Brandon 10: Genetic Journey
Genetic Journey Cover
Series Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero
Genre Action/Adventure
Release Date November 10th
Platforms XBOX, Playstation, DS
Modes New Game

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Created By Brandon
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Brandon 10: Return of the Conqueror

Brandon 10: Genetic Journey is a video game in Brandon 10.


When the universe is threatened by a mad man, its up to Brandon 10 to save the Earth from being corrupted DNA. Transform into 5 new aliens such as Hydro-Man and Drillbit and evolve some of your favorite ones into Ultimate Heroes! Visit famous landmarks in well known destinations like Rome and Paris as you battle villains from the show. Can the Earth be saved before the destruction spreads? Being a hero might not be enough, so become an Ultimate Hero!

Playable Characters

Playable Aliens

Alien Functions

  • Loch Ness (Uses Waterways, Activates Water Gages, Climbs Vines, Puts out Flames)
  • Astro (Activates Machines, Can Fly)
  • Crusher (Moves Heavy Objects, Breaks through Things)
  • Agilmur (Climbs Pipes, Fits in Small Areas, Swings from Ledges, Climbs Vines)
  • Snow Bear (Freezes Objects, Activates Slash Gages)
  • Hydro-Man (Uses Waterways, Puts out Flames, Activates Water Gages)
  • Drillbit (Activates Drill Devices, Breaks through Things, Moves Heavy Objects)
  • Shock Speed (Activates Speed Gages, Interacts with Objects Simultaneously, Activates Machines)
  • Heal X (Opens Locked Doors, Can walk through Chemicals)
  • Shredder (Activates Slash Gages, Walk through Flames)
  • Hackoid (Activates Machines)
  • Stink Breath (Can walk through Chemicals)
  • Ro-Warasaur (Moves Heavy Objects, Breaks through Things)

Recommended Aliens

  • Rome
    • Loch Ness
  • Paris
    • Hydro-Man
    • Heal X
    • Astro
  • India
    • Drillbit
    • Astro
    • Crusher
  • San Fransico
    • Agilmur
    • Crusher
    • Shock Speed
  • Brazil
    • Hydro-Man
    • Agilmur
    • Crusher
  • China
  • Antartica
    • Snow Bear
    • Heal X
    • Shock Speed
  • Scotland
    • Loch Ness
    • Shredder
  • Chile
    • Crusher
    • Drillbit
  • Washington DC
    • Hydro-Man
    • Snow Bear
    • Loch Ness

Non-Playable Characters



  • Alien Beatles
  • Genetic Mutations
    • Mutant Rat (Paris)
    • Mutant Snail (Paris)
    • Mutant Frog (Paris)
    • Mutant Bird (Brazil)
    • Mutant Monkey (Brazil)
    • Mutant Ant (Brazil)
    • Mutant Human (Washington DC)
  • The Extreme Bikers
  • Robot Drones


  • Beetoleopa (Video Game Debut)
  • Mega Knight (Video Game Debut)
  • The Bounty Hunter
  • Extreme Biker Leader
  • Insect Lord (Video Game Debut)
    • Mutated Ant Queen
  • The Toymaker (Video Game Debut)
  • The Creator
  • Corrupted DNA Monster
  • Master Mind (Video Game Debut)
    • Mind Controlled Coco
    • Mind Controlled Sarah
  • Khan (Video Game Debut)
    • Ultimate Khan


Story line In Production

Rome - When in Rome

Cutscene 1

The game begins in Rome. The team are sitting at a bench when some birds fly by.

Brandon:  The one time when go somewhere for some downtime and its not somewhere with a lot of amusement parks.

Coco: Tell me about it.

Sarah: Oh cheer up, guys. Rome is an amazing place to learn about Ancient Times and still has plenty of monuments and-

Brandon: Booooring! Do they have any Ancient Roman Arcades?

Sarah: No but they do have the Colosseum. It's where Romans got their entertainment in the ol' days.

Brandon: (Sighs) And here I thought Rome was cool. Doesn't anything exciting happen around here?

Suddenly an explosion occurs. People panic and run about the place. Cars spot and yelling and scream are heard.

Coco: Looks like you spoke too early, Tennyson.

Sarah: We'll take care of the people.

Coco: We will?

Sarah: Coco!

Coco: Right. Right. Try not to have all the fun.

Brandon, revealing Ultimatrix: I can make no promises. (Smiles)


Gameplay Starts with Brandon in a Roman Street.

Sarah, over the Ultimatrix: We're going to be very busy with these people. Get a move on and check out that explosion.

Player navigates Brandon down the street until he reaches some cars blocking the road.

Coco, over the Ultimatrix: You might want to go jump over those cars or something.

Player has Brandon jump over the cars and continues navigating down the street.

An enemy appears: Alien Beetle. Strength: 2/10 Durability: 4/10 Speed: 1/10

Sarah, over the Ultimatrix: Gross... They must have been the ones behind this.

Coco, over the Ultimatrix: Why don't you take those creepy crawlies down?

Player attacks and defeats enemy. Two more spawn. Player defeats those enemies. Vines are highlighted.

Sarah, over the Ultimatrix: Vines could help you get over the traffic. Use an alien that's good with plants.

Player uses Loch Ness to climb the vines on the side of the building over the cars. Player lands on big truck. 5 Enemies, Alien Beatles, spawn in. Player defeats them and navigates to the next truck. 5 Enemies spawn in. Player defeats them and navigates to the next truck. 5 Enemies spawn in. Player defeats them and navigates to vines on side of building. Player uses Loch Ness to scale the building downwards back to street level. Player encounters traffic. Switch on power box is highlighted.

Sarah, over the Ultimatrix: The power must be glitching from the explosion. Interact with the switch in order to restore power.

Player interacts with switch. Power is restored to traffic light which stops traffic and gate to park opens. Player proceeds into the park. Park spawns with 10 enemies. Player defeats them. Player navigates through the rest of the level through various puzzles, scenarios and battles until player arrives at the Colosseum.

Cutscene 2

Brandon enters the Colosseum and the gates behind him close. Brandon looks back at the gates in surprise.

Slithering Voice: So... Brandon 10. We meet again, at last.

Brandon, turning back: I recognize that slithering voice from anywhere.

Slithering Voice: We are glad that you did not forget us.

Beetolopia approaches.

Brandon: Well for a second I thought you were some other giant talking bug but then the use of third person corrected me.

Beetolopia: You will pay for what you done to us. Then once you're defeated, I will claim this region of the world as my own.

Brandon: Of course its just a region and not just the whole world. But I'm still not letting you get your pincers on Rome.

Beetolopia: We'll see about that.


Gameplay resumes. Player battles with Beetolopia while attempting to avoid various attacks including pincer punches, acid breath and ground slams. Player manages to defeat the boss which produces a large amount of Gene Points and Energy Points.

Cutscene 3

Coco works on the gate; trying to get it open.

Sarah: Could it take you any longer?

Coco: I'm trying as fast as I can. I could just break the lock but I don't want to get in trouble in a foreign country.

The gates suddenly open and Brandon exits from The Colosseum.

Coco: What happened?

Brandon: It was Beetolopia. Nothing major. The Mechanics could take care of it from here.

Sarah: Well I guess we can go back to checking out the artifacts and museums and galleries and-

The Ultimatrix then beeps.

Brandon: Hold that thought, Sarah. (activates the Ultimatrix's communications)

A hologram of James comes up.

James, over the Ultimatrix: Hey guys.

Brandon: Oh what is it now, James? I said no questions about my routine on days off.

James: What? Oh no no no. It's not any of that, Mr. 10. I've been running tests on the DNA you three donated to me and well I've been getting... readings.

Coco: What type of readings?

James: Genetic readings, duh. They've been increasing for a while now. I've tried to contact you but you didn't answer. I really think you should check it out. This type of genetic exposure could affect whole environments.

Brandon: Okay Okay. We'll take a look at your genetic problem. Where was the most activity feed from?

James: France. (checks data) Paris, to be precise.

Paris - City of Locus

Cutscene 4

The Interceptor is flying in the air. On board, the team are at their seats; checking the instruments.

Coco, piloting: Right. Closing in on Paris.

Brandon: What do you think this genetic stuff is that James is so worried about?

Sarah: Not sure. I've been looking it up online but the French aren't working on anything chemical right now but I could do more research.

Brandon: Sounds like a plan. It should be quick and simple, right?

Coco: Should be.

Sarah, checking computers: Um, guys. You might want to have a look at this.

Brandon goes over to Sarah. Coco sets the ship to auto-pilot and goes over to Sarah too. They look at the computer monitor and see a news broadcast.

Jeff Thompson, on broadcast: This just in. Paris, France is under attack by alien creatures. This is unlike anything we've seen before especially here in Bellwood. I think its safe to say that Brandon 10 is behind this scheme due to his recent trips to foreign countries which I have started an online protest about it on several airline websites.

Brandon: Are you kidding me?

Coco: Yeah, those attacks look pretty serious.

Brandon: No. I mean I've been trying to find out who started those protests for the past week.

Sarah: Anyways, how are we going to land with the streets filled with aliens?

Coco: Auto-Pilot! (runs to the controls)

The Interceptor is close to the ground; landing. There are creatures in the area. Coco takes auto-pilot off and starts to fly the ship upwards.

Coco: I'll return us to the air and we could find another place to land.

Brandon: No time. These people need us as soon as possible. Open the cargo bay.

Sarah: Are you crazy?!

Brandon, running to the back of the ship: Maybe!

The Interceptor changes its course upwards and Brandon jumps from the back of the ship and lands in La Seine. Brandon resurfaces and grabs a ledge. He turns his head and sees The Interceptor taking off.


Gameplay Starts with Brandon on a ledge by the water.

Coco, over the Ultimatrix: I can't believe you just jumped out of a spaceship. That was so cool.

Sarah, over the Ultimatrix: Never mind that. Find out what caused this.

Player navigates around up to the ledge's edge surrounded by water.

Sarah, over the Ultimatrix: Paris is filled with waterways. Use Hydro-Man to navigates through.

Player uses Hydro-Man to enter into the waterways and climb a ledge on the other side. Player navigates until enemies appear: Mutated Rat. Strength: 4/10 Durability: 3/10 Speed: 4/10. Player defeats them and continues navigating.

Brandon: These alien creatures don't seem normal. Something's going on here.

Player continues navigating until they encounter a puddle of goo next to a burning barrel. The barrel tips over and lands in the puddle; igniting it into a massive flame.

Coco, over the Ultimatrix: Well its like what they say: If you can't take the heat, turn into a resistant alien.

Player uses either Shredder to walk past the flames or Loch Ness/Hydro-Man to put them out. Player progresses through the level until they encounter a tall, important-looking building with a entrance blocked with vats labeled KC in a stylish font.

Sarah, over the Ultimatrix: This building seems important but the doors blocked with chemicals. Try finding another route into the building.

Player uses Agilmur to climb the drainpipe on the side of the building. Player proceeds through the level on the rooftops until they encounter a skylight.

Coco, over the Ultimatrix: (Whistles) That's a mighty fine skylight. Modified to everything except the cold.

Player uses Snow Bear to freeze the skylight and slash/break it. Brandon falls through the skylight and lands safely. Player progresses through level in the building until they encounter a locked door.

Sarah, over the Ultimatrix: This door seems to be locked through a pass code but maybe you can lock pick your way inside.

Player uses Heal X to unlock the door. Player continues through the doorway into a laboratory.

Brandon: This place's a factory for making chemicals. Maybe I can find out more.

Player progress through the level after defeating a group of enemies and solving a puzzle until the player encounters a data machine.

Coco, over the Ultimatrix: Sarah's searching for data to help you out but maybe you should try sending us some from there.

Player interacts with the data machine.

Sarah, over the Ultimatrix: Okay. I found some data on the building you're in. It's apparently made for creation of weapons not chemicals. It also belongs to-

An alarm goes off in the facility. Exits start locking down.

Mega Knight, over the data machine: Hello again, Brandon 10. Sorry about the lock down. Oh wait I'm not! Now I want you to know what it feels like to be locked up. It's about time I became the hero again and you retired... permanently. And its a shame because this was my favorite factory. I heard Hawaii isn't a bad place to build. Oh and thanks for alarming by genetic acquaintances but your answers are at another tower. Ha Ha Ha!

Data Machine: Activating Facility Self-Destruct.

Player proceeds through the facility attempting to get out in time.

Sarah, over the Ultimatrix: That building is going to blow any second. You need to find a way out and not get caught in the blast.

Player proceeds through the facility until they encounter a reactor with water at the bottom. Player uses Loch Ness/Hydro-Man to jump into the water and use an access waterway to escape. The Knight Corporations Facility blows up. Meanwhile, by the Effiel Tower, the player emmerges from the sewers.

Cutscene 5/Citizen Scene

Mega Knight, hovering in his suit: You think you can stop me, Brandon 10? Ha! I don't think so!

Mega Knight fires missiles at Brandon who dodge rolls out of the way. The missiles are locked on for some citizens.

React! A) Crusher B) Shredder C) Astro or Don't React

  • A) Brandon transforms into Crusher and jumps in front of the citizens. The missiles hit his back and take little to no effect on him. The citizens are saved.
  • B) Brandon transforms into Shredder and pounces at the missiles; shredding them and exploding in mid-air before they impact. The citizens are saved.
  • C) Brandon transforms into Astro and flies after the missiles. He fires at them and fires at the middle one causing all three of them to blow up mid-air. Astro then flies back to where he was and lands. The citizens are saved.


  • Don't React) The missiles impact near the citizens and explodes. Only smoke is seen. The citizens are not saved.

Mega Knight, hovering: Missed! No matter. You're lucky I have better things to attend to.

Mega Knight flies to the Eiffel Tower and lands on the top. Brandon transforms into Astro, unless you already did in the React, and then slaps down his Ultimatrix. An Evolution Transformation takes place.

Ultimate Astro: ULTIMATE ASTRO!

Ultimate Astro flies to the top of the Eiffel Tower quickly.

Mega Knight, turning around: Oh you want some more, huh? I'll defeat you and claim my prize as a glorious hero and you as a notorious zero!

The boss battle commences. Player attempts to knock out all of Mega Knight's thrusters. Once Player had done that, an interactive final move occurs.

Interactive Final Move

Ultimate Astro flies up (Interact/If Missed; Boss Fight resumes with an addition pint of health for it) and punches Mega Knight onto the floor level. Ultimate Astro extends out his arms and (Interact/Miss) blasts Mega Knight with an energy beam. Ultimate Astro lands across from Mega Knight. Mega Knight gets up slowly and extends out his arms which glitch but charge up; ready to fire. Ultimate Astro clutches up and begins to charge until (Interact/Miss) he releases before Mega Knight can shoot which sends an energy wave at Mega Knight and throws him off the Eiffel Tower again.

Cutscene 4

A Mechanic Ship is seen in the distance as two Officers prepare to take Mega Knight into custody.

Mechanic Officer: We'll deal with infestation here. You kept it to a minimal so its not a major threat here.

Sarah: Thank you, Officers.

Coco: So Mega Noob was working with chemicals for what reason?

Brandon: They're not chemicals. It's some type of DNA goo stuff which must have affected the animals and people in the area.

Sarah: That explains a lot but why would Knight work with DNA? That doesn't seem like him.

Brandon: His business works with exporting weapons. Maybe its one of his clients.

A beeping noise is heard from Mega Knight's suit.

Brandon: What's that?

Sarah: It's coming from his suit. Should we-

Coco: Go ahead. This guy's out cold. Or-or-or he went Mega Knighty Knight! Eh? Eh?

Brandon reaches into the suit and pulls out a small, handheld device that is beeping.

Brandon, poking it: What exactly does this-

Brandon then vanishes in a flash of light. Sarah and Coco look at the spot he was in and then look around.

India - Under the Mahal

Cutscene 7

The Taj Mahal is seen. Inside, a flash of light appears and Brandon stands there as the light fades.

Brandon: -do? Okay this is weird.

Sarah, over the Ultimatrix: Brandon. Brandon, are you there?

Coco, over the Ultimatrix: Pick up or else I'll-

Sarah, over the Ultimatrix: Coco, you're scaring him again.

Coco, over the Ultimatrix: Scaring him? He's probably vaporized.

Brandon, answering: Guys! Guys! I'm okay. I'm just in some tomb looking place.

Sarah, over the Ultimatrix: That device must be a teleporter. We'll locate on your signal from The Interceptor. Knight isn't smart enough to develop teleportation so someone else must be behind this genetic crisis.

Coco, over the Ultimatrix: That teleport must be for one of Knight's clients. Just like you said. So they could be where you are.

Brandon: I'll see what I can find out. (sees explosive tied to column) I have a feeling I'm not going to like it.


Gameplay starts with the player in the tombs. Player navigates to a wall with a dirt patch in the ground.

Sarah, over the Ultimatrix: Sometimes people block tombs with tough walls to prevent raiders from getting in however I doubt they planned on someone digging out of one.

Player uses Drillbit to drill into the dirt patch and dig out themselves out from the other side.

Player progresses through the level until they encounter a series of levers on colored blocks and a colored pattern built into the wall. The player attempts to interact with the levers in the correct pattern but the levers disengage after a while.

Coco, over the Ultimatrix: Those levers aren't going to hold for long. Try using a fast alien this time.

Player uses Shock Speed to use a speed attack while interacting with the levers in the correct order. The wall with the pattern on it then lifts revealing another passage way. The player proceeds through the levels through battling enemies, navigating and solving puzzles until the player enters a room which triggers an explosive device that blows up leaving behind a massive gap in the ground between the player and the exit.

Sarah, over the Ultimatrix: There's no way to get across that gap. Astro can fly, remember? Try using him.

Player uses Astro to get across the gap and procced through the level until the player enters a massive room.

Cutscene 8

Brandon enters the room and sees The Bounty Hunter with his back facing him.

Brandon: The Bounty Hunter?

Bounty Hunter, turning around: Brandon 10?

Both: What are you doing here?

Bounty Hunter: Er... I asked first!

Brandon: Did not.

Bounty Hunter: Did too!

Brandon: Fine. I accidentally triggered one of your teleporters.

Bounty Hunter: I should have known that guy wouldn't hold up.

Brandon: I believe you have some explaining to do yourself, Bounty Hunter.

Bounty Hunter: It's none of your business! But since I'm a nice guy, I'm mining for unearthly minerals burried under here.

Brandon: Again? Don't you have any hobbies or something?

Bounty Hunter: A Bounty Hunter has to make a living, y'know. Anyways, this DNA stuff really strengthens by Miners and gets me more loot. I also set up some explosives around the tombs so it'll be even quicker now.

Brandon: But if you set those off, this place will cave in and hurt many people in the area.

Bounty Hunter: Y'know what I heard? Bla Bla Bla cave bla bla hurt many people. Who cares if someone breaks a leg? I'll be rich! Now go away, I'm busy.

Brandon: No way. I can't let you hurt anyone.

Gameplay resumes. Player attempts to redirect explosives at the Bounty Hunter. Player then defeats him.

Cutscene 9

The Interceptor then lands outside the Taj Mahal with Brandon walking out carrying the explosives. Sarah and Coco head over to him.

Sarah: There you are. Are you alright?

Brandon: Fine. Just dealt with the Bounty Hunter. Turns out he was Knight's client but other than that he didn't know much about it. Oh and he had these explosives. Here.

Brandon drops them at Coco who then flenches and backs off. Brandon laughs.

Brandon: I can't believe you fell for that! Relax, dude, I disabled them in the tombs. They're duds.

Coco: Not funny, Tennyson.

Brandon: But seriously, what took you two so long? I thought that it had warp speed.

Coco, correcting: She.

Sarah: It does. But-

Coco, correcting: She...

Sarah: (sighs) SHE does. But we got some calls from The Mechanics in California.

Coco: San Fransico. Not Los Angeles.

Brandon: So much for Hollywood. What's the problem?

Sarah: They had some sightings on The Extreme Bikers. Their activity has been on the rise lately.

Brandon: They might know something about this... um... DNA Stuff. Alright, let's go.

San Francisco - Defiance is Golden

Cutscene 10

The Interceptor lands in Golden Gate National Recreation Park. The team step out from the ship and look around.

Sarah: This is where the sightings were at most.

Coco: This place is good for cycling. Wouldn't be so much of a surprise.

Brandon: Wait... Do you... Do you hear that?

A moter sound is heard getting closer and closer and the closer it gets the more it sounds. Suddenly, motercycles pass by as if they were on a route then they notice the team.

Extreme Biker, on cycle, to others: Oh shoot! It's Brandon 10! Move Move Move!

The Bikers then change direction and manuever around them. One of them drives into the ship and falls over.

Coco: My ship!

Sarah: Nevermind that. They're getting away.

Brandon: Not if I can stop it.

Brandon runs off.

Gameplay starts.

Player navigates through the park until enemies spawn in, Extreme Biker; Strength: 5/10 Durability: 5/10 Speed: 3/10.

Player defeats the enemies and proceeds through the level until the player encounters Extreme Bikers drifting in a circle around a tree. Branches and Boulders are highlighted.

Coco, over the Ultimatrix: These guys are trying to mess with you. How about you stop their riding?

Player uses either Crusher or Drillbit to move the objects of the interest in front of the path. The Bikers then crash into them causing an explosion. The tree then falls over providing a quicker way downwards. Player uses Agilmur or Snow Bear to slide down the tree and onto a hill. Player navigates down the near by street while defeating enemies until they approach the highway.

Sarah, over the Ultimatrix: There's too much traffic. You need to power up the traffic lights.

Player uses Shock Speed to power up the traffic lights which ceases the traffic. Player navigates down the street until truck blocking the street. Player uses Agilmur to climb up its side and onto the top. The truck then transforms into a tank and takes off with the player still on it. Extreme Bikers then stand upon the top of the tank from entering from the inside and surround Agilmur. Agilmur then slaps his Ultimatrix and undergoes an evolved transformation sequence. He transforms into Ultimate Agilmur. Player defeats The Extreme Bikers using Ultimate Agilmur. When the battle ends, the tank comes to a stop. The driver steps out but is taken by Ultimate Agilmur and slammed against the truck. Ultimate Agilmur transforms back into regular Agilmur who transforms back into Brandon. Player navigates across the Golden Gate Bridge, defeating enemies, until that's it.

Cutscene 11

Brandon runs down the bridge until he encounters The Extreme Biker Leader.

Extreme Biker Leader: Tennyson... I should've known you'd be here.

Brandon: Of course I'm here. You didn't think your favorite archenemy would miss out on you and your boys causing chaos in San Francisco, right?

Extreme Biker Leader: We live to ride, Brandon. And to spread the message that we are the superior type of beings on this Earth in any way possible no matter how... extreme.

Brandon: Bla Bla Bla. Thanks for history lesson, Professor, but I'd like to get to part where I kick your butt and you go back to jail.

Extreme Biker Leader: You'd like that, wouldn't you? Sorry but this time... (presses button on guantlet)

A Mech Suit forms around him.

Extreme Biker Leader: I'll be the one doing the kicking of the butt.

Brandon: Cool suit but I think you should let me say all the cool lines.

The Extreme Biker Leader jumps up in the Mech Suit and slams him fist against the bridge; missing Brandon. The Bridge wobbles abit and pieces from its sides fall off. Some citizens fall off.

React! A) Hydro-Man B) Astro C) Snow Bear or Don't React

  • A) Brandon transforms into Hydro-Man and runs over to the bridge side. He extends his arms out and struggles for a bit. The ocean then swirls up into a tornado-like fashion and sucks up the citizens. The citizens are then splashed onto the bridge where they are saved.
  • B) Brandon transforms into Astro and swoops down to grab the citizens. He then flies back to the bridge and places the citizens down carefully.
  • C) Brandon transforms into Snow Bear and goes to the bridge side. He then blows his ice breath which then freezes the water into an ice slope. The citizens then slide down the slope and navigate to a safe location.


  • Don't React) The citizens then fall into the ocean and impact with it. Nobody resurfaces.

Brandon transforms back into his Human Form (unless the player chose to Don't React which then he doesn't since he's already in that form) and faces off against the Extreme Biker Leader. Player defeats him.

Cutscene 12

The San Francisco Police then arrest The Extreme Biker Leader.

Brandon: Find out anything from that Biker guy?

Sarah: No. The Extreme Bikers aren't anywhere close to what's going on with this DNA situation.

Coco: He'd usually get to talking after you hit him a bunch a times.

Sarah: Unless he goes unconscious... which he did.

Brandon: It has to be someone with knowledge on DNA.

Sarah: But how come all these other villains are using it?

Coco: Probably found it and are using it to their own benefit.

Sarah: Does that mean someone is trying to collect it?

Meanwhile, a figure lurks in the dark. There is a lot of DNA Goo there.

Figure: Excellent...

A couple of ants feed on the goo trail that runs down a rock.

Brazil - Into the Amazon

Cutscene 13

The Interceptor is seen flying in the air. On board, the team are at their designated seats.

Brandon: Any progress with that scan, James?

James, over the monitor: Not yet. I think there's a malfunction with my scanning software because its giving off some readings which I know aren't true.

Sarah: What type of readings?

James, over the monitor: Well it's coming up as haywire actually. It's saying that there's a lot of the DNA Substance right under you. But that just can't be true. It wasn't active an hour ago.

Sarah: Maybe something set it off. Triggered a reaction and you're scanning objects affected by the DNA.

James, over the monitor: Hm.. Maybe. But that means-

The Interceptor is then hit and shakes.

Brandon: What was that?

Coco: I'm not sure.

James, over the monitor: Guys? Guys? GUYS?!

Brandon: What?! We can still hear you, y'know.

James, over the monitor: Oh. That's a relief. I was just trying to say that it means that something huge is right underneath you.

Coco, piloting: I think we figured that out already.

Brandon: I'll go check and see what it is.

Brandon goes to the cargo bay and opens the hatch. He then sees a massive moth ramming into the ship. It then tries to crawl inside the Interceptor. Brandon then gets close to it and uses a fire extingisher on it causing it to fall out. Due to a sudden jolt, Brandon is thrown out of the Interceptor while it crashes into the Amazon Rain Forest.

Gameplay starts.

Player is now in the Amazon.

James, over the Ultimatrix: Brandon? You there? I managed to get onto your Ultimatrix to help you out. I tried signaling Sarah and Coco but they wouldn't answer. Life readings are still going on in their area however I'm picking up more. A lot more. Especially effected by the DNA Goo Stuff. Be careful.

Player navigates through the Amazon until they approach a fallen tree.

James, over the Ultimatrix: There might be some fallen trees or tight spots ahead. Use a small alien to get through.

Player uses either Agilmur or Snow Bear to navigate under the tight spot. Player continues navigating until they enter an open area; enemies spawn in. Mutated Bird; Strength: 4/10 Durability: 3/10 Speed: 6/10. Player defeats the enemies and continues into the Amazon until they encounter a small gap.

James, over the Ultimatrix: You're going to have to make your own bridge, Mr. 10.

Player uses either Crusher or Drillbit to knock down the highlighted tree which falls over the gap and serves as a bridge. Player crosses bridge and continues navigating through the level until more enemies spawn in. Player defeats the enemies and navigates through until they approach the river. Player uses Hydro-Man to navigate through the river. Player then continues to navigate through the level until the encounter a bridge. Player proceeds on bridge.

Cutscene 14

Brandon is seen crossing the bridge when a sudden thumping is heard causing the bridge to shake. It then becomes unstable and continues rocking. The Ultimatrix makes a beeping sound.

Brandon, answering: Not now, James.

James, over the Ultimatrix: Brandon, you need to get out of there. There's a sudden impact of seizmic activity.

Brandon: Y'know, I think you need to work on your timing. Anyways, I'm almost acr-

The bridge then collaspes.

Brandon, falling: AAAAAAHHHHH! (whacks Ultimatrix) Come on! Come on!

Brandon falls into a small pool which breaks his fall. He then climbs out and shakes the water off of his clothes.

Voice: Well Well Well. What an unexpected surprise to see you here.

Brandon looks up and gasps.

Brandon: Bug King!

Insect Lord is seen standing on top of a large ant-hill like foundation formed under the bridge area.

Insect Lord: It's INSECT LORD! (calms down) Did you really think those bars count stop me?

Brandon: Um yeah, duh. That's why we put you in there.

Insect Lord: Well it didn't work. I escaped and planned on having a nice break in Rio when I came across this alien substance that fuels my insect friends.

Brandon: So you're not behind this?

Insect Lord: What? No. I don't make goop. I rule insects and-

Brandon: And bla bla bla. That's all I needed to know. You can just come quietly back to prison now.

Insect Lord: I don't think so, Brandon 10. Sorry to be such a buzz kill but me and my queen have some more recruiting to do with this slime substance.

Brandon: Did you say, Queen?

Suddenly, a large, mutated ant with mandibles and a large abdomen climbs out of the anthill which Insect Lord stands on its head.

Gameplay Starts.

Player attempts to defeat the ant by dodging its attacks and attacking when its mandible gets stuck in the ground. Player also must avoid falling into any DNA Pools.

Interactive Final Move

Brandon runs up to the ant, who seems dazed, jumps up and (Interact/Miss) transforms into Crusher and strikes the Queen Ant in the face. Crusher then lands and transforms into Loch Ness and (Interact/Miss) sprays her with water. Loch Ness then transforms into Shock Speed and (Interact/Miss) charges up and fires electricity at her; electrocuting her. The Queen Ant, now enraged, breaths fireballs at Shock Speed who then (Interact/Miss) dodges them with her speed. The Queen Ant now charges up a big fireball. Shock Speed puts his hand over the Ultimatrix symbol and (Interact/Miss) transforms into Snow Bear who releases an ice blast focused around her mouth; delaying the fire blast. Snow Bear then transforms into Drillbit who slams his drill hand across the ground and desolates the anthill causing the Queen Ant to fall into the hole with the Insect Lord after she releases her fireballs.

Cutscene 15

Brandon then looks around and sees the fire destroy the DNA Pools.

Brandon: Well that takes care of that problem.

Sarah, over the Ultimatrix: Brandon? Are you there?

Brandon, answering: Ah you're okay. That's good news. I found the source of the DNA Substances but it looks like someone got their hands on it before whatever this is.

James, over the Ultimatrix: Maybe we can analyze this substance and find out more about it. It may lead to whoever's behind this.

Coco, over the Ultimatrix: What's that twerp doing on my com system?

Brandon: Calm down, Coco. It's a good idea, James, go for it.

James, at his place, on the computer: I got a "go for it" from Brandon 10? Awesome!

Brandon, over the communication system: Just remember that this is a world crisis, James. (now back at his physical location) So um... Where are you two?

Sarah, over the Ultimatrix: We're a bit tied up at the moment.

The Interceptor is shown to be stuck in some vines; dangling from the trees somewhere else in the forest.

Coco, unseen: But seriously, this is going to ruin the paintjob.

China - The Great Wall

Cutscene 16

The Interceptor is seen flying through the sky. On board, Coco is piloting while Brandon is co-piloting. Sarah is at the computers.

Coco: Still not convinced that we got all those vines.

Brandon: At least we made it into the air. You know how hard it is to shake off a monkey that suddenly finds you attractive.

Sarah: I've had that same feeling last year.

Coco: Wait a sec-

Sarah: Hang on. I just found out something you guys might want to see. I'll put it up on the holo-screen.

Sarah presses a button and a holographic screen appears in the flight window. It shows off a news broadcast.

Jeff Thompson, on the holo-screen: Jeff Thompson, here, reporting from our "wonderful" studios in Bellwood. Reccent reports came up of plastic men invading China. All places in the general area that work with plastic have been forced to shut down. Reporters say that this has nothing to do with aliens. Well someone should fire them. We all know its Brandon 10! I mean, come on people; the viewers. Plastic Men? Who else would come up with something like this?

Coco: Sounds like the Toy Maker.

Brandon: Well, duh. Honestly, how does he believe that I can create plastic people? I transform into aliens. I save the world.

Sarah: Yeah well you're going to have to save the world from toys.

Coco: What about that DNA Stuff?

Brandon: Guess its going to have to wait despite our delay in the forest back there.

Gameplay starts. Brandon is outside the Interceptor which landed close to the entrance of the Great Wall of China.

Coco, over the Ultimatrix: Apparently we can't land here. It being apart of China's history.

Sarah, over the Ultimatrix: And a National Landmark. (Sighs) I'd better stay with Coco before he gets us into international trouble. The Toy Maker must be hiding in the Great Wall. Try and scoop him out.

The player navigates into the Great Wall. Enemies spawn in; Plastic Warrior. Strength: 5/10 Durability: 5/10 Speed: 5/10. Player defeats the enemies and continues navigating through the level.

Cutscene 17

Brandon enters a cavern inside of a mountain. He looks around and sees various manufacturing machines as well as large sacks. Brandon kneels close to one of them and examines it.

Brandon: Soybeans?

The Toy Maker: Helpful for producing plastic for my toys. Brandon 10, we meet again.

Brandon: I see you're out of prison, Toy Maker. Did you have fun making toys in there?

The Toy Maker: How anyone can survive your humor amazes me. How did you know it was me so quickly?

Brandon: Um you have an army... out of plastic. No one ever does that.

The Toy Maker: Exactly. The originality is so unique and now I have the world at my fingertips.

Brandon: Well mainly China. But good thing I'm here to take it off your hands.

The Toy Maker: Oh I don't mind that at all. All you have to do is defeat me!

Gameplay starts. Player attempts to freeze The Toy Maker in plastic with Snow Bear and break the ice with a strong hitter like Crusher or Drillbit. Player defeats boss battle.

Cutscene 18

China Police arrest the Toy Maker. Brandon walks out of the Great Wall to be greeted by Sarah and Coco.

Brandon: So you finally found a place to land?

Coco: How come I always feel like I'm missing out on the action recently?

Sarah: Doesn't matter. The Toy Maker was stopped so the link to the plastic should be wearing off now.

Brandon: I also found this. (holds out a canister of DNA)

Sarah: Is that-?

Brandon: Yep. Turns out The Toy Maker was fueling his warriors with DNA.

Coco: But he's not the ringleader?

Brandon: 'Faird not. Anyone could be the main guy behind this.

Sarah: I don't think so. Check out these markings on the canister.

Coco: A shipping label?

Sarah: A company. Artech Enterprises. One of the world's leading machinery companies.

Coco: So the founder is behind this?

Sarah: I doubt it. Artech's been really quiet recently. People think they shut down in Antarctica.

Brandon: Doesn't seem so simple. I say we have a look around Artech Enterprises.

Antarctica - Cold Case

Cutscene 19

The Interceptor is flying through the thick snow. On board, the team are at their positions.

Sarah, using the computer systems: Artech Enterprises was founded by Hugo Freeman. They specialize in advanced technologies.

Coco: Yeah? Well why'd they have to build stuff all the way out here?

Sarah: Because they're also researching down here.

Brandon: For what? Polar Bears?

Sarah: If their technology can work in cold environments and gather data under the ice, it can be approved for shipping internationally.

Coco: Sounds like they make a lot of money. Are there any job positions?

Brandon: You want to sit around in the coldest place on Earth and make machines?

Coco: It doesn't sound that bad.

Sarah: You'll also be collecting data and working with various types of computer graphing equipment as well as-

Coco: Okay Okay. I get it. It's just that I need a raise for my spaceship taxi service.

Brandon: Head's up. We're heading into the hangar.

Gameplay starts. Brandon is in the Artech Enterprises Facility.

Coco, over the Ultimatrix: I've got to work on the engine.

Brandon, over the Ultimatrix: What is it now?

Coco, over the Ultimatrix: The Interceptor isn't built for these types of climates. I only jury rigged the system a little.

Sarah, over the Ultimatrix: You need to use the isolated heating system and reboot it to the main engine frame.

Coco, over the Ultimatrix: Since when did you know something about engineering?

Sarah, over the Ultimatrix: I glanced at the manual.

Brandon, over the Ultimatrix: That thing has a manual?

Player navigates through the hangar until they encounter a locked door.

Sarah, over the Ultimatrix: The door's locked. You'll need an electric alien to override the lock.

Player uses Shock Speed to override the lock. Door unlocks. Player proceeds down a corridor and navigates the rest of the facility. Enemies appear; Robot Soldiers. Strength: 7/10 Durability: 7/10 Speed: 6/10. Player defeats enemies and continues until approaching a closed door hangar door next to a security station with a circular pad with small holes in it.

Coco, over the Ultimatrix: That system looks easy to crack with some lock pick fingers. Too bad I'm not there.

Player uses Heal X to pick to the lock. Security system unlocks the Hangar door. Player continues inside. Enemies spawn in. Player defeats them. Player investigates hangar until they locate a charge point. Player uses Shock Speed to charge the charge point. Hidden door unlocks revealing a lift. Player takes the lift. Elevator Music plays for a bit. Lift stops on a lower level. Player exits and is greeted by enemies. Player defeats enemies. Player continues through the level until reaching a laboratory.

Sarah, over the Ultimatrix: This must have been what Artech was working on before going offline.

Coco, over the Ultimatrix: A whole bunch of machinery. Big deal.

Sarah, over the Ultimatrix: Machinery that doesn't match the design of the those robot bad guys.

Coco, over the Ultimatrix: Which means...

Sarah, over the Ultimatrix: Ugh. Seriously? It means someone else adapted their own design and upgraded to the old model.

Brandon, over the Ultimatrix: I'll keep searching. This lab ought to have something to do with DNA.

Player continues searching lab until they encounter a series of pods in a hangar. Suddenly, the pods open and robots emerge from the pods and surround Brandon. One of them fires a laser in which Brandon dodges out of the way. The laser reflects off of some machinery and explodes the ceiling of the hangar which causes a lot of snow and ice to fall in above Brandon. REACT! A) Snow Bear or Don't React.

A) Brandon slaps down the Ultimatrix and is engulfed in snow. The snow is then thrown off and Snow Bear is seen.

or Don't React) Brandon gets engulfed in snow.

Continuing from Option A, which is mandatory, the robots surround Snow Bear and approach him menacingly. There are loads of them. Snow Bear looks around and then slaps down his Ultimatrix symbol. He undergoes an Ultimate Transformation. He transforms into Ultimate Snow Bear.

Ultimate Snow Bear: ULTIMATE SNOW BEAR!

Player defeats all of the robots as Ultimate Snow Bear. Player continues until reaching a processing part of the facility.

Sarah, over the Ultimatrix: This place isn't on the schematics at all.

Coco, over the Ultimatrix: Someone must have added it in. And it looks like they're exporting DNA too.

Player continues until enemies spawn in. Player defeats them. Player continues until reaching the shipping hangar.

Cutscene 20

Brandon runs into the hangar to sees crates of DNA. He looks around unaware of the figure above him until he hears a clanging noise. Brandon turns around and looks up where a robotic suit falls from the ceiling. Brandon dodge rolls out of the way and holds his ground. He gets up and sees The Creator in a large mech-suit.

The Creator: Brandon Tennyson!

Brandon: Well if it isn't The Creator. What are you doing on a lovely, snowy day?

The Creator: I was just about to ask you the same question. I was making myself at home until you started destroying my work.

Brandon: Yes well you ARE breaking and entering into a private facility and um what's the other thing again? Oh yeah. Giving out DNA in bottles.

The Creator: I did no such thing. I sold them in canisters. Quite the difference.

Brandon: Where'd you get the DNA from?

The Creator: Not really sure what his name was but he gave me a sample to replicate and distribute them across the world. And I decided to base myself here because-

Brandon: Because your machines aren't affected by the cold so no one will come for you. I started to pick up on the way here.

The Creator: How very clever of you. Too bad it won't come to use after I destroy you.

Brandon: Ha. I'd like to see you try.

Player uses machinery to unload DNA and stick The Creator in one spot for a while and then open the hangar door and freeze the suit which opens it to heavy attacks. Player repeats this until, not too long later, they defeat the boss battle.

Cutscene 21

Coco: Ship's ready to go. We should get out of here before the storm increases.

Brandon: Just when I thought I could make some snow angels. Maybe even throw some snow balls.

Sarah examines the hangar.

Coco: Just wipe your feet before getting inside.

Brandon, noticing Sarah: Whatcha looking for, cous?

Sarah: There must be some recent order locations. Maybe we can isolate the source of the DNA.

Brandon finds a clipboard hanging onto the wall.

Brandon, grabbing: What? Something like this?

Sarah: If it has dates and numbers.

Brandon: It has a few, I guess.

Sarah: What's the last one?

Brandon: Chi- No wait. (sees an extra location under it) Scotland.

Coco: What changed your mind?

Brandon: Trouble reading his handwriting. Guess its time to find Nessie. (Smiles)

Scotland - The Hybridlands

Cutscene 22

The Interceptor is seen landing in the Scottish Highlands. The cargo bay opens and the team walks out.

Coco: This should be the place.

Sarah: And this time we have your back.

Brandon: Really? For a second there, I thought you were going to be stuck on that ship this whole time.

Coco: No way. You're not having all the fun here. I want to knock some heads.

Sarah: You mean help.

Coco: Beat up and help sound pretty similar in my dictonary.

Brandon: Didn't know you had one.

Coco: Real funny, Tennyson. I forgot to laugh.

Brandon looks around and uses his hands to see clearly. Meanwhile, a trail of DNA crawls behind them and approaches Coco slowly. Coco is then taken. Sarah turns around and is taken too while Brandon is still looking around.

Brandon: I think we should head over there. The source of the DNA can't be too far away, right? ...Guys? This isn't just all me, y'know. You're welcome to join- (turns around and notices) Coco? Sarah?!

A roaring is heard. Brandon turns and looks up. He sees a green blur flying off with Coco and Sarah heading off into the direction he was looking at.

Brandon: Well... I guess that means I was right.

Gameplay starts.

Brandon, over the Ultimatrix: Guys? Guys?! (sigh) Looks like I've got to go and rescue you.

Player navigates through the highlands until they encounter enemies; Mutant Cow. Strength: 8/10 Durability: 7/10 Speed: 5/10.

Player defeats the enemies and continues navigating until they encounter a cliffside. Player uses Shredder to climb up the cliffside. They continuing navigating until they encounter more enemies. Player defeats the enemies and continues navigating until they encounter a bunch of vegetation. Player uses Loch Ness to unroot the vegetation. Player continues navigating through the level until they reach Urquhart Castle.

Cutscene 23

Brandon is seen walking into Urquhart Castle which has DNA Goo covering the majority of the place. He looks around and sees Coco and Sarah trapped around a DNA molding.

Brandon: Sarah? Coco?

Brandon reaches for them when a roar is heard. Brandon turns around and sees a big DNA Hybrid which looks like a dragon-like creature.

Brandon: Not sure if you're really the Loch Ness Monster or not but you hurt my friends and that puts you in a place you don't wanna be in.

Gameplay resumes. Player defeats the boss by smashing the platforms it stands on causing it to drop into the lake.

Cutscene 24

Brandon points the Ultimatrix at the DNA encasing which scans it and removes it. He then helps them up.

Brandon: You guys okay?

Coco: Fine... What happened?

Brandon: You were taken by some Ultimate Hybrid. This place was used as some type of DNA Junkyard.

Sarah: This DNA must have become sapient and useless to whoever needed it.

Coco: Where'd they get all the DNA from?

Brandon: I'm guessing that massive load in Brazil but the real questions is-

Sarah: Who's using it?

Brandon: I guess that means I made a mistake with the locations which leaves us with only one place left.

Chile - Early Easter

Cutscene 25

The Interceptor is seen flying towards an island.

Sarah: Approaching Rapa Nui.

Coco: I always wondered why there was an island called Easter. Why not a planet called Christmas?

Brandon: Don't be so sure. There might be one out there.

Coco: So this bad guy controlling the DNA is hiding out on DNA?

Sarah: Or someone who knows where he is.

Brandon: And who he is.

Coco: Well we're almost about to la-

Alarms go off throughout the ship.

Brandon: Um... That doesn't sound like a good thing.

Sarah, using computers: Electro-magnetic force field ahead!


The Interceptor flies through the electro-magnetic force field and looses power. It then crashes on the island. Brandon wakes up on the floor of the spaceship and holds his head.

Brandon: Aw man...

Brandon gets up and goes over to Coco who is knocked out and lying on the controls.

Brandon: Coco? (goes to Sarah who is in the same condition) Sarah? Don't worry. I'll shut off that force field and get us to safety. (leaves the ship)

Gameplay starts. Player navigates through the island until they encounter statues of giant heads. Player uses Drillbit to dig at the digging platform. Player resurfaces underground in a secret tunnel.

Brandon, over the Ultimatrix: These caves must have been here a long time ago. And I'm talking to myself since the others are knocked out. Figures. Might as well see where I end up.

Player navigates through the tunnels until they reach a dug in like crator area with machines hooked up around it. There is a green substance seen flowing inside them.

Brandon, over the Ultimatrix: I don't like the looks of this. I'd better head back up and see if I can find that force field off switch.

Player navigates to the stair-like structure and scales up the mountainous terrain passing through alien sernarios and enemies until they reach the top.

Cutscene 26

Brandon climbs up to the top and gets up. He brushes himself off.

Voice: Brandon 10? This is a surprise.

Brandon looks up and sees Master Mind floating above him.

Brandon: Master Mind?

Master Mind: You seem surprised to see me. But not as surprised as I am to find you here.

Brandon: So you're the one behind the scenes. Fixing up the machines to pack up the DNA. We found your little shipping list and traced you back here.

Master Mind: I cleaned all of the records on every Earth database and I get beaten by a piece of paper. Yes, I am the scientific mind behind all this and I was just about to enjoy my vacation until your ship crashlanded here so I just had to stop working and take a... little peek.

Brandon: Guess you weren't expecting me to survive. Wait... You went over there? What did you do to my friends?

Master Mind: Oh nothing much. Just made a few minior adjustments. (snaps fingers)

Brandon turns around and sees a mind controlled Coco and Sarah behind him.

Brandon: Guys?! (turns back to Master Mind) Stop this.

Master Mind: Make me. Oh that's right. You can't. You don't have enough of a brain to do so.

Brandon: I don't think to be smarter than you in order to kick your sorry butt.

Master Mind: I predicted so which is why you won't have a chance to. (claps hands twice)

Coco, mind controlled, picks up Brandon from behind. Sarah, mind controlled, then shoots her energy at Brandon which throws him down into the crator. Brandon then shakes it off and activates the Ultimatrix.

Brandon: Come on! Come on! Give me a flyer or somebody that can take the impact!

Brandon scrolls through the holograms of Loch Ness, Gasadactly, Snow Bear and Crusher. He then stops at Astro. He hits the face plate down and transforms in a flash. Crusher is then seen falling down. He then hits the Ultimatrix symbol and goes through an Ultimate transformation.

Ultimate Crusher: ULTIMATE CRUSHER!

Ultimate Crusher impacts with the ground of the crator which causes the whole area to rummble. The mountain with the crator then becomes active as it was actually a volcano. As the ground begins to break apart, the magna is revealed to actually be DNA. Ultimate Crusher is standing on a platform as Master Mind lowers down with Coco and Sarah with his mind powers.

Master Mind: Now this is a challenge.

Gameplay resumes. Player uses Ultimate Crusher to battle Coco and Sarah and finally Master Mind. Player then defeats him and breaks the mind control.

Cutscene 27

Coco and Sarah snap out of the mind control and hold their heads.

Coco: Oh man... my head.

Sarah: What just happened?

Master Mind: You may have defeated my mind control but you haven't defeated me!

The volcano then shakes voilently.

Brandon: Whoa! Somebody tell me what's going on!

Sarah: Rano Kau... its erupting!

Master Mind: No! NO! Please, you have to save me!

Brandon: Tell us who's behind all this.

Master Mind: You have no idea how powerful he is.

Brandon: A name!

Master Mind: Khan! (after a moment of silence between the team) Now please. Save me.

Brandon: Sarah...

Sarah: What? Now? I don't have my spell book. It's on the ship.

Coco: Don't look at me.

Master Mind shrugs. The volcano then explodes with genetic magma.

Washington DC - The Final Fight

Cutscene 28

The team wakes up in a laboratory.

Brandon, getting up: What?

Erudiden: A thank you would be appericated but no do continue with your primitive ways.

Brandon: Erudiden? How did you-

Erudiden: Know where to find you? I traced your Ultimatrix signature then I activated the teleporter and brought you four here. I've been observbing the situation from here and I don't like it at all.

The rest of the team get up while Erudiden is talking and an Electron traps Master Mind in electric handcuffs and takes him out of the lab.

Sarah: You know what Khan is up to?

Erudiden: I've been attempting to locate you ever since I found out when he was in Brazil. But you kept moving around the globe that it was hard to concentrate. Anyways, Khan has been using substance left behind from my experiment.

Brandon: DNA X.

Erudiden: Preceisely. His plan is to spread the DNA globally in which he can activate them like DNA did with his particles. He'll have an army at his command, whom can absorb the abilities of all of their enemies, conquering the planet.

Coco: We have to stop him.

Erudiden: It's too late. He's already gathering what he needs in the capital state of North America and the teleporter does not have enough power to transport three to the planet.

Brandon: Then beam me down or whatever. There's still enough time to shut his experiment down and save the world.

Erudiden: Very well. I'll advise you through Ultimatrix communications. Good luck.

Erudiden teleports Brandon to Earth.

Gameplay starts. Brandon is seen on a street.

Erudiden, over the Ultimatrix: The teleporter did not have enough power to take you directly at Khan's position. You'll have to navigate over there. I'm uploading directions to your Ultimatrix unit.

Player navigates through the streets of Washington DC until they encounter enemies; Mutant Human. Strength: 10/10 Durability: 8/10 Speed: 6/10. Player defeats them and continues navigating through the level until reaching the front of the capitol.

Cutscene 29

Khan, adjusting machines: At last, my work is complete. Soon, I will reign across the galaxy and conquer the ones around it until the universe is in my hands.

Brandon, unseen: I don't think, Khan.

Khan turns around with an angry expression on his face.

Khan: Tennyson!

Brandon: Miss me?

Khan: You only came to witniss your own demise. I already won. DNA is spread across the globe and they will rise to fight at my will like they already have.

Brandon: Your machine isn't done yet. There's still time to stop you.

Khan: You'll just have to get through me first. On the contrary, I believe you have more important things to worry about. Genex: Eliminate!

Khan fires a genetic blast from his Genex at a group of near by citizens. React! A) Heal X B) Loch Ness C) Drillbit or Don't React. A) Brandon activates the Ultimatrix and transforms into Heal X. He runs in front of the blast and activates a healing abilty on himself which cures his genetics. The citizens are saved.

B) Brandon activates the Ultimatrix and transforms into Loch Ness. He punches the ground and wet vines overgrow onto a statue which causes it to fall over and block the blast. The citizens are saved.

C) Brandon activates the Ultimatrix and transforms into Drillbit. He activates his drill hands and slams it into the ground causing it to shake. The ground then erupts and the stone in the ground rises and acts as a sheild; blocking the blast from hitting the people. The citizens are saved.

or Don't React) The blast then hits the people and, within a flash, they're gone.

Khan: You can not defeat me.

Brandon transforms into Loch Ness (unless the player chose Option B) and then hits the Ultimatrix symbol. He goes through an Ultimate transformation sequence and evolves into Ultimate Loch Ness.

Ultimate Loch Ness: ULTIMATE LOCH NESS!

Player uses Ultimate Loch Ness to defeat Khan. Khan backs into the machine and it overload. Electricity, sparking from the machine, is seen escaping throughout the area.

Khan: NO! What is happening?!

Khan is then hit by the electric blast and transforms into Ultimate Khan.

Khan: My plans have been delayed far enough. It's time to finish this.

Ultimate Loch Ness is hit by the electric blast as well as switches into Ultimate Astro.

Player uses Ultimate Astro to battle against Ultimate Khan until he is backed into the machine again which electrocutes him. Ultimate Astro transforms into Ultimate Crusher. Player uses Ultimate Crusher to battle against Ultimate Khan until he backs into the machine again which electrocutes him. Ultimate Crusher transforms into Ultimate Agilmur. Player uses Ultimate Agilmur to battle Ultimate Khan until he backs into the machine once more and is electrocuted again. Ultimate Agilmur transforms into Ultimate Snow Bear. Player uses Ultimate Snow Bear to battle against Khan until he backs into the machine once more and electrocutes himself again.

Cutscene 30

Ultimate Khan falls on the ground and attempts to get up. Brandon stands over him. Ultimate Khan then grabs Brandon and gets up. He then looks angrier and begins to crush him. The Ultimatrix then glows a bright green and flashes. The blast then throws Ultimate Khan back. He gets up and looks at Brandon who is floating around while holograms of all of the avaible transformations float around him. He then lands down. Ultimate Khan charges at him but Brandon transforms, instantly, into Hydro-Man and fires water blasts at him; pushing him back. He then, instantly, transforms into Drillbit and preforms a ground spike on him; launching him into the air. He then, instantly, transforms into Shock Speed and fires an electric charge that propells him into the air. He then, instantly, transforms into Shredder and slices at Ultimate Khan which throws him straight back down into the ground. He then, instantly, transforms into Heal X and lands on him. He then puts his hands on Ultimate Khan's head and applies his abilities to him which then starts to destroy his mutant DNA. While Khan is turning back to normal, Heal X, instantly, transforms into Ultimate Loch Ness; who propells himself into the air which a super water blast. Ultimate Loch Ness then instantly transforms into Ultimate Crusher who slams down on Ultimate Khan. He then, instantly, transforms into Ultimate Snow Bear who then uses ice breath to freeze Ultimate Khan. He then, instantly, transforms into Ultimate Agilmur and kicks Ultimate Khan back which then breaks the ice and unfreezes him. Ultimate Khan, now tired and almost at normal stage, gets up and looks at Ultimate Agilmur who, instantly, transforms into Ultimate Astro who charges up and then releases an energic blast at Khan who is then blasted into the deep reaches of space. The Ultimatrix then glitches out and transforms Ultimate Astro back into Brandon. The Interceptor is seen landing near by. The team and Erudiden exit and approach Brandon.

Sarah: You did it!

Coco: Nice going, Tennyson.

Erudiden: Interesting how you managed to defeat him with so little odds.

Brandon: Well that's me, Erudiden. I never work with the odds. I guess the Ultimatrix malfunctioned with the amount of DNA that Khan had at his disposal. But now that he's all gone,

Erudiden: Everything should be returning back to its normal genetic stages.

Coco: Normal? Pst. Nothing around here is normal.

Sarah: You can say that again.

Brandon: So, just saved the day and blasted a bad guy into space. I think this calls for a celebration.

Coco: Such as?

Brandon: ALIEN HERO: THE HERO'S CHALLENGE IN 3-D! James, got me seats while you guys were knocked out. This is going to be so awesome!

Sarah: Here we go again.

Coco: Why does it have to be at this time?

Brandon: Because it's HERO TIME!


Post Credit Scene

On an orange planet, somewhere far, far, far away from Earth, Khan, is barely seen, being thrown through the skies until he disappears out of the planet's sight. However, a small spec of DNA falls from the sky and impacts on the planet's surface. A Human-like hand reaches for it but immendantly pulls it back. The figure then captures it into a primitive-like, see-through container. Laughing is then heard. The view turns to show that the figure is Nodnarb.

Nodnarb: At last. DNA. The perfect substance for my Ultimate escape off this rock and on my way to civilization. I'll get myself ready for the battle between me and the being who trapped me here. Then, I WILL have my reve-

A Cutie-Friend bumps into Nodnarb and causes him to drop the container.

Nodnarb: (Drops on his knees) (cluches fists and screams at the sky) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Player is sent back to the Main Menu.


  • When in Rome (Beat Level 1)
  • City of Locus (Beat Level 2)
  • Under the Mahal (Beat Level 3)
  • Tomb Raider (Break 50 Tombs)
  • Defiance is Golden (Beat Level 4)
  • Into the Amazon (Beat Level 5)
  • The Great Wall (Beat Level 6)
  • Cold Case (Beat Level 7)
  • The Hybridlands (Beat Level 8)
  • Early Easter (Beat Level 9)
  • The Final Fight (Beat Level 10)
  • Wrath of Khan (Beat the Game)
  • A Familiar Face (Watch the Post-Credit Scene)
  • Smell of Swamp (Defeat 50 enemies as Loch Ness)
  • Energetic! (Defeat 50 enemies as Astro)
  • It's Clobbering Time! (Defeat 50 enemies as Crusher)
  • Wild and Agile (Defeat 50 enemies as Agilmur)
  • Let it Snow (Defeat 50 enemies as Snow Bear)
  • Wet you Up (Defeat 50 enemies as Hydro-Man)
  • No More Gold Digger (Defeat 50 enemies as Drillbit)
  • Get those Riders (Defeat 50 enemies as Shock Speed)
  • Needs to Take Effect (Defeat 50 enemies as Heal X)
  • Get Angry... A Lot (Defeat 50 enemies as Shredder)
  • Hero of Earth (Rescue all Citizens)
  • In Your Genes (Gain 10,000 Gene Points)
  • Ultimatrix Unlocked (Unlock all Aliens)
  • Ultimate Hero (Play as every Ultimate Form)
  • Ultimate Power (Upgrade all Aliens)
  • Seasoned Traveler (Access all Levels)

Upgrading System

The Upgrading System is an interface that is positioned on the face plate of the Ultimatrix. From there, the Player can select any available alien form which will put it to the side and open an Upgrading Menu with three stats: Health, Strength and Energy. In the Upgrading Menu, the Player has the option to upgrade any of three stats with their available Gene Points which can be gathered from defeating enemies, bosses and breaking objects. The stat meters only go up to five for all aliens in the interface except through means of Collectibles. Brandon, in the game, can only be upgraded through Collectibles


Gene Points

Gene Points are collected from breaking objects or defeating enemies and bosses. They are later used to upgrade stats in the Upgrading System.

Foreign Milkshakes

Players can collect three milkshakes in each level. Once all three milkshakes are collected in a level, a bonus stat bar in the Health Stat will be unlocked. After the milkshakes in the first five levels are collected, the rest of the milkshakes acquired in the remaining levels will go towards Brandon's Health Stats.

Mechanic Badges

Players can collect three badges in each level. Once all three badges are collected in a level, a bonus stat bar in the Strength Stat will be unlocked. After the badges in the first five levels are collected, the rest of the badges acquired in the remaining levels will go towards Brandon's Strength Stats.

Alien Hero Merchandise

Players can collect three figures in each level. Once all three figures are collected in a level, a bonus stat bar in the Energy Stat will be unlocked. After the figures in the first five levels are collected, the rest of the figures acquired in the remaining levels will go towards Brandon's Energy Stats.

Data Network Accommodations (DNA)

DNA, or Data Network Accommodations, are hidden throughout the levels in the game. Once collected, they unlock bonus data on characters, villains and alien forms from the show. There are three hidden in each level.

Cheat Codes

  • MOREHEALTH (Maximum Heath)
  • MOREENERGY (Maximum Energy)
  • MASTERCONTROL (Unlocks All Aliens)
  • ULTIMATEMAP (Unlocks All Levels)
  • TRASHTALKER (Unlocks Stink Breath)
  • TECHNODINO (Unlocks Ro-Warasaur)
  • HACKATTACK (Unlocks Hackoid)
  • ULTIMATEHERO (Replaces Aliens with Ultimate Heroes)


  • This is the first video game for Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero
    • However, this is the fourth video game for Brandon 10 in general.
  • This is the first Brandon 10 video game that offers interactive scenarios and battles.
  • This is the second Brandon 10 video game to take place in actual locations around the world; the first being Brandon 10: Hero of Earth.
  • Hydro-Man, Drillbit, Heal X, Shock Speed, Shredder, The Ultimates, Stink Breath and Hackoid make their video game debuts.
  • The Achievements for the New Aliens are based on lines from their first appearances; mainly their first lines.
  • Nodnarb and a Cutie-Friend, from Attack of the Cute, make a cameo in the post-credit scene.
  • It is unknown if this is canon however it most probably is not.
  • The beginning of the post-credit scene was a reference to how Brandon discovered the DNA rod in A Hero is Born.
  • Heal X is shown to have more abilities then what he used in his first and only appearance as of yet.
  • This is the first Brandon 10 video game to feature Coco and Sarah as boss fights.
  • This is the first Brandon 10 video game to feature a post-credit scene.


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