General Information
Species Benedicite Frigidus
Home World Frigidus
DNA source Unknown/Unnamed Benedicite Frigidus
Body Penguin
Alternate Counterparts N/A
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Ice Breath
Ice Manipulation
Belly Flops
Underwater Respiration
Cyro Immunity
Sharp Claws
Equipment Alphatrix
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker
First Appearance TBD

BrainFreeze is an Alien in the Alphatrix in Sif 100: Alienated!


BrainFreeze very much resembles a penguin. BrainFreeze's head is all penguin like. He has a large greyish beak. He has red eyes, that are farther apart. His head is covered in ice, which kind-of resembles hair. His body is entirely penguin like, with big red stripes going down from his upper chest to his belly. On his belly is the Alphatrix. His arms are kind-of penguin-like with red bracelets. His hands are bird-like and sharp. His legs are similar

Powers & Abilities

BrainFreeze can shoot an infinite amount of ice from his beak. He can manipulate the amount, and the coldness of it. 

BrainFreeze is immune to all ice-things. Such as being cold, his power used against him, etc.

BrainFreeze can easily belly flop on nearly anything, for faster travel.

BrainFreeze can breathe underwater, and survive in cold waters, like a real penguin.

BrainFreeze has sharp claws.


BrainFreeze is very slow. So he cannot run very fast, which can make villains catch him easily.


  • TBA


  • LegoMaster has another version of BrainFreeze named Penguichill.
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