It's Been a Long, Dangerous Battle!

Brandon 10 (Comics) is currently on hiatus for a while. You will have to wait until it returns from its break to see any new episodes. Sorry about that.

Brandon 10 Comics is an animated comic book series for the series, Brandon 10.


Brandon 10 Comics is a series of comics that follow adventures with Brandon and his friends in an animated and visual experiences as they face off against villains such as The Conqueror.


Original Series

Series #1

Brandon attempts to prove what it means to be a hero.

Brandon gets trapped in different alien forms at a party.

An alien virus uses Brandon's Lab against him.

Brandon and Coco have a magic-off against the Sourcress.

The Duo search a forest for readings but what secrets lie within?

Brandon is kidnapped by a group of space monkies to battle on the Planet Kanio

The Creator sends an girl android to spy on Brandon and Coco but can he handle the truth?

Brandon sets out to prove that he saw a lake monster

The Conqueror attempts to defeat Brandon with multiple versions of himself

Brandon enters his Go-Kart in the Annual Derby but who is he racing against? 

Alien Force (Coming Soon)

Series #1

Brandon and the team must stop an invasion of aliens from taking over the town.

Aliens retreat to Earth and Brandon must find out why before they get noticed.

Amy asks Brandon to watch Sparky but what adventures await them?

A Telepathic Alien threatens to control the world's inanimate objects.

A group of alien believers sort out to prove the legend of a man-alien.

The team must fight off a group of Zonarains but what do they want?

An alien creature hides out in the sewers and the team must find out why.

Coco faces off against the Extreme Bikers in a dangerous drag race.  

The team and Brandon runs into a crime fighter called Night Watcher.

Due to non-adjustment to the new team, an alien overlord attempts to take over the Earth.

Ultimate Hero (In Production)

Series 1

  1. TBA


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Original Series

Alien Force

Ultimate Hero


Job Name
Writer Brandon
Animator Brandon
Colorist Brandon
Editor Brandon
Publisher BTFF Comics


  • Brandon 10 Comics was meant to be apart of a BTFF Comic Collaboration
  • Brandon 10 Comics has been delayed for a while before its creation
  • Brandon 10 Comics is the second mini-series for Brandon 10; The first being Brandon 10 Shorts


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