Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero
Brandon 10 UH Logo.png
Genre: Action/Adventure
Created by: Brandon 10
Created on: August 10th, 2014
Preceded by: Brandon 10: Alien Force
Succeeded by: N/A

Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero is the third series in the Brandon 10 Legacy that follows Brandon and his team as they save the universe from villainous aliens and more.


After about a year of normal life on Earth, Brandon's secret is revealed to world and strange things begin to reappear. A new and mysterious villain searches for an ultimate weapon and Brandon must save the day once again as a world-renowned superhero.


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Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero
Main Characters in Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero
Brandon | Coco | Sarah
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James | General Gates | Jenny
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Khan | Extreme Bikers
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Hydro-Man | Drillbit | Heal X | Shock Speed | Shredder | Flex | Size Man | Telecraft | Leap Frog | Magnesium
Ultimate Aliens in Ultimate Hero
Ultimate Loch Ness | Ultimate Crusher | Ultimate Astro | Ultimate Agilmur | Ultimate Snow Bear
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Portal | Shadow | Nova | Bio-Shock
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