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This is the episode guide for all of the episodes in the rebooted series, Brandon 10.

Season 1

Image Title Number Number overall
Brandon 10 - Omnitrix.png A Hero is Born 1 1
Average 10 year old, Brandon, was living an average life until he discovers an alien rod that will change it forever.
Brandon 10 - Museum.png Fright at the Museum 2 2
Looking for a way to enjoy his summer vacation, Brandon visits The National Museum which becomes under attack by a man known as The Mutater.
Brandon 10 - Ripjaws vs Sea Monster.png Water Worries 3 3
Hopeing to have some fun at the boardwalk, Brandon and Coco must uncover the Legend of the Sea Monster.
Brandon 10 - Robot Ro-Warasaur.png Robotic Past 4 4
Brandon must survive against a scientist called The Creator who placed him in a park filled with robotic dinosaurs.
Brandon 10 - Kidnapped.png Kidnapped 5 5

When a group of robbers kidnap Brandon, he must find a way to escape and fight back or else he's in some serious trouble.

Brandon 10 - Shape Shifers Transformation.png Best Comfort 6 6
Brandon and Coco check out a hotel to have some fun but end up being tied up in a possible alien invasion.
Brandon 10 - Diamondhead vs XLR8.png The Other Me 7 7
When Brandon gets tired of working and saving the day, he creates a clone of himself who takes the situation into his own hands.
Brandonn - Robber Boss.png Frienemies 8 8
The Conqueror finds a new way to take on Brandon and decides to become allies with a new villain in town.
Brandon 10 - Theater Terror.png Theater Terror 9 9
When going to the movies, Brandon and Coco encounter the Mutater who sends them into the movie realm.
Brandon 10 - Socerer vs Coco.png Beginner's Luck 10 10
Coco tries out his new powers but fails until a magical villain curses him with a spell of good luck.
Brandon 10 - Dog Gone.png Dog Gone 10 10
When Coco gets invited to a birthday party, he tampers with the Omnitrixes in order to impress the birthday girl.
Brandon 10 - Sick Day.png Sick Day 10 10
Brandon catches a cold when a new villain known as Camo Man attacks but Brandon's alien are also affected.
Brandon 10 - Brandontrapped.png The Conqueror 10 10
Brandon finally comes face to face with his unknown adversary, The Conqueror.

Season 2

Image Title Number Number overall
Brandon 10 - Old Coco Friend.png The Forest 1 11
Brandon and Coco go exploring through a mysterious forest but find something else instead.
Brandon 10 - Infection.png Infected 2 12
When an experiment to cure all diseases goes wrong, only Brandon is left to stop it from spreading.
Brandon 10 - Museum Mayham.png Museum Mayhem 3 13
Brandon finds himself kidnapped again and trapped within a museum rigged with historic figures trying to destroy him.
Brandon 10 - Conqueror sends Brandon 10 to an alternate reality.png Coco 10 4 14
During a battle with The Conqueror, Brandon is transported to an alternate reality where Coco was the one to create the Omnitrix.
Brandon 10 - Brawl.png Brawl 5 15
Transported onto an alien battleship, Brandon must fight his way to survive through enemies, new and old.
Brandon 10 - Heroes.png Heroes 6 16
When The Bounty Hunter arrives on Earth and tries to destroy the planet, Brandon must work with a group of intergalactic heroes.
Brandon 10 - Camp Invansion.png Camp Invasion 7 17
Brandon decides to visit summer camp in hopes of something exciting but soon bares witness to an actual alien invasion.
Brandon 10 - Freezefire Car.png Ultimate Prize 8 18
When the Extreme Bikers rally together to win a powerful prize, Brandon decides to enter the race and win the prize before they do.
Brandon 10 - Bad Luck.png Bad Luck 9 19
The Sorceress returns to get her vengeance on Brandon and Coco with the help of her mystical brother, Spell Hacker.
Brandon 10 - Ocean Land.png Ocean Land 10 20
After winning a contest, Brandon is invited to an underwater resort where something else lurks beneath the surface.
Brandon 10 - Ghost Brandon.png The Nightmare Realm 11 21
When Big Boo starts to act strangely, Brandon decides to head to the source of the problem and visit Big Boo's home realm.
Brandon 10 - Mutant ray.png The Mutater and the Mutated Transformations 12 22
The Mutater returns with a powerful mutation ray which winds up mutating Brandon's alien transfomations.
Brandon 10 - Capture Zone.png The Revenge of the Conqueror 13 23
The Conqueror seeks his revenge upon Brandon by teaming up with another one of his villainous foes.

Season 3


Season 4