Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero
Season 1, Episodes 1-10
Brandon 10 UH Volume 1
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Brandon 10: Alien Force Volume 7 - The Final Fight
Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero Volume 2 - Global Adventures
Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero Volume 1 - Secrets Out is a DVD for the series, Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero.

DVD Summary

The Secret's out when Brandon's secret is known across the globe but is that the only issue going around? The good team will be joined by James Thompkins, Brandon's biggest fan, and assisted by General Gates, the leader of a government fraction that researches aliens. Now with his new Ultimatrix, Brandon will transform into aliens new and old including Hydro-Man and Drillbit. And the awesomness doesn't stop there with new evolved Ultimate Heroes! On their adventures they'll meet an energy overlord, a superhero, a blob of DNA and even The Yeti. They'll travel across the world, helping far and wide, each adventure to understand the hero that's inside. But with the new villain, Khan, searching for the Ultimate Weapon, can the world be saved again? With Brandon 10, it's Ultimate Hero Time in Volume 1 - Secrets Out!

Episodes Included

Special Features

  • Subtitles in English, Spanish and French
  • Commentary on A Hero is Known, Genetics and The Ultimate Enemy
  • Bonus Gallery
  • The Making of Ultimate Hero

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