Ben 10 Umut298
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date 04.02.2019
Written by Umut
Directed by Umut
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The Alien Device (Umut298)
For The Clowns


Ben is in the Rust Bucket doing homework.

Ben: Arrghh, stupid homework! Why do they even give this? It's useless and also it is forgetting the rules! Summer is for relaxing, not doing this junk!

Gwen: Then Are Giving İt To Fry Your Garbage Brain.(Walks Away)

Max:Ben I Said No Sumo Slammers Until Your Homework Is Done.

Ben:Maybe I Need To Be Frog.

Ben Transforms To Grey Matter.

Grey Matter:(Slaps Table) Or Grey Matter.(Does 11 Pages Quickly)Done And Done.

Theme Song

Later Ben Saves Some People From A Building.

Heatblast: All Fried Up.

Reverts Into Ben.

Ben:Back To The Rustbucket.

Gwen: Doofus,Where Are You Going?

(Gwen Goes To The Rustbucket Sees Grey Matter Doing Homework.)

Gwen: Ben!

Grey Matter: Gwen!

Grey Matter Reverts Into Ben.

Ben:(Does A Disgusting Face) Dweeb!


Later Its Night Grey Matter Is Doing Homework.

Max:(Gwen Gets Captured By A Giant Drone And The Rustbucket Is Carried By It.) Ben! Gwen Is Captured!

Grey Matter Reverts Into Ben.

Ben:Fine!(Jumps Out The Rustbucket Lands On The Drones Arm Jumps And Transforms Into Stinkfly)Lets Roll!


Stinkfly Cuts The Drones Arm That Is Holding Gwen And Carries It.


Stinkfly:Stinkfly! (Opens Mouth)


Stinkfly Lands On The Rustbucket And Reverts To Ben.Ben Frees Gwen The Robots Arm That Holds Her And Together They Throw It To The Land.

Gwen: What Now?(The Omnitrix Rechares)

Ben:(Heroicly)Its Hero Time!

Transforms Into Heatblast

Heatblast:Time For A Barbecue.

Jumps On The Robots Arm.

Heatblast:Today's Speicial Roasted Robot Hand Barbecue With Cheese And Chilli Fries Only Costs 2.00 On Heatblast's Specials Dont Miss Today.

Heatblast Cuts The Robots Arm Sets It On Fire And Plungs Cheese That Grandpa Max Throws At Him On It.

Heatblast Here Sir. (Throws The Robots Hand At It Destroying The Robot's Head)

Heatblast: Chilli Fries Coming Right Up.(Throws Fireballs At The Robot.)

Heatblast: Whoops My Bad Fireballs Whatever Theese Are Tasty Too(Throws More Fire Destroying The Robot.)

Heatblast Stops The Rustbucket From Falling.

Heatblast Reverts Into Ben.

Ben: Wheeeee!


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Grey Matter and Stinkfly make their debuts.



  • Vilgax
  • Giant Drone

Aliens Used



  • The Trio's 2nd stop is a city.
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