General Information
Species Acix/Destructosapien
Home World Unknown, destroyed
Body Humanoid, no limbs
Powers and Abilities
Abilities High Intelligence

Braincase is a Biomorpher alien in Devon 7 (series). He is an Acix (commonly called a Destructosapien) from an unknown, destroyed planet.


His head is a brain in a glass sphere, with four battery bolt like objects on it.

His are purple with a white stripe going down the back, and a white circle on the palm. He has three white fingers.

His Torso is a purple, cylinder like shape, with a white belt that has a black stripe on it. The Biomorpher symbol is located on the belt.

His feet are a purple cylinder as well, with the base protruding forward in the shape of a boot. There is a white stripe going down the foot.

Powers and Abilities

He has extremely high intelligence, as well as telekinesis and telepathy.


High pitched noises can disrupt his telekinesis and telepathy.


  • His species has flesh that is highly corrosive, meaning when his DNA sample was obtained, it had to be heavily altered.
    • This is why he is simply a brain in a containment suit.
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