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Brandon 10: Return of the Conqueror
Series Brandon 10: Alien Force
Genre Action/Adventure
Platforms -XBOX


-Nintendo DS

Modes -New Game

-Continue Game


Created By Brandon
Game Guide
Brandon 10: Alien Force (Video Game)
Brandon 10: Genetic Journey

Brandon 10: Return of the Conqueror is a video game in Brandon 10.


The Conqueror returns and its up to Brandon and his awesome alien super heroes to save the Earth from being sucked into the Capture Zone in this new, epic Brandon 10 game! Play as Brandon 10 and fight through Bellwood and transform into all 10 of his alien heroes from Loch Ness to Crusher, to Brainiac to Snow Bear. Save the Earth by travelling to different alien worlds and face off against super evil villains from the show! It's Brandon 10 from Earth to Space to stop the Conqueror from conquering it all. Brandon 10: Return of the Conqueror! Avalible Now. 

Playable Characters

Playable Aliens

  • Loch Ness
    • Used to put out flames and fill water tanks
    • Uses Regeneration as a block
    • Medium Speed and Agility
  • Astro
    • Used to charge energy devices
    • Uses Cosmic Glow as a block
    • High Speed and Double Jump Boost
  • Crusher
    • Used to dragging heavy objects
    • Uses blocking as a block
    • Low Speed and Agility
  • Electrix
    • Used for charging electric devices
    • Uses Electric Shield as a block
    • Medium Speed and Agility.
  • Batwing
    • Used for gliding and breaking crystals
    • Uses Sonic Shield as a block
    • High Speed and Low Agility
  • BrandonBot
    • Used for hacking machines
    • Uses Data Shield as a block
    • Low Speed and Medium Agility.
  • Brainiac
    • Used for deflecting beams, charging machines and accessing codes
    • Uses Energy Shield as a block
    • Low Speed and Agility
  • Agilmur
    • Used for climbing walls and agility jumps
    • Uses Curl as a block
    • High Speed and Agility
  • Tick
    • Used for wheel mechandisms
    • Hides in small hole as a block
    • High Speed and Low Agility
  • Snow Bear
    • Used for freezing water and claw mechanisms
    • Uses Camoflague as a block
    • Medium Speed and Low Agility

Non-Playable Characters



  • Conqueror Droids
    • Regular
    • Laser
    • Armored
    • Dasher
  • Android Miners
    • Regular
    • Driller
    • Gaser
  • Bounty Minions
    • Miner
    • Bomber
    • Blaster
  • Insect Aliens
    • Normal
    • Spitter
    • Stinger
  • Unknown Brillia Species
  • Capture Zone Aliens
  • Pesadillas
    • Ghost
    • Darkness
    • Scarer



Cutscene 1

The Game begins at night right outside of Bellwood. The city is seen in the distance while the Bellwood sign stands tall in front. Then a sudden wind arises and the sign is blown off. Now in the city, the buildings tower silently in the dark of night and a large shadow hovers above. The screen goes higher and higher until it fully shows that this shadows was actually a large alien spaceship. On board, droids work around and a tall figure walks down to the window. He looks out and sees the city. A different type of droid apporches him from behind.

Droid Commander: Sir.

Figure: What is it now, droid?

Droid Commander: Capture Zone Stablizer Feild is now ready.

Figure: Excellent. With my way of accessing the Capture Zone, I can release chaos amoungst these Humans and rain terror on this Earth. Then just to prove myself as the most powerfulest being in the universe, I'll let this world dissolve into the void-like dimensional prison that I've rotted in for years!

Droid Commander: A calculated victory, sir.

Figure: No... A victory already. There is just one thing stopping my ultimate victory.

Droid Commander: What shall that be, sir?

Figure: The Hero of this World... My oldest enemy.

Droid Commander: The Human Child.

Figure: Yes.

A green-like reflection is now seen upon the window.

Figure: Bring me the head of Brandon 10!

Droid Commander: Command Accepted, sir.

Figure: Brandon Tennyson and all his fellow Humans shall be taught that no one can mess with-

The Figure turns around and reveals himself to be the Conqueror.

Conqueror: -The Conqueror of all 10 worlds. And soon... to be Earth! (laughs menaically)

The screen zooms out from the window and into the city where alien monsters transport from the portal. The screen continues to zoom out until it has reached a pair of black and white sneakers. The screen then rises from the sneakers and shows off Brandon Tennyson and then his team.

Sarah: Looks like the Conqueror is up to no good.

Coco: Again? I can't wait to punch his green teeth in.

Brandon: Sarah, try to help out the people. Coco, you can beat up as many uglies as you can imagine. And I've got The Conqueror.

Sarah: How come we're the backup?

Coco: As long as I get to beat something up.

The two run off to their sides. Brandon steps forwards and activates his Omnitrix preselected on the Loch Ness Hologram.

Brandon: It's Hero Time!

Level 1

Player is shown the basics of how to play the game with only the original 10 aliens with Snow Bear instead of 10 X.

Once Player has learned the basics, they proceed through the city and defeat any Conqueror Droids and Capture Zone aliens blocking the way. Player goes through the whole city through alleys and even buildings as an attempt to make it close enough to the spaceship. At the near end of the level, the player suceeds in getting to one of the tallest buildings in Bellwood and encounters the Conquror Droid Commander. They battle until the boss is at half-health; once that happens, he calls in for backup and a large pod is released from the spaceship and onto the rooftop. The pod then transforms into a giant Conqueror Droid. Once the player defeats the boss, the ending cutscene commences.

Cutscene 1 Ending

The Giant Conqueror Droid looks weakened.

Brandon: Let's finish this up. I have a planet to save.

Brandon transforms into Loch Ness and fires water at it. The Droid then attempts to hit Loch Ness but misses. Loch Ness then transforms into Electrix and fires an electric current at the water causing the droid to short-circuit. Electrix then transforms into Crusher and punches at the droid. The droid then grabs Crusher and begins to crush him but Crusher then transforms and isn't seen. Tick then crawls up its arm and fires mini-lasers at it. The droid, noticing, prepares to fire a charged eye beam at him but Tick transforms into Brainiac and sheilds himself from the beam. Brainiac then transforms into Batwing and files around it shooting sonic screams. The Droid attempts to swat down Batwing but Batwing manages to land on its head. Batwing then transforms into BrandonBot and hacks into the droid causing it to become immobile and cause damage to its systems. BrandonBot then Agilmur and swings around its arms literally disarming it. Agilmur after landing back on its head, jumps from the head and transforms into Snow Bear who breaths ice all over the droid on the way down. Once he lands, Snow Bear turns into Astro and fires a finishing beam at the droid causing it to explode into peices of ice. Astro then turns back into Brandon but the Omnitrix acts different.

Brandon: Well that's strange...

Suddenly the Omnitrix overloads and the shockwave attracts more aliens.

Sarah, in the distance with Coco: Brandon!

Brandon: How'd you guys find me?

Sarah: Figured you were trying to get to the ship at the tallest point.

Coco: And plenty of beat up aliens led us to you.

Sarah, noticing the Omnitrix: What happened?

Brandon, looking: I dunno. One moment I'm kicking this tin can and the next, I short out.

Coco: That's not all our problems. Look!

The team face Coco's direction and see the Capture Zone portal being activated and matter begins to shift into the portal. Capture Zone aliens climb up the tower and make their way to the team.

Sarah: We're too late!

Brandon: No way! There's has to be a way of stopping this thing!

Suddenly a rift appears in front of the team.

Coco: What is that?!

Brandon: I don't know. But we don't have much of a choice then finding out.

The team enter the rift at the last second and a white flash overcomes everything. They then appear in the same place but everything is normal.

Brandon: Wh- What happened?

Sarah: I can't believe this but... I think we just went back in time.

Coco: Seriously? Time Travel?

Brandon: Well this doesn't look anything like the Capture Zone. Maybe we were given a way to fix this.

Sarah: Or it could be luck. A cosmic incident like that is a miracle. Something like that to be produced would take immense pow- no. Forget that. It's just impossible to begin with.

Brandon: Well we can start by warning the Mechanics. Where's Uncle Bill?

Sarah: Something about a Mechanic Mission.

Brandon: I thought he was retired. Part of the Conqueror's plan?

Coco: Maybe. Sounds a bit fishy and I don't think its a water planet.

Sarah: Well if he's on another planet, how are we going to get to him?

Brandon: How else? (whisles a certain tune) Here boy!

Nothing happens for a moment but then Sparky (in spaceship mode) arrives and lands on the roof top.


Brandon: Good boy.

The team get in.

Sarah: Does Amy know you're borrowing Sparky?

Brandon: Um... I'm sure she'll notice.

Sparky then takes off for space.

Mini-Game Cutscene 1

Scene is now in Space from Spark's view.

Sarah, unseen: Setting Course.

Screen Shakes.

Brandon, unseen: Whoa! What was that?

Sarah, unseen: Large Closing-In Projectiles!

Brandon, unseen: Umm... What?

Coco, unseen: Asteriods, Genius.

Brandon, unseen: Oh right... I knew that.

Sparky: SHIP! SHIP!

  • Gameplay Commences* *After Space Mini-Game*

A planet appears.

Cutscene 2

Coco: Approching Ptreodia.

Brandon: Ptwhodia?

Sarah, correcting: Ptreodia. Planet of Gasadactly.

Coco: That stink alien you used 5 years ago.

Brandon: Oh yeah. I remember him. Man I had some good pranks with him.

Sparky enters its atmosphere but navigates through gas clouds.

Brandon: Whoa. It's so thick outside.

Sarah: It's Ptreodia's natural atmosphere. The planet literally produces... (sighs) gas.

Brandon tries not to laugh.

Sarah: Hardy Har Har. (looking at the screen) Uncle Bill has to be down there somewhere.

Coco: Well this gas is making it hard to land but I think I see a platform.

Brandon: Good enough for me. I'll meet you guys at the clear point.

Brandon opens the hatch and jumps out. He then lands on a platform and turns to see a blur of Sparky fly away.

Level 2

Gameplay Starts

Player gets Brandon through gas mining facility.

Brandon makes it the command center and sees the Robo-Bros.

Brandon: The Robo-Bros?

Robo-Bro #1: Well Well Well. If it isn't Brandon 10 also known as Brandon Tennyson.

Brandon: What are you two robot mutants doing here?

Robo-Bro #2: It just so happens that we were in the area.

Robo-Bro #1: Calculating High Levels of pure gas. This can power machines such as weapons, spaceships, robots like ourselves.

Robo-Bro #2: Weapons.

Robo-Bro #1: You forgot explosions.

Brandon: You won't be exploding anything soon. You're going down.

Robo-Bro #1: I calculate a 89.8% of failure. (turns hands into blasters) Bring it on.

Gameplay resumes

Cutscene 2 Ending

The Robo-Bros fall over; defeated. An object falls from their grasp and drops on the ground.

Brandon: Huh?

Brandon walks over to it and picks it up. A wind begins to blow and Brandon turns to see Sparky landing on a platform close to the command center. Brandon continues examining the object. Coco and Sarah come in through the airlock.

Brandon: Took you long enough.

Coco: Are you kidding? We had to fly around the whole planet until you came to the platform... twice.

Sarah, seeing the Robo-Bros: Company?

Brandon: But no Uncle Bill. I found this though (shows object)

Coco: It's a part for a generator.

Sarah: What would the Robo-Bros be doing with a generator part?

Brandon: Probably to power their weapons and explosions.

Coco: It produces plasma radiation. Enough to explode if used wrong. But used correctly... and you get a portal.

Brandon: The Conqueror must have used this to send the Earth into the Capture Zone before we went back.

Sarah: Now that we have the piece, the invasion is over?

Coco: There's more parts required to make a portal generator the size as the Conqueror had it.

Brandon: And Uncle Bill must be after the pieces. We have to find them and Uncle Bill before the Conqueror does.

Mini-Game Cutscene 2

Coco: Course set.

Sarah: More Asteroids.

Brandon: Let's do this thing.

Gameplay Commences

Gameplay Ends

White Planet Appears

Cutscene 3

Sparky lands on the planet where there is rapid snow drizzling down.

Brandon: Whoa. It's really snowy out there.

Coco: It should be. Ursia, home of the Snow Bears.

Brandon: I always wanted to see my aliens' home planets.

Sarah: Did you intend on freezing?

Brandon: There's a base not too far from here. You two should investigate that. Maybe Uncle Bill left something behind.

Sarah: What about you?

Brandon: I'll head into the caves and see if Uncle Bill is still around. Maybe he found something here.

Sarah: Or someone.

Coco opens the hatch and the team exit.

Gameplay begins

Level 3

Player navigates Brandon to the caves of the cold. Tunnel is blocked off behind him. Player navigates Brandon through the tunnels as he faces against Conqueror Droids and the natives.

At the end, Brandon enters an ice cave and sees Lendro.

Brandon: Lendro? What are you doing here?

Lendro: Brandon 10? I was just about to ask the same question.

Brandon: No you weren't...

Lendro: Was too! I mean. I'm here for official business involving the natives.

Brandon: Reeeally?

Lendro: Alright you got me. I was shipwrecked here on this frozen wasteland.

Brandon: Maybe you shouldn't be such a brat to the pilot and he wouldn't throw you out into space... again.

Lendro: You never understand. And you never will. I bet you came with your friends, right?

Brandon: Are you seriously going to try and take my ship after attempting to beat me?

Lendro: It's going to happen then we'll see how you like being stuck on an ice planet.

Gameplay resumes.

Player finds a way to drop icycles on Lendro until he's out cold.

Cutscene 3 Ending

Brandon walks over to Lendro's body. He looks around and sees a suspecious ice wall. He moves it and it reveals a way out of the caves.

Brandon: Great. Now I just need to-

Brandon turns and sees another piece to the generator. He walks up to it and picks it up.

Brandon: Another piece.

A hand lands on Brandon's shoulder. Brandon jumps and turns. Coco and Sarah are there.

Coco: Chill out, Tennyson.

Brandon: Wrong choice of words... I found another piece of the generator. Lendro was probably using it as heat.

Sarah: Sort of strange seeing him here.

Brandon: It's a long story... well not really. Any sign of Uncle Bill?

Sarah: We found this (shows Mechanic Badge)

Brandon: Uncle Bill's Mechanic Badge. He knew we'd find him here.

Sarah presses it and a hologram of Uncle Bill appears.

Uncle Bill Hologram: Brandon, if you're getting this message, or any other Mechanic Officers out there, we are facing a crisis like no other. The Conqueror is back and he's got a plan that I haven't quite found out yet. I need to investigate. I visited the planets of your aliens, Snow Bear and Gasadactly, in an attempt to stop the Conqueror. I couldn't find anything but that means he didn't either. I'll be leaving behind messages like these as a follow-up. The next planet I think he will strike next is Warasauria.

Cutscene 4 Mini-Game

Coco: Astroids Incoming!

Brandon: We really need a new route... Do your thing Sparky.


Gameplay Starts

Player destroys astroids and gets to the end.

Gameplay Ends

Planet is shown.

Cutscene 4

Sparky lands on the planet. It is green, rocky and full of vegetation. The hatch opens and the team steps out.

Sarah: Finally a safe place to land. No gas nor snow.

Brandon: I'm sure something will come up. But at least we're on a planet I know.

Sarah: Warasauria?

Brandon: Yeah. So where do you think Uncle Bill is?

Coco: Or the Conqueror.

Sarah: Not sure. Warasauria doesn't have any Mechanic bases, I think. Look for something unusual.

Brandon: ...I've got one...

Coco: What?

Brandon: If this is Warasauria then where are all the Warasaurians?

Sarah: That is stran-

Coco: Look out!

Coco moves Sarah out of the way and Brandon dodge rolls right as a missile comes down at them. A large tree comes down and seperates them.

Brandon: Heh... See? I told you something would happen. (gets up and dusts himself off)

Sarah, getting up: What was that?

Coco, getting up: Missile. Warasauria remember?

Brandon: Uncle Bill could be in more trouble now. Try and make them stop firing over here. I'll try and find Uncle Bill.

Brandon heads off into the forest.

Gameplay Starts.

Level 4

Player navigates Brandon through forest and temples. Player defeats plant creatures and rock monsters along the way. At the end, Brandon runs into a temple and sees the Sorceress.

Brandon: The Sorceress? I'd be surprised to see you here if your pets didn't ruin the surprise.

Sourceress: You must be charmed, i'm sure.

Brandon: What are you doing here?

Sourceress: Just experimenting with the locals. There is some pretty decent magic energy in these tombs. And I do need more pets.

Brandon: That still doesn't explain how you got here in the first place. Last time I checked, Witches don't fly into space.

Sourceress: Magic, duh. Now if you'll mind, I'll be destroying you now.

Brandon: We'll see about that.

Gameplay resumes.

The player attempts to reflect her magic right back at her using ancient machinery in the temple.

Cutscene 4 Ending

The Sourceress falls over and is knocked out. Her creatures dissappears. Brandon sees a device in her hands. Brandon retrives it as Sarah and Coco storm in.

Brandon: The Sourceress had another piece of the portal generator.

Sarah: It's too bad I missed her being defeated.

Coco: I can't believe she was MY arch-enemy.

Sarah: Any sign of Uncle Bill?

Brandon: No... I guess that means you found squat too.

Coco: We found the Warasaurians. They were mind-controlled which makes sense on why she's here.

Sarah: They'll go back to war but there's nothing against us.

Coco: We'll have the Mechanics take her away.

Brandon turns his head and sees a device in the distance.

Brandon: Hey...What's that?

Brandon goes over to it as the others stay slightly where they are. Brandon picks it up and sees that its a Mechanic Badge.

Sarah, surprised: Another Mechanic Badge?

Coco: Good thing he happens to keep spares.

Brandon presses it and Uncle Bill's hologram comes up again.

Uncle Bill Hologram: Brandon, I know this is you getting this. I searched all over Warasauria before the Conqueror arrived. I couldn't find anything but the locals were acting a bit strange. I suppose you took care of that now. Maybe you found something too. Never-the-less, The Conqueror is not too far behind you which means you have to keep moving. I checked my energy readings and it turns out that there is some unusual technology activity found on Chiroptia. I'm searching the planet now and I think you should too, Brandon. I think you on this. Bill out.

Cutscene 5 Mini-Game

Coco: Picking up activity!

Brandon: Let me guess... More Astroids?

Coco: We're getting something else?

Brandon: Finally! I bet me and everyone else were getting tired of seeing astroids.

Sparky: Droids! The Conqueror must have sent out a batch of them.

Brandon: Great...

Coco: Oh. And some incoming astroids.

Brandon: Dang it.

Gameplay starts.

Player dodges and attacks droids and astroids.

Gameplay ends.

Planet is shown.

Cutscene 5

Sparky lands in a forest. The team exit through the hatch once more. Some bat aliens fly over above.

Brandon, looking up: That sort of looks like Batwing.

Coco: Well this is Batwing's home planet.

Brandon: Really? Cool. I always wanted to see my alien's home worlds.

Sarah: You already said that.

Brandon: Did I? It must be a long day.

Coco: We should do a scan for technology.

Coco scans for technology and the team walk over the hill. There is a large voilent shake.

Brandon: Whoa!

Sarah: What was that? Sizmic activity?

Coco: Earthquakes don't really happen here.

There is another voilent shake. Brandon looses his balance and falls off the ledge.

Sarah: Brandon!

Brandon continues falling down the hole. Sarah throws her hands out and catches Brandon with her energy. Brandon face splats against the energy field.

Brandon: Ow...

Sarah: Brandon, are you alright?

Brandon, getting up: Fine... I'll see if I can find a way up through here or something.

Sarah and Coco leave. Brandon turns to a cave enterance.

Brandon: Or maybe whats causing those erruptions...

Brandon heads off.

Gameplays starts.

Level 5

Player navigates Brandon through the caves as he defeats insect-like aliens, Conquer droids and Minions. This involves a series of jumping over abysses and dodges stalactites.When the player reaches the end, Brandon reaches a cave room with some drilling machines and The Bounty Hunter.

Bounty Hunter, seeing Brandon: Brandon 10?! What are you doing here?

Brandon: I was going to ask YOU to same question.

Bounty Hunter: What's it to you?

Brandon: Well considering how you commit criminal offenses every now and then...

Bounty Hunter: I'm doing what I'm always doing. Mining.

Brandon: Yeah? Well your mining is causing some serious erruptions on the surface.

Bounty Hunter: Sorry, Officer, but the erruptions open up more cave opening which means more minerals and more minerals means more money and more money means a rich Bounty Hunter.

Brandon: It also means a butt kicking.

Bounty Hunter: You may have beaten me before, Tennyson, but I'm in my element.

Brandon: You always are. That never stopped me before!

Gameplay resumes.

Player attempts to use driling equiptment to weaken the Bounty Hunter by dropping stalactites on him.

Cutscene 5 Ending

The Bounty Hunter falls onto a machine. It activates and fires a laser at the cave wall until it gets destroyed. Brandon looks out of the hole and a gust of wind is blown onto him. Brandon looks again and sees Sparky landing. With the hatch already open, Sarah and Coco jump out.

Brandon: How'd you guys-

Coco: Technology Scan. Any generator pieces?

Brandon: No. Just some drilling equipment.

Sarah: What about that thing?

Brandon and Coco turn and see the drilling laser.

Brandon: What? The drilling laser?

Coco: It's not a drilling laser. It's a portal projector.

Sarah: Thought it looked a bit different.

Brandon: Now I'm starting to feel like the sidekick.

Coco examines the machine.

Coco: Check this out.

Coco takes off a Mechanic Badge from the side of the portal laser.

Brandon: Uncle Bill's Badge.

Coco: The Bounty Hunter was using it as a power source. Not sure if the message will show (passes it to Brandon)

Brandon: Any clue is better than no clue.

Brandon activates the message and a hologram of Bill comes up.

Uncle Bill Hologram: Brandon, I hope you're ge- -e- t-ng this me- ss-age. There was too much activity on Chripotia. I'm sure you handled it. I'm starting to piece together the Conqueror's pla-a-a-a-n. Head over to Bouldia. I can't land due to the electric s-s-- o- m - but that ship of yo- o- is go- -ng-ough. I h---ho-pe. Be carefu- B-Br—a-n- your enemy T-- e-was caught snea—a- k- out of Mechanic Prison. I'm sure he's on the pla- -a-- n-. Make sure he doesn't get the gener----- (static)

Brandon: Uncle Bill?

Uncle Bill Hologram: (coming back on) -ood luck, Brando- -o o-n. -- ---ds—d--I- beliv—e- --in- yoo- u-u-u-u. (static)

Brandon stares at the static on the hologram.

Cutscene 6 Mini-Game

Sarah: There's more of the Conqueror Droids.

Brandon: Aw man. What are they doing here?

Coco: Probably to destroy us.

Brandon: Well duh. They're not here to make us sandwiches.

Gameplays starts.

Player destroys and avoids asteroids and Conqueror Droids.

Gameplay ends.

A Planet appears.

Cutscene 6

Sparky flies through the planet's atmosphere.

Sarah: Entering through the atmosphere...

Lightning strikes Sparky and the ship rocks.

Brandon: Whoa!

Sarah: What was that?

Coco: Electric Storm. The atmosphere is made of it.

Sarah: How are we going to land?

Coco: With persion.

Coco dodges through the electric storm but is hit by lightning at the last second. Sparky then crashes. Everyone gets out and Sparky reforms.

Sparky, weakly: Spark... Spark...

Brandon, petting: There. There.

Coco: We're sort of stuck here until he recovers.

Brandon: Can you take care of him?

Sarah: I'll try using my powers.

Coco: I'm good with machines but this might be a challenge. Where are you off to now?

Brandon: Uncle Bill said there was an old enemy here... (turns to a rocky cliff with a tower on the top) I'm going to find out who it is.

Gameplay starts.

Level 6

Player navigates Brandon through a cave and up a cliff as he battles against Conquer Droids and dodges Electrical Hazards. When he gets to top of the tower. He encounters Tyler.

Brandon: Tyler?!

Tyler: Well hello... Brandon 10.

Brandon: What are you doing here?

Tyler: What does it look like?

Brandon: I'd tell you but I don't want to hurt your feelings.

Tyler: Mock me as much as you'd like, Tennyson, but I'm superior here.

Brandon: What do you mean?

Tyler: It's so obvious. The electric storms... I get my power from them.

Brandon: Oh...

Tyler: I bet you brought your cousin too... I'm sure she'll make a great dessert.

Brandon: The only dessert you're getting is a kunckle sandwich, Tyler.

Tyler: Bring it on, Tennyson. You can not defeat me and my power! (shows electric hands)

Gameplay resumes.

Player attempts to destroy the generators feeding Tyler.

Cutscene 6 Ending

Tyler stummbles around.

Tyler: My... Power...

Tyler falls over and his mask comes off. Brandon sees a battery generator in the corner of the room. He examines it. Sparky then flies over and lands on the top of the tower close to Brandon. Sarah and Coco come out.

Coco: Working like a charm. He's fixed.

Sarah, correcting: Healed. He's healed. Just needed some rest.

Coco: What'd you find?

Brandon: Her ex-boyfriend... and a battery. Is it a part of the portal generator that the Conqueror needs?

Coco: I suppose so.

Sarah: So we have three pieces, a projector and a battery. What else could he need?

Coco: A Portal Core. Easy to make with the right materials but I doubt the Conqueror will go and pre-order one.

The Omnitrix beeps.

Brandon: Uncle Bill?

A hologram of Sophia comes up.

Sophia: Brandon?

Brandon: Sophia? What are you doing here? Er... On my Omnitrix?

Sophia: Something terrible happened! Come help!

Brandon: Well where are you?

Sophia: I don't know. I forgot.

Coco: I can track the signal.

Brandon: Don't worry Sophia. We'll be right there... Wherever you are.

Cutscene 7 Mini-Game

Coco: More Conqueror Droids.

Brandon: Don't these guys give up?

Sarah: It's not in their programming.

Brandon: Programming? Do you think we can reprogram them to arrive in a formation and move down horizontally like in that video game?

Coco: This isn't a game, Brandon.

Gameplay starts.

Gameplay ends.

Planet appears.

Cutscene 7

Sparky lands in a ditch after descending past a temple shooting an electric laser in the sky. The hatch opens and the team exit. Sophia runs in.

Sophia: Brandon!

Brandon: Sophia? What are you doing on an alien planet?

Sophia: There was a spaceship and they said you wanted us to come see you.

Brandon: Me?

Sophia: Yeah. You were there and Kayla disappeared.

Brandon: But I'm here...

Sarah: Could this be an effect from the time travel?

Brandon: I don't know...

Coco: Time Travel isn't real anyways.

Brandon: Why not? I did it before. WE did it at the begining.

Sarah, to Sophia: Don't worry we'll find Kayla.

Brandon: Sarah, you need to stay with Sophia.

Sarah: Okay... Brandon and Coco will find Kayla.

A Conqueror Droid appears and hovers over Coco. Brandon notices this.

Brandon: Watch out!

The droid stuns Coco and carries him off to the temple.

Sarah: just Brandon.

Brandon: I have a feeling they're both in that temple... And I have a feeling I know who else is in there.

Level 7

Gameplay starts.

Player navigates Brandon through the depts. He manages to get onto the mountain near the end and finds a way to activate an energy bridge to the temple. The player then guides Brandon through the temple and its security until he makes it to the main room. At the end, Brandon enters a labortory and sees Kayla and Coco in chambers; unconcious.

Brandon, going to them: Kayla! Coco!

Voice: Not so fast, Brandon.

Brandon turns around and sees a figure across from him wearing his same shoes.

Brandon: I had a feeling you were behind this, clone.

The figure steps out of the shadows revealing himself to be Brandon Clone.

Brandon Clone: I guess you're not as dim as your relatives.

Brandon: What are you doing here?

Brandon Clone: On Brillia? Why wouldn't I be? The perfect place to escape to after breaking out of prision. More than enough materials to make a core for my new Omnitrix. (shows Omnitrix)

Brandon: Why'd you bring Kayla and Sophia here? And why'd you kidnap Coco too?

Brandon Clone: I remember them slightly. I figured I minus as well have a team of my own. Brillia has the technology to makes exact copies of a living organisim. Just with my template. Hope you like red.

Brandon: You're not getting away with it, me.

Brandon Clone: I'm not you. You're me.

Gameplay resumes.

Player must defeat Brandon Clone in every alien form he transforms into.

Cutscene 7 Ending

Brandon Clone transforms back into his Human Form and falls over. Brandon presses a button and the chambers open. Later, everyone is settling in.

Kayla: What happened? Where am I?

Brandon: It's hard to explain. You were sort of kidnapped by a evil version of me.

Coco: So he was trying to clone us?

Brandon: He even reprogrammed the Conqueror droids.

Coco: Don't even start.

Kayla: Is Sophia alright?

Brandon: We left her with Sarah. She's okay.

Coco: So no Portal Core?

Brandon: Nope. Nothing at a- Hey. Wait a minute...

Brandon walks over to Brandon Clone and fiddles with his Omnitrix. Brandon then pulls out a core.

Brandon: Is this good enough?

Coco: Good? No. Good enough. Sure.

Brandon: The Conqueror must have taken it from Brandon Clone in the other reality. Now that we have this and the other pieces, He has nothing.

Coco: There are substitutes but it he'll get slowed down.

Brandon: I just hope we find Uncle Bill...

Kayla: We found this. (shows Mechanic Badge) Your clone had it.

Brandon activates it and an Uncle Bill Hologram comes up.

Uncle Bill Hologram: Brandon, I found the Conqueror. He's heading for the planet- Oh no. I'm being sucked into a portal to the Capture Zone. I can't... break away.... I hope you get this message, Brandon. AHHHHH- (static)

Brandon: Uncle Bill?!

Coco: He's in the Capture Zone.

Brandon: Then that means we don't have any time to waste.

Cutscene 8

Sparky flies through space.

Sarah: Don't worry Brandon. They'll be fine at the Mechanic Base.

Brandon: It's not just that. Uncle Bill's in the Capture Zone and we have no way of getting there.

Coco: That's not exactly true...

Coco sets Sparky for auto-pilot and goes into the cargo bay. He pulls out a Capture Zone Projector.

Sarah: Where'd you get that?

Coco: I'm borrowing it from a friend.

Brandon: A legal friend?

Coco: Yes...

Brandon: Why do you have one anyways?

Coco: For sending baddies away. Now we can send you away.

Sarah: Are you sure this is a good idea? What if Brandon gets stuck there? Or if he misses the portal? Or ends up in space?

Coco: I'll just track him using the Omnitrix.

Brandon: Is that how you found me after I borrowed your car that one time?

Coco: No... I used the tracking system in my car.

Brandon: So wait. When I go in, what about the-

Coco shoots Brandon and Brandon disappears into the Capture Zone.

Brandon: -aliens? ...Great. Let's try at the old refuge, Brandon.

Gameplay Starts.

Level 8

Player navigates Brandon through the Capture Zone as he faces against some Capture Zone aliens. At the end, Brandon finds the Creator at Uncle Bill's refuge.

The Creator: Brandon Tennyson...

Brandon: What are you- Nevermind... I forgot you were still in this place.

The Creator: You may have defeated me when you were a child and before but I repaired my errors and reprogrammed my work!

Brandon: And yet it still doesn't have cupholders.

The Creator: You will soon see that I, The Creator, am the most powerfulest being, not only in the Capture Zone, but in the universe!

Gameplay resumes.

Player destroys generator in order to defeat the Creator.

Cutscene 8 Ending

The Creator is thrown into a wall and falls over. Brandon transforms back into Brandon.

Brandon: And that's that.

Brandon then notices some of The Creator's inventions lying around.

Brandon: Maybe one of these things can take me back to the surface.

Brandon picks up and examines sereval machines until he notices an orb in a chest.

Brandon: Whoa...

The Creator then wakes up and sees Brandon. He appoarches him, ready to attack, when suddenly he is blasted. Brandon turns around and sees The Creator; out cold. He looks up and sees Uncle Bill with a blaster on the other side of the court.

Uncle Bill: And stay down.

Brandon: Uncle Bill!

Brandon hugs Uncle Bill.

Uncle Bill: Whoa. Hey there kiddo. What have you been up to?

Brandon: Just looking for you and some generator parts throughout the galaxy.

Uncle Bill: Great. At this rate, the Conqueror won't be getting anywhere near the destruction of Earth.

Brandon: Look, Uncle Bill, I found this. (shows orb) We can use it to escape the Capture Zone.

Uncle Bill: You mean that you just thrown yourself in the Capture Zone after dangerously going to alien worlds without any backup plan?

Brandon: ...Yeah.

Uncle Bill: It's extremely brave of you, Brandon, and I'm proud of you.

Brandon: Thanks, Uncle Bill. (poking at the orb) Now how does this thing-

The two then disappear.

Cutscene 9

Sparky hovers in space in spaceship mode. Onboard, Coco and Sarah sit waiting. A glow is then seen. Brandon and Bill then appear within the spaceship.

Brandon: -thing. (noticing) Oh.

Sarah: Brandon! You're okay.

Brandon: Yeah. And look who I found in the Capture Zone.

Uncle Bill: Hey kids.

Sarah: Uncle Bill!

Sarah hugs Uncle Bill.

Uncle Bill: Why hello there, Sarah. Glad to see you kids are alright.

Sarah: You too, Uncle Bill.

Brandon: So we have all the pieces of the generator now, right?

Uncle Bill: Almost.

Brandon: Aw come on. I really want this whole trip to be over already.

Uncle Bill: From what I gathered, you collected all the pieces of a normal generator. But the Conqueror's plans are so diabolical that he needs something more.

Coco: Such as?

Uncle Bill: Such as a Terrocal Nightrate Core.

Coco: No way. That's impossible.

Brandon: A what the who now?

Uncle Bill: A Terrocal Nightrate Core is a power core used to power generator of portals between our dimension and the Nightmare Realm.

Sarah: The Nightmare Realm?

Brandon: Big Boo's Planet. Er... Dimension.

Sarah: Oh...

Coco: How can the Conqueror get to the Nightmare Realm without a Terrocal Core? How can we even get there without a Terrocal Core?

Uncle Bill: The Conqueror has his ways. Now how we are, I don't know.

Brandon: When I first went to the Nightmare Realm, I used my portal. Do you have any spare tech we can use, Coco?

Coco: Maybe. But its extremely experimental.

Coco goes to the cargo bay and retrives a portal device.

Uncle Bill: It's worth the risk. If the Conqueror gets his hands on the Terrocal Core, the Earth could be sucked into the dimension of his choosing.

Coco: Well here goes nothing.

Coco actives the device and the team is transported. Brandon then wakes up in the Nightmare Realm.

Brandon: Huh? Sarah? Uncle Bill? Coco? Guys?

Voice: Heh Heh Heh Heh...

Brandon, glupping: That doesn't sound good.

Voice: It's been so long, Brandon, but now revenge has called my name.

Ghost Brandon appears in front of Brandon.

Brandon: Ghost Brandon!

Ghost Brandon: Not such a surprise as you're the ones who came into my realm.

Brandon: Where are my friends?

Ghost Brandon: I captured them. But you managed to escape with your DNA similar to my own.

Brandon: I'll stop you.

Ghost Brandon: Go ahead and play your game, Brandon. But in this world, you play the game by my rules... (disappears)

Brandon looks around the Nightmare Realm.

Gameplay Starts.

Level 9

Player navigates Brandon through the Nightmare Realm; defeating Pesadillas with the pocketed lights in the ground and avoiding Fear Traps such as never-ending abysses with teeth. When Brandon reaches the end, He encounters Ghost Brandon.

Brandon: Let them go, Ghost Me!

Ghost Brandon: It seems that defeated my army of Pesadillas. No matter. I wanted to pleasure of killing you myself.

Brandon: Oh yeah? What makes you think I can't take you down like the rest of the bad guys?

Ghost Brandon: Because you can't hit what you can't see (disappears)

Brandon: Aw man. I hate it when he does that.

Gameplay resumes.

Player attempts to break open pocketed lights at each corner of the arena and defeat Ghost Brandon momentarly at each corner. When all corners are lite, Ghost Brandon is weakened and the player defeats him finally.

Cutscene 9 Ending

Ghost Brandon lays on the ground  under the light. He gets up weakly but Brandon goes close with a light sphere in his hands.

Ghost Brandon: AHH! THE LIGHT! IT BURNS!

Brandon: Give them back!

Ghost Brandon: You'll all die here.

Brandon moves the light sphere closer.

Ghost Brandon: AHHHH! Okay! Okay!

The rest of the team appear near by Brandon.

Coco: What happened?

Brandon, looking: Guys. You're okay.

Ghost Brandon slaps the light sphere from Brandon's hand. Brandon turns back surprised.

Ghost Brandon: At last, I WILL have my vengenace!

Ghost Brandon reaches to possess Brandon but Sarah blocks him with her energy shield.

Uncle Bill: Why don't you get a taste of this?

Bill pulls out a device and fires it at Ghost Brandon. A bright light covers Ghost Brandon.

Ghost Brandon: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- (fades off)

Uncle Bill: Good thing I happen to be carrying my Sun Gun on me.

Brandon: Didn't I make th-

Sarah: Guys over here. (shows core) Is this the um-

Coco: Terrocal Nightrate Core? Yeah.

Brandon: Let's get out of here before GB comes BK.

Uncle Bill activates the core and team dematerializes. Later, Sparky flies in spaceship mode through space.

Uncle Bill: Now that we have all the pieces, we can stop the Conqueror from conquering the Earth.

Brandon: Well where is he now?

Uncle Bill: Where do you think?

Sparky flies to Earth.

Uncle Bill: Earth...

Cutscene 10

Sparky lands in the city on an abandoned street. The hatch opens and the team steps out.

Brandon: Everything looks fine... I think we did it.

A shadow overcomes Bellwood.

Uncle Bill: Look again.

The Conqueror's spaceship hovers over the city. The projector activates.

Sarah: He has another projector! But how?

Coco: Like I said before, There are other places to get them.

Uncle Bill: But they're not as powerful. Look!

The Projector then deactivates.

Uncle Bill: Not enough juice to blast the whole planet.

Sarah: Our trip to the past must have reset everything. Bellwood isn't destroyed. 

Coco: But we've got incoming.

The team looks around and are surrounded by Capture Zone aliens.

Brandon: Back to where we started.

Sarah: What do we do?

Uncle Bill: We need to stop the Conqueror from opening any more portals.

Coco: These Capture Zone creeps are going to need to be handled.

Brandon: Well then I guess its Hero Time!

Gameplay starts.

Level 10

Player navigates Brandon through Bellwood again; defeating aliens from the Capture Zone. At one point, the player gets Brandon to a roof with a satelite. Brandon uses BrandonBot to hack the Satelite to attract a Capture Zone Projectile and rewrite it as a teleportation shaft to the ship. After stepping into the teleportation shaft, a cutscene begins.

The Conqueror has his back to Brandon when he teleports on board.

Conqueror: Tennyson...

Brandon: I guess its true that when you spend too much time when someone, they know you're every move. Guess its time for a break up, Conqueror.

Conqueror: I'll be more than happy to break you into pieces.

Brandon: Okay... Totally not what I meant.

Conqueror: You have been a torn in my side for too long. It is my time to rise. My time to conquer. My time to return.

Brandon: The only time on this watch is Hero Time!

Gameplay resumes.

Player attempts to use BrandonBot to activate a mechanism then use Astro to charge it which activates a laser pointed at a certain area for the player to use Brainiac's energy shield to reflect the energy beam at the Conqueror. The player uses Tick to unreel a chamber then Batwing to break a crystal powering the generator. When the Conqueror goes into the chamber to repair the crystal, the player uses Electrix to charge the chamber which electrocutes him. To finish him off, the player uses Loch Ness to fill a tank which splashes onto the Conqueror then use Snow Bear is freeze the water and then Crusher to break the ice.

Cutscene 10 Finale

The Conqueror falls to the ground defeated.

Conqueror: I will not be defeated.

A figure appoarches Brandon from behind and shoots him with a blaster. Brandon falls over out cold. The figure is revealed to be the Command Conqueror Droid.

Conqueror: Where were you?

The Droid: Occupied. (scans Brandon) I detect materials on the Human.

Conqueror: Bring them to me.

Later, Brandon wakes up trapped within a chamber with a laser pointed at him.

Brandon: What the-

Conqueror: Surprised, Tennyson?

Brandon: What did you do?

Conqueror: You were unwise in sparing me. But more unwiser in bringing the materials you've gathered for me.

Brandon checks himself but can't find the materials.

Conqueror: Don't worry about them. I'll put them to good use. I was originally going to drag this whole planet into the Capture Zone but since you've embarssed me once again, I will aim the projected beam at you and THEN the planet.

Brandon: So I'll just go to the Capture Zone? Ha. Been there. Done that. I'll find a way out.

The Droid: The force of the projection itself will disintergrate your molecules piece by piece until nothing remains left of you within this dimension.

Brandon: Oh...

Conqueror: Now tremble before me, Brandon 10, as you and your planet pay.

Brandon scrolls quickly through his Omnitrix.

Conqueror: Don't even try, Tennyson. I've seen your avaible alien forms. None can survive this.

Brandon: You're right... But... There is one.

Brandon stops at the 10 X hologram.

Conqueror: NO! (slams button)

Brandon slaps down the Omnitrix and the beam hits him. Flash. Brandon wakes in the Alterverse.

Brandon: D-Did it work?

Zen: Yes. I knew you would return, Brandon. How unforcante of the circimstances.

Brandon: Speaking of that. I need a favor.

Zen: A wish?

Brandon: Yes.

Zen: I see. But at what cost? To save yourself from the laser? To stop the Conqueror from destroying the Earth? To send the aliens back to the Capture Zone?

Brandon: Um... I wish...

Zen: Yes...?

Brandon: ...To save the world.

Zen: ...Very well. I will help you to save the world.

Back in reality, everything is frozen. 10 X stands seconds away from the Capture Zone laser beam. The Conqueror stares into the chamber with anger and the droid stands. Time then starts to move. 10 X reaches his hand out and stops the beam. The Conqueror looks into the chamber with shock. 10 X then absorbs the Capture Zone beam and flings doors off of the chamber. He stands in front of The Conqueror who falls back next to the Droid.

Conqueror: This is impossible!

10 X: You will be defeated, Conqueror.

10 X shoots out his hands out and fires the Capture Zone beam at the Conqueror's ship. The Conqueror, The Droid and sereveal objects start to get sucked into the increasing hole.

The Droid: Unable to adjust to illogical environments!

A crate hits The Droid and both things fall into the Capture Zone.

Conqueror, grabing onto the edge of the portal: I will return! This isn't over!

10 X: No Conqueror... The world is protected.

The Conqueror gets sucked into the Capture Zone. 10 X looks into the Capture Zone. In the city, the ship is seen in the sky and is sucked into the Capture Zone. 10 X then flies from the ship and into the city.

10 X: The world is saved.

10 X transforms back into Brandon. Brandon looks at his hands in amazement. The team then appoarches him.

Coco: Tennyson.

Sarah: You did it!

Uncle Bill: I'm proud of you, Brandon.

Brandon: Thanks, guys.

Uncle Bill: Now all we have to do is deal with those pesky Capture Zone escapees.

Sarah: Look!

The team looks and sees the aliens being sent to the Capture Zone again.

Coco: It must've been from the portal overload.

Brandon, knowing the truth: Yeah...

The Omnitrix then beeps. Brandon looks at the Omnitrix as all of the holograms of the aliens including 10 X flip through.

Uncle Bill: Looks like all your aliens are restored.

Coco: There's just one thing I don't get.

Brandon: Oh what now? Can't we just end this long day already?

Coco: It's just that how exactly did we go back, anyways?

Sarah: Time Travel. I guess.

Coco: Okay fine... But how?

Brandon: Let's just say I know a guy that helped a bit. Now let's go see if the Juice Shack is open.

The team walk off as the view zooms out into space. A figure then watches the Earth. The figure turns around to the camera revealing itself to be 10 X.



  • Bellwood (Beat Level 1)
  • Bellwood Again (Beat Level )
  • Hero of Earth (Beat the Game)
  • OmniPro (Rank up all Aliens)
  • Speed of Light (Unlock Astro)
  • Knowledge is Power (Unlock Brainiac)
  • DNA Re-Collected! (Obtain all Aliens)

Cheat Codes

Guess Cheat Codes in the comment section correctly and you'll get the cheat code. Players can select between: Brandon, Loch Ness, Astro, Crusher, Electrix, Batwing, Brainiac, BrandonBot, Agilmur, Tick, 10 X, Snow Bear and The Conqueror.

Example of Cheat Code: (Brandon, Brandon, Snow Bear, Conqueror)

  • All Aliens: (Loch Ness, Crusher, Astro, Brandon)
  • All Levels: (Brandon, Conqueror, 10 X, 10 X)
  • All Cutscenes: (Agilmur, Snow Bear, 10 X, BrandonBot)
  • All Combos: (Crusher, Electrix, Conqueror, Agilmur)
  • Unlimited Health: (Crusher, Brandon, 10 X, Astro)
  • Unlimited Energy: (Astro, Astro, BrandonBot, Brainiac)
  • Playable Brandon Clone: (Conqueror, Batwing, Brandon, Brandon)


  • This is the third Brandon 10 Video Game
    • This is also the second video game for Brandon 10: Alien Force
  • 10 X isn't a part of the actual gameplay due to his reality bending abilties which would seem over-powering to a player
  • Return of the Conqueror is semi-based from Season 3 of Brandon 10: Alien Force.
  • Time Travel is an element played in the game
  • In the game, more about Brandon's aliens and their home worlds are learned and played on.