General Information
Species Techatron
Home World Hachos
Body Robotic Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Technopathy


First Appearance Mystery Man

BrandonBot is an alien transformation in Brandon 10.


In Alien Force, BrandonBot is a short, blue and robotic Humanoid. He has black cuff-like hands and a panel on his back. His feet also have black "boots" and he has a blue disc on his forehead. The Omnitrix is located on his chest.

In Ultimate Hero, BrandonBot's appearance does not change majorly from his Alien Force appearance. The Ultimatrix is located on his chest.


BrandonBot has the power to hack into all types of machines including computers, doors, spaceships and more. He can also lock pick, as seen in Mystery Man, and hijack signals, as seen in Race to the Core. BrandonBot also has the ability to produce an electric zap from his hands.


As shown in A Familiar Face, BrandonBot can overloaded with electricity.


Alien Force

Ultimate Hero

Video Games

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  • BrandonBot is the first alien to have the name Brandon in it.
  • BrandonBot's alternate design would have given him the ability to change size but it was revised.
    • He was also given a box-like design with wheels instead of a circular one with legs and feet but that was also revised.
  • With his claws, he can lock-pick as well however its some what still considered hacking.
  • Before appearing on the series, BrandonBot's name was originally going to be Robo-Guy.


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