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Brainstorm Gusta
General Information
Species Cerebrocrustacean
Home World Encephalonus IV
Body Crab
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Intelligence, lightning
First Appearance TBA

Brainstorm Gusta is one of Ben Tememeson's aliens he transforms into using the Omemetrix in the series "Ben 10: Meme Force."


Brainstorm Gusta bears a strikingly similar appearance to Ben Tennyson's alien Brainstorm from the series "Ben 10: Alien Force." The only difference is that Brainstorm's face had been replaced with the Me Gusta meme.


Brainstorm Gusta is Ben Tememeson's smartest alien. However, Brainstorm Gusta tends to have an arrogant, narcisstic attitude, often irritating to others.


Brainstorm Gusta has an extremely high intellect, making him very smart. He has proven to have abilities such as Electrokinesis. His arrogance, although irritating to others, often acts as a motive to Brainstorm Gusta, prompting him to finish the task at hand.


Brainstorm Gusta can be short-circuited if unexpectedly exposed to water.