Brandon 10 Books is a literature mini-series for the series, Brandon 10.


Have you ever wanted to experience Brandon 10 without the action but more imagination? Now you can with Brandon 10 Books. For those book loving users or even fans who want a calmer experience. There's also new adventures that take place in the same universe. Show go and read the new Brandon 10 Books!


Alien Force

Series 1

  • The Alien Battle
  • Black Out
  • Dark Alley
  • Forever Night
  • Unearthed
  • To the Extreme
  • Strange Days
  • Gear Shift
  • Cover Up
  • Enternal Space

Series 2

  • More Coming Soon...


  • This idea has been under development for about a year.
    • This idea was not going to be produced but it seemed like a great way to expand the Alien Force Universe when the series ended.
    • It was also discussed during a couple of Fanon Cons.
  • This is the third mini-series for Brandon 10; the first being Brandon 10 Shorts and the second being Brandon 10 Comics.
  • Brandon 10 Books was created on Brandon 10: Alien Force's Second Anniversary.
  • Despite it being similar to the writing of a regular episode (due to it being online), it is actually different as it provides the thinking of characters, more detailed environments and situations, slight background information, Narration and, of course, Chapters.
  • This seems like an ideal way to attract a new type of auidence; readers/fans of books.
  • The Alien Force Book Issues will have three series' which is a total of 30 books issues.


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