General Information
Species Human
Unitrix Species Biosovortian
Status Alive
Age 16
Home World Earth
Residence Bellwood
Affiliations Brad's Gang (leader)
Occupations Student
Abilities and Equipment
Alien Abilities Magnetokinesis
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Equipment Unitrix (painted)
Friends Double G (Friend)
Blockhead (Friend)
Stacy (Friend)
First Appearance The Unitrix Earth
Brad is a character in Age of the Unitrix. He first appeared in The Unitrix Earth. He is a human from the planet Earth, and his unitrix species is a Biosovortian from an unknown planet.


Brad is described as being slightly taller, and wider, than Kenny. He has blonde buzz cut-hair. He wears red and white jackets. In The Unitrix Earth, this jacket is red in the centre with white sleeves.

He wears his unitrix on his left wrist, and it has been custom painted red and white.


Brad is obnoxious and rude. He also acts as a bully, seemingly choosing targets with aliens that cannot defend themselves.

As shown in The Unitrix Earth, his opinions on Ann varied greatly on the alien she received in her unitrix.

Powers and Abilities

Brad's unitrix contains biosovortian DNA, and therefore allows him to become one at will, granting him the powers and weaknesses of that species.


It is not known if Brad possesses any special powers as a human, besides being effectively a social turncoat.


Brad's main power in this form is his magnetokinesis, giving him the ability to manipulate any magnetic materials or magnetic fields. He can generate magnetic fields and magnetise any materials that can be magnetic.

He can also regenerate his body by pulling any detached parts back to himself using his magnetokinesis.

Being made of metal, Brad is more resistant to attacks in this form.

As a biosovortian, Brad has all the same powers as his species.



Brad has no known weaknesses aside from those shared by all humans.


Brad's body will follow his head if his head is propelled by force.

He cannot manipulate non-magnetic objects.


Brad appeared many times in The Unitrix Earth. He met up with Ann and Kenny before Ann's party, then went to Ann's birthday party (and left alongside everyone else after she transformed into Hardback, mocking her along the way). Later that episode, Brad and his friends bullied Ann in the corridor's of their school using his their alien forms. His fingers were snapped of when Ann transformed into Knockout, before they all fled. Near the end of the episode, Brad and his friends decided to defend Ann from the mercenaries hired by Dr. Albert.

In Centaur of Attention, Brad was one of the spectators that watched Ann defeat Alice. He dispersed along with everyone else when the Forever Suits showed up.


Age of the Unitrix


  • Ann and Kenny never liked Brad, regardless of whether he was chummy or aggressive to them.
Age of the Unitrix
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