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Bouncoids are a peaceful, turtle-like species from the planet Trampilinia. You may use this species in your own series but you need to ask Jay first.


Bouncoids resemble blue humanoid sea turtles. They have blue, navy blue, green or teal skin. They have a periwinkle, sky blue, light green or aquamarine shell which has spikes on it. They have three-toed feet. They also have blue extendable arms. The general eye color of Bouncoids is yellow-green.

Elderly Bouncoids have less large shells, they have a slight potbelly, and their spikes are blunt.

Bouncoids have the choice to wear clothes or no clothes. If they do, they have clothes that are specifically designed to cover their spikes.

Some Bouncoids do not have front spikes, such as Sheldon or Finis.


Bouncoids are a generally peaceful species and do not participate in fights. If one Bouncoid disagrees with another, they agree to disagree.

They have made a peace treaty with fellow inhabitant Streamlins.

There are at least 14 peaceful countries ran by Bouncoids; the others are run by Streamlins.


Bouncoids are primarily vegetarian and eat their healthy blue edible flowers. However, they are able to eat common Earth food such as ice cream and pancakes.


Bouncoids lay eggs and protect them, like actual turtles.

Powers and Abilities

Bouncoids have long, elastic arms which can stretch up to 40 feet.

Bouncoids can jump extremely high and run extremely quickly despite their heavy shells.

Bouncoids have spiky shells which were used by constructors to drill into the ground.


Bouncoids can be tangled up in their own arms.

A Bouncoid's shell can leave them stuck on a surface which the spikes on the shell can penetrate.

Notable Bouncoids

Other Bouncoids


Bouncoid comes from "bounce".


  • Bouncoids are a democratic species.
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