Brandon 10: Alien Force
Season 4, Episodes 11-20
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Brandon 10: Alien Force Volume 7 - The Final Fight is a DVD for the series, Brandon 10: Alien Force.

DVD Summary

Now knowing that the mysterious device is a new Omnitrix, the team don't have much time until the Conqueror puts his final plans into action. They will continue their hunt to a teleporting planet and a planet of the dead in order to collect the scattered Omnitrix pieces. In between trips, the team encounter even more alien adventures including giant aliens, a magicial villain and even a training base in space. The mysterious of the device is finally coming to an end and many things will be revealed in the shocking and awesome Brandon 10: Alien Force Volume 7!

Episodes Included

Special Features

  • Subtitles in English, Spanish and French
  • Commentary on Gate in Space, The Final Fight Part 1, The Final Fight Part 2
  • Bonus Gallery
  • Brandon 10: Alien Force Anniversary Special Edition Cover
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