Brandon 10: The Ultimate Adventure
UltAdventure Cover
Series Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero
Genre Text Adventure
Platforms PC
Created By Brandon 10
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Critical Crisis

Brandon 10: The Ultimate Adventure is an upcoming online game for the series, Brandon 10.


Experience Brandon 10 like never before in an all new text adventure game.

Take control of the hero, Brandon 10, as you explore all sorts of iconic locations, interact with characters from the series and transform into your favorite alien heroes.

"Be the Ultimate Hero."



How to Play

The Ultimate Adventure functions like an ordinary text adventure game. In order to play, you simply enter a command such as look at or take followed by an object avaliable to you. (For example: Talk to Coco)

On the side screen, there are features to make your gameplay easier:

Inventory contains items that you collect over the course of your game.
Places and Objects show what's around you and what you can interact with. Clicking an object on that list will provide you a list of functions if you prefer not to type.
Compass shows which directions you can travel to. Like Places and Objects, you can click on the direction rather than typing it if that's what you prefer.

To complete the game, stick to the story and interact with objects in order to solve puzzles.


Version 1.0 Demo

Playable Characters

Playable Aliens

Non-Playable Characters



  • TBA


Version 1.0 - Added transformation system and set basis for story

Version 1.1 - Added second stage and first interactive fight scene.

Version 1.2 - Updated Game Cover and added story to menu page.

Version 1.3 - Removed fighting element, finished second stage and added actions for Hydro-Man.

Version 1.4 - Added Navigation Menu to Interceptor and First Hub Area.

Cheat Codes


  • This is the first playable game for Brandon 10.
    • In fact, this is the first playable game made by Brandon 10.
  • While the game is set during Ultimate Hero, there will be many references to the previous shows.
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