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Brain Eater Mimics are a species in Ben 10: Haunted. They live throughout space, being a mostly nomadic race.


The Brain Eater Mimic greatly resembles the Brain Eaters, however there are subtle differences. For starters, the Mimic's brain is real. The Mimic's body parts aren't made up of goo like the real Brain Eaters and they have four tentacles on their bottom, not two on the sides, and yet, people still mistake them for their intended façade. Their colors shift between their true form and their intended form.

Brain Eater Mimic.png

Powers and Abilities

The Mimic is a relatively weak creature, it mainly survives by making its colors shift to resemble the fearsome Brain Eaters and intimidating others.

However, if the trick is discovered or they're being hunted by a particularly stupid attacker, they can manipulate their Protective Goo to attack the foe.

They are extremely intelligent. being able to evolve to resemble an apex predator to better survive.

Like the Brain Eater, they too can survive space.


If a Mimic is discovered, it's pretty much game over. This is also true if it encounters a dimwitted foe. While they may not always be killed, they will surely be run off.


At some point, this species evolved to resemble the feared Brain Eaters to better survive the harshness of the universe.

From there, they can be seen through out the cosmos living a nomadic lifestyle mostly, however some can decide to stay in one location if they desire.

One is seen living in Undertown, mostly using it's true colors. This may signify it doesn't feel the need to mimic, or perhaps this one can't.

Notable Brain Eater Mimics

  • Unknown (Omnitrix DNA sample)
  • Unknown (Ben 23's sample)
  • Brain Squid (Ghost King's Sample)
  • Incidental #3

Notable Evolved Brain Eater Mimics

Notable Brain Eater Mimic Hybrids

Notable Brain Eater Mimic Fusions