Brain Squid
General Information
Species Brain Eater Mimic
Home World Unknown
DNA source Unknown
Body Brain-like with tentacles for feet.
Predator Brain Eaters
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Mimicry
Goo Manipulation and Enhanced Intelligence
Voice Actor Jeff Bennet

Brain Squid is the Knock Off Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Brain Eater Mimic in Ben 10: Haunted.


Brain Squid resembles a Brain with an eyestalk surrounded in a protective goo. He has four tentacles as his feet.

Brain Squid

Transformation Sequence

Ghost King's Ectoplasm encases him as his feet morph and split. His eyes vanish and are replaced by a singular eyestalk on his head. Finally his body morphs as the transformation ends.

Powers and Abilities

Brain Squid's main power is to mimic the Brain Eaters, a feared apex species through out the cosmos.

Brain Eater can use his protective goo to fight opponents if needed. This is done by focusing it into extra limbs.

He is Highly Intelligent, since his kind was able to learn to mimic an apex predator to survive.


Brain Squid is only a mimic. If the trick is revealed, it's pretty much game over.


He debuts in Every Alien Has A Use. Here, he scares off Vulkanus and Trumbipulor since they think he's a real Brain Eater.

He returns in War of the Villains: Where he scares off multiple foes just by standing there. Gar Skuther informs him of what he is before V. V. Argost overhears and attacks, not afraid of losing his brain after learning the truth.


  • Every Alien Has A Use
  • War of the Villains
  • Etc.


His name comes from the fact he resembles a Brain Eater, but is more squid-like.


  • He is mostly used to scare off opponents.
  • His color scheme comes from the Brain Eating Meteor from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. The aforementioned Brain Eaters are the Meteor's species.


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