Brandon 10: Alien Force
Season 3, Episodes 40-50
Brandon10AFDVD Volume5
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Brandon 10: Alien Force Volume 4 - Conqueror's Vengeance
Brandon 10: Alien Force Volume 6 - The Ultimate Hunt
Brandon 10: Alien Force Volume 5 - Space Days is a DVD for the series, Brandon 10: Alien Force.

DVD Summary

The team continues to save the Earth from dangerous villains from around town and beyond the stars but now they set out for alien worlds and dimensions in time as they encounter Police Androids, Bounty Hunters, A Haunted World, Paradoxes and a planet filled with impossibility. What is the Conqueror up to? Can the team handle the final frontier? The Omnitrix continues to unlock new aliens like Stink Breath to bring the smell of victory. Explore the space and go where Brandon 10: Alien Force Volume 4 is.

Episodes Included

Special Features

  • Subtitles in English, Spanish and French
  • Commentary on Trouble on Warasauria, Dimensional Dilemma and The Impossible Girl
  • Bonus Gallery
  • Sneak Peek at Brandon 10: Aliens Among Us
  • The Making of Stink Breath
  • Alien Info: Stink Breath
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