Brandon 10: Aliens Among Us is a live-action movie based off of the series, Brandon 10.


The film begins in space.

Narrator: Space. The Frontier that expands to the far reaches of the unknown. It has been mankind's dream to explore new worlds and make contact with alien life beyond the stars. But little did the Human Race realize, that alien life was much closer than they thought...

A starship passes through slowly. On board, a crew of aliens, similar to Humans, maintain the starship. One of them enters a room through sliding doors. A chamber connected to some devices unseen await him.

Alien: My lord.

Alien Hissing Voice: What newsss do you bring me?

Alien: We have located a planet worth producing on.

Voice: Excellent. Prepare the first batch for recruiting.

Alien: Yes, my lord.

The Alien exits the room. A bump in his neck is seen and he moves away to attend to his duties. Back in the room, we see that the chamber is connected to multiple computers and devices and screens.

Voice: Sssoon my children. Sssoon we will resurface from the darkness of the galaxy and conquer all in our path. Starting with this puny insect-populated world... Earth.

All the screens the chamber is connected to show Earth. The camera zooms in on the main screen until it transitions in a view of Earth from space. The camera slowly curves around until the moon is in sight. On the surface of the moon, the BTFF logo is seen. The camera zooms over the moon at the Earth and then zooms quickly into the Earth localizing on a town with a sign. The sign reading: Bellwood. In the town, it is night and the streets are practically empty. In an alleyway, a cat examines a trashcan for food when a loud noise from the side of a market appears.

Person: OUT!

Someone throws a homeless person out of the market from the side entrance.

Homeless Man: I thought it was a free sample.

Market Employee: You know very well that we don't use free samples.

Homeless Man: I blame that stupid boss of yours!

Market Employee: Keep your voice down. Everyone's trying to sleep.

Homeless Man: You know you can't throw a homeless and helpless and hungry old man, like myself, out on the streets, right?

Market Employee: I'm sure my boss has a reasons to do so.

Homeless Man: Ha! I'd like to see that idiot try and defend himself against an alien invasion.

Market Employee: Aliens? Nonsense.

Homeless Man: It's true, boy. I've seen the news and the sightings and the show with that police couple.

Market Employee: False. Fake. And Fiction. (calming down and handling the situation more seriously) It's about time you got your head out of space and into reality. Goodnight.

The Employee walks back inside and closes the door. The Homeless Man lies down next to some trashcans and covers himself with newspapers as he falls asleep. Over the corner, something spies on the homeless man with a strange type of vision. It gets closer and closer; hiding after its moves. On the third move, the homeless man awakes and looks around. He sees nothing but hears a faith buzzing sound. It seemingly gets closer and closer. The something gets closer to the homeless man and when the man spots the creature, it jumps at him as the man yells out. Shortly later, the employee opens the side door.

Market Employee: What is it now?

He sees the homeless man curled up in the corner of the trashcans shaking a bit.

Market Employee: You alright?

There is no response.

Market Employee: Sorry for being hard on you... Look, don't tell my boss. He throws some bread at him which lands about a foot away from him. However there is still no reaction.

Market Employee: Hello? (waits for response) Alright well... I'll just be inside... Working...

He retreats back inside. The homeless man then begins to move. He gets up and we see a bump growing on his neck. The Homeless Man begins to walk away. A swarm of creatures follow him by crossing over the bread. At a science facility, the homeless man stands waiting. He sees a couple of scientists chatting and one of them heads out of the facility and walks on the streets.

Homeless Man: Host Located.

The Homeless Man moves towards him while unknowingly stepping on a newspaper with the scientist on it. The headline reading: "CHANGE TO THE FUTURE! Malador solves crisis with technology". The scientist walks but then feels the presence of someone. He stops walking and turns around in which he sees the homeless man approaching him. He then starts walking away. Faster with every step. The Homeless Man seemingly matches his speed until the point where the scientist starts running. The Homeless Man chases him down the streets until the scientist looses him. He hides out behind a corner seeing the homeless man run off in the other direction. He breaths heavily. When he turns around the other way, he encounters the homeless man. He lets out a yell and then darkness. Later, the scientist walks quickly back to the facility.

Security Guard: Good Evening, Mr. Malador.

The Guard lets him in. Once inside the facility, Malador turns showing a faint glow in his eyes and bump in his neck. He turns back to the stairs and climbs up. Malador, when getting to the level, enters a laboratory; empty and filled with inventions and computers and more. Malador works on computers and devices.

Dr. Malador: Sending Transmat Codes.

Malador presses the button and the generator in the center of the room glows and emits a beam into the sky. Malador then grabs his neck and begins to choke a bit. He bends over and continues grabbing his neck until he coughs out a creature that attacked the homeless man. The creature seems wounded.

Dr. Malador: Interesting...

Voice: Who dares summons me?

Dr. Malador: Who's there?

Voice: I am your ruler, Human.

Dr. Malador: Stop! Get out of my head!

Figure: Doctor...

Malador turns around and sees another scientist.

Dr. Malador: Owens.

Dr. Owens: James Owens.

Dr. Malador: What do you want?

James Owens: You activated the experimental generator. I thought we agreed to-

Dr. Malador: We agreed that I will activate it whenever I need to.

James Owens: Never-the-less. You needed my assistance.

Dr. Malador: I don't!- I don't need it now.

James Owens: Are you alright?

James reaches out for Malador but Malador rejects the hand.

Dr. Malador: Worry about yourself. I'm finishing up here.

James Owens, disappointed: If you insist. (annoyed) I won't bother your finical investment.

James storms out. Malador looks back at the generator and then at the creature.

Dr. Malador: What are you?

Voice: You don't need to know anything about me.

Dr. Malador: You infected me with that... that thing. I have every right to know.

Voice: It is a child. It is a solider. You are the thing. We will control all.

Dr. Malador: How? Is it genetic?

Voice: How would you know so much about these things?

Dr. Malador: Because I'm the best mind this town has ever seen. Maybe even this whole world.

Voice: You are the head of this planet?

Dr. Malador: I suppose I am. What are you offering, voice in my head?

Voice: I offer you nothing. Although you serve as a good host.

Dr. Malador: Controlling me? Again? Not going to happen. Let me in on this plan of yours and you won't have to worry about anything.

Voice: A mind like yours is difficult to control.

Dr. Malador: Give me what you have. I can control myself. I don't need you. You need me.

Voice, hesitating: Okay then. You and I think alike but now we shall think in the same mind.

The swarm of creatures surround Malador.

Malador: What are you doing?

Voice: What you asked for, Malador.

Malador, being covered more and more: No.. No! NOOOOOO!!!

Camera zooms into his eye which turns from blue to green. The theme song then kicks in.

Ben 10 Fan Fiction Presents...

Text transforms into new text.

A Brandon 10 Film...

Text transforms into nothing. Camera swings around a DNA Helix showing how its becoming more cybernetic. A pink slide covers the screen followed by a blue one and then lastly, a green one. The slides then shatter revealing a dark screen and the logo fades in.


The dark screen then turns into Bellwood, now in the day and the logo fades away after a couple of seconds. The city is shown in a circular motion. Citizens continue on their regular day. A house is seen and an alarm rings. Yawn is heard and a hand puts the alarm on snooze.

Starring Ryan Kelley

A small tour of the room is seen showing items including action figures and dirty laundry. The tour ends when showing a view of a laptop currently viewing a page on Alien Hero.

With Nathan Keyes

A figure walks past the laptop which clears the text. A pair of black and white sneakers walk across the room. A chair sits in the corner close to the bed with a green leather jacket hung on it.

And Galadriel Stineman

A hand grabs the jacket and the figure puts it on, straightens it out and heads outside. The scene cuts to Coco's Car driving down the streets of Bellwood.

Sarah: What do you have?

Coco: Alien Activity.

Sarah: The usual?

Coco: Nah. This one is different.

Sarah: What makes you so sure?

Coco: Because I have connections.

Sarah: What type of connections?

Coco: Um... The locals.

Sarah: Oh really?

Coco: Look, I know what I'm doing. I'm a professional.

Sarah: Maybe its a secret organization.

Coco: That's what I thought. There's been lots of disappearances all over Bellwood. It's up to us to find out why.

Sarah: And where they are.

Coco: Oh yeah. I knew that...

The car drives past the market. The employee is mopping the floors while the manager is on the phone.

Market Boss: Yes. (listens) Yes I know. (listens) No. (listens) No... (listens) Are you kidding me? I had that cleaned up because of that big huge disaster you and your so called friends created. (listens) Am I on it? No. I'm on Earth, genius.

The employee snickers quietly.

Market Boss, noticing: Hey! You messed a spot.

Market Employee: Sorry (continues mopping)

Market Boss, back on the phone: No, I wasn't talking to you. (walks to his office) And I'm not moving to Mexico just for another incident you caused.

The employee puts the mop away and places a wet floor sign above the wet area. Coco's Car arrives at a warehouse.

Coco: Here's the place.

Sarah: Where is he?

Coco: He'll come. He's always late.

Sarah: Not this late.

Coco: He'll show up. Quit worrying.

Sarah: Okay... So now what do we do?

Coco: It's called stake out. We wait for them to come to us.

Sarah: That sounds like it will take a long time.

Coco: Hey. You signed up for it.

Sarah sighs and then crosses her arms.

After a while, Sarah is dozing off while Coco is snoring. A orange car pulls into the warehouse.

Sarah, sleepily: Coco...

Coco continue snoring.

Sarah: Coco.

Coco remains sleeping.

Sarah, hitting him in the shoulder: Coco!

Coco, waking up: I'm awake! What?

Sarah: They're here.

Coco: Well let's give them a nice welcome.

Coco gets out of the car followed by Sarah. The two head over to the warehouse. When they enter, they see a group of five chatting at their car. One of them sees the two.

Member: Hey...

Everyone ignores her.

Member: HEY!

They look at her and then see Coco and Sarah.

Other Member: It's them, Joe

Joe: I know.

Joe walks over to Coco.

Joe: Coco.

Coco: Joe.

They stare at each other and then they hug and laugh.

Coco, letting go: How long has it been?

Joe: 2 years. I don't remember.

Coco: Yeah. Me neither.

Joe, seeing Sarah: Who's the girl?

Coco: She's my- um...

Sarah: Partner.

Coco: Oh I see. I always knew Coco was lucky but I didn't think he was THIS lucky.

Other crew members laugh.

Sarah: No. Not THAT type of partner!

Coco: Alright. Alright. Cool it. You have want I need?

Joe: Why do you need it so badly?

Coco: Science Project.

Joe: Heh. You always were a joker. What do you need them for really?

Coco: We want to see what is it and how to use it.

Joe: And what makes you the expert?

Coco: I have my moments.

They stare again.

Joe: Bring the device, Ren.

Two crew members open the back of the trunk of the orange car and remove a storage device from it. Another crew member closes the trunk while the first two bring the device to Joe. Joe opens the device by entering a code. Coco attempts to look over at it but Sarah stops him. The device opens and Joe pulls out a smaller containment device with a spider-like alien creature inside.

Sarah: What is that?

Joe: That's what we were wondering.

Coco: Where'd you get it?

Joe: We just found it.

Coco examines the creature.

Joe: Almost like it wanted to be captured.

Sarah: What do you mean?

Coco: Oh that's not good.

Joe: What do you mean?

Coco: How many more do you have?

Joe: Two or three.

Faint buzzing is heard.

Coco: How far away did you find it?

Joe: Where's your half? Are you sticking me up?

Coco: Just answer the question.

Joe hesitates for a moment.

Joe: Next warehouse down.

Coco: We have to get out of here. Everyone.

Sarah: What's going on?

Coco: Something doesn't get captured without a fight. Trust me. If this thing has the capability to make people disappear then we're next on the list.

Joe: Oh come on. How can one little alien make us disappear?

The buzzing gets louder and more heard. A horde of aliens charge in.

Member: They're everywhere!

They swarm around the car. Suddenly a door opens letting in a the blinding light from the outside as a figure stands in the doorway.

Joe, seeing the figure: Who's that?

The figure steps forward revealing himself as Brandon.

Brandon: Their worst nightmare.

Sarah: What took you so long?

Brandon: Went to get some lunch.

Coco: Burger Hut?

Brandon: You know it. What's the situation?

Sarah: Oh the usual. Aliens.

Brandon: Spider-Aliens. I hate spiders.

The horde gets closer to Brandon.

Coco: I think they heard you.

Brandon: Yeah? Well let's see if they can hear with water in their ears. It's Hero Time!

Brandon runs towards the horde and slaps down the Omnitrix. Brandon is thrown into a sequence with exploding cells that merge with others. Brandon curls up and lightning flashes. His skeleton is shown. His bone structure then grows and lightning flashes again. His skin grows green and plant-like. His head shapes differently and his ears widen. Flash. Loch Ness stands where Brandon was.

Loch Ness: Loch. Ness!

Loch Ness sprays water at the creatures. Which seems to repel them.

Sarah: They're affected by water.

Loch Ness: That's a good sign.

A couple of the creatures attack a few members. The team looks. The creatures then crawl into their mouths and the members shake violently. The team now have a look of concern on their faces. When they stop shaking, their eyes start to glow faintly and bumps appear on their necks.

Loch Ness: And that's not a good sign.

Loch Ness shoots water at them. They fall over but then get back up.

Sarah: They're inside them. Water won't have any effect.

Coco: Maybe not water. But a good little earth shock causes some damage.

Coco kneels down. He touches the ground and absorbs the stone flooring of the warehouse. Coco then becomes stone-like.

Coco: That's the stuff!

Coco runs towards them and throws himself at two of them. Another two come at Sarah. Her eyes glow pink as well as her hands.

Sarah: You messed with the wrong girl.

Sarah then forms an X-shape with her arms causing her energy spheres to release at the two controlled members. They get thrown into the wall. Coco gets up and the two members that he knocked over do as well.

Coco: Now you're talking.

One member throws his fist but Coco blocks it with his arm. Coco punches the member in the face and grabs the one behind him. He throws him at the one he punched. He both fall over; knocked out.

Coco, getting rid of stone form: Nighty Nighty.

Sarah: Coco! Look out.

Coco turns around and sees Joe with glowing eyes and a bump on his neck as well.

Coco: Joe too?

Sarah: Get down.

Coco moves out of the way and Sarah captures Joe in an energy sphere.

Joe, struggling: Let. Go!

Loch Ness: What are those things, Joe?

Joe: Our masters.

Sarah: He's being controlled by those things.

Loch Ness: How do we get it out?

Coco: I have an idea (gestures Sarah to lower him)

Sarah does so and releases the sphere. Coco walks over to him slowly. Joe breaths in deeply with a furious expression. Coco slides his hand over Joe's car as he continues walking. Joe breaths faster and angrier. Coco finally stops walking when he's two feet from Joe. Joe then charges at Coco but Coco slams his fist into Joe's face; his fist being made of the same material as Joe's car. Joe falls over out cold.

Sarah: Coco!

Coco: What?

Loch Ness: How exactly did that help?

Coco: People can't find back when they're sleeping. Plus...

Coco kneels over Joe's body and grabs an object in Joe's mouth. He pulls it out and its one of the creatures; seemingly life-less.

Coco: We got a sample.

The view shows Sarah and Loch Ness looking at Coco but curves slowly around Coco. When the view passes behind Coco, the view is now Sarah and Brandon.

Sarah: We should get that analysed.

Coco: You know a place?

Sarah: Maybe.

The scene cuts to a door. A hand knocks on the door. There is some faint noises inside. The door is opened by Bill.

Bill: Kids!

Brandon: Hey, Uncle Bill.

Sarah: Hi, Uncle Bill.

Coco: ...Hello...

Bill: What brings you here? I'm in the middle of cooking my famous beef stew.

Brandon: You mean the one that made everyone have to go to the ba-

Sarah elbows Brandon in the stomach.

Brandon: Ow!

Sarah: We have something for you, Uncle Bill.

Scene cuts to the team inside while Bill examines the creature in a microscope.

Bill: Interesting.

Brandon: What is it, Uncle Bill?

Bill: Well I've seen these creatures before but not in this galaxy.

Coco: You've been outside the galaxy?

Bill: I've been lots of places you've haven't been to yet, kid.

Bill pats Coco's shoulder and smiles.

Sarah: So they're not from around here?

Bill: Well yes. They aren't. But that's not the interesting part.

Brandon: Then what is it?

Bill: These creatures are known as Lycosidians.

Brandon: Lycowhatians?

Bill, correcting: -Sidians. They're a species from the Arachno Galaxy. They usually spend their free time producing newborns and scavenging.

Coco: Mind-controlling people and making them disappear doesn't sound like scavenging.

Bill: That's the interesting part. They're not meant to do this. It's seemingly against their nature.

Sarah: Well maybe something is rewriting their nature.

Brandon: Or someone.

Bill: Maybe... Maybe. I need to look into this more.

Coco: What about the equipment in here?

Bill: Old fashioned. Besides my knowledge on Lycosidians is very thin. But... I might know someone that may be able to help.

Brandon turns his head for the window to just look around the RV. However, he sees a girl looking at him. She sees him and hides behind the wall. Brandon continues looking out the window with a questionable expression.

Brandon: Hang on a sec.

Brandon goes outside the RV. Everyone else looks at him confused.

Sarah: Where's he off to?

Bill: I ask that question almost everyday. The answer... trouble.

Sarah and Coco looks at each other. Brandon walks from the RV to the wall. He then stops. He looks back and sees them talking in the RV. Brandon then turns back and continues walking. He peeks over the wall and sees a girl thinking to herself with a bike. She's ginger and wearing a red jacket.

Brandon: Hello?

The girl looks up at Brandon.

Girl: Goodness. It's you.

Brandon: Well I saw you sort of looking at me from the- um (looks back and points with his thumb) window. (turns back at the girl) Do I know you?

Girl: You-You don't remember?

Brandon: Um...

Girl: Science Fair. 5 years ago...

Brandon, thinking for a moment: Oh! Abigail Malador.

Abigail: You remembered.

Brandon, laughing: Yeah. Wow. How's it been?

Abigail: Good. I saw you in town and I just wanted to make sure it was the same Tennyson that covered the whole gym in foam.

Brandon: It was a slight miscalculation. Sometimes I forget how smart I am.

They smile at each other for a moment.

Abigail, realizing: Oh I- um... Just was in town to um- check on my father.

Brandon: Dr. Malador?

Abigail: Yeah. He said he had this (gestures) THING he wanted to show me a couple a weeks ago.

Brandon: He wanted to show you something a couple of weeks ago?

Abigail: Ah. No. He asked me to come to see his thing now, a couple of a weeks ago.

Brandon: Oh. Hehe. Right.

Abigail: Hehe. Yeah.

Brandon: I can't believe its been 5 years.

Abigail: Took you 5 years to finally change your outfit.

Brandon, looking at his jacket: I change my clothes.

Abigail: Same weird watch though.

Brandon looks at the Omnitrix.

Abigail: So what are you doing nowadays?

Brandon: Um...

Brandon hesitates for a moment and Abigail looks at him waiting.

Abigail: You don't have to tell me, if you don't want to.

Brandon: It's just very hard to explain.

Abigail: Well I'm into science and technology. Just starting last year. Family Business.

Brandon: Ah. You always said you were going to do something sciencey.

Abigail: It seems like you stopped. What happened in those 5 years?

Brandon looks at Abigail with a serious expression and then looks around at the ground.

Abigail: What is it?

Brandon: It's just that... (he stops for a moment and then looks at her) I can still kick your butt in robotics.

Abigail: Ha. Yeah right. You totally cheated. By the way, how DID you make your design act like a communicator. You know. The one with the green and black Technic design.

Brandon: Um... Well-

Bill, in the distance: Brandon?

Brandon: Hang on one sec.

Brandon comes from around the corner and sees Uncle Bill looking for Brandon.

Brandon: It's my uncle. You should come over.

Abigail: I actually have to get going. But thanks.

Brandon: How long are you staying for?

Abigail: A week, I think.

Brandon: I'll stop by later.

Abigail: I'd like that.

Bill, in the distance: Brandon?

Brandon: Catch you later.

Brandon walks away. Abigail then frowns.

Brandon: Right here, Uncle Bill.

Bill: Where were you?

Brandon: Talking with an old friend. What did you find?

Bill: Nothing much except these Lycosidians have a small chip on them.

Brandon: A chip?

Bill: Technical Stuff. However it seems organic just as well as technical.

Brandon: The chip?

Bill: Yeah. I don't have the right equipment to examine it since I'm retired. But I know this guy who might be able to help.

The scene cuts to later in the evening. Coco's Car pulls up to an apartment.

Sarah: What's in this place?

Coco: Correction: What's in this DUMP.

Bill: This "dump" has just what we need.

Bill knocks on the door four times.

Voice: In a minute.

A small moment passes by. A man in a blue jacket opens the door.

Man: Oh. It's you.

Bill: Steve...

Steve: What brings you to my office?

Bill: We found something that you might find interesting.

Steve: Interesting Interesting?

Bill: Interesting Interesting.

Steve looks at the rest.

Bill: They're with me.

Steve: Alright. If something happens, its all of your responsibilities.

Bill: Understood.

Steve opens the door and lets them in. The hallway has an eerie lighting system.

Sarah: A bit creepy.

Steve: Good. It usually keeps everyone away.

A door opens and an old woman steps out.

Old Woman: Steve!

Steve stops and sighs.

Steve: Yes, Ms. Williams?

Ms. Williams: I think the heating broke.

Steve: The heating is working perfectly.

Ms. Williams: Well then fix it. (sees the team and Bill) Who's your friends?

Steve: People.

Ms. Williams: I don't like people.

Steve: I can tell.

Ms. William makes a mean expression and slams the door.

Steve: Keeps everyone away except her... Only resident.

Brandon: Tough crowd.

Steve, going through set of keys: Oh you have no idea. (finds key) Ah. Here it is.

Steve inserts his key into the keyhole at the end of the hall. He turns it anti-clockwise.

Sarah: I thought locks went clockwise.

Steve: Not this one.

Steve goes further until it clicks. The door wall then emits a glow and a circular door disguised as the wall reels down revealing a staircase that then emits small lights.

Brandon: Whoa. Awesome.

Steve: I know right. Come on.

Steve goes down the stairs. Bill then follows followed by the rest of the team. The door then reels back up when everyone passes through. At the end of the staircase, everyone walks out into a massive room.

Brandon: Wow. Even Awesome-er.

The view curves around showing a massive base.

Steve: Impressive. Isn't it?

Coco: You have a whole base down here?

Steve: Yep. I try and keep myself entertained.

Sarah: So you're a part of the Space Patrol?

Steve: Of course. Although we're named differently. I'm sure you'll find out more about us later. But now... (turns to Bill) What was so interesting that you had to blow my cover?

Bill: This.

Bill takes the containment unit out of his pocket and gives it to Steve.

Steve: Oh. (examines) Well you were right to call me in.

Scene cuts to Steve examining the Lycosidian.

Steve: Interesting.

Bill: Funny. That's what I said.

Steve: Well, you didn't see the thing I found.

Bill: The chip?

Steve: Yes... You are quite good.

Bill: Hey. I didn't loose all my skills.

Steve: The chip is used to control the Lycosidian. It gives commands.

Brandon: From who?

Steve: I don't know but I might have an idea.

Sarah: Well?

Steve: The Lord Lycosidian.

Bill: But he died. I saw him.

Steve: Yes. I was there too, Bill. But there is no other possibility.

Bill: Someone hacked the signal.

Steve: It's organic. Telepathic at-least.

Bill: I don't know, Steve. Telepathic Alien Force? Controlling the Lycosidians.

Steve shakes his head.

Steve: No.

Bill: Well give me something Steve. Anything but that.

Steve: He's probably back. But on the bright side I can track the signal.

Brandon: Great.

Bill: No. It isn't.

Sarah: Why not?

Bill: Because IF the Lycosidian Lord is back from the dead, then he must be more powerful than ever before. And he knows we're after him. That's why he sent the squad.

Brandon: Squad? Of Insects?

Bill: Lycosidians are no joking matter. Not anymore.

Brandon: What's the difference?

Bill: Brandon. Listen to me. For once. There's been a lot of alien activity in the area lately. I know. But this is something different.

Brandon: I can handle this.

Bill: I'm not sure if you can.

Steve: I think I found it.

Steve uses his holographic keyboard. A signature appears on screen.

Coco: What's that?

Sarah: DNA Signature. Used to track, well, DNA.

Steve: In this case, the source. Uploading file now.

Steve uploads the file and a picture of Dr. Malador appears on the screen.

Sarah: That's Dr. Malador. Chief Scientist of Future Technologies in Bellwood.

Bill: He might have gotten too far. Further than we've ever expected.

Coco: How?

Bill: Brandon.

Brandon looks at Bill.

Bill: Who were you talking to back at the RV?

Brandon gets slightly nervous.

Brandon: An old friend. From School.

Bill: Who?

Brandon: Abigail... Abigail Malador.

Bill: Brandon. You know that girl is dangerous.

Brandon: How? She's a regular. It's like I can't talk to anybody who isn't an alien or involved with aliens.

Bill: That's what I'm saying Brandon. She's involved in this. You know what Dr. Malador is after.

Brandon: No. I don't. Just because her father is up to something maybe but she just got into town. And-

Bill: Stay away from her, Brandon.

Brandon: No, Uncle Bill. Not everyone is a bad guy.

Brandon walks back up the stairs.

Bill: Brandon!

Brandon ignores Bill and continues.

Steve: On the bright side, he could get information.

Bill: He's going to get himself killed.

Sarah: We'll go find him.

Coco: We will?

Sarah gives Coco the face.

Coco: Yeah. We are.

Sarah and Coco go after Brandon. Bill sighs.

Steve, moving over to Bill: It's going to be okay, Bill.

Back at Steve's station, the Lycosidian starts to move and jumps from the station. It then crawls around and sees Bill and Steve. Now night, Bellwood is seen from a distance. Brandon stares out to the city from a hill.

Voice: Hey.

Brandon turns around and sees Abigail with her bike.

Brandon: Hey. What are you doing here?

Abigail: I usually ride out here. Clears my head.

Brandon: Yeah. I was just close by.

Abigail laughs and then Brandon does too.

Abigail: What is it?

Brandon: What's what?

Abigail: What do you need to clear your head about?

Brandon: Family Stuff.

Abigail: Oh yeah. You did say your uncle was here.

Brandon: Did I?

Abigail: It's something else too?

Abigail sits next to Brandon.

Abigail: Isn't there?

Brandon: Just took a sudden curiosity in the missing people story.

Abigail: An investigation?

Brandon: If you don't mind.

Abigail: What did you find out?

Brandon: Um. I found out that its unusual and that's it.

Abigail: Oh come on. You don't have to lie to me.

Brandon: Lie? Whaaat?

Abigail: I can sense it in your eyes. Tell me.

Brandon: It's your father.

Abigail: What about him?

Brandon: I think he's involved with the missing people.

Abigail: Are you accusing my father?

Brandon: No. It's just that-

Abigail: Because I think he's responsible too.

Brandon: ...hang on. What?

Abigail: There's been weird activity from where he works. Plus he hasn't been returning his calls.

Brandon: Why didn't you say anything?

Abigail: Who am I going to tell?

Brandon: The Police?

Abigail: Like they'll do anything.

Brandon: So... what do you suppose we do?

Abigail: I say we see what my father has to say about this.

Brandon: Talking to him?

Abigail: Checking around the facility.

Brandon: I guess one little look won't hurt anyone.

Abigail: Great. Hope you don't mind.

Brandon: No. No.

Abigail: Well then.

Abigail gets on her bike.

Abigail: Hop on.

Brandon: Alrighty.

Brandon gets on the bike with Abigail.

Brandon: Where to?

Abigail: My father's office.

Abigail then rides off into the city. They then ride through the city.  After a while, They arrive at the parking lot. Security Guards are guarding the area.

Brandon: Security Guards are guarding the area.

Abigail: Any plans?

Brandon: You bet I do. Come on.

Brandon and Abigail sneak around the back of the building. They see workers unpacking cargo into the building and from the building into trucks.

Abigail: What are they doing?

Brandon: I don't know. Shipping and putting stuff inside the building.

Abigail: Yeah but those are new crates.

Brandon: So?

Abigail: There wasn't a new system update on packaging. They're delivering new things.

Brandon: What type of things?

Abigail: I don't know.

Brandon: Well let's find out.

Abigail: How? There's guards on the main entrance. (Brandon looks elsewhere and leaves) There are workers in the back. There's no way we can possibly get in there. Unless I tell them I'm his daughter. But then my father would know instantly. But we could also-

Brandon whistles. Abigail looks and sees Brandon with a door open.

Abigail: How did you- (runs over to Brandon's side; attempting not to get noticed) How did you do that?

Brandon: The janitor let me in. (points)

Abigail looks and sees the janitor walking away. The Janitor turns back and waves.

Brandon: Thanks Stan.

Stan: No problem, true alien believers.

Brandon: Nice guy. Let's go.

Brandon and Abigail enter the building. They manage to get into the cargo bay where the workers are. They hide behind a couple of crates.

Brandon: Let's see what's inside one of these things.

Abigail: My father might find out.

Brandon: I thought we were proving him guilty.

Abigail: I just want to find out what's wrong.

Brandon: We can start here.

Brandon finds a crowbar lying on the ground. He grabs it and uses it to pray open a crate. It makes a noise. Brandon looks around to see if it had caused attention. It did not. Brandon then removes the cover and places it on the ground. He and Abigail look inside.

Abigail: Oh my-

The crate is filled with Lycosidians.

Brandon: Lycosidians.

Abigail: You know what they are?

Brandon: Um.. I thought there was an article about it.

Abigail: Alien Spiders?

Brandon: I hate spiders.

The Lycosidians begin to cry out.

Brandon: Ah no. I didn't mean it. Ssh. Ssh!

This causes attention. Multiple workers surround Brandon and Abigail.

Abigail: What are we going to do?

Brandon: Wait here.

Abigail: What?!

Brandon: I thought I saw something useful over there.

Brandon runs off.

Abigail: Don't! They'll get you.

Brandon's voice: AH!

Abigail: No!

Brandon is then seen behind a seleve pretending to scream.

Brandon: AH! (quietly to himself) That should buy me some time.

Brandon activates the Omnitrix. He cycles between BrandonBot and Astro. He stops at Electrix.

Brandon: Perfect.

The Omnitrix then sparks and glows. Brandon slaps it down and a flash overcomes him. Astro then stands where Brandon was.

Astro: Astro? Ah man. Just the day for the Omnitrix to glitch.

The workers get closer and closer to Abigail.

Abigail: Guess I have to do this one on my own.

Abigail picks up the crowbar and prepares for action. One of them comes at her. Abigail hits him with the crowbar. Another one comes at her. She kicks him into another worker. Astro then flies out from behind the selve.

Abigail: Oh no. Another one.

Astro: Don't worry. I'm here to help.

More workers come in. Astro shoots energy blasts in front of them. They stop and then continue.

Astro: No use for a warning shot. They don't even know what they're up against.

Some worker pull out weapons and start firing. Astro dodges.

Astro: That's not good.

Astro shoots the weapons which explode in their hands causing a few to get knocked out. Abigail hits the rest with the crowbar. When they're all out cold, she drops the crowbar. Astro then lands next to her.

Astro: Are you alright?

Abigail: I'm fine. I have to check on Brandon.

Astro: It's not safe.

Abigail: You made you the hero? You killed him didn't you?

Astro: He's alright. But there's still more of those workers. They're mind-controlled. See their necks?

Abigail looks and sees the bump.

Abigail: Oh my- How did you- (she turns around and Astro is gone) Hello?

Brandon walks in.

Abigail: Brandon. Are you alright?

Brandon: Fine. I could use a banana, I guess. Makes me an awesome and better hero.

Abigail: What?

Brandon, pretending: Er- Ow. My head.

Abigail: You should've seen it. There was this-

Brandon: No time. Somethings going on here. Come on. Let's go.

The screen then gets slightly blurry and the view zooms out showing that Brandon is being viewed on a screen.

Alien Hissing Voice: Interesting...

Malador's Voice: What is it?

Voice: One with the power to attempt to end us.

Malador's Voice: What shall I do?

Voice: ...Destroy Brandon Tennyson.

Malador's Voice: I have devised a plan. What about the others?

Voice: I will take care of them. Our plan is already successful.

A claw activates a button of some type which causes the screen to show Coco's Car with a icon next to it. Meanwhile, Coco and Sarah search for Brandon.

Sarah: Where could he be?

Coco: If I knew, I wouldn't be here.

Sarah, after a moment: What- What's that?

Coco looks forward and sees a figure in the distance.

Coco: I don't-

He hits the brakes as it fires an sphere made of a material similar to web but with a technical design.

Coco: Whoa!

Sarah: Well that wasn't so bad.

The sphere is knocked out of the way and a big creature similar to a larger Lycosidian.

Enhanced Lycosidian: (Roars)

Sarah: And it just got bad. Coco!

Coco: I'm on it.

Coco shifts gears and hits the accelerator. The wheels spin and then car reverses quickly. The Enchanced Lycosidian is after the car. Brandon and Abigail are climbing the stairs to the top floor.

Abigail: Do you hear something?

Brandon stops and listens.

Brandon: Come on.

They continue. The car drives but the Enchanced Lycosidian remains after them.

Sarah: It has our smell.

Coco: Is there something you can do?

Sarah: Is there something I can do? You're the one driving.

Coco: Alright. Let's see if we can break the speed limit.

Coco presses a button on the wheel which switches the gears to a green lever. Coco pulls it down with his right hand and the rear lights flip into turbos. The turbos then activate which shoots flames. The Enhanced Lycosidian backs up and the car accelerates quickly.

Coco: Woohoohoo! Now we're talking.

Back in the science facility, Brandon and Abigail enter the laboratory. They see the inventions, machines and the generator in the middle.

Brandon: You're dad sure knows how to work.

Abigail: He's a very busy man.

Brandon, seeing Lycosidians crawling on the table: Really busy. Your father wasn't just involved in this, he was giving them to the staff. Giving them out to Bellwood.

Voice: My... My... What a clever boy.

A figure is seen gliding across the room.

Brandon: Where are you?

Voice: That's the least of your problems.

Brandon: Show yourself!

Voice: Prepare for the appearance of your master.

The figure lands in the shadows and then slitter into the light revealing Dr. Malador in a suit similar to a Lycosidian.

Dr. Malador: Welcome Tennyson... Come into my parlor.

Brandon: Malador. Stop this now.

Dr. Malador: Oh and I thought we were having so much fun with my little pets.

Brandon: You're not well.

Dr. Malador: No! The world isn't well! I am here. Given with these powers to save it!

Abigail: Father please.

Dr. Malador: Abigail? What are you doing here?

Abigail: I'm here to stop you, dad.

Dr. Malador: But can't you see darling? I'm... renewed. Heh. I am superior.

Brandon: Not sure if I like that word.

Dr. Malador: You be silent, boy. You-... You've been with my daughter...

Brandon: What?

Dr. Malador: You changed her...

Malador walks slowly towards Brandon sliding his hand over the computers.

Brandon: No. Nothing happened.

Dr. Malador: You... changed... her...

The computer begin to short-cut and spark. Malador is seen all over the screens.

Dr. Malador: Perhaps I should change you!

Malador pulls his hands out. Lycosidians begin to pour from his hands. Malador then throws them at Brandon like projectiles. Brandon dodges them. He dodge rolls into the stairwell.

Dr. Malador: You can not hide from me, Tennyson! I know everything I need to know about you. I got my information from a great source.

A figure creeps up on Brandon. Brandon turns around slowly and sees Bill with a bump in his neck and glowing eyes.

Brandon: No! No... please... No!

Dr. Malador: Oh I can taste it. So angry at your uncle. Now he's my plaything against you. This world of yours will crumble right after you die by the hand of your own family.

Abigail: Please Dad. Stop! Stop it! Now!

Dr. Malador, grabbing her by the throat: Silence! You insect!

Abigail: Brandon!

Brandon looks at Bill and then Abigail and then back at Bill.

Brandon: I'm sorry, Uncle Bill.

Brandon runs over to a tall circuit board. He pushes it over and it lands close to Bill. Bill then looses balance and falls down the stairs. When he hits the end, he goes out cold and the lycosidian leaves his body.

Brandon: Leave her alone!

Dr. Malador stops and looks at Brandon. He throws Abigail into a desk.

Dr. Malador: You already lost. The Lord Lycosidian will be here soon. This world is already ours.

Brandon: You guys really are self-confident.

Dr. Malador: Behold. (looks at window)

Brandon looks and sees the Enhanced Lycosidian catching up with Coco's Car.

Brandon: Sarah! Coco!

Dr. Malador: You can't stop me and save them at the same time.

Abigail wakes up and sees an emergency fire hose.

Dr. Malador: You lose.

Abigail: Think again, father.

Abigail activates the hose and sprays her father through the window. She then turns it off and rushes to hug Brandon.

Abigail: Are you okay?

Brandon: Yeah... Um I'm good. Look listen. Abby. There's something I have to tell you.

The Enhanced Lycosidian roars loudly.

Brandon: Okay maybe a couple of things. One: We all go through family issues. You're dad loves you very much and you should love him. Two: I know we're good friends but I'm not sure if I want anything more.

Abigail: Oh...

They are in silence for a moment.

Brandon, realizing: Oh and three!

Brandon runs to the stairs and heads down it quickly. He passes by Bill.

Bill, weakly: Brandon.

Brandon, stopping and turning: Uncle Bill! I'm sorry about the headache.

Bill, weakly: You need to stop Malador from taking over the Earth.

Brandon: I know but I don't know how. He has Coco and Sarah. He has most of Bellwood.

Bill, weakly: You know you're not ready.

Brandon: Then when am I? What do I do?

Bill, weakly: (sighs) You have to BE a hero instead of acting like one... I believe in you, Brandon.

Back in the field, The Enhanced Lycosidian fires an electric blast at the car causes it to turn off.

Coco: Systems are dead. We're sitting ducks!

Dr. Malador gets up and walks towards the Enchanced Lycosidian but a figure stands in his way.

Dr. Malador: You returned. Such a pity since you were a good opponent.

Brandon: I'm giving you a chance to stop this.

Dr. Malador: And then what? Face it, boy. It's over. Now before I destroy you and kill you. Do you have any final words?

Brandon: You think you know me. You think I'm the guy who always saves the day. You think you got me. But the truth is you forgot one thing about me. I'm unpredictable and I help people. The only way I know how. So just so we're clear: I'm not stopping you to save the day. I'm stopping you to save the world. And for my "final words"... (looks up at Malador) It's Hero Time.

Brandon slaps down his Omnitrix and transforms. He grows bigger. His skin gets harder. His skeleton gets wider. When he stops, a shape of big figure stares at Malador. Brandon transforms into Crusher.

Crusher: CRUSHER!

Malador, commanding the lycosidian: Destroy him.

The Enhanced Lycosidian charges at Crusher. Crusher remains still. The Lycosidian gets closer and closer. Crusher remains still. When the Lycosidian is very close to Crusher. Crusher turns around sharply and punches it so hard that it falls back.

Coco, seeing the lycosidian approaching: Uh oh.

Coco's Car is hit and thrown into the grocery store.

Market Employee: What the- I just cleaned those!

Market Boss: What's going on here? (walks to window and sees Enchanced Lycosidian) Oh dear. I always knew this day would come.

Market Employee: What?

Market Boss: Grab a weapon.

Market Employee: What?!

Market Boss: I said grab a weapon! (throws alien weapon at the employee whom catches it)

Market Employee: Why? What is this?

Market Boss: Why? Because right out there is an alien invasion and I'm not waiting till the exciting part happens. Now come on, John.

John: Where are we going, Lewis?

Lewis: Don't call me that.

John: Why not?

Lewis: It's not my name. Call me Douglas.

Scene cuts to Steve's Base, Douglas and John enter from the stairwell.

John: Whoa. This place is-

Douglas: Yeah. I know. (sees Steve) Hey! Steve! Wake up!

Steve, weakly: Oh out of all the people...

Douglas: What happened?

Steve: Bill got me.

Douglas: What? Something must have happened... That old geyser is still here?

Steve: Have you looked in a mirror?

Douglas: I have. Thanks for the compliment. Now then. We have an alien invasion on our hands. Big, huge, stupidly large space ship is probably coming with some humongous aliens.

Steve: They're the size of an insect.

Douglas: And they probably shoot death lasers from their noses. Where's the weapons?

Steve: Same place. Whose the kid?

Douglas: That's John. John, that's Steve.

John: Hello.

Steve: Hey.

Douglas: Steve, stop talking to the non-officer. You know the rules.

Steve: I hate you sometimes.

Douglas: But right now you love me because I saved you from being annihilated. Now grab a weapon.

Steve, getting up and grabbing weapon: Where to?

Douglas: The Shopping Mall. Where do you think we're going? The alien source, idiot. Come on.

Douglas grabs a bunch of weapons and climbs up the stairs.

Steve: That's your boss, right?

John: I don't-... I don't even know anymore.

Steve: You'll get used to it after the mind eraser.

Steve follows Douglas.

John: Sorry. What?

Scene cuts back to Crusher and the Enchanced Lycosidian. Crusher punches the Lycosidian repeatedly until the Lycosidian throws him off. The Lycosidian spews some goo from his mouth at Crusher. The goo hardens and Crusher can't move. The Lycosidian charges at Crusher. Crusher looks around and sees a lamp post. Crusher grabs it. The Lycosidian gets even closer to Crusher.

Crusher: Come on... Come on...

The Lycosidian is now really close. Crusher then swings the lamp post and the Enhanced Lycosidian flies.

Crusher: He's going. He's going. He's going.

Dr. Malador: NOOOOOO!!!

It lands on Malador in an explosion.

Crusher: Home Run! (sees Malador) Opps.

Abigail, from the window: Father! (runs downstairs)

After a moment, Abigail makes it her father's side. Crusher frees himself by breaking the hardened goo. He makes it over to Abigail's side and removes the body from on top of Malador. Crusher transforms back into Brandon.

Brandon: Dr. Malador?

Alien Hissing Voice: You have failed me, Malador. No matter. I don't need you anymore. But now I shall take what you have. It's over.

Malador, weakly: I... I had it all... What went wrong?

Sky glows red a little. The Officers and John arrive.

Douglas: It's here.

The spaceship appears in the sky. Citizens start to scream and panic. Others are controlled by the Lycosidians. Sarah and Coco arrive as well.

Malador, weakly: Brandon... You have to destroy him.

Brandon: But how?

Malador: The same way. The only way you know how. Not by punching and fighting. Not by being better. But by being yourself... Being the hero. (smiles for a moment) Oh and this might help.

Malador grabs Brandon's Omnitrix.

Brandon: What are you doing?

Malador: If he's 10 times more powerful than me, than he'll be able to change you into a Lycosidian and control you.

Brandon: So what are you doing?

Malador: Making you a heroic one. (Malador pushes down the Omnitrix)

Brandon transforms into a new alien.

New Alien: Whoa. A new one? Sweet. I'll name you... HACKOID!

Malador: You can now defeat him. You should have the same amount of powers he has but don't let the power go to your head.

Hackoid: You got it.

Hackoid flies up to the spaceship quickly.

Voice: Activate the Aresal!

The star ship then activates its offense system and fires everything at Hackoid. Hackoid dodges lasers and fires green electric beams at the turrets causing them to explode. Debree from the star ship falls off and a building explodes. Abigail turns her head in surprise and jumps from the explosion. A surviving Lycosidian crawls on Abigail. Hackoid blasts a hole in the small hole in the ship and manages to squeeze in it.

Steve: Well so much good we are down here. (sees Abigail shaking violently) Look!

Douglous, turning and seeing: Well don't just stand there, do something!

Everyone rushes over to her.

Malador: Abigail? Ab? Baby, can you hear me?

Abigail, struggling: Daddy?

Malador: Everything's going to be okay, Abby.

Abigail: Daddy, I'm scared. They're.. (gasps) They're in my head.

Malador: I know sweetie. Just fight it, Abby. Fight it!

Abigail: It's too hard...

Malador, turning to the officers: I have to go up there.

Sarah: She needs you.

Malador: No. Brandon needs me. And we need him.

Malador strains and yells painfully. He then grows some wings.

Malador, seeing Abigail: I'll take care of you.

Malador then flies to the star ship. Back on the ship, Hackoid makes it to the main room with the chamber after passing over the aliens' bodies barely breathing on the ground.

Hackoid: Abraxo, where are you?

Voice: You dare threaten me!

Hackoid: I want to end this.

Voice: You are far from even close to ending anything. Myself, on the other claw, can end you easily.

Hackoid: Well then do it. Prove yourself worth a fight. Face me.

Voice: No one commands Lord Abraxo!

Hackoid: What is it? Not so confident now, huh?

Voice: As you wish. I will face you. And I shall kill you!

The chamber then opens with red steam flowing out. A large figure then climbs out of it.

Voice: Behold!

A giant red and grey six legged alien creature stands in front of Hackoid.

Hackoid: No way.

Lord Abraxo: I am Abraxo! Lord of the Lycosidian! And in your form, I can make you do anything I command.

Hackoid: Ha. Well nice try but Malador placed the holes in your plans himself.

Lord Abraxo: But what you fail to realise creature, is that I programmed Malador. Whatever an inferior mind like his can create, I can rewrite it.

Abraxo fires a beam at the Omnitrix symbol causing it to short-circuit.

Lord Abraxo: Interesting. Your "Omnitrix" comes with a fail safe. I wonder what happens when I deactivate it.

Hackoid trembles to the ground covering his head.

Hackoid: AHHHH!

Lord Abraxo: Say my name!


Lord Abraxo: Say it!

Hackoid: I said NO!

Hackoid powers up his hand and attacks Lord Abraxo. Abraxo falls to the ground. Hackoid places his hand on a panel which uncupples some power cupplings. He grabs them and puts them on Abraxo causes him to be electrocuted. Hackoid prepares to do it again but hesitates.

Lord Abraxo: Go on, boy! Do it! FINISH ME!

Dr. Malador: No! Don't do it, Brandon. Can't you see he's trying to control you? It's not killing him. It's killing you. He's turning you into a Wielhun. He's turning you into him! And you have to fight it.

Hackoid: No... (puts down energy cupplings) No more.

Lord Abraxo: How unfortunate. Now I will destroy you both AND your world.

Dr. Malador: Not unless I destroy you first.

Hackoid: What are you talking about?

Dr. Malador: I'm overloading the ship's engines and warp generator. I did it to the others. (puts his hand on the panel and overloads the last one) This is the last one.

Hackoid: Stop. You can't!

Dr. Malador: He's linked with the Lycosidians. He killed plenty and this needs to end.

Hackoid: He's turning you into him. Abigail needs you.

Dr. Malador: No Brandon. I already became him. Abigail needs her father and she's in the middle of becoming one of those mindless people on the streets down there.

Lord Abraxo: Interesting... (eyes glow)

Dr. Malador: This is ending, Abraxo!

Lord Abraxo: You wouldn't dare

Dr. Malador: Before, Maybe not. but now, I have nothing worth living for. And to save my daughter, I'd do anything. (to Hackoid) Now go. Go!

Hackoid leaves the ship.

Dr. Malador: I'm a doctor no more... I'm sorry, Abigail. I love you...

The starship then explodes and the explosion is sucked into a warp gate and the warpgate is sealed forever.

Sarah: Brandon!

Sarah goes to Coco's comfort. A figure is then seen descending slowly.

Coco: Look!

Sarah and everyone else looks and sees Hackoid landing next to them.

Sarah: Brandon, you're alive!

Hackoid changes back into Brandon.

Brandon: Yeah...

Abigail: Where-Where's my father?

Brandon: I'm sorry, Abigail.

Abigail, starting to tear: No.... No. Please don't. Don't tell me he's dead.

Brandon: I'm sorry.

Abigail cries. Brandon hugs her and comforts her.

Narrator: We all change throughout our lives. Some for the better.

Brandon is seen walking with his back turned to the camera.

Narrator: And some for the worse.

Abigail looks at Brandon with a frown.

Narrator: Everybody changes. Good.

Douglas welcomes John to the base.

Narrator: And Bad.

The Lycosidians are swept away. The team are now at the Juice Shack enjoying a fresh milkshake.

Sarah: Well that was some weekend.

Brandon: Yeah...

Sarah: Still thinking about it?

Brandon: Yep.

Coco: Don't worry. You did what you could.

Brandon: She depended on me.

Coco: But you saved her.

Brandon: But at a cost...

Sarah: But that cost not only saved her, but the whole world. Maybe even other worlds to be conquered if you failed. You didn't do all you could. You did the right thing.

Brandon: Thanks, Cous.

Coco: What? So I give good advice and not only is it overruled but I get ignored for helping.

Brandon: You too, Coco.

Coco: No. I'm getting my revenge big time.

Brandon: I'd like to see you try. (makes gesture at Sarah)

Coco spills his milkshake on Brandon.

Brandon: Dude!

Coco and Sarah laugh. Brandon looks at both of them and laughs too. Brandon's phone then starts to ring. Brandon answers it.

Brandon: Hello? (notices milkshake is getting on the phone) (to Sarah) Mind taking this?

Sarah: Sure. (takes phone) Hello? (listens) Oh hey Uncle Bill (listens) What happened? (listens) The Extreme Bikers? (listens) Okay. Okay. We're on it. (hangs up)

Coco: Ah man. Those guys again?

Brandon, points to hair: And I was JUST enjoying my milkshake.

Coco: You asked for it dude.

Sarah: Milkshakes later. Baddies now.

Brandon: Well then I suppose... (activates Omnitrix) It's Hero Time! (slaps down the Hackoid hologram)


Blackness fades into Abigail waiting at the bus stop with her baggage. The bus arrives.

Bus Driver: All Aboard.

Abigail gets on with her baggage and sits next to the window. She looks down at a picture and cries quietly.

Abigail, to the picture: I miss you already. But one day we shall be reunited. (sob) I know it. Because I love you more than anything in the world. And I need you back into my life... (sob)

The camera view curves around to reveal that the picture is of Brandon.

Abigail, taking off her scarf: At any cost.

When her scarf is taken off, a bump is revealed on her neck.


Major Events

  • The team encounter the Lycosidians
  • Brandon re-meets Abigail
  • Dr. Malador sacafices himself.
  • Brandon gains a new alien, Hackoid.

Characters and Castings

Aliens Used



  • Voice: Sssoon my children. Sssoon we will resurface from the darkness of the galaxy and conquer all in our path. Starting with this puny insect-populated world... Earth.

  • They swarm around the car. Suddenly a door opens letting in a the blinding light from the outside as a figure stands in the doorway.

Joe, seeing the figure: Who's that?

The figure steps forward revealing himself as Brandon.

Brandon: Their worst nightmare.

  • Bill: These creatures are known as Lycosidians.

Brandon: Lycowhatians?

Bill, correcting: -Sidians. They're a species from the Arachno Galaxy. They usually spend their free time producing newborns and scavenging.

Coco: Mind-controlling people and making them disappear doesn't sound like scavenging.

Bill: That's the interesting part. They're not meant to do this. It's seemingly against their nature.

  • Alien Hissing Voice: Interesting...

Malador's Voice: What is it?

Voice: One with the power to attempt to end us.

Malador's Voice: What shall I do?

Voice: ...Destroy Brandon Tennyson.

  • Brandon: I'm giving you a chance to stop this.

Dr. Malador: And then what? Face it, boy. It's over. Now before I destroy you and kill you. Do you have any final words?

Brandon: You think you know me. You think I'm the guy who always saves the day. You think you got me. But the truth is you forgot one thing about me. I'm unpredictable and I help people. The only way I know how. So just so we're clear: I'm not stopping you to save the day. I'm stopping you to save the world. And for my "final words"... (looks up at Malador) It's Hero Time.

  • Brandon: What are you doing?

Malador: If he's 10 times more powerful than me, than he'll be able to change you into a Lycosidian and control you.

Brandon: So what are you doing?

Malador: Making you a heroic one.

  • Coco: Ah man. Those guys again?

Brandon, points to hair: And I was JUST enjoying my milkshake.

Coco: You asked for it dude.

Sarah: Milkshakes later. Baddies now.

Brandon: Well then I suppose... (activates Omnitrix) It's Hero Time! (slaps down the Hackoid hologram)


  • This is the first live-action movie for Brandon 10: Alien Force.
    • This is, however, the second live-action movie and film in general for Brandon 10.
  • There was a contest for this movie which influenced the film. The first place winner was Lego Master with the idea of the Lycosidians.
  • Emma Stone was originally supposed to be casted as Sarah but she didn't fit into the costume.
  • Although the main cast is the same as in Ben 10: Alien Swarm, Ryan dyed his hair black and the outfits were different, of course.
    • The Writer wanted to avoid reusing cast members but he had no choice seeing as looking for replacement actors were time consuming.
  • Malador comes from the word Mal which is French for Evil
  • This film was set inbetween Season 2 and 3 to avoid conflict of events that occured in Season 3 such as Coco's mutation and the Conqueror returning.
  • Upgrade is referenced in the film by Abigail.
    • This implies that Abigail knew Brandon since around when he was 10 years old.
    • This is also ironic since nothing Canon (Ben 10) is ever in the merchandise such as toylines, video games and, of course, movies.
  • Hiddleston was meant to be a security guard at the science facility who would be possessed and strike as a challenge to Brandon and Abigail but was reasigned as Dr. Malador
  • Abigail implies that Brandon never changed his clothes. This is a play on how Brandon wore the same green shirt in most episodes of the Original Series.
  • The background for the Movie Poster is actually set in Toronto.
  • Burger Hut and The Extreme Bikers make a cameo/reference in the film.
  • It is revealed by the end of the film that the Lycosidians may one day return.


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