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This content contains material that may be unsuitable for younger children.

Brandon 10: Ultimate Conquest is a movie for the series, Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero.


When the Earth is under attack, Brandon Tennyson (Ryan Kelley) must save the world with his best friend, Coco (Nathan Keyes), and his cousin, Sarah (Galadriel Stineman). With the help of James Tompkins (Thomas Brodie-Sangster), his biggest fan, General Gates (Joaquin Phoenix), and Amy Yamamoto (Julia Ling), he'll have to become more than just a hero in order to save the world. He'll have to be an Ultimate Hero.


The film begins in the deep reaches of space. The camera moves through the area of space until it stops when a blue planet with a single moon comes into view.


A large figure then approaches the planet but doesn't get too close. It stands at the planet's side and extends its armored hand outwards. Energy is then drawn from the hand of the figure as its shapes itself and forms a purple energy rift, a portal. A figure then appears through the portal as it is drawn in. An alien creature then lands onto the hand of the figure and the portal closes behind it.

Alien, getting up and looking around: Where am I? What happened to me?

Figure: I transported you.

Alien, looking up at the figure: Who are you?

Figure: I am Nomad, Master of all Space. I've been watching your world for quite some time now. It contains mighty warriors and skilled hunters. You, according to my observations, are the strongest and most skilled being on that planet.

Alien: What do you want from me, creature?

Nomad: I've come for you to suggest a proposal. Join me and aid my purposes as I explore this new found space in search for planets to annihilate.

Alien: I am no one's worker. I will never work for any one!

Nomad, despite being barely seen by the auidence, turns slowly and extends his other hand outwards. An energy blast is then fired from his other hand as it disintergrates Jovas' moon into particles that reel back into the cosmic energy based at his hand. The alien looks in surprise as Jovas' land mass decreases slightly.

Nomad: Refuse me again and you will have very little choice to do so.

The alien then glares at the tall figure and then, with difficulty, kneels to him.

Alien: I will work for you as long as you do not destroy my home world. I will aid you elsewhere.

Nomad: (chuckles) I enjoy the type of being you are. You are strong physically but, when threatened by someone bigger, you cower in fear. You may be one of the apprentices that I spare in my path of destruction. That is, if you can convince me.

Alien, attempting to ignore that comment: I know a planet. It is well known around the sector. Many beings visit it. Attempt to conquer it and even invade but to no prevale. It contains mass amounts of vegetation and water as well as land and people.

Nomad: A world to work for. Fascinating idea. I am weak now, apprentice. I need to draw in this new energy. I have just enough to send you to this world. But do note that if you fail or betray me, I will not only destroy you but your planet.

Alien: Understood.

Nomad: Now what is the name of this world? Where can I find it?

Alien: It is called Earth. Located in the Solar System.

Nomad: Yes... I know of this planet now. I will now send you to this world. Once there, you will disable the forces that will attempt to deny me. Afterwards, you will create an energy link that will draw me to the planet.

Alien: What is to come then?

Nomad: Then, I will arrive. Now go, I desire to have the Earth.

Nomad then creates a small portal in his hand. He removes a pod from his armor and encases the alien within it. Once the alien is secured, he sends the pod through the portal. Through the portal, the pod is seen approaching the Earth.

The scene then cuts to black. The darkness is then overcame by a realistic DNA sequence. A shadowed figure is seen standing in the middle. The figure's eyes then open revealing a bright green glow. The figure then lifts his arm out in front of him and activates a device attached it his arm. The device glows with the same glow from the figure's eyes as the figure presses the colloum down which creates a bright flash across the screen. A technical pattern is seen circling around in a vertical fashion as shilohutes of alien transformations are seen within the patterns as a variation of the Ultimate Hero theme song plays.

Ben 10 Fan Fiction Presents

More shilochutes are seen as the pattern continues.

A Brandon 10 Film

The pattern then turns horizonately and shows a female figure.

Galadriel Stineman

The pattern continues until it shows a male figure.

Nathan Keyes

The pattern then stops as the Ultimatrix symbol is shown.

Ryan Kelley

The symbol then fades into a green genetic vortex as the logo for the film appears in its center.


The logo then fades into a scene where the ocean is seen as the shot rotates upwards to show a city in the distance.

San Diego, California

A green spaceship is seen approaching the city.

Unseen Person: Are we there yet?

On board the ship, the pilot is seen with his back turned to the auidence, piloting the ship.

Pilot: Approaching Dropzone.

At the side of the cockpit, a girl in a red shirt is seen attending the computer station. She turns to face an unseen figure.

Sarah: Are you going to wait for us this time?

A figure wearing blue jeans and black and white shoes is seen with his back facing the girl.

Figure: I'm already late.

The pilot turns in his chair to face the figure as well.

Coco: Dude, who cares if you're late by a few minutes?

Sarah, checking the monitors: It is important.

Figure, exiting the cockpit: I have only have one time, guys.

Outside of the ship, the cargo bay door is seen opening. Inside of the ship, the figure is seen approaching the opening. He does some stretches for a short moment.

Sarah enters the cargo bay.

Sarah: I seriously think you should wait for us to land. You don't know how many of them are there.

Figure, still with his back turned: Meh. I like it this way.

Sarah: Why? You're too reckless?

Figure, walking onto the door, correcting: Too Awesome.

The figure then jumps out of the cargo bay through the opening. Coco then steps into the cargo bay as Sarah looks out into the opening with her arms crossed.

Coco: Ship's on auto-pilot. We're about to land and... he jumped again, didn't he?

Sarah, still with arms folded: ...Yep.

Outside, the figure is seen free falling towards to the shoreline. The figure, now seen from the front, wearing a green jacket over a black shirt and black hair, opens his eyes and smiles. He then pulls down his sleeve and activates the Ultimatrix on his wrist. He then scrolls through the holograms of Hydro-Man, Heal X and Shock Speed until he stops at Astro. He slaps the matrix down and transforms into Astro. Astro is then seen just avoiding the water and shooting off like a rocket towards the city. The Interceptor follows him from behind.

Astro: Let's give these guys a light show they'll never forget.

Astro then gains height, smacks his Ultimatrix symbol, transforms into Ultimate Astro and then strikes a landing on a platform. He then poses as though ready to attack.

Ultimate Astro: It's Hero Time!

Suddenly, there's a crowd cheering him on heard as the shot rolls out to show a crowd surrounding the platform/stage. Ultimate Astro then waves at the people. He then hovers up slightly and fires energy into the air. It then creates fireworks. Ultimate Astro then transforms back into Astro who then comes in for casual landing as a man walks onto the stage with a microphone in his hand.

Man, approaching Astro: That was spectacular. Super remarkable.

Astro then transforms back into Brandon who then takes the mic from the man.

Brandon: Thanks. I thought about giving a speech but I sort of forgot.

Slight laughing is heard in the auidence.

Man, taking the mic back: Yes, well, there's really no need. After all, we're here to party. Right, everyone?

The people cheer once more. They then cheer "Brandon 10" as Brandon watches out into the crowd and smiles. Later, now evening, the beach is now a party with dancing, lights and pop music playing. Brandon is then seen watching the party on the side lines. The man from before then approaches him.

Man: Brandon.

Brandon, startled, with hand over Ultimatrix: Oh! Mr. Rouleau. Thanks again for inviting me.

Mr. Rouleau: No No. Thank you for supporting my cause. With this party, we'll gain enough money to provide for the charity.

Brandon: What charity is it for again?

Mr. Rouleau is about to speak but is intruppted by Sarah.

Sarah, approaching the two with Coco: Support for citizens from Eastern European countries. But you would have known that if you get your homework.

Brandon: I'm not really the homework type. I mainly try to con you into doing it for me. Came to check up on me?

Coco: I actually came to see how much we're getting paid.

Mr. Rouleau: It's a charity, Mr. Levin. We're not giving money, we're donating it.

Coco: What? Seriously? So why'd I waste fuel coming here?

Sarah: To support a good cause.

Coco: Hungry Kids, Floods, Dieases. Those are good causes.

Brandon: Lighten up, Coco. At least you and Sarah can have some personal time away from Bellwood.

Sarah: He is right, you know.

Coco: Well...

Brandon: Free food?

Coco: Alright, I'm fine now.

Sarah: (scoffs) You cheap, little- uh!

Sarah storms off.

Coco: What'd I say?

Brandon performs a facepalm as Coco chases after Sarah.

Mr. Rouleau: I'll just go attend the rest of the guests. (leaves)

A hand then comes onto Brandon's shoulder. He looks up and sees an attractive female teenager.

Girl: Hey, you're Brandon 10.

Brandon: Heh. Yeah. That's me. You enjoying the party?

Girl: Of course. What's not to love?

The track of the music playing in the background then changes.

Girl, noticing: Oh. My. Gosh. This is so my song. You have to dance with me.

Brandon: Ah well, I'm not much a dancer.

Girl: Oh please. (looking sad)

Brandon, being affected: Um... Oh alright. But just one.

Girl: Great!

The girl grabs Brandon's hand and practically drags me towards the dance floor. Meanwhile, Sarah is seen sitting in a plastic chair with her arms crossed. Coco comes up behind her and leans on the chair.

Coco: You alright?

Sarah: No. I'm upset at you.

Coco: Why?

Sarah: You know why.

Sarah gets up and turns to face Coco.

Sarah: Why is it always about money or cars with you?

Coco: That's just who I am, Sarah.

Sarah: No. It really isn't. I wanted you to be my boyfriend because I saw a real person in you. Someone who cared and looked out for me.

Coco: And I still am. I'm still that guy, Sarah. So tell me what's really wrong.

Sarah: What do you mean?

Coco: I don't get you this upset unless I do something really stupid so what's up?

Sarah: ...Okay. (putting her hands on her hips) You got me. (looks down)

Coco: Well?

Sarah, looking up at Coco: It's what happened. Back at the other dimension.

Coco: Sarah, it's over now. You don't have to keep worrying about it.

Sarah: I know. I know. It's just- It's still there. I can sense it. In my dreams and-

Coco comforts Sarah with a hug. Sarah is surprised by this hug and accepts it.

Coco: Whatever happened to you back there. I promise, I will never let anything else like that happen to you again.

Sarah, sniffing: Thank you, Coco. Sarah then looks up and then looks confused. Sarah then disengages from the hug.

Coco, confused: What?

Sarah, looking behind him: What is that?

The two turn and see Brandon dancing with the girl. He moves side to side, somewhat punching the air in a smooth fashion.

Sarah: So who's going to stop him before he hurts himself?

Coco: He's your cousin.

Sarah: (Sigh) Fine!

Sarah goes over to the dance floor.

Brandon, dancing: Oh hey, Sarah.

Sarah: Down. Now.

Brandon: Okay. Okay.

Brandon jumps from the dance floor and next to Sarah.

Brandon: Sorry for cramping your style, party pooper.

Brandon then sits at the side next to a blonde girl. The girl turns to face Brandon who is looking away from her.

Girl: Excuse me.

Brandon turns to face the girl.

Brandon: Hi. Sorry I was just sitting. Is this anyone's seat?

Girl: No. I um wanted to know if you're the Brandon 10 I keep hearing about.

Brandon: Yeah I am. I've been hearing that all night. I'm not really into doing any favors right here.

Girl: Favors? No I just wanted to know who to thank for coming to my charity.

Brandon: ...Oh snap. You're the one who set up this whole thing.

Girl: Yeah. I'm not really from around here.

Brandon: I'm Brandon. Brandon Tennyson.

Girl: I know who you are.

Brandon: I know. I just thought I should give a proper introduction.

Girl: And why is that?

Brandon: I dunno. I thought it would make up for that terrible dancing I did.

Girl: It wasn't that bad.

Brandon: Really?

Girl: (chuckles) I'm Elizabeth. Elizabeth Kowalski.

Brandon: Kowalski, huh? That's a different last name.

Elizabeth: I told you I'm not from around here. But then again. I've never heard of a Tennyson before.

Brandon: It's a... unique name.

Elizabeth: Well so is mines, silly.

Brandon: Okay. Okay. Whatever you say. So what's a girl like you doing in San Diego?

Elizabeth: I'm just here. Supporting my cause.

Brandon: Right. The "Eastern European Cause" thing. You must be a celebrity or something.

Elizabeth: Something like that.

The girl from before then approaches Brandon.

Girl: Hey, you.

Brandon: Oh um hi again.

Girl: I need another small favor.

Brandon: Uh I'm sort of in the middle of something.

Elizabeth: No. No. It's alright um- It was nice talking to you, Brandon. I'll catch you around.

Elizabeth then gets up and leaves.

Brandon: That was kind of rude. I was having a conversation.

Girl: General Gates says Now, Mr. Tennyson. (shows G.E.I.T. ID)

Brandon checks out the ID and then looks right at the girl.

Brandon: Seriously? You've got to be kidding me.

The scene then cuts to a desert base, now morning. A helicopter is seen flying towards the base, escorting the Interceptor, also approaching the military base.

G.E.I.T. Charlie Base, Mexico

On the ground, shortly later, the team is seen following two G.E.I.T. Soliders through the base with the girl who no longer has black hair but instead is blonde. The team and soliders then enter a room with monitors and computers. Brandon is seen approaching a uniformed man from behind.

Man, talking to an officer: Make that call to Bravo. I need equipment here.

The officer then nods and goes off. The man turns around to face the approaching team.

General Gates: Ah. Brandon. Thank you for stopping by on such short notice.

Brandon: Not only was I in the middle of something but we need to really have a talk about trust issues.

General Gates: What are you talking about?

Brandon: Why did you have a spy on me? (points to the blonde girl)

General Gates: Her name is Amanda Song. She's one of our best officers. I only asked her to bring you in. With any means nessercary of course.

Amanda: Face it, it could have been a lot worse. (Winks and leaves)

Brandon: Something about her that makes me want to go all Ro-Warasaur.

General Gates: Don't let her get to you. I heard you're very compassionate when saving the world.

Brandon, sitting at a table: Hey, it's what I do.

Sarah, joining at the table: So what's the problem, General?

Coco, leaning against the same table: Yeah, I'm missing out on free food here.

General Gates: I have to tell you the situation is dire. We really need your help on this.

Brandon: What is it?

General Gates: A pod landed close to the base. We brought it in for analysis after we scanned the pod for life forms. Scans didn't come up with anything.

Brandon: Okay so you found an alien pod with nothing inside it.

Coco: Big Deal. What's the cache?

General Gates: I'll get to it if you stop intruppting me.

Coco: ...Sorry.

General Gates: As I was saying, the pod doesn't match with any of the alien technology we have in record and it laced in an unknown field of energy. The interesting part is that it crashed where you had your last encounter with Khan.

Brandon: That can't be just a coincidence. That happened a couple of weeks ago.

Sarah: The chances of this happening by chance are pretty slim.

Brandon: So what? A mysterious empty pod crash lands where the Dimensional Destabliser was. Where's the danger in that?

General Gates: Because it might be related to the event. And since Khan was an dangerous creature, this is to be taken seriously.

Brandon: Maybe it's a device to restart the experiment as a last resort.

General Gates: I'm not sure. You three are the only ones we can contact that were there at the event. I want you three to take a look at that pod. And if something happens, you know what to do. Are we clear?

Brandon: Oh it is so Hero Time.

The scene then cuts to the team exiting from an elevator. They walk through a white hallway as they pass through labortory doors and windows that show into rooms like one containing scientists analysing a cube, scientists inserting a little white stone with strange disfigured stripes around it into a machine and pieces of a crashed Zonarian spaceship. They then enter a room that holds the alien pod. G.E.I.T. Scientists are seen analysing the pod while some red armored soliders are seen conversating at the side.

Brandon: There it is.

Coco: Doesn't look familiar at all.

The leader of the red armored soliders confronts the team.

Alpha Squad Leader: If you're not busy, you could make like a tree and get out of here.

Sarah: Coco, don't.

Alpha Squad Leader: That's right. Listen to your little lady here.

Brandon: We don't want any trouble.

Alpha Squad Leader: Well if you want some, you know where to find me. Come on, guys.

The Alpha Squad then exits the room as Amanda Song enters.

Alpha Squad Leader: Hey, babe.

Amanda: Hey, tough guy. Alpha Squad Leader kisses Amanda on the forehead and then leaves the lab. Brandon glares at Amanda and then turns to face the alien pod.

Brandon: Well it doesn't look like anything Khan was working on. Maybe it was just a coincidence.

Brandon places his hand on the alien pod and energy emerges from the pod and affects the Ultimatrix. Brandon removes his hand from the pod as if he touched something hot.

Brandon: Ow!

The pod then activates and smoke emerges from the pod. The team step back from the pod as scientists start to clear the room. Eyes are then seen emitting from the smoke. The alien, from before the titles, then emerges from the pod. He stands in front of the team. He looks around the room.

Sarah: Gates said there weren't any life forms in there.

Coco: He obviously made a mistake.

Brandon, to the alien: Who are you?

The alien looks at Brandon.

Brandon: We don't mean you harm.

Alien: I am Warax.

Coco: Warax? Why does that sound familiar?

Sarah: What do you want Warax?

Warax: It's not what I want. It's what I need to do.

Warax then looks up and sees G.E.I.T. Soliders entering the room. He notices their blasters. Warax then leaps from the pod and strikes down against two soliders. The other soliders fire at him but Warax throws the soliders he striked at them. Coco grabs the wall and absorbs its material. He gains a steel form. He strikes Warax who strikes back. Warax then grabs Coco and throws him at Sarah who shields herself with her energy shield. Coco then crashes against it and causes a dent of the shield.

Sarah: Opps! ...Sorry.

Warax then grabs a blaster from one of the unconcious soliders and fiddles with the wiring. Brandon stands in front of him.

Brandon: Drop it.

Warax: You lied to me.

Brandon looks confused.

Warax: You do mean me harm.

Warax then aims at Brandon who jumps out of the way as a rocket is launched from the blaster and impacts with the wall. As the smoke clears, Brandon gets up and coughs due to the smoke. He then sees a hole in the wall. Brandon turns around sees Sarah checking out the soliders that Warax threw. She then shakes her head at Brandon through the smoke. Brandon then looks upset and glares back at the hole. Meanwhile, Warax is seen running through the G.E.I.T. Base. He then punches a scientist into a wall as he makes his way through. Brandon is then seen running after him. Warax then turns the corner and enters a new hallway. He smashes through some machinery blocking his way. Brandon also turns the corner and jumps onto the wall and kicks off back to the floor, over the machinery. He continues his chase. Warax then smashes through a doorway, grabs the door, turns around and throws it at Brandon. Brandon quickly activates the Ultimatrix and slaps down the Shredder hologram. He transforms into Snow Bear and shrinks to small size as the door misses him. Snow Bear looks down at himself.

Snow Bear: Snow Bear? Uh... One of these days.

Snow Bear then continues his chase after Warax. Warax then approaches a wall. He charges for it. On the other side, some G.E.I.T. Soliders are seen playing cards. Warax then busts through the wall and smashes into the table. The soliders grab their weapons and fire at Warax who uses the table as a shield. He then throws the table at the soldiers, knocking them out. Warax then notices the armory across the hall. Snow Bear continues, in pursuit, until he hears an explosion as the place shakes slightly. An alarm is then heard going off.

Snow Bear: That didn't sound good.

Snow Bear makes it to the hole and jumps through. He looks around and sees the soliders lying there. Some of them are getting up, helping out the others. Snow Bear then turns his attention to the armory across the hall with a large burning hole in its center. Warax is seen through the hole. He then fires at the facility, causing it to shake again. Rubble falls from the side of the facility and blocks the hole. A green flash is seen through the cracks of the rubble. The rocks then turn cold and covered in ice until the whole area is frozen. The ice then shatters as Ultimate Snow Bear jumps through and chases after Warax. Warax turns around and sees Ultimate Snow Bear chasing after him, on all fours, through the desert. Warax fires a blaster at Ultimate Snow Bear who jumps over it and fires an ice breath blast at him. The blaster Warax had armed is then frozen in ice. He drops it before the ice spreads. Ultimate Snow Bear then leaps at Warax and strikes at him. Warax then grabs one of his punches and throws Ultimate Snow Bear into the sand. Ultimate Snow Bear gets up and fires ice blasts from his hands at Warax who manages to avoid them. Warax then grabs a small combact device and throws it at Ultimate Snow Bear who creates an ice shield to block it. Upon impact, the device explodes which breaks the ice shield into pieces and sends Ultimate Snow Bear thrown into the sand again. Ultimate Snow Bear, with ringing in his ears, looks up and sees a blurry Warax escaping. Through his perspective, Ultimate Snow Bear goes unconcious.


After the break, The Interceptor is seen flying through the skies. In a room, on the Interceptor, Brandon is seen waking up on a bed. He looks around, confused. Out in the corridors of the ship, Brandon exits his room, holding his arm, and looks around. The corridor is empty. In the cockpit, Coco is seen piloting while Sarah is seen sitting at the computer station. Brandon then enters. Sarah turns to face him.

Sarah: Brandon, are you alright?

Brandon: I'm fine. What happened?

Sarah: We found you outside in the desert. Brought you in.

Coco: The guy escaped.

Brandon: How's Gates holding up?

Sarah: He'll manage.

Coco: A couple of advanced alien weapons were stolen. This guy knew what he was looking for.

Brandon: Who is this guy?

Coco: Trouble.

Brandon: You said you knew him back at the base.

Coco: I said his name was familiar so I did some digging while you took your little nap. 

Coco presses some buttons at side side which shows a holographic image of Warax.

Coco: His name is Warax the Warrior. Not a lot of people know about him. He's a well known fighter on his planet. Basically beats up people for a living. He's also a skilled crafter which means he can pretty much build anything from nothing. Fought in plenty of wars on his planet and even against other planets who went to war with his home world, Jovas.

Sarah: But Earth isn't at war with Jovas, right?

Brandon: I'm pretty sure they would have dropped off a bomb delivered by a bounty hunter if we were.

Coco: That just means he's not here to fight. He must want something or came here to do something.

Brandon: And we need to find out what that something is...

Brandon looks at the image of Warax.

Brandon: ...before it's too late.

The Interceptor is then seen landing by a warehouse as a town is seen over some trees in the distance.


Shortly later, the team is seen in the cargo bay of the Interceptor, now parked within the warehouse, with its cargo bay door open.

Brandon: What are we doing in Bellwood? We have to find out what Warax is up to.

Coco: Calm down, Tennyson. We need to plan things out before we rush into anything.

Brandon: Oh. Right. That actually sounded smart, Coco.

Coco: Don't push it.

Sarah: I actually sensed some energy on the alien pod. Maybe that will help us track him.

Brandon: Gates said it was an unknown energy.

Sarah: Yeah but unknown to him. Maybe someone else knows about it. If we can isolate the energy signature, we might be able to trace him.

Brandon: Alright. Sounds like a plan. You two can take care of that.

Coco: Where are you going?

Brandon: I have to take care of something. We'll meet back at the ship in an hour.

Brandon gets in the Mach 10. The car lights then turn on and the car drives out of the spaceship. From outside, the Mach 10 can be seen driving away from Coco's Warehouse. Coco's Car is then seen exiting the Warehouse and leaving in the opposite direction. Later, at an apartment complex, Coco's Car is seen pulling up and parking in front.

Coco: Is this seriously a good idea?

Sarah: Just come on.

They exit the car and approach the apartment complex. Once inside, they see an elevator. They approach the elevator and Sarah presses the button at the side. The metal doors then open and the two step inside. Once inside the elevator, Sarah presses the basement button. The elevator doors then close in front of them. The numbers at the top of the elevator decrease until it says 00. The elevator doors, as seen on the outside, then open. The two then exit the elevator and enter a small room with nothing but a wall, door, speaker, monitor and camera. Sarah approaches the door but Coco stops her. She looks at him.

Coco: I've got this. This could be dangerous.

Coco then approaches the door as Sarah rolls her eyes.

Coco then pounds on the door.

The speaker then activates.

Speaker: Who is it?

Coco: Who do you think, genius?

Sarah: Be nice, Coco. It's just us.

The camera activates and rotates to view the two.

Speaker: What's the password?

Coco: Let us in before I start breaking my way in?

Sarah: H-U-T-B-1-0

The door then clicks open. Sarah then gets in front of Coco and opens the door.

Coco: I totally loosened it for you.

The two then enter the hidden room which is really a laboratory. A brown haired person in a lab coat is seen adjusting some machinery as it sparks and he flinches away from it. The person then scratches his head.

Sarah: James.

The person turns around.

James: Oh hey, Sarah. Mr. Levin. Mind going easy on the door next time.

Coco: I would have if I knew the password.

James: You didn't get the email?

Coco: I don't really use computers as much as I used to.

James: Well, it's nice to see you. Now how'd you know I was here?

Sarah: General Gates said you're off today. Thought you might be here first.

James: Yeah well next time you can call. I'm trying to update some of the machinery here with the resources I'm developing at Bravo.

Coco: This is important.

James sighs.

James: Alright. What do you got for me?

Sarah: There's an alien pod located at Charlie Base. It's coated in an unknown energy signature.

James sits at his computer and pulls up a G.E.I.T. File on the alien pod.

James: Got it.

Sarah: You think you can analysis that energy signature?

James: I work best with genetics.

Coco: See?

James: But I do good when it comes to energy.

James then types on his computer. Various energy signatures are then shown upon one of the monitors. One reads Pod32, another reads DNAX, the third reads A113. James clicks on Pod32 and it overcomes the whole monitor.

James: Right. I've got the energy signature. Now I just need to compare it with every signature I have recorded.

James then clicks elsewhere and the energy signature starts comparing with various other energy signatures at a fast speed until it stops at one.

James: Here it is.

Coco: So what is it?

James: Give me a second. It's uh... Energy Signature Delta-918.

Sarah: What's Delta-918?

James: It's the energy signature for interdimensional energy. I processed it back at Bravo when I was analysing the rifts.

Coco: So what you're saying is that that pod came from a rift?

Sarah: But that's impossible. It crashed yesterday.

James: Whatever it is. I'm the only hope you have at finding whatever you're looking for.

Coco: How long is it going to take?

James: About 20 minutes. Tops.

Sarah: Let's just hope Brandon's ready when it's over.

Meanwhile, in a suburban area, the Mach 10 is seen pulling up to a house. Brandon then parks and exits the car. He approaches the house and knocks on the door. After a short moment, a girl in a red jacket opens the door.

Brandon: Hey, Amy.

Amy: Brandon. I wasn't expecting you to come by.

Brandon: I just thought I'd check up on you. I've haven't been around in a while with all this traveling.

Amy: What about the last time you were in Bellwood?

Brandon: Giant robots.

Amy: Really?

Brandon: Yeah. Well maybe they were just big robots. Not really giant.

Amy laughs at Brandon's comment.

Amy: How is it by the way?

Brandon: Well I have to deal with Coco so- yeah. How was your tournament? Did you win?

Amy: 8-10.

Brandon: That's good, right?

Amy: I was 10.

Brandon: Oh- Oh! You won.

Amy: No duh. I missed you.

Brandon: It's only been a few weeks.

Amy: Still. We're a couple now. It was alright to see me once and a while when we were friends but-

Brandon: I know. I'm trying to do something about it. I'm here, right?

Amy: Yes. That's all that matters now. (smiles)

Elsewhere, Warax is seen camping out behind a big rock. He searches himself and pulls out a small cube with the same design as the alien pod he came from. Warax then activates the cube and it transforms into a hoverboard-like device and floats in front of him. Warax approaches the board and stands on it. He then gets used to the movements of the board and masters it quickly.

Warax then extends his hand outwards and the device he was working on before rattles. With a single push caused by Warax, the device launches towards him and Warax grabs it within his hand.

Warax: A loyal weapon... Excellent. Now I need a power source.

The board, almost as though responding to his comment, activates and gains height. It then heads off from the campsite. Warax then navigates the board around, getting used to the sudden activation.

Warax: Craft, where are you taking me?

Hovercraft: High amount of energy.

Warax looks out as the clouds as now close to his head. Back at Amy's house, Brandon is seen sitting on a couch watching TV. Amy then joins him at the couch.

Amy: Whatcha watchin'?

Brandon, sarcastically: Oh my favorite channel.

Amy looks on the screen and sees Jeff Thompson at his desk.

Jeff Thompson, on the screen: Good evening, America. I'm Jeff Thompson with the most despising stories from canned meat to alien wackos. Our first story for tonight is the menance known as Brandon 10. You, the people, know what I'm talking about. Brandon 10 is a menance to society! We have footage of uh- portal things opening up in the sky somewhere in a desert. And he was there. He's obviously tearing to tear the Earth apart.

Brandon then looks annoyed and leans his head against his hand. Amy notices this.

Amy: Hey, don't stress over this guy. Nothing he says is actually true.

Brandon: Then why is he so popular?

Amy: Because he says what his direct auidence wants to hear which is mostly himself.

Brandon: Yeah, I guess you're right. Besides it's not like I actually do cause problems for society, right?

Amy: Aside from property damage, causing traffic and getting in the way of other media, no. Not at all.

Brandon: Heh. You're hilarious.

Amy: I might know someone who can cheer you up.

Brandon: It's not Sparky, right?

Amy: Heh. No. Gimme.

Amy takes the remote control from Brandon and changes the channel to another news channel where a young, female reporter is seen on the screen.

Female Reporter, on screen: And that was Jack Thawne, screenwriter of Moonlight Conquest. In other news, Brandon 10 just contributed to a charity in San Diego just the other day. Elizabeth Kowalski says that it was quote-on-quote "nice to get to know Brandon" and thanks him again for his contribution just before she headed back to her home country. This is Cindy Quinn. Live.

Amy: Get to know?

Brandon: Yeah. She was a nice person to talk to.

Amy then looks at Brandon who doesn't notice as he's watching the TV. Back at James' Lab, the process is completed as seen on the monitor.

James, checking: Done.

Coco: Finally.

Sarah: So where is he?

James: I'm tracking it now. I had to connect to statelites across the globe in order to get a proper reading.

Coco: Would you just read it out already?

James, turning to his computer: Okay Okay. (checking) He's um... He's- No. No, that can't be right.

Sarah: What is it?

James, facing Sarah: He's in Bellwood.

Meanwhile, Warax is seen approaching the Bellwood science facility.

Warax: Energy...

Warax then crashes through the skylight and hovers over the floor as the glass comes down.

Warax: Give me your energy.

Two scientists are then seen looking at Warax. One of them, wearing a bow tie, drops his clipboard in shock while the other, with grey hair, just looks at him while holding a test tube.

Back at Amy's house, Brandon's phone rings. Brandon picks up the phone.

Brandon, to Amy: Sorry. I've got to take this.

Amy, turning back to the TV: Yeah sure.

Brandon then gets up from the couch and goes close to the front door.

Brandon, on the phone: Yeah?

Sarah, over the phone: Brandon, we found Warax.

Brandon, on the phone: Where is he?

Amy: Brandon, you might want to see this.

Brandon goes back to the living room and looks at the TV while still on the phone.

Sarah, over the phone: He's in Bellwood, Brandon.

Brandon: Yeah... I know.

On the TV, Quinn is reporting an electric field outside of the science facility.

Brandon, on the phone: Meet me at the- (as though he's changing his mind)

Sarah, over the phone: Brandon? Bran-

Brandon then hangs up and puts his phone back in his pocket.

Amy: You have to go, don't you?

Brandon: I'll be back when it's over.

Amy: This one's different. You're not so calm about it.

Brandon: He's not just dangerous. I don't understand him. I'll call you when it's over.

Amy: Be careful.

Brandon: I'll try.

Brandon then heads out and enters the Mach 10. Behind the steering wheel, he glares outside the window. He then hides the steering wheel with his fist three times and then breaths deeply. He then starts the car and drives off. Amy then looks at the TV from the window she was looking out of and sees the electric field outside of the facility again. At the science facility, later on, the Mach 10 arrives and Brandon exits the car. He look out at the electric field surrounding the facility. Helicopters are then seen flying around the facility while press vans are parked outside. Brandon then approaches the facility until one of the helicopters is zapped by electricity when it got too close. The copter then comes down too close and it's blades hit the side the building next to the facility causing the blades to fly off and get stuck in the street a short distance away.

Brandon: Everyone clear out!

Brandon pulls down his sleeve, activates the Ultimatrix and scrolls through the holograms.

Brandon, to himself: I can use Drillbit to catch the copter in a earth slope.

Brandon then stops at the Drillbit holograms and slaps down the matrix. He then transforms into Agilmur.

Agilmur: Agilmur?

Yelling is heard. Agilmur looks up and sees the copter then starts to head for the street.

Pilot: We're going to crash!

Cindy, on the copter: Hang on!

As the copter comes down, Agilmur swoops in and grabs both the pilot and Cindy Quinn. The copter then explodes upon impact. Agilmur grabs onto a lamp post with his feet. He then drops the pilot on the hood of a car.

Agilmur: Sorry!

Pilot, giving thumbs up, weakly: I'm good.

Agilmur then uses his free hand to grab onto Cindy.

Agilmur: Hang on.

Cindy: What?

Agilmur then drops Cindy and let's go from the lamp post.

Cindy: AH!

Agilmur then grabs Cindy and lands on his hind legs. He then lets her go gently.

Cindy: Thank you. You're my hero.

Agilmur: Just doing my job. Now you do yours.

Agilmur finds his microphone on the ground, picks it up and gives it to her. Once she takes it, Agilmur leaps onto the side of a building, jumps from there, onto the lamp post and looks down. He then notices the scraps from the copter crash. From inside the facility, Agilmur is, shortly later on, seen falling through the electric field with metal scraps armed at his sides. He then lands on his hind legs and drops the scraps.

Agilmur: (screeches) It's over, Warax. Show yourself.

Silence. Agilmur looks around until a figure is seen behind him. Agilmur is then zapped from behind by the figure. Agilmur falls over and looks up, behind him. He then sees Warax stepping from the shadows.

Warax: A Strepsirrian? Here?

Agilmur: Doesn't matter what alien I am. I'll still take you on.

Warax: Hm. You must be the Canician from earlier. I don't know how you managed to change your form but it must take a lot of energy. Energy that I traced to this civilization.

Agilmur: When I touched the pod, I didn't just activate it. You were able to track me to Bellwood.

Warax: It matters less to me. I've found what I needed.

Agilmur: You don't have to do this.

Warax: I don't have a choice.

Warax interacts with a machine which causes a satellite dish to activate. It refocuses elsewhere and fires a purple beam into space. From space, the beam impacts with a satellite orbiting the Earth. The satellite then redirects the beam to other satellites orbiting the Earth which then redirect their beam back to different locations on the Earth. A facility, elsewhere, with a satellite dish on top is hit by the purple beam. Back to space, a purple energy circle is seen on the face of the Earth. The beams, now all connected, fire outwards into space. The beam collision, in space, starts to form a portal. Back at the science facility, Warax looks through the broken skylight to see the beams fire into space. Agilmur then strikes him into a wall. Agilmur, on all fours, charges right for Warax. Warax extends his hand out and his electric staff flies right into his hand. Warax then swings his staff which throws Agilmur into the wall across the room.

Warax, twirling the staff, approaching Agilmur: You can't possible stop me.

Agilmur: Not like this. (Screeches) Guess it's time to go Ultimate!

Agilmur hits the Ultimatrix symbol and transforms into Ultimate Agilmur who then bangs against his chest. Warax then charges for Ultimate Agilmur who is charging right for him. They then strike each other at the same instance. Warax is knocked back while Ultimate Agilmur falls over, tumbles and then, by extending his hand out and dragging it against the ground, stops tummbling and stances at Warax. Warax charges for Ultimate Agilmur with his staff in hand but Ultimate Agilmur uses his sonic scream to propell Warax back into the wall however this time he hits the device. The circle, as viewed in space, then becomes incomplete somewhere over the Euopean side of the world. In  the facility, Warax attends to the machine he damaged.

Warax: No... NO! I've lost control!

Ultimate Agilmur, breathing heavily: Looks like your light show is over, Warax.

Warax: This isn't over yet. I can still regain control. I just need to get to the station that took over.

Ultimate Agilmur, pounding fists together: Not gonna happen.

Warax: It wasn't a request.

Ultimate Agilmur charges for Warax who zaps him with his electric staff. Ultimate Agilmur then falls on his knees. Warax then grabs Ultimate Agilmur, lifts him up and then slams him against ground.

Warax: I was told to disable any forces to stop him. It would seem that's you too.

Warax then lifts his staff up for a final strike but then an energy disc hits him and he falls over. Ultimate Agilmur gets up and looks. He then sees Coco, in his rubber form, and Sarah. Warax fires an electric blast from his staff at Coco who deflects it. Sarah then encases Warax in an energy bubble. Ultimate Agilmur transforms back into Agilmur who makes his way towards Coco and Sarah. Agilmur then transforms back into Brandon.

Brandon: Where's the control point, Warax?

Warax: I'll never tell.

Coco: You don't have much a choice.

Warax: You're right.

Warax then shatters Sarah's bubble with his staff. Sarah then falls over from the impact. Warax calls his hoverboard, gets on it and starts to fly off.

Warax: I don't have time to waste on you. I have something to do.

Warax then flies through the broken skylight and flies off.

Coco: So much for knowing what he's up to.

Sarah: It's not too late. We still have a trace on him.

Brandon: Then let's go.

Coco: Hold up. Why didn't you tell us to meet here?

Brandon: What does it matter?

Coco: This would have been over if you just said something.

Brandon: Did you not see what he could do? I have to stop him.

Sarah: You don't have to this alone.

Brandon: ...I know. But I don't want to put the ones I care about in harm's way.

Coco: We can hold our own.

Brandon: What about those who can't?

Sarah: You can't worry about the people you're not protecting. You have to worry on the people who need saving.

Brandon then nods.

Brandon: Let's do this then. Together.


After the break, the team is seen in James' Lab.

James: And that's it.

Coco: What's it?

James: The tracking. It's gone.

Sarah: It can't just disappear. Can it?

James: After a while, the energy signature just wears off of him. It's not permanent so I can't track him forever.

Brandon: Do you any idea where he might be off to? Another science facility or something?

James: Probably. Depends on what he wanted at the Bellwood one.

Brandon: He said he was tracking the Ultimatrix's energy signature.

Sarah: Maybe he was looking for high amounts of energy.

Brandon: But what do you need that much energy for?

Coco: To power something up?

Sarah: ...Say that again.

Coco: To power something up. Like a machine or something.

Brandon: That makes sense.

James: A machine that size would either be very advanced or very big.

Brandon: Okay. Cool. We know he's going to a big machine with a satellite dish. But that still doesn't really narrow it down.

James: Wait you said satellite dish?

Brandon: Yeah. What's so important about a satellite dish?

James: Probably the fate of the world.

Brandon: Well it's just that when I faced off against him, he programmed the machine at the science facility to fire some type of energy beam into the sky through the satellite dish.

James, turning back to his computer: Of course.

Coco: Mind explaining that sudden "Of course" moment you had just there?

James, typing frantically: It's a program I launched.

Sarah: Excuse me?

James: Not the whole beam into space thing. I had a petition launched two weeks ago to major science facilities around the globe to install a program I've been developing. It's meant to scan for dimensional energies emited from the Dimensional Rift and other space-altering signatures.

Brandon: Alright. So it's scans for space energy. What's so bad about that?

James: It doesn't just scan. It collects. It was a fail safe in case we get a giant rift that we can't fire a laser at and close like at the end of a movie or something. Your visitor here must have released the stored excess energy from the satellites orbiting the planet. If my calculations are correct, and I'm not just saying that to sound cool, the energy could literally rip holes in the fabric of space.

Sarah: But what's the point?

Brandon: He said he didn't have a choice behind what he's doing. Maybe someone is forcing him to do this.

Coco: And what? This "person" is on the other side of the fabric of space and he needs someone to pull him through?

James: Maybe not so much as the other side of the fabric of space. I believe that this being needs dimensional energy in order to somehow come to Earth.

Sarah: Why come to Earth?

Coco: Isn't it obvious? To destroy it. This guy is forcing a warrior, someone who doesn't follow orders from anyone, to level the miliary and shoot beams into the guy. Nothing is making sense right now. He's obviously a bad guy.

Brandon: I can't argue with that logic.

Sarah: So what's the plan?

Brandon: We find Warax and stop him to activating the generator before the bad guy shows up.

James: I have a list of the satellite feeds, where each of them where beaming at. All of them are online except the one in Zankotova.

Brandon: Where's Zankotova?

The scene then cuts to the Interceptor flying over a lush forest in a mountainous region. A small city is then seen in the distance with roads leading in and out of the city.

Zankotova, Eastern Europe

The Interceptor is then seen landing in a farmland by a barn. A few cows move away from the landing space ship. Once the Interceptor lands, the team, minus Coco who stayed in the cargo bay, and James exit the Interceptor from the cargo bay.

Brandon: Nice to have you back on the team, James.

James: It's only this one time. I really need to college pay from GEIT.

A goat then baas behind them.

James, ignoring the goat: Of course, I'll be more than happy to work with you guys again. That is, if we survive the current crisis.

The team then make it to the road.

Sarah: Looks like the city is quite a walk away.

Coco's Car then pulls out onto the road startling more cows.

Coco, after reeling down the window: You guys need a lift?

Coco's Car, shortly later, is then seen driving off into the city. In the city, the townspeople are seen walking around, attending their duties as civilians as Coco's Car drives through.

James, using his tablet: The facility should just be down the road.

Coco's Car then pulls up to an abandonned looking facility. Once the car parks, the team steps out and looks at the facility.

Brandon: (whistles) This place looks old.

James: It hasn't be running in years.

Coco: So why'd you install the program here?

James: I convinced the ruler of the country after they started opening up to the public.

Brandon: The Eastern European Charity thing I did earlier. Man, what a coincidence.

Elizabeth is then seen turning the corner with a peasant.

Brandon, noticing: Elizabeth?

Elizabeth, now noticing Brandon: Brandon?

Coco, replying to Brandon's previous comment: Not as much as this coincidence.

Elizabeth: What are you doing here?

Brandon: There's some trouble about to hit the city. You should get out of here before it's too late.

Elizabeth: I can't.

Brandon: You have to try.

Elizabeth: No you don't understand. It's hard to explain.

Peasant: I'll be just going now, your highness.

Elizabeth: ...(turning to the peasant) Yes, you may go now. Thank you.

Brandon: ..."Your highness"? You're ruler of the country?

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Brandon: Why did you try and hide it?

Elizabeth: I thought you of all people would know what it's like to hide power from those who don't understand it.

Brandon is about to say something but then doesn't.

James: Ah Brandon... Brandon.

Brandon: Yeah yeah. I'll be right in.

The rest of the team then enter the facility.

Elizabeth: I must warn my people to get to shelter.

Brandon: Is there no where else you can go? It is a small city.

Elizabeth: My subjects are loyal to their country. And while it is a small city, there are many of us. That's why it's called Myriad. We look out for each other so I'm afaird we're not going anywhere, Brandon.

Brandon: Well try and stay out of danger. Which is basically um this place.

Elizabeth nods and then heads off. Brandon then enters the facility. He comes in and sees ancient looking equipment mixed with newer technologies and the generator at the center of the main room, connected to the satellite above via wires and cords.

Brandon: Whoa...

James, examining the tech: Outstanding. This old technology is still functional. Truly amazing.

Sarah: How long until Warax gets here?

Coco, looking outside the window: Uh... I'd say about now.

Warax is then seen approaching the facility on his hover board.

James: I'm going to try and divert all of the energy here. We can store it and the link to all of the other satellite will fade.

Brandon: Do it. I'll keep him busy. (Goes outside)

Coco: Are you sure this is going to work?

James: I'd say I'm 90 to 98 percent sure.

One of the machines sparks.

James: Erm... 89 to 98? Heh heh.

Brandon, now outside, is scrolling through the holograms of the Ultimatrix.

Warax, approaching, to Brandon: You continue to stand in my way. Now I destroy you.

Brandon: Not on my watch!

The Ultimatrix glitches out.

Brandon: Uh! (hits Ultimatrix) Please give me Crusher. Please give me Crusher. Please give me Crusher!

Warax fires an electric blast at Brandon right as he hits the Ultimatrix symbol down. The impact causes smoke to block Warax's view.

Warax: Hardly a challenge.

Suddenly a rock is thrown from the smoke and hits Warax off his board. Warax, getting up from the ground, looks through the smoke which is clearing. Crusher is then seen standing in front of the facility.

Warax: A Poueverian. Now that's more like it. Stand aside before I lay waste to you.

Crusher: You want in? You get through me.

Warax: Like I said, hardly a challenge.

Crusher: Let's see what you got then.

Warax charges at Crusher with his staff in hand. Crusher blocks his strikes and pushes him back. Warax looks up at Crusher who is still standing there. Warax goes for him again with more strikes but is pushed back again.

Crusher: You gotta admit this is fun.

Warax then goes for Crusher, strikes his side and kicks his knee cap. Crusher then tilts over and falls down. Warax then goes for the door but Crusher grabs his leg.

Crusher: Oh no you don't!

Crusher then throws Warax into a building.

Warax then picks up an old fashioned truck and throws it at Crusher who punches the truck into another direction. Warax continues throwing objects like benches and bricks at Crusher but Crusher breaks through them like its nothing. Warax then grabs a tank of propane and throws it at Crusher. Crusher strikes the tank causing an explosion at the front of the facility. The doors then cave down and Crusher is sent flying into the facility's observatory. Warax then makes his way over to the science facility where he approaches the open entrance. Sarah then blocks the opening with an energy wall. Warax strikes the wall with his electric staff.

Sarah: I can't hold it much longer.

James: I'm almost done. Give me a minute.

Coco: We don't have a minute.

Warax then breaks through the wall which throws Sarah back into a wall.

Coco: Sarah!

Coco then absorbs the wall and gains a stone form. He then engages into combat with Warax. He strikes at Warax who dodges it. Warax then grabs Coco's fist and breaks his arm.

Coco: AH!

Warax then kicks Coco away from him. James then turns around as Warax points his staff at him.

Warax: Do you wish to defy me?

James gulps.

Warax's staff then starts to power up. Crusher then charges through a pillar and tackles Warax who fires his staff. The blast then hits the machine behind James. Warax drops his staff and Crusher holds down Warax. The generator then sparks up as James tries to attend to the machinery.

Crusher: James, what's happening with the machine?

James: It's overloading. I can't stop it.

The generator then activates and fires a purple beam into the sky. The energy circle, as seen in space, then fades as all of the energy focused into the circle transfers to the Zankotova satellite beam. All of the concentrated energy then opens up a portal above the Earth in which a large figure emerges from.

Warax: He's here...

The figure then approaches the planet.

Nomad: Earth... Your time has come.

Nomad then extends his hand out and releases energy from it at the planet. Portals then start appearing all over the world.

James, checking monitor: The energy signatures are all over the Earth. Whoever came through the portal just unleashed portal madness on the world.

Crusher: There must be a way to shut it down. Find it.

Warax then calls his staff to him and hits Crusher outside of the facility.

Crusher: You don't have to serve him anymore. He's here now.

Warax: Doesn't mean I don't want to stop you. Once you attack Warax, the only thing on your mind is to run.

Warax then fires electric energy from his staff Crusher. Crusher then slaps his hands together and throws Warax back. Crusher then charges for Warax and tackles him through a newly opened portal. Elsewhere, a portal is seen opening in which Crusher and Warax fall through. Citizens run away from the two fighting.

Crusher, looking around: This doesn't look like the facility.

Warax: We must have been thrown into one of his portals. I must find a way back.

Crusher: Not without me!

Crusher punches Warax in a small newspaper shop which is then smashed into wooden pieces as the seller runs away.

Crusher, looking around: Where are we, anyways?

The shot then zooms out to show Crusher standing in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Paris, France

Warax then steps on a french newspaper saying "Marion prend le relais. Lire la suite sur la page huit."

Warax, retriving his staff from the ground: I've had enough of you.

Crusher: Then let's finish this.

Warax strikes Crusher with his staff with a powerful force and throws him into the Effiel Tower. Crusher then crashes down from the dent and onto the pavement. Crusher then gets up and looks at the dent. He then turns back to Warax.

Crusher: That was a famous building!

Crusher charges for Warax and uppercuts him. Warax then flies through another portal. Crusher then jumps really high after him into the portal.

In the busy streets of a city, another portal opens up and the two crash into the side of a building with Chinese symbols on it.

Hong Kong, China

Warax then throws Crusher over a building as he crashes through a neon sign and crashes into a market place smashing a cabbage stand. Warax's hover board then flies through another portal and picks up Warax who flies over the building and hovers above Crusher. Warax is about to finish Crusher until a larger portal opens up and alien creatures fly out terrorizing the citizens.

Warax: What is he doing?

Crusher then knocks Warax off his board with a wheelbarrow.

Crusher then grabs one of the flying alien creatures and causes them to crash into another food stand. The other flying creatures surround Crusher but Crusher throws the wheel barrel at them, knocking them down. The last flying alien grabs a tourist.

Tourist: AH! Help! Help!

Crusher grabs Warax's hover board and throws it at it. The flying alien then crashes into a building after dropping the tourist.

Tourist: AH!

Crusher catches the tourist.

Crusher: I've got you.

Tourist: Thanks! I think you're a cool guy, Brandon 10.

Crusher: Really? Well, I'm just doing my-

Crusher is then whacked by Warax's staff as they are both pulled into another portal. Above a highway leading to a city, the two fall out of a portal and crash into that very highway.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Warax: Why won't you fall?

Crusher: Never!

Crusher headbutts Warax into a car which causes him to grab his staff. Warax then extends his hand out as his staff rattles towards him but then Crusher stands on the staff and crushes it under his foot.

Warax: My staff!

Crusher: I'm not a big fan of the tasing.

A roaring is then heard.

Crusher turns around and faces off against a figure who stomps its foot down. This large, threatening cosmic creature then roars as an attempt to suppress him. Crusher then growls and smacks down his Ultimatrix symbol. Ultimate spikes then launch out and latch onto Crusher as he starts to evolve into a bigger, bulkier and more rock-like creature as the view circles around his back to show the growth of the boulders on his back. When the view comes back to the front, Crusher opens his eyes which are now a brighter, glowing green and, as the shot zooms out, reveals himself to be Ultimate Crusher who then roars louder than the creature. The cosmic creature then fires an energy beam at Ultimate Crusher who blocks by creating a wall of rock. The cosmic creature then goes up to the wall and smashes it down only to find that Ultimate Crusher isn't there. Ultimate Crusher then lands a punch right at the alien's face from above as he knocks him into some cars. Ultimate Crusher then uses ground spikes the throw the cosmic creature back into the portal. Warax then attempts to get up but trips as Ultimate Crusher makes his way to him. Ultimate Crusher then grabs Warax.

Ultimate Crusher, holding Warax up to him: Stop him. Now.

Warax: I can't. He is unstoppable. He threatened to destroy my planet. He destroyed our moon with his bare hands as its energy flowed into him. While I feel regret for attacking your planet without reason, I must say you are a worthy opponent.

Ultimate Crusher drops him onto the ground.

Warax: Can't work up the courage to finish me off? I will finish you, coward. Fight me. I am Warax the Warrior and I say-

Ultimate Crusher then grabs Warax again, slams him into the highway, throws him into the air and then punches him into the city in the distance.

Ultimate Crusher, walking away: That guy just got crushed.

In Bellwood, Amy is seen exiting her house while holding a bag but then she looks up and sees portals opening up in the sky. Aliens start flying out of them and attacking the town. One of the aliens flies into a building and crashes into a prison. A man in a red, yellow and grey colored suit which an insect symbol printed on the front is seen escaping. Amy then starts to go in the opposite direction but walks right into a portal.

Back at Zankotova, James is still attempting to repair the generator.

Sarah, approaching him: What happened?

James: The generator is overloading.

Sarah: Have you tried focusing the energy to the center?

James: I did that.

Voice: Maybe I can help.

Sarah and James turn around and see Amy at the opening.

Coco, on the floor: What's she doing here?

Amy: I accidentally walked through these portal things. They're popping up everywhere in Bellwood.

James: If this keeps up, the Earth will get torn apart by spatial energy.

Coco, getting up: What if we just smash it?

James: No! That'll create an implosion that will suck in the Earth.

Coco: Okay so no smashing. Got it. Where's Brandon?

James: He went to take care of Warax.

Amy: Well something tells me he has bigger problems.

Back in Jakarta, Ultimate Crusher is seen heading for the city but then a large portal opens up over the city and a large flying alien creature is seen flying through. Ultimate Crusher then uses his geokinesis to create a rising tower under his feet which elevates him upwards. He then jumps from the tower and grabs onto the creature. The alien then crashes through another portal. The alien creature then crashes into the Guanabara Bay. Ultimate Crusher walks out of the bay and lays on the shore, exhausted. A zoomed out shot of the area shows a statue in the distance.

Rio, Brazil

Ultimate Crusher then transforms back into Crusher who transforms back into Brandon. Brandon then gets up and looks up as the sky turns purple and the portals grow in size.

Brandon: This ends now.

Back at the science facility in Zankotova, James is still attending to the machines.

Amy: Need some help?

James: Not unless you know how to attend to a generator that is powered by alien energies.

Amy: Not me but I might know someone who can.

Amy places her bag on the ground and opens it up. Sparky then pops out of the bag.

Sparky: Spark! Spark!

James: Ah. Yes. This just might work. (to Sparky) Who's a good doggy? You're gonna fix the generator? Yes you are. Yes you are.

Amy: You don't have to talk baby to him. He understands you perfectly.

James: Oh... I- I knew that. I just like talking that way... heh...

Nomad then starts to enter the Earth's atmosphere and shrinks to a small size.

Coco, looking up: What is that?

Sarah: Wormhole Man?

Coco glares at Sarah.

Sarah: You have something better to offer?

Coco, looking back at Nomad descending: I didn't say anything.

Back in Rio, Brandon attempts to contact Coco through the Ultimatrix but the Ultimatrix sparks with purple energy again.

Brandon: Can't call them in.

A helicopter is then heard approaching the shore. Brandon turns around and looks up as the helicopter lands by him. General Gates then steps out.

General Gates: Nice to see you again.

Brandon: What are you doing here?

General Gates: I got a call from one of my agents.

Amanda Song then steps out of the copter.

Brandon: You? You're still spying on me?

Amanda Song: Remember when I said it could have been a lot worse.

Brandon: There's not a lot of time. We need to go to Zankotova.

Amanda Song: What's that? A planet you go to?

General Gates: It's a country. I know how to get there.

Brandon: How exactly?

General Gates: Just follow the beam projected into space.

The three of them then get into the helicopter which then flies off away from Rio. Later, in Zankotova, the copter is seen approaching the facility. After they land, Brandon and Gates enters the science facility.

Sarah: Brandon, you're alright.

Brandon: Yeah. Just got thrown into Rio.

Amy: And I got thrown here.

Brandon: Amy?

Amy: It's been a weird day, huh?

General Gates: Right, what's our status?

Coco: Nothing much. Just a giant alien entering the atmosphere.

Brandon: I have to stop him.

Amy: All on your own?

Brandon: You guys need to watch the generator. If we all leave, then the fight will go to the facility and the Earth will go flip-side.

James: Um, fight? Wh-What fight?

General Gates: Alien creatures are flying and falling in through portals. They have a strange purple energy surrounding them like the alien pod. This "giant alien" must be controlling them somehow.

Brandon: Yeah, through fear. He probably knew Warax wasn't enough to take over the Earth. Now every defense on the planet is too busy to deal with him here.

Sarah: But his portals to other planets-

Coco: He can have unlimited minions to attack us.

Amy: I don't think you can get this guy. Look at him.

Brandon: The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Protect the generator, I'll take care of the big guy here.

Brandon then runs out of the science facility and sees Nomad, finally, touch down on the ground, not as big as the planet but as big as a building. Brandon then runs down a street and leaves the city. The view then pans up at Nomad to actually show his whole appearance, a large humanoid alien with blue skin and purple armor.

Nomad: Earth... your time has come... for you will face me... and suffer the consequences.

General Gates: My word...

James: Yowzers...

Sparky: Spark! Spark!

Brandon then stands before Nomad who doesn't notice him.

Brandon: Hey, you!

Nomad looks down and sees Brandon.

Nomad: Tiny creature. You dare to defy me?

Brandon: I'm not going to let anyone destroy the Earth.

Nomad: I do not wish to destroy this world.

Brandon: Wha-?

Nomad: I only wish to... pulverize it... out of existance... and devour... on it's cosmic energy. Then Earth... will cease... to exist.

Brandon: And you don't call that destroying the Earth?

Nomad: Call it what you wish. It is the inevitable.

Brandon: The only thing inevitable here is me kicking your butt off this planet.

Nomad: (laughs) A hero isn't enough to defeat me.

Brandon: Maybe not just a hero but an Ultimate Hero!

Brandon then pulls down his sleeve, activates the Ultimatrix and slaps down the face plate. He then transforms into Loch Ness.

Loch Ness: Loch Ness!

Loch Ness then smacks down the Ultimatrix Symbol which activates the Ultimate Spikes which latch onto Loch Ness' chest. He then evolves into Ultimate Loch Ness.

Ultimate Loch Ness: Ultimate Loch Ness!

Nomad then strikes the position where Ultimate Loch Ness is but Ultimate Loch Ness jumps out of the way and onto Nomad's arm. Ultimate Loch Ness runs up his arm and transforms his arms into water cannons. He fires the water cannons simultaniously at Nomad's face as he gets closer up his body. Nomad then hits his arm in an attempt to hit Ultimate Loch Ness but, instead, Ultimate Loch Ness falls off of the arm. He uses his water blasts to propell him upwards as it corrects his position and decreases his fall.

Nomad: No one stands between Nomad... and his world.

Nomad then fires a blast of concentrated cosmic energy at Ultimate Loch Ness which throws him right into the science facility.

Amy: Brandon!

Nomad: Time... to harvest.

Nomad then extends his hands out and attempts to draw energy from the beam but instead it causes the beam to surround Zankotova with portals leading to 8 other places in the world.

Nomad, standing before the science facility: If I can't take the energy myself... then I shall have others do it for me.

Nomad's minions enter through the portals and approach the science facility. Inside, Ultimate Loch Ness transforms back into Loch Ness who transforms back into Brandon, lying on the ground. Amy goes to him and helps him up.

Brandon: That's it... It's over.

Amy: You can't just give up.

Brandon: There's no way to beat him. He's too powerful.

James: I can't shut off his power source. This energy is a self-sustaining source of power. As long as he's here, he can power the generator which gives him power.

Brandon: ...What if we use his own power against him?

Coco: I think that guy hit you on the head too hard.

Sarah: What do you mean?

Brandon: He opens portals through space energy, right? What if we open a portal using this space energy to send him away from here? Maybe another dimension?

James: In theory, that could work but you'd have to be able to channel the dimensional energy with the cosmic energy. If not handled properly it could create an implosion the size of the planet.

The Ultimatrix makes a noise and turns from red to yellow while sparking.

Brandon: What's going on with this thing today?

Ultimatrix, in robotic female voice: Ultimatrix has finished analysing, accquiring and appending to unknown DNA.  Brandon, examining the Ultimatrix: Huh?

Ultimatrix, poping up matrix, revealing new alien hologram, in robotic female voice: Transformation now avalible for use.

Coco: Looks like we found our guy.

Sarah: Brandon, this time, we're doing this as a team.

Elizabeth, in battle gear and drawing her sword, entering the facility: And I'm joining you.

Coco: Whoa...

Sarah elbows Coco.

Brandon: Elizabeth-

Elizabeth: Brandon, this is my country. I fight where I can and this is my fight too.

Amy looks at Brandon and Elizabeth.

Amy: I- I'm also here... with you. And I've got my own armor. (to Sparky) Here boy.

Sparky then forms around Amy and merges with her to create battle armor.

James: Whoa...

Gates elbows James.

Brandon: Us verus a horde of aliens... Gates? James?

Gates: My job is contain alien threats, Brandon. I'll be more than happy to knock a few out.

James: I might just be a scientist but this my world too. I'm with you, buddy.

Brandon: Right. It's Hero Time!

Brandon slaps down the face plate. He then transforms into a New Alien, a humanoid alien with a green exoskeleton, purple gloves and blue skin.

New Alien: PORTAL!

Coco: So... what's this guy do?

Portal: I don't know. Let's find out.

Portal faces the oncoming horde of aliens. He extends his hand out as purple energy surges through his arm. He then releases the blast and creates a portal in front of the horde. The horde then stops and looks into the dark portal.

Portal: Huh. I thought that would be more exciting. I guess I have to train a little mo-

Suddenly, a red train then flies out of the portal and smashes into the horde of aliens. Portal turns around and sees the train exit his portal.

Portal: Whoa...

Nomad, looks at Portal: Everyone... who serves me,... come and fight.

More aliens then enter through the surrounding portals. One of the bigger aliens roars at the team. Portal stands in front, holding his ground, and the shot rotates around the team to show, Coco absorbing the ground and gaining a stone form, then Sarah reading her energy discs, then Amy aiming Sparky's arm blaster, then James pulling out a wrench from his lab coat, then General Gates retriving his blaster from his holstier, then Elizabeth readying her sword.

Nomad: All of you... can't possibly stop me.

Portal: Yeah? Let's just see about that.

Nomad signals for the army to attack as they close on the science facility.

Portal: Remember guys, don't let them get to the generator. If they do, the Earth gets turned to ash and eaten by Nomad.

Elizabeth: Let's finish these invaders.

The horde then closes in on the team as they fight to protect the generator. Portal strikes one of the aliens in the stomach which throws him into the ceiling of the facility, Elizabeth slashes one of them with her sword, Coco claspes his hands together and uppercuts an enemy, Portal jumps up and sends a flying alien into a portal, Gates fires his blaster at two aliens, one of the aliens grabs James but James hits it at the side of its head with his wrench causing it to fall over, Sarah defends herself using her energy discs, Elizabeth kicks an alien off of her and looks up to see Portal direct his portal to throw the flying alien into another, James then throws his wrench at an alien, knocking it out, and the wrench flies back into James hands, Amy flies upwards and fires lasers from Sparky's blaster arm at some of the aliens who are approaching the facility, and Portal then releases concentrated energy from his hands and blasts an alien away. The next scene then shows all of them fighting together as one against the horde. Nomad then gets upset and decides to head over to the science facility, himself. He fires concentrated cosmic energy at Portal who gets hit and is knocked inside the science facility. He then looks up and charges for Nomad. He jumps and creates a portal in front of him, jumping through. The other portal then appears above Nomad in which Portal jumps out of and strikes Nomad. Nomad then grabs Portal and strikes him twice until Portal fires concentrated cosmic energy into Nomad's face causing him to fall over and drop Portal. Amy notices this and flies over to Brandon and fires lasers at Nomad. Sarah makes her way outside and fires a pink energy beam at Nomad.

Nomad: AHHH!

Nomad then strikes the ground which throws Amy and Sarah back to the others while Portal is simply thrown back.

Nomad, now smaller than before: No one will stop me!

Portal: Think again, big guy!

Portal then jumps up and punches Nomad in the face, sending them through a portal created by Nomad. Elsewhere, a portal opens up by some ruins.

The Stonehenge, England

Nomad and Portal fall through the portal and land on the fields by the Stonehenge.

Portal: You're loosing your power, Nomad.

Nomad: I'll just regain it at... the energy beam.

Portal: We're not in Zankotova.

Nomad looks around.

Nomad: You forget who I am. I am the Master of All Space!

Nomad then draws in cosmic energy from around the area and attempts to build a portal but it doesn't work.

Portal: Looks like we're in the one place not affected by the Dimensional Rift or your portals.

Nomad: No matter... I still have enough energy to destroy you than I can feed off of your remaining energy.

Portal: Yeah that's not gonna happen.

Nomad then fires a cosmic energy beam at Portal who also fires an energy beam. The two beams then collide and remain equally in place.

Nomad, pushing harder: I am stronger... I am The Master of All Space! I AM NOMAD!

Portal: What makes me better than you isn't the powers.

Portal pushes harder and his beam starts to overcome.

Portal: It's what I'm fighting for.

Portal then manages to dominate Nomad's blast and throw him close to the portal. Nomad then looks up and sees Portal, struggling to lift up a piece of the Stonehenge, which he then uses to strike Nomad with into the portal. Back in Zankotova, the team finishes up with the last of Nomad's minions.

Coco: That's the last of 'em.

James: The generator is ready to release it's energy and create a portal. We just need to channel it.

Nomad then falls behind the science facility into the mountain side. Portal then falls through the portal and lands on Nomad.

Portal, to James: Is the generator ready?

James, going to the back of the facility: All systems are ready.

Portal then fires cosmic energy at the generator from the opening at the back of the facility. The generator then closes the portal in space and redirects the beam towards the mountain-side where Nomad is. Nomad then gets up and sees the satellite dish aimed at him. He then moves out of the way as it fires the beam from the generator at the mountain side. A big portal then opens up to another dimension. Portal stands in front of Nomad.

Nomad: No one can defeat me!

Portal: Maybe no one but as a team, we can do anything.

Nomad: No force in my previous dimension was able to overcome me. What makes you so different?

Portal: Me? I'm Brandon 10.

Portal then fires a blast at Nomad which sends him through the portal. Nomad is still hanging onto the sides of the collasping portal.

Portal: Give him everything you've got.

Coco throws a boulder, Sarah fires energy discs, Amy fires from Sparky's arm blaster, James increases the beam by adjusting the generator, Elizabeth throws her sword. Nomad then looses his grip and falls in as the portal collaspes around him. Portal then stands by the facility watching the place where the portal. He then places his hand on the Ultimatrix symbol, on his chest, and transforms back into Brandon. Sparky then unmerges from Amy.

Sparky: Spark! Spark!

Coco drops his stone form and Gates puts his blaster back in his holsteir. They stand there in silence.

James: So... um... is it over?

The Earth then shakes slightly as all of the portals created by Nomad close off forever after most of the aliens controlled by Nomad are sucked back into the portals.

Brandon: There. Now it's over.

As seen from space, the Earth looses it's purple glow and returns back to normal. Later, the Mechanics are seen aiding the people of Zankotova. General Gates is seen talking to a Mechanic in somewhat of an argument. James is examining all of the broken technology inside the science facility while Brandon and Elizabeth are seen sitting on the stairs of the trashed science facility.

Elizabeth: Well that was quite a day.

Brandon: (laughs) Yeah...

Elizabeth: What's wrong? The battle's won. You saved the world once again.

Brandon, looking at her: I almost let it get destroyed. Nomad was too powerful for me to take on alone and, even with a team, it took a while.

Elizabeth: What are you trying to say?

Brandon: I'm saying that nothing will ever be the same. I've seen people lose their lives today and I've seen others controlled by a monster from another dimension.

Elizabeth: And it's not your fault. You saved countless others.

Brandon: True. But for every person I save, there's always someone ready to fall for them. If Nomad succeeded, he would have just moved on to other worlds until he was thrown into another dimension. What if he does what he did here, over there?

James, intrupping: Sorry to intruppt but I overheard your conversation. I took the liberty of using the cosmic energy to locate a dimension where Nomad can feed on cosmic energy without destroying any planets.

Brandon: What type of dimension is that?

James: It's dimension composed of the same energy used to create the portals. And as long as he's in that dimension, there's no way he's getting back here.

Brandon: Nice work, James.

Brandon and James fist bump.

James: I just fist bumped THE Brandon 10. How cool is that? (runs inside)

Elizabeth: (giggles) So I guess there's no more problems involving Nomad then.

Brandon: Yeah, I guess not. But what about your problems with Zankotova and being more open to the world.

Elizabeth: After what happened today, no. I think my country deserves a time away from the outside lands as they need to recover.

Brandon: And I guess you're staying here.

Elizabeth: My place is with my people. (sees Amy playing with Sparky) And your place is with her.

Brandon turns his head and sees Amy and Sparky.

Brandon: She's my problem.

Elizabeth: Excuse me?

Brandon: Not like that- I mean, uh- I don't want to put those I love in harm's way.

Elizabeth: You can't stop being yourself. Eventually, they might be thrown into danger but that's why you're there. To save them.

Brandon: And what if I can't.

Elizabeth: Then at least you did the best you could. And they would know that.

Brandon then thinks about what she said as Elizabeth gets up from the stairs.

Elizabeth: Now if you would excuse me, Mr. 10.

Brandon then realizes something and gets up. He then bows to Elizabeth.

Brandon: Your highness.

Elizabeth laughs and then accepts his bow. Brandon then rises.

Elizabeth: I must attend to my people.

Brandon: Good luck with your country and everything.

Elizabeth: As to you with your... um... aliens troubleships. Till we meet again, Brandon.

Elizabeth then walks off. Brandon smiles and then turns to Amy. Amy is still playing with Sparky. She then sees Brandon approaching and gets up from the grass. Brandon then hugs Amy.

Amy: Are you alright?

Brandon: I'm fine now.

They disengage from the hug. Coco and Sarah then make their way over to them.

Coco: Having fun?

Sarah: Knock if off Coco. They were having a moment.

Brandon, blushing: Well I- I wouldn't say that. Exactly.

Amy: Oh you.

Sarah: So we saved the world again.

Coco: Now what?

Brandon: Now, its-

Mechanic Officer: Excuse, sir,- uh- Mister Brandon- 10, sir. Um... Units in Bellwood are saying that there was a prison break out and a lot of super powered prisoners escaped. They sort of need you back in Bellwood.

Brandon: Guess we're going to have to pause from our trip around the world.

Coco: Gives me more time to drive.

Sarah: I guess I've gathered enough research.

Brandon, to everyone: Right, guys, you heard the man- It's Hero Time!


The portal incident in Bellwood is seen on a screen. A figure is seen watching the monitor, standing.

Figure: No more...

The figure then, with a single punch, breaks the monitor.

Figure, clutching his armored fist: Time to take things into my own hands.


Major Events

  • Nomad attempts to annihilate the Earth
  • G.E.I.T. Charlie Base is attacked and disabled.
  • The world is invaded by Nomad and his minions.
  • The team travel to Zankotova for the first time
  • Nomad is sent to another dimension
  • Zankotova goes back into hiding for now
  • Brandon unlocks Portal

Characters and Castings


Minor Characters




  • This is the first film for Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero.
    • This is, however, the third film for the Brandon 10 Franchise.
  • Portal, Nomad, Warax, Cindy Quinn, Amanda Song and Elizabeth Kowalski make their first debuts.
  • Snow Bear, Agilmur, James, General Gates, Amy, Jeff Thompson, G.E.I.T., The Interceptor and the Mach 10 make their first live-action appearances.
  • The film takes place in 10 Earth locations: Bellwood, San Diego, Mexico, France, The Stonehedge, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Rio, Italy, and Zankotova.
  • Ultimate Conquest is a follow up on The Dark Dimension Part 1 and 2.
  • The film serves as a turning point towards the darker half of the series.
  • Ultimate Conquest is, technically, a sequel to the previous one, Brandon 10: Aliens Among Us.
  • Credit to Jack for helping with the casting for the film.
  • The movie contains a lot of reference to, not only the series but, the Brandon 10 Legacy.
  • This film was inspired by The Winter Soldier and Age of Ultron.
  • Ultimate Crusher's line was originally "You call that a warrior?" rather than "You just got crushed."
  • The title of the movie was going to be Ultimate Crisis but it was changed shortly after.
  • Due to Summer Fanon Con 2015 and Father's Day, the film was delayed by three days.