"Are you saying that you're smarter than me because your head is bigger?"

"No. I'm implying that I'm smarter than you because my brain is bigger."

-Azmuth and Brainstorm

Brainstorm is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Cerebrocrustacean from the planet Encephalonus IV in Universe-7781.


Brainstorm is a crab-like alien with a large head that can open to reveal his brain. He has arms with pincers and six pointed legs. He wears the Omnitrix on his breathing brace around his waist.

Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced Intelligence: His IQ is 10^30, or one nonillion.
  • Electrokinesis: He can generate and manipulate electricity with his brain and pincers.
  • Openable Cranium: He can open his head to expose his brain.
  • Electrical Telekinesis: He can pick up objects with his electricity.
  • Accelerated Calculations: He can calculate entire battles before someone even throws a punch.
  • Force Field Generation: He can create a force field out of electricity.
  • Wall Crawling: He can cling to walls with his legs.
  • Sharp Pincers: His pincers can pierce metal.
  • Enhanced Durability: His shell is highly durable.
  • Enhanced Strength: He can smash through a brick wall.
  • Enhanced Agility: He is agile.
  • Underwater Breathing: He can breathe underwater.
  • Levitation: He can levitate himself.
  • Cold Resistance: He isn't affected by cold temperatures.


  • Egotistical Attitude: Ben gets very arrogant when he is Brainstorm.




  • He is Ben's smartest alien when it comes to strategy.
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