Brain Eaters
General Information
Home World Unknown
Predator None
Body Gelatinous Being inside a Meteorite or Comet.
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Brain Snatching
Space Survivability
Goo Manipulation
Ground Pounding
Limited Mind Control (only if they have the individual's brain)
First Appearance Fear the Brain Eaters

Brain Eaters are a species in Ben 10: Haunted. They live in space, inhabiting meteors or comets.


Brain Eaters are a green, gelatinous creature taking residence in a meteor or comet they decorate to look like a brain. Once they have taken over, they grow an eyestalk and two tentacles.

Brain Eating Meteor.png

Powers and Abilities

The Brain Eaters are notorious for their diet...brains! To satisfy their hunger, they insert a tentacle into their victim's brain and yank it out before chowing down.

Brain Eaters can survive space. It is unknown if they can do this without use of a vessel. Galvans are currently observing them from a very safe distance.

The Brain Eaters are able to use their tentacles as weapons, naturally. They can slap you, pound the ground to make it shake and they can even pound the ground so hard it launches you into the air so they can deal with victims easier.

Brain Eaters have control over their rocky vessel, the full extent is currently unknown.

Once a victim's brain is stolen, the Brain Eater has full control over them.


The Brain Eaters can be thwarted by ice. If frozen by a Polar Manzardill for example, they will be helpless until they thaw, or if they're strong enough they can break out.

They can also be ignited on fire, but this doesn't usually last for long since their goo acts as an extinguisher. But rest assured this still causes them pain.

They can be obliterated by Atomix`s species.

The greatest way to defeat these predators? A sacrifice. Brain Eaters can be overcome by a higher intelligence or a meaner entity's brain if eaten, once this happens the original Brain Eater dies. However this is a last resort as whoever overcomes the brain eater will become a new one, and they too will crave brains and restart the cycle.


It is unknown how the Brain Eaters came to be and why they eat brains. But they've been terrorizing the universe for countless eons.

A few notable incidents involving them was when one nearly wiped out the Maxatomarions. This individual tricked the dull witted Billy into carrying out his dirty work to fetch him more brains. Billy was sure enough tricked and he led the inhabitants of his world slowly to their demise. However, his friend Mandy saw this and went to confront the Brain Eater. The Brain Eater stole her brain next, only to be killed by her mentality. Mandy then took over and continued the process again. A few Maxatomarians managed to defeat her and as punishment, they exiled Billy to Earth.

Another known incident is the Brain Eater Invasion. In this, a few Brain Eaters were travelling in a pack towards Galvan. The Plumbers intercepted them and shot them onto an uninhabited planet where they fought the Brain Eaters to the point where they retreated.

The Brain Eaters are notorious for conquering worlds all over the universe.

If it weren't for their diet, one would be in the Omnitrix, but Azmuth didn't allow this as he worried whoever wore it would go on an instinctive rampage and commit several atrocities if turned into one.

The species debuts in the series proper in Fear the Brain Eaters: where one individual sets his sights on Earth. He then crash lands and waits for the local lifeforms to find him near Los Soledad. Once the Military arrives he springs into action and steals their brains, killing them and using their bodies as minions. He then has them monitor the roads for more victims. However, he didn`t know his next attack would be against Ben Tennyson, Gwen and Kevin. He had his lead pawn (an unnamed female Sergeant) ask which is the smartest to which Ben blurts out Gwen is. The vile Brain Eater then rips the roof off of the mess hall and attacks, noting the fact he will enjoy dining on an Anodite`s brain. Ben, Gwen and Kevin openly voice their disgust at his behavior, to which the Brain Eater simply replies "It is the way of my kind". After awhile of fighting Ben turns into Atomix and obliterates the Brain Eater to kingdom come, ending it`s reign of terror for good.

However, this particular Brain Eater can be seen revived as a ghost during Samhain Cometh.

Notable Brain Eaters

  • Brain Eaters
  • Brain Eater (Fear the Brain Eaters) (As a ghost: Samhain Cometh)
  • Unknown (Ghost King's sample)

Notable Evolved Brain Eaters

Notable Hybrid Brain Eaters

  • Mandy
  • Any Brain Eater that was overcome by another intelligence.

Notable Brain Eater Fusions

  • Mandy
  • Any Brain Eater that was overcome by another intelligence.
  • Zombified Pawns (hosts to the parasitic Brain Eater`s influence)


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