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Braindome is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Cephalotellos from the planet Encephalonus IV.


Braindome looks like a floating octopus with a head that looks like a brain in a bowl; and his brain is bluish-green. He also has a face that appears to be projected from somewhere. He wears a suit that is black and green on the outside and a bright grey on the inside. He wears a white and green belt, where the Omnitrix symbol is located.

Powers and Abilities

Braindome has the ability to fly and has psychic powers of telepathy; being able to read the thoughts of others, telekinetic beams and aura, being able to lift opponents and objects with the use of an energy beam from his head, and can project mind blasts and force fields from his brain.

Despite not being able to physically alter his color to blend with the environment, he can manipulate the minds of others to think that has camouflage.


Braindome is not physically strong or durable, being able to get easily taken down by a laser blast.

As his face is fixed on the front of his head, his back is a blind spot for him.




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