Brain Ditto is a fusion of Brainstorm and Ditto. He was made by the Fusamatrix.

Species: 1/2 Splixson 1/2 Cerebrocrustacean


He Brainstorm's head, upper arms, and waist. He has Ditto's legs, lower arms, and the little things on his head, but they're the color of Brainstorm's shell.

Powers and Abilities

He has the ability to duplicate himself without limit. He has enhanced flexible. He can shoot electricity from his brain, create electrical storms and force fields just by concentrating. He has genius level intellect. He gets an advantage ffrom the clones being linked because when they think, they think as a collective conscience.

Combo Move: Collected Thoughts: When all the clones get angry they can all channel their eletricity into ones huge storm.


He can sometimes over analyze simple situations. Since all the clones are linked when one clone takes damage all the other clones do to. Therefore, if one of clones is killed.......

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