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Brain Weevil

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Brain Weevil is the combination of Brainstorm and Ball Weevil's DNA. He can only be accessed by using the Biomnitrix. Brain Weevil's design was created by RaphLXIV.


Brain Weevil is a small orange insect-like alien with red eyes and orange pupils. He has four stick legs and a plated mouth along with a big antenna. He also has Brainstorm's claws and black markings on the top of his skull.

Brain Weevil wears a green bow tie, as well as a monocle on his right eye. The Biomnitrix symbol is located on his bow tie. There is also a green plasma ball hovering above his head.


Brain Weevil usually speaks with very high vocabulary, which can make it difficult for others to understand what he is talking about. Brain Weevil speaks with a British accent.

Powers and Abilities

Brain Weevil can spit round, green, sticky balls of plasma that absorb matter and explode upon impact, or whenever Brain Weevil wants it to. The size of these balls depends on how much matter they absorb.

Brain Weevil's plasma balls can be in more shapes than just spheres. The bigger the ball he creates, the larger the explosion.

Brain Weevil can spew out plasma in a controllable stream to act as a rope to tie up an enemy. The plasma is strong enough to momentarily hold a Tetramand.

Brain Weevil's plasma balls can absorb energy such as that of a Prypiatosian-B's radioactive energy blasts or an Aerophibian's neuroshock blasts.

Brain Weevil has enhanced agility and balance, being able to roll on his plasma balls and can climb on walls with ease.

Brain Weevil seems to be pretty strong for his size.

Brain Weevil's cranium holds an immense brain, giving him super-massive intelligence. He can solve very difficult calculations mentally in roughly seconds, and knows and can visualize equations and movement of objects as if they're actually there. He can even determine mechanical values and physical properties by simply looking at them.

With his intellect, Brain Weevil can perfectly understand the mindsets and mannerisms of his enemies, and any useful objects around him, so he can know exactly what moves to make to take down his enemies. His IQ is shown to be 10^30, or one nonillion.

Brain Weevil can produce and manipulate electricity in a variety of ways, such as electrocuting or launching enemies and disabling or destroying machinery, by opening the exoskeleton plates on his skull. He can also charge up his electrical energy to produce a concentrated beam of electricity strong enough to blast Ship out of the air.

Brain Weevil can create electric field waves from his brain to block attacks and knock away enemies and generate protective force fields powerful enough to topple an Evolved Arburian Pelarota. He can use his electrokinesis to telekinetically move objects, size and mass ranging from trains to living beings without damaging or hurting them. He can also generate and fire electricity from his pincers as well as his brain and can control machinery and other technology using electrokinesis, giving him a form of technokinesis.

Brain Weevil is strong enough to pin opponents against walls using his pincers and rip an Arachnichimp's webs off his face. He is very durable thanks to his shell, and he seems to have enhanced dexterity, as he can use a golf club very easily despite having pincers.

Brain Weevil can scale walls and walk on an Arachnichimp's webs, as well as levitate several stories above the ground. Brain Weevil possesses mnemokinesis, which he can use to alter and erase other beings' memories and thoughts by manipulating their brain pulsations.

Brain Weevil uses his mouth protection to hold his breath underwater.


Brain Weevil can be hurt by his own plasma balls if they are reflected at him. He can also get stuck in his own plasma.

Brain Weevil's goo balls can be neutralized by the energy webs of Ball Weevil's natural predator, Terroranchula. He can also be trapped in Terroranchula's webs.

The sonic screams of a Sonorosian can give Brain Weevil a headache and make it hard for him to concentrate, suggesting that concentration is required for him to use his powers.

Brain Weevil tends to be rather arrogant and egotistical, which can make him forget to do simple things.

If Brain Weevil's shell is closed when releasing electricity, it will shock and injure his brain. He can also be shorted out due to the electricity in his brain.

Being part Cerebrocrustacean, Brain Weevil is vulnerable to Brainstorm's natural predator, the Vicetopus.