Branch O' Sin
Branch o sin sm
General Information
Species Guisan
Home World Hemos IV
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Blood Manipulation

Branch O' Sin is an alien in Noah 10 and an upcoming power-up in Zero Hero.


He looks like a red humanoid with no nose or mouth. He wears a light purple shirt and dark purple pants. He has a green and white belt with a strapped on Matrix on his chest. He has a dark red tattered cape.

In Super Matrix, he looks the same, except he has metal wristbands, a metal helmet, and his clothes are now dark red and grey.

Branch o sin

Branch O' Sin in Matrix Unleashed.


Branch O' Sin can control the blood in his body and the bodies of others. He can manipulate his blood to use to fight. He can shoot explosive blood bombs, make blood blades, and make an armor of blood. He can also heal bleeding wounds and such.


If he uses his blood to fight too long or shoots too much blood, he will get anemic and pass out, maybe even die.


  • Even though there are other blood aliens on this wiki, Branch O' Sin is based off of Deadman Wonderland, in which characters can manipulate their blood.
  • Branch O' Sin's name also originates from Deadman Wonderland, in which Branch of Sin is the name of the power of blood manipulation.
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