke.

Brandon: You can't do this, Conqueror! The planet won't handle it.

Conqueror: This is my victory!

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Sarah: It's kindof hard to see.

Coco: Maybe we should use the buddy system.

Sarah glares at Coco.

The Final Fight Part 1

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force...

Brandon: There's no chances left.

The Conqueror stands over a figure at a workstation.

Conqueror: Is my device assembled yet?

Brandon: Now is the time to act.

Brandon walks down a dark tunnel with light at the end.

Conqueror: My plan is nearly completed.

Coco's Car is destroyed.

Sarah: I need you...

Heavy, Alien Voice: We'll finish this once and for all, Brandon.

Coco: I'm not going down without a fight.

Conqueror: Your time is up, Brandon.

Brandon: It's not over yet, Conqueror.

Brandon slaps down the Omnitrix and a flash overcomes him.

Catch the first part of the shocking Brandon 10: Alien Force Series Finale!

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Coco, sarcastically: Oooh Nooo. I'm soo scared. What a suspensful ending.

The Final Fight Part 2

Next time on Brandon 10: Alien Force...

It is raining.

Brandon is sitting, along, in a forest while its raining.

Brandon: I failed...

The Conqueror holds the Omnitrix up in his grasp.

Brandon: The Conqueror got the Omnitrix... He got what he wanted.

Sarah: There's still time...

Nodnarb: I knew this was a bad idea...

The Conqueror: With this power...

Bill loads his blaster.

The Conqueror: All will bow before me!


Bill: You're not doing this alone.

Brandon: I didn't have a choice in what I did.

Sarah: He's dead...

The Conqueror: I am reborn!

Brandon: You thought it was going to end that way...

The team turn and look.

Brandon: ...Think again.

Nodnarb: It's not over yet.

The New Omnitrix Glows Brightly.

Darkness which then fades to Brandon.

Brandon, smiling: It's Hero Time!

Watch the awesome second part of the Brandon 10: Alien Force Series Finale!

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Ultimate Hero

Series Promotion

Narrator: The Day Has Been Saved.

The Conqueror's Ship Blows Up.

Narrator: And everything is returning back to the way it used to be...

Brandon: But it'll always be Hero Time!

Brandon throws his hand, with the Ultimatrix on it, in the air as the sun rises over a new beginning.

Fade into Darkness.

An Alarm goes off.

Soldiers run down the hallways, armed. They stop and aim at an unseen target. A man in uniform then steps from the men.

Man: Alright. We're going to give you till the count of three to surrender or we'll shoot you where you stand, you alien scum.

Brandon, with his hands up: Can we talk about this over a milkshake or something? (smiles awkwardly) Heh...


Brandon runs down a tunnel.

He then dodge rolls to avoid the fist of a giant robot.

Brandon presses the activation button of the Ultimatrix, the matrix pops up and he slams it down.

Flash overcomes the screen.


A spaceship flies by.

Sarah: Feels good to leave Bellwood but still be on Earth.

Coco: As a way to escape all the weird stuff?

Brandon looks around a corner and sees slime on the floor.

Sarah: In a way.

Coco: Trust me...

Coco punches a guard in the face.

Coco: It's going to get even weirder.


Figure: None shall define me...

Wall blows up.

Brandon: It's Hero Time!

Fade into Darkness.

Alien: This isn't a time for heroes...

Loch Ness: Maybe not. But now its a time for Ultimate Heroes!

Loch Ness hits the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest and spikes extend from it. Flash.




Season 1

Next Time UH

The Awakening

Next time on Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero...

News Reporter: Bellwood Scientists have confirmed that this "meteor" impact Earth has received-

A "meteor" crashes down to Earth.

News Reporter: -has a strange structure and is predicted to be either debree from space or work of extraterrestrials.

Brandon: What do you make of it?

Sarah: It seems like a meteor but at the same time it doesn't.

Alien: Soon he shall rise and the universe will see his greatness!

Brandon: Not on my watch.

Coco: This whole place is going to cave in!

Brandon: There's something he's not telling us.

Sarah, in a shaking place: What is it?

A large shadow cast over the team.

Brandon: It woke up.

Only on Ben 10 Fan Fiction

Sarah, looking through a microscope: Those are some interesting genes.

Brandon, looking at his jeans: Thanks. These are actually my favorite pair.


Next time on Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero...

Teenage Girl: It's Brandon 10!

Group of people cheer.

Brandon smiles shyly and lifts his hand a bit as it waves slowly.

Man: You're a sensation to the world, Mr. 10.

Brandon: I am?

Man: How would like to have your very own toy line?

Brandon: Awesome!

Jeff Thompson: This guy is going down.

Voice: Everything is piecing together.

Cars explode.

Coco: They're coming this way!

Voice: First it will be fun for them...

Plastic Strings warp around Brandon's arm.

Voice: Then it'll be fun for me!

Only on Ben 10 Fan Fiction

Brandon and Sarah walk away. Coco looks both ways and pulls out an action figure of Sarah.

Coco: I love action figures.

Mind over Matter

Next time on Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero...

Voice: It's not easy living in a world of limited minds.

A shadow walks by a wall with math equations written in chalk.

Voice: But if I were to expand those tiny, little minds...

A man falls to the ground and grabs his head.

Voice: Then people would understand me.

A cyclist looks in the distance.

Sarah: You don't know what you're dealing with.

A motorcycle chases Coco's Car.

Coco: Hang on!

Voice: I am powerful in this aspect.


Voice: I am smarter in this world.

A group of people surround the team.

Voice: I am a Master Mind!

A man with a large head is seen.

Coco: I guess its brains against brawn.

Brandon: It's Hero Time!

Only on Ben 10 Fan Fiction

Sarah: You do know about Trigonometry, right?

Brandon: Yeah.... Suuure. (sips milkshake)

Trade Cycle

Next time on Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero...

Coco: I've got word on the Extreme Bikers.

Some motorcycles are seen driving off.

Brandon: Those bike riding criminals? Haven't seen them in a while.

Coco: They seem to be selling alien tech on an alien weapons market.

Sarah: What did you have in mind?

Coco walks down a hallway.

Coco: I go undercover.

Brandon: And we find the source and stop it there.

Sarah: This is a bit risky.

Extreme Bikers take their positions.

Coco: What could possibly go wrong?

The Extreme Bikers then fire their energy weapons.

Man: I can offer you a whole lot more than what you have now.

Brandon dodges a giant fist.

Sarah, worried: Coco?

A silver hand grabs an energy weapon.

Voice: Excellent...

Only on Ben 10 Fan Fiction!

Coco, looking through clothes: I need to look like a tough guy but sly enough to know technology.

Brandon: I think you're good.

Cold Front

Next time on Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero...

Man, in coat and goggles, over radio: Mayday! Mayday!

Mechanic: We're going to need some help.

Brandon: What type of help?

Mechanic: We've lost some men. They were tracking down some alien technology.

Coco: Where at?

The Interceptor is seen flying at Mount Everest.

Mechanic, unseen: The Himalayas.

Coco, in a snow suit: We need to keep moving.

Mechanic: They say there's a urban legend on your world.

Robot Drones fly over head.

Sarah, in snowsuit: What's that?!

Brandon: The Abominable Snowman...

A figure roars in the distance.

Only on Ben 10 Fan Fiction

Sarah: I could go for some hot cocoa.

Coco: I'm a little cold right now.


Next time on Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero...

Brandon: You're not going to believe this.

Voice: There were times when things were much more simplier.

General Gates, on the radio: I need men around the back.

Voice: But the universe is always changing and being even more complex.

Soldiers run to somewhere.

Khan: You can't hide from me forever...

Brandon: There is something more going on here.

Voice: This is bigger than anything you've ever done.

Khan: The plan is coming together.

Brandon: I... can help you.

Only on Ben 10 Fan Fiction

Sarah: There's a half eaten banana here.

Coco: I was hungry...

Fame's Game

Next time on Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero...

Girl: You saved my life.

Brandon: It's what I do.

A party is seen taking place.

Girl's voice: I want you to join me at my party.

Man: Do you have any idea what this means?

Brandon: I'm a celebrity now!

A helicopter is seen flying above.

Man: I don't know who you think you are.


Man: But I'm the hero here.

The girl is seen falling.

Brandon: This isn't the right way.

Man: It's my way.

Girl: Welcome to Fame.

Only on Ben 10 Fan Fiction

Brandon: So... Do you two... um... Do you fondue?

Girl: What?


Next time on Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero...

Coco: There's been some tremor reports down at California.

Brandon: You think this is something alien?

Coco: What isn't?

A tunnel is seen as the team are walking in it.

Sarah: Did you feel that?

Rocks fall from the ceiling of the cave.

Coco: We're surrounded.

Brandon: I think its about time you told me the truth.

A figure is seen in the distance.

Coco: No way...

Sarah: Guys?!

Brandon: RUN!

Only on Ben 10 Fan Fiction

Coco: How come it's always a cave every so often?

Brandon: What's the matter; don't like being grounded?

The Ultimate Enemy

Next time on Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero...

Khan: My plan is complete.

The Interceptor flies through space.

Khan: Now all I need is the final piece.

Bill: Genetic readings are suddenly off the charts.

Brandon: It must be him.

Sarah: Stay back!

Voice: What Khan is about to do-

Coco yells out in pain.

Voice: -will become a major point in history.

Khan: Shall we begin?

A bright flash appears.

Brandon: It's Hero Time!

Watch the Finale of Season 1 on Friday, October 10.

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Season 2

Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero Season 2 Fanon Con Preview Footage

Scene of the Earth in space.

Brandon Voice Over: Y'know... with all my travels throughout many galaxies, I have never seen anything-

Scene of the team leaning against a railing.

Brandon: -like this before.

Scene of Sarah and Coco on the Interceptor.

Sarah: Where are we going?

Coco: Somewhere we haven't been in a long while...

He presses a button.

Scene of Brandon in the desert.

Brandon: I knew I should have brought my sun tan lotion.


Scene of Sarah firing energy.

Scene of Coco, in stone armor, lands a punch into the ground.


Brandon is seen running through a tunnel made out of stone as a explosion occurs behind him.

A motorcycle is seen riding through the streets.

Brandon stands with two other figures similar to his structure.


A figure is seen in a cell.

Figure: I... return...

Darkness. Fade to next scene.

Scene of Sarah in an underwater suit underwater with a glow reflected off of her helmet.

Sarah: What is that?

Brandon: It's Hero Time!

Scene of Brandon slapping down the Ultimatrix and a flash overcomes him.



Catch the Premiere of the new Season.


Only on Ben 10 Fan Fiction.

Tomb Raider

Next time on Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero...

Female Voice: The Pyramids of Giza.

Pyramids are shown in the desert.

Female Voice: Just some ordinary Pyramids, one would think. But they are wrong.

Brandon is seen walking down a tunnel, holding a torch.

Female Voice: Inside these Pyramids are tombs. Tombs that hold great treasures.

Brandon looks as thought to fall into an abyss.

Brandon: WHOAH!

Female Voice: Problem is that these tombs hold an ancient curse.

Red eyes are seen glaring in the darkness.

Brandon is seen running down a tunnel as an explosion occurs behind him.

Beatles are seen crawling out from the walls.

Coco: Look out!

The ceiling breaks off and falls downwards.

Hissing Ghostly Voice: Leave this place!

James points a flashlight into the darkness. A figure approaches him from behind.

Brandon: What exactly is this "curse"?

Girl with Ponytail: The curse...

Brandon turns around with the torch in his hand.

Girl with Ponytail, continuing: ...of the Mummy.

A mummy creature is seen standing in the tunnels with his arms extended. It then roars out.

Only on Ben 10 Fan Fiction

Brandon is then seen walking in the desert.

Brandon: I knew I should have brought my sun tan lotion... (wipes forehead)

The Spy Who Evolved Me

Next time on Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero...

Man: There is a villain known as Sean Myers.

A figure is seen watching a device.

Man, voice over: We have reason to believe that he is constructing a device that would achieve ultimate chaos upon the world.

A shot of Budapest is seen.

Man: He has connections. Fortunately, so do we.

Brandon is seen walking with his team.

Brandon: What do we do?

Man: Find out what he's up to and put an end to whatever dastardly scheme he's up to.

Scientist: You're going to need some tools.

Coco: Let's do this thing.

A motorcycle drives away from some trucks.

A car is seen driving underwater.

Another man is seen walking into a room.

Man 2: You're going to need as much intel as you can get.

Brandon: Who are you?

Man 2: Special Agent Connors. Glad to finally meet.

An explosion occurs.

Only on Ben 10 Fan Fiction

Agent Connors: I'm not sure you're ready for this.

Brandon: Are you kidding? Sign me up.

Brandon clicks the pen in his hand which activates a laser, causing him to fall over. 

Across the Planes

Next time on Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero...

A hissing noise is heard in a factory corridor.

A woman turns around, holding a flashlight.

Woman: Hello?

Brandon, voice over: What do you do when something is close by-

A ground shattering noise is heard as a shadow moves across the floor.

Brandon, voice over: -and you can't see it.

Brandon and the team are seen running down the corridor.

Coco: What is that stuff?!

Sarah: The rift. It's back.

The rift is in coming from the floor.

James: Two worlds. Three dimensions.

A wibbly creature is seen coming from the rift.

Man: They're coming over from that side to here.

Yelling is heard.

Coco: What happens to the people that get taken?

James: They get sent to the flat universe.

Brandon and a woman are seen in a dark room, holding flashlights, while a slithering noise is heard.

Brandon: Don't... let them... touch you.

The woman looks terrified and then is dragged into the floor, screaming.

Only on Ben 10 Fan Fiction

James, handing Brandon some chalk: Here. Use it wisely.

Brandon, looking at it: What am I supposed to do with this? Draw pictures?

Australian Force

Next time on Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero...

The Interceptor flies towards an isolated piece of land.

James: There's been reports of alien incursions all over the area.

Brandon walks in the night and pulls out his Ultimatrix.

Brandon, voice over: What exactly are we dealing with?

Australian Boy: Something you may have encountered before.

Brandon looks at him in shock.

An explosion occurs.

Brandon's car is seen driving through the outback.

The ground starts to shake.

Sarah: Hang on!

Coco: That doesn't look good.

Australian Boy: We've been forming a team to stop these threats.

A tower seems to rise from the ocean.

Australian Boy: It's getting out of control.

Australian Girl: They're advancing onto the next stage.

Brandon, looking around a dark place: How long have they been here for?

Figure: The invasion is now underway. Now, we shall rise.

Only on Ben 10 Fan Fiction

Brandon: G'day, mate! (smiles)

Australian Boy: Seriously?

James Saves the Day

Next time on Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero...

James: Um... Guys?

James is seen wondering around.

James: Hellooo?

A crawling noise is heard while James is investigating a tunnel.

Girl, voice over: What's going on here?

James, voice over: Brandon went missing.

A figure passing by James and he turns around with a flashlight in his hand.

James, voice over: And I have to save him.

James is seen building something at a desk.

James: I'm going to need a team.

A hangar door opens up.

Boy: This is insane!

A wall blows up.

James: If we don't do this, it's game over.

Creature: I am... in control.

James: Looks like its time for James to Save the Day!

Only on Ben 10 Fan Fiction

James: Let's see if there's a manuel for this thing.

James presses a button and music plays as a disco is lowered from the ceiling.

James: Ugh...

Showdown in Little Tokyo

Next time on Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero...

A plane is seen touching down.

Brandon: This is going to be great.

The team are confronted by Japenese fans.

Brandon, voice over: Fans, hotels, giant robots.

Sarah: This might actually be a legitimit vacation.

On the Interceptor, a beeping is seen on the monitor.

Alien: Soon this world will be mines!

Brandon: Something doesn't feel right.

James: They're coming for you guys.

Coco, looking up: Whoa man...

Alien: Time to lessen the mass of this planet.

Sarah: What happened? Did he get bigger.

Coco: Not exactly...

The alien laughs.

Coco, voice over: We got smaller.

A crator is shown with a little tokyo in it.

Only on Ben 10 Fan Fiction

Sarah: Besides advanced robotics, there aren't any giant robots, Brandon.

Brandon: Aw man...

The Big Electricity

Next Time on Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero...

New York City is shown.

Coco: Welcome to the city that never sleeps.

Brandon: What's going on?

James: We got a call... a call for help.

Man: Alien Activity has been sighted here.

A street lamp flickers.

Brandon: What type of alien activity?

James: Powerlines has been cut all over the area.

Sarah: Someone's trying to drain the city.

Alien: I must feed...

Man: You don't understand. If it drains the city...

Coco looks around a corner.

Man: It will just get more powerful and it will never stop.

The power then cuts off in a room.

Only on Ben 10 Fan Fiction

Brandon: Well this is... shocking.

Coco: Don't you start.

Easy Magic

Next Time on Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero...

A figure is seen walking into a temple.

Sorceress: By the power of the jewels of Equiva...

Pink eyes glow in the darkness.

Sorceress, unseen: Give me the hidden magic!

Woman: There is a great evil here.

Sarah: The Sorceress.

Sorceress: You're too late, heroes. I am all powerful once more.

Brandon: We have to stop here.

The team are seen riding on a row boat through the bayou.

James: I don't like this...

A massive figure rises from the water.

Sarah reads an encryption.

Sorceress: Magic in this world is dying.

The Sorceress grabs her staff.

Sorceress: And its about time I brought life into it.

Sarah: NO!

Sarah reaches for a light.

Only on Ben 10 Fan Fiction

Brandon: Now what do you have to say?

Coco: I hate magic.

The Hungry Alien

Next Time on Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero...

A meteor is seen heading towards the Earth.

The meteor crashes into the ground.

Brandon: What is that?

Sarah: Looks like an egg.

The meteor rummbles.

James: It's hatching.

An adorable looking alien is seen crawling around.

Coco: Not this again.

A building is seen with a large bite mark in it.

James: Holy Smokes...

G.E.I.T. Solider: Permission to Fire, sir?

Sarah: No don't!

General Gates: We're in for quite a ride, gentlemen.

Brandon: If we don't stop this alien...

Coco looks at a trail of slime.

Brandon: It's going to eat the world.

Only on Ben 10 Fan Fiction

James: But how does the alien get small again after eating planets?

Coco: Trust me, kid, you really don't want to know.

Riddle Diddle

Next Time on Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero...

Brandon: It's back.

The Dimensional Rift is seen.

Sarah: The Dimensional Rift again.

Coco: What's up with these things anyways?

Brandon: How about we find out?

The team is seen walking down a white tunnel.

Brandon: What is this place?

Doctor Quantum: Welcome to the Puzzle Dimension.

Khan: Where is it?

Brandon: Khan?!

Doctor Quantum: Khan is looking for an ancient relic hidden through space and time.

Brandon approaches an infinite staircase.

Doctor Quantum: The relic is secured within the structure but if Khan gets it, his plans will succeed.

Ultimate Khan then smirks.

Only on Ben 10 Fan Fiction

Coco: I hate riddles.

Brandon: Guess someone gave up on today's crossword puzzle.

Launch Forth

Way of the Samurai

Next Time on Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero...

Coco: Back in Japan... Figures.

Brandon: Apparently there's been some random attacks here.

There is some rustling through the bushes.

Sarah: We should stick together.

Brandon: Amy?

Amy: Hey Brandon. What are you doing here?

Brandon: I was going to ask you the same question.

Ninjas then take Amy, Sarah and Coco.

Brandon: Guys!

Mr. Chan: The only way you can get your friends back is if you train.

Brandon is seen climbing Mount Fuji.

Mr. Chan: You're nearly ready.

Brandon: I will find you, guys. No matter what.

Only on Ben 10 Fan Fiction

Coco: Ninjas...

Sarah: It's always ninjas with you.

The Three Brandons

Next Time on Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero...

Sergeant: General Gates.

General Gates: What seems to be the problem, Sergeant?

The Dimensional Rift is seen.

Many soliders surround it.

A figure is seen coming through the rift.

General Gates: Someone get me Brandon 10.

Khan: I tire of this dimension but it holds the key to many others.

Brandon: I don't get it. He can travel to different dimensions but that's not enough?

Someone wearing a lab coat is seen walking through.

Sarah: He still needs something.

Someone wearing a black jacket grabs a solider.

Coco: Whatever it is. We need to get it before he does.

The Mach 10 is seen driving at high speeds.

The Interceptor is seen falling.

Brandon stands with two others.

General Gates: Something else is coming through.

Brandon: No way...

Two Brandons are seen exiting the rift.

Both Brandons: We're back.

Only on Ben 10 Fan Fiction

Sarah: There's three of them now, General.

General Gates: Three of them... I didn't know when I was well off.

Another Story

Next Time on Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero...

Woman: So Miss Tennyson, what brings you back here?

Sarah: Well, it's a long story.

Woman: How so?

Sarah: Everyone wants to hear about the times Brandon saved the day

Brandon is seen waving to his fans.

Sarah: -or how Coco manages to but I'm always in the back lines.

Coco is seen working on his car.

Sarah: Until one day... it happened.

Sarah is seen walking up to Coco's Garage but doesn't see anyone.

Sarah: Coco?

A robot is seen at a warehouse.

Sarah: Everything just seemed to shift towards me.

Woman: In what way?

Sarah: Well for one thing, today I was the hero.

Only on Ben 10 Fan Fiction

Woman: I'm going for a coffee break. Want anything?

Sarah: Tea would be nice.

The Ultimate Pollution

Next time on Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero...

The Interceptor is seen landing in Yellowstone.

The team are seen walking out of the cargo bay and into the park.

Coco: Gotta love the great outdoors.

Sarah: This is the perfect place for report on the environment.

Brandon: Just not the perfect place for someone to eat.

The sky then turns grey.

Brandon: Something tells me this isn't apart of tonight's forecast.

The team are seen entering a cavern.

Sarah: Whatever is down there...

An alien is seen working on machines.

Sarah: -it's causing some bad effects to the environment.

Alien: In just an hour,

Scene of the team looking at the sky while voice over is shown

Alien: -this whole area will become a volcano which will erupt a new world for my kind.

The life is shown to be slowing draining from the park.

Coco: What now?

Brandon: Time to save the Earth.

Only on Ben 10 Fan Fiction

Brandon: Are you kidding? You can call me the Hero of the Earth.

Coco: Whatever you say, Commander Eco.

Strange Lands

Next time on Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero...

Coco: We've got energy signatures near by.

Brandon: Must be the Dimensional Rift again.

Ultimate Khan: You can't stop me this time, Brandon 10.

Brandon: We'll just see about that!

Sarah: Brandon, don't!

Brandon and Khan: AHHH!

The two of them then disappear within the closing dimensional rift.

Brandon, awakening: What-...What happened?

Ultimate Khan: We're in the realm between dimensions.

Brandon: We're no good fighting one another.

Brandon and Khan are seen climbing an strangely shaped structure.

Ultimate Khan: It would seem we must... work together.

Brandon stares grimly at Khan.

Only on Ben 10 Fan Fiction

Ultimate Khan: I sense danger.

Brandon: Oh I'm so scared. I'll keep a look out for those terrifying, floating rocks.

Long Shot

Next time on Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero...

Man: Gentlemen... and lady.

The man is seen showing the team to a door in a hallway.

Man: We'd like to introduce you to something we've been working on.

The team and a group of soliders are seen looking at the monitors.

Solider: The situation's getting worse.

Brandon: We might have our hands full here.

Man: It's alright. We developed just the thing for that.

A man in an costume is seen.

Man: Let me introduce you to the new project of alien hybrids.

Brandon: Whoa...

Sarah: We've encountered Hybrids before. If they're experimenting we need to stop it.

Brandon: They're not our enemy.

Costumed Man: Team S.H.O.T. Go!

Only on Ben 10 Fan Fiction

Brandon: You think we should get costum-

Both Sarah and Coco: No.

Brandon gives off an awkward expression.

The Dark Dimension Part 1

Next time on Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero...

Ultimate Khan is seen dropping pieces of technology that he gathered.

Ultimate Khan: The time is almost upon us.

A device is seen standing tall.

Ultimate Khan: A time of darkness.

Brandon is seen staring.

Sarah: We can't handle this, Brandon.

Coco: If we don't do anything, Khan will win.

Brandon: I know...

The Dimensional Rift is seen.

Brandon: And I won't let that happen.

Ultimate Khan: This is bigger than anything you can imagine, Brandon 10.

Brandon: We only have one shot. We can't fail.

Ultimate Khan: It's nearly there...

Brandon: It's Hero Time!

Watch the Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero Season Finale, Part 1! On May 30!

Only on Ben 10 Fan Fiction

Sarah: You just want to run in there?

Brandon: Would you prefer to walk?

The Dark Dimension Part 2

The Dimensional Rift is seen.

The Interceptor is flying above clouds.

Brandon stares outwards.

Watch the Season 2 Finale!

Season 3

Summer Fanon Con 2015 Teaser

An armored foot is seen approaching.

A space station is seen orbiting the Earth.

The Ultimatrix's spikes are seen on a brown colored chest.

Voice: This is my uprising.

Brandon is seen staring out in the rain.

Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero

Season 4


Next time on Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero...

General Gates: Thanks for meeting with me.

Brandon: What's going on?

General Gates: A space station was sent up into a space a couple of months back.

The space station is seen in orbit.

General Gates: It's currently in orbit with the Earth.

The interior of the space station is seen, an empty corridor.

General Gates, unseen: NASA tried contacting them recently but hadn't gotten any word from them yet.

Coco: You think they were attacked?

General Gates: That's what you kids need to find out.

The team is seen walking through the space station.

Dark green goo is seen goozing from a vent.

A ratling noise is then heard above the team.

Astronaut: It's just the pipes.

Brandon: You could say that... or...

The rattling noise is heard again.

Brandon, looking up: Or we've got company.

A figure then launches forwards while snarling.

Only on Ben 10 Fan Fiction

Brandon, unseen: Game Over, man...

Coco turns his head and sees Brandon playing on his phone.

Coco: Really, dude?


Brandon 10: Alternate Chaos


Brandon 10: Aliens Among Us

The Following TRAILER has been approved for ALL AUDIENCES.

Screen shows real life car driving down a road.

Unseen person walks by.

Voice: There's been a lot of alien activity in the area lately...

Screen goes black and then transmissions to a screen of a real life Bill.

Bill: But this is something different.

Shot of Bellwood is seen.

Voice 2: You told me that I had to be someone that can save us all.

Bill's Voice: You know you're not ready.

Shot of the back of someone's head; black hair staring at the city.

Figure: Then when am I?

Music plays during screen of car dodging attacks then a screen of Sarah and Coco sneaking behind crates. A girl turns her head in surprise. And a figure walks slowly from the shadows which his hands glowing. Building explodes. Car spins out. People are running and screaming.

Voice 2: What do I do?

Music continues playing when a spaceship is seen in the sky. Real life Coco and Sarah stare up at it. Girl jumps away from an explosion.

Bill: You have to be a hero instead of acting like one.

Music stops, screen goes black then transmissions to a screen with a figure standing there and another figure approaches him from a distance.

Figure 1: Do you have any last words?

Figure 2 walks out of the shadows and reveals himself to be Life Action Brandon.

Brandon, looking up at the camera: It's Hero Time.

Screen cuts to: "BRANDON 10: ALIENS AMONG US"


Brandon 10: Ultimate Conquest

Spring Fanon Con Teaser Trailer

The Following Preview has been APPROVED for


By Ben 10 Fan Fiction Wikia

Bellwood, during the day, is seen.

Voice: Earth,

Cut to black. Transition to space where Earth is seen in the distance.

Voice: -Your time has come.

Cut to black. Transition to Uniformed Men are seen watching screens and monitors which are projecting static.

Voice: For you will face me,

Cut to black. Transition to the face of a dark figure with glowing eyes.

Voice: And suffer the consequences.

Ben 10 Fan Fiction Studios

A green car is seen driving down a slope at fast speeds.

A figure with a green jacket and black hair is seen approaching a man from behind.

Voice 2: Thank you for stopping by.

General Gates is seen standing in front of a board.

General Gates: I have to tell you the situation is dire.

An electric field is created in a facility.

General Gates' Voice: We really need your help on this.

Brandon is seen sitting at a table.

Brandon: Oh it is so Hero Time.

A cosmic beam impacts with the Earth while dramatic/epic music is playing.

Sarah's Voice: You can't do this alone, Brandon.

Brandon is seen in his car with the steering wheel in his hands.

Brandon's Voice: I know...

A tank is seen driving down a road.

Brandon: But I can't put the ones I love in harms way.

Amy hugs Brandon.

Brandon hits the steering wheel with his fist three times.

The dark figure strikes Coco in the face.

The Interceptor is seen flying above.

Brandon: Nothing will ever be the same again.

Brandon 10: Ultimate Conquest

Fade to black. Crusher is then seen facing off against a figure who stomps his foot down. This cosmic creature then roars as an attempt to suppress him. Crusher then growls and smacks his Ultimatrix symbol. Ultimate spikes then launch out and cling onto Crusher as he starts to evolve into a bigger, bulker and more rock like creature as the view circles around his back to show the growth of the boulders on his back. When the view comes back to the front, Crusher opens his eyes which are a brighter green and he reveals himself to now be Ultimate Crusher who roars louder than the creature straight at the auidence.

Full Trailer

Following Preview BTFF

(An eastern European country is seen as hills are shown over a valley.)

(Cut to Darkness)

(Paris is seen as a scene of the Eiffel Tower and the city around is shown.)

(Cut to Darkness)

(An ocean is seen as the shot rotates upwards to show land, more specifically, a city, in the distance.)

(The Interceptor is seen approaching that land)

Brandon, unseen: Are we there yet?

Coco, seen from behind, piloting: Approaching drop zone.

Sarah, at the computer station: Are you going to wait for us this time?

Brandon, unseen: I'm already late.

Coco, turning in his chair: Dude, who cares if we're late by a few minutes?

Sarah, checking monitor: It is important.

Brandon, barely seen, heading out: I only have one time, guys.

(The cargo bay door is seen opening as a figure jumps from the opening.)

(The camera follows the figure off of the ship until it gets close enough to reveal that the figure is Brandon.)

(Brandon then opens his eyes and smiles.)

Ben 10 Fan Fiction Studios

(The Earth is seen in the distance as a figure approaches the planet.)

Voice: Earth. Your time has come.

(Civilians look up at the sky.)

Voice: For you will face me,

A figure is seen seated.

Figure: -and suffer the consequences.

(Cut to G.E.I.T. Facility.)

(Brandon approaches General Gates who has his back turned towards him.)

General Gates: Thank you for stopping by.

Brandon, seated at a table with the team: Hey, it's what I do.

General Gates: I have to tell you the situation is dire. We really need your help on this.

Brandon: Oh it is so Hero Time!

(An electric field is seen at a facility.)

(An alien creature is there.)

Brandon, on board the Interceptor: Who is this guy?

Coco: Trouble.

Brandon: I have to stop him.

Sarah: You can't do this alone, Brandon.

Brandon: I know...

(Brandon hugs Amy.)

Brandon: But I don't want to put the ones I love in harm's way.

(Brandon is seen in his car behind the steering wheel.)

Voice: This world-

(Loch Ness is seen looking upwards.)

Voice: -will cease to exist.

(Brandon hits the wheel with his fist three times.)

James: I'm the only hope you have.

Coco: Is this seriously a good idea?

Sarah: You have something better to offer?

(Brandon laughs.)


(Brandon is seen running down a street.)


(Coco absorbs the ground, clapses his hands together and strikes an enemy in the form of an uppercut.)


(Sarah fires an energy disc from her hand.)


Alien: A hero isn't enough to defeat me.

Brandon: Maybe not just a hero but an Ultimate Hero!

(Brandon slaps down the face plate of his Ultimatrix.)

(Flash overcomes the screen and transitions to the logo)


(Fade to black.)

Crusher is then seen facing off against a figure who stomps his foot down. This cosmic creature then roars as an attempt to suppress him. Crusher then growls and smacks his Ultimatrix symbol. Ultimate spikes then launch out and cling onto Crusher as he starts to evolve into a bigger, bulker and more rock like creature as the view circles around his back to show the growth of the boulders on his back. When the view comes back to the front, Crusher opens his eyes which are a brighter green and he reveals himself to now be Ultimate Crusher who roars louder than the creature straight at the audience.

JUNE 20TH, 2015

Video Games

Brandon 10: Hero of Earth

Voice Over: When a great darkness threatens the Earth, it's up to Brandon 10 to save the day!

Brandon: It's Hero Time!

Game Footage is seen.

Voice Over: Play as FIVE of your favorite alien heroes including Freezefire and Ro-Warasaur!

Gameplay of Freezefire, Snow Bear, Rocks and Ro-Warasaur is shown.

Ro-Warasaur: (Roars)

Travel to locations from the show and fight infamous bad guys.

Video Game Mutanter: You'll rue the day, Tennyson!

Video Game Sorceress: Let's Play.

Video Game Conqueror: BOW BEFORE ME!

Video Game Brandon: Not this time, Conqueror. It's HERO TIME!

Brandon slaps down the Omnitrix and a flash of green covers the screen. Then the Logo comes up.


COMING SOON... (Shows Game for Consoles and the DS)

Brandon 10: Alien Force (The Game)

Brandon is BACK in a whole new video game.

When the Zonarians return, its up to Brandon 10 to save the day.

Zonarian Commander: We shall begin procedures immediately.

Play as FIVE New Alien Heroes like Loch Ness and Crusher!

Video Game Loch Ness: It's about to get Wet n' Wild in here!

Video Game Crusher: CRUSHER SMASH! That sounds a bit familiar...

And new characters: Coco and Sarah

Shows gameplay footage of Coco and Sarah.

To take down bad guys from the show!

Video Game Extreme Biker: No Intruders shall defeat the Extreme Bikers.

Video Game Zonarian: As if you have the power to defeat the almighty Zonarians.

Video Game Brandon: As a matter of fact I do.

Brandon, from the show: IT'S HERO TIME!


COMING SOON... (Shows Games on Consoles and DS)

Brandon 10: Return of the Conqueror

Voice: When I'm finished with this planet, It will be the new Capture Zone.

Bellwood Nights Theme plays as the gaming companies' logos as seen. The Conqueror's Ship hovers over the town and the figure steps forward.

Video Game Brandon: It's Hero Time!

Voice Over: Brandon 10 strikes back as his oldest and greatest enemy returns.


Omnitrix shortens out.

Video Game Brandon: Ah! What happened to the Omnitrix?

Voice Over: Hero up as Brandon and travel to amazing alien worlds in order to stop the Conqueror from ruling all.

Video Game Conqueror: First the Earth then the Universe!

Voice Over, as alien gameplay is seen: Transform into TEN of your favorite alien heroes with new aliens like: BRANDONBOT, BRAINIAC, TICK and SNOW BEAR!

Video Game Snow Bear, fighting a droid: Cool!

Voice Over: And battle against villains from the show!

Video Game Tyler, walking out of the shadows: Brandon... Funny to see you here.

Video Game Brandon: Yeah. Just like your face under that mask of yours.

Gameplay of Tyler and Loch Ness fighting.

Video Game Conqueror: This is your end, Brandon Tennyson. For I have returned.


COMING SOON... (Shows Game for Consoles and the DS)

Brandon 10: Genetic Journey

Narrator: When the planet is danger...

(The Earth is shown)

Narrator: a genetic problem.

(Green, glowing slime is seen. Evil laughter is heard in the background)

Narrator: Only one hero can save the day.

Video Game Brandon: It's Hero Time!

Change into 5 new alien heroes!

Hydro-Man! (Gameplay: Shows Hydro-Man spraying water, walking underwater and fighting bad guys)

Hydro-Man: Time to H2-GO!

Drillbit! (Gameplay: Shows Drillbit smashing the ground, drilling the ground and uses his armor to block)

Drillbit: You should be driled to see me.

Shock Speed! (Gameplay: Shows Shock Speed running around fast, fast kicking enemies and charging up)

Shock Speed: Get ready for a Quick Charge!

Heal X! (Gameplay: Shows Heal X punching enemies, unlocking machines and firing needles)

Heal X: You're going to need first aid after this.

Shredder! (Gameplay: Shows Shredder extending his claws, slashing at enemies and scaling walls)


Travel the World! Visit Famous Landmarks.

(Gameplay: Shows Brandon in France, Rome and China)

Fight Villains from the Show!

Bounty Hunter: DESTROY HIM!

The Extreme Biker Leader: We meet again...

Khan: None shall defy me.

Brandon: We'll see about that.

And Transform into Ultimate Heroes!

Video Game Loch Ness slaps down his Ultimatrix Symbol and transforms into Ultimate Loch Ness.

Video Game Ultimate Loch Ness: ULTIMATE LOCH NESS!

Narrator: Brandon 10: Genetic Journey.

Coming Soon to Various Consoles and DSes. (Shows XBOX and Play Station)

Online Games

Original Series

Alien Attack

Play as Brandon 10 and 9 other alien heroes to battle through different places as you fight your way past battle drones and the villanious Conqueror!

Play it now on Ben 10 Fan Fiction Games!

Alien Force

Battle Blitz

Play as 15 year old Brandon 10 as he fights the invading Zonarian threats as 4 of his new alien heroes!

Play it now on Ben 10 Fan Fiction Games!

Earth Invasion

When the Zonarians invade the Earth, only Brandon, Sarah and Coco can save the world in this new Brandon 10 game featuring characters and plotpoints from the episode!

Play it now on Ben 10 Fan Fiction Games!

Planetary Defense

Play as Brandon 10 and transform into four awesome aliens including newcomers, Magnet Man and Stink Breath, to save an alien world from mass destruction.

Play it now on Ben 10 Fan Fiction Games!

Fall of Abraxo

Based off the new Alien Force movie, Brandon 10: Aliens Among Us, transform into new and epic alien, Hackoid, and blast through the Lycosidian army in order to defeat the powerful Lord Abraxo.

Play it now on Ben 10 Fan Fiction Games!

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