General Information
Species Utrom
Home World Dimension X
DNA source Krang
Body Giant Brain/Giant Brain in a Robot Body
Alternate Counterparts Krang
The Kraang
Krang (Out of the Shadows)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Intelligence
Equipment Mandroid and Various Gadgets within the Mandroid
Voice Actor Pat Fraley
First Appearance Ben Goes Evil

Brainiac is the Knock Off Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Utrom from Dimension X in Ben 10: Haunted.


Brainiac looks exactly like Krang.


Transformation Sequence

Ghost King begins to shrink and prune up. A flash of bright light envelops him as he is now an Utrom inside a Mandroid.

Brainiac in Mandroid

Powers and Abilities

On his own, Brainiac is highly intelligent.

Inside his Mandroid, he has a vast arsenal of gadgets and weapons at his disposal, such as mouth missiles, a buzzsaw Hand attachment and a special chip that makes him and his Mandroid grow to the size of a To'kustar, just to name a few. Not to mention its enhanced strength.


Brainiac can be frazzled by extreme stupidity, or when his plots go up in smoke.

Brainiac is helpless without his Mandroid.


Brainiac was the first DNA sample put inside the Knock Off Omnitrix.

He is used to terrorize the Null Void offscreen in Null and Voided over a few months.

He physically debuts in Ben Goes Evil: He uses a Growth Chip to help fight Albedo's Waybig, firing a Mouth Missile but missing. While he's distracted by this, he is then grabbed by Albedo, who begins to crush him. he then switched into Omen and escaped his grasp.

In The Greatest Gameshow: He uses his Growth Chip once again to help his Waybad attack all foes in the Bonus Round. Ben turns into Waybig and defeats him, resulting in Ghost King's elimination.


  • Ben Goes Evil
  • The Greatest Gameshow
  • Etc.


He gets his name from the fact he's a megalomaniacal brain.


  • He is the first transformation inserted into the Knock Off Omnitrix.
  • His I.Q. is 968, like Krang's.
  • Ghost King opted out of color swapping him because he idolizes Krang as a mentor and friend.


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