Brain is an alien in Xavier X. He is a Mendo from Cerebrum VI.

General Information
Species Mendo
Home World Cerebrum VI
Body large Brain
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Telekinesis rays


Force Fields

First Appearance And Then There Were 10 (Xavier X)


Brain appears to be a large grey brain six feet wide and 2 feet tall. He has large yellow eyes and no mouth. He is constantly surrounded by a blue force field.


Brain can fire beams of blue telepathic energy. Once they hit a target he can manipulate it at will. Due to having no mouth he can telepathically communicate with any sentient life form. He has a bullet proof force field that protects him from attack.


Brain's force field will disappear if he manipulates more than two objects with his telekinesis because of the mental concentration required and he is vulnerable with out his force field.


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