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Ben 10: Ultimate Heroes
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date 8-20-12
Written by Brywarrior
Directed by Brywarrior
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On Earth

(Bryce, XLR8) Are you ready?

(Ben, Fasttrack) When you are.

(Bryce) Three, Two, One, GO!

The two race off.

(Ben, slighty ahead) Ha, you'll never catch up.

(Bryce, gaining speed) How sure are you about that?(Crossing the finish line) Yeahoo(after Ben catches up, reverting) I told you XLR8 was faster.

(Ben, reverted) Okay okay fine your XLR8 is, but you've got the full form of him, I still have young adult.

(Azmuth) You shouldn't be competing with the Matrixes!

(Bryce) Sorry Azmuth we just needed to settle the argument without violence.

(Azmuth) Now I agree with that.

(Ben) Wait , Bryce, do you have the adult forms of everyone or what?

(Bryce) Most of them, but some technically never reach adulthood. Why?

(Ben) Wanted to no if your Fasttrack would be better than mine.

(Vulkanus, walking up to them) You'd better find out 'cause I'm in a bad mood. (Theme song)(Begins Attacking)

(Bryce, transforming, Diamondhead) Ben! Hero up!(Begins shooting at Vulkanus)

(Vulkanus) Ha ha ha ha ha. Thanks for the Taydenite(Thunder Clap)

(Bryce) Oof!(Gets knocked back)

(Ben, transform, Chromastone) Humongosaur! What the heck?!

(Bryce, getting up) Just work with it.(charges at Vulkanus, sword hand) (Kihops(loud yell designed to scare opponent), Attacks,)

(Vulkanus, on the ground) Whoa, take it easy. (Shot by Ben) Owww!

(Ben) That should do it for now.

Four huge Vilgax drones drop down.

(Bryce, reverting) We need someone else.(transformation sequence, Wildvine) Alright lets go.(jumps up on one of them and begins tearing it up.

(Ben) Okay. Lets try this again(tranform) Humongosaur! Yes got what I wanted.(Grows to 40 ft tall and attacks a robot)

The remaining two bots fly away.

(Bryce,reverting) Ok that was a bit odd.

(Ben, reverted) You're tellin' me. Why send four if two are gonna retreat?

(Vulkanus, coming to) You think you've won you're just..... uh.(fainted)

(Ben) We should get rid of him.

(Bryce) Ok hold on.(Presses a few buttons on the Infinity, revealing its true form) Ok and now(Presses a few more) Ready.(fires a null beam at Vulkanus)

(Ben) Whoa! How'd you do that.

(Azmuth) Special something I added to all my devices.

(Ben) Can you teach how to do that?!

(Bryce, simultaneously with Azmuth) Sure.

(Azmuth, simultaneously with Bryce) No!

(Ben) Okay? I'm torn, I want to listen to Bryce, but I should listen Azmuth.

(Bryce) Listen to Azmuth.

(Ben) Okay

On Voltoron...

(Nemevoc) So do you understand my terms?

(Vilgax, steping out of some shadows) Of course, Nemevoc. Now not even Bowman and his Infinity can stop us. Ha ha ha ha ha...



  • XLR8's first appearance
  • Fasttrack's first appearance
  • Vulkanus' first appearance
  • Chromastone's first appearance
  • This episode shows that Bryce's versions of the aliens are the same as Ben 10k's in the original series
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