Brandon's Laboratory is a location in Brandon 10.


Brandon's Lab takes the appearance as an average laboratory but also takes the slight appearance of a hub or a base. The only entrance and exit to the lab is a staircase leading to the ground floor also known as Brandon's House. Upon entering the lab, there is a straight pathway towards the lab center or main point which is the Main Computer. Surrounding the Main Computer are various types of machinery and inventions. Some of which are organized on tables and shelves while the others are placed in piles or left on the floor. Lightning is provided through ceiling lights. The lab is fairly huge despite it being in a basement as it expands to lower levels and passes some of the home's boundaries. Each level has a significant purpose and is organized in a system for example one level would have a certain type of inventions while another would have a different type. The laboratory is not noticeable from the outside as it is underground.


The main purpose of Brandon's Laboratory is to be used as a place for creative inventing however Brandon uses it for multiple other purposes such as a main base or somewhere to hang out. It's also mainly used for using Computer whom is built into the lab and can only be found there. It also serves as a storage for machines and devices which can be selected and used at any given time.


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  • In The Original Series, Brandon bought his laboratory and all of the inventions in it.
    • However in The Reboot Series, Brandon's Computer built into his basement which then formed the laboratory. He, himself, then started building makeshift inventions.
  • Despite it being Brandon's Lab, Coco had spent most of his time there as a kid during the Original Series.
  • It doesn't just serve as a laboratory; Brandon's Lab is also used as a place of comfort and a meeting place for the original duo.
  • It is implied that Brandon visited the laboratory one more time during The Haunting in order to get his ghost hunting gear from their mission.


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