Vital statistics
Home World Earth
Species Human
Age 15
Other info
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair Color Blonde
Relatives Eddy Eric
Affiliation Plumbers
Powers and equipment
Powers Radicalness
Paraphernalia Wicked Robot Armor
Production details
First Appearance Unknown

BotBot (難しく難しくパパ!, BottuBottu) is the deuteragonist of the BotBot and Eddy series. The younger brother of Eddy Eric, BotBot is also a victim of the failed Human Teleportation experiment, now forced to live in his life-support robotic armor.



BotBot's life was fairly normal up until he was eleven, when his Mom was put in jail for a crime she didn't commit. Heartbroken, BotBot and his brother Eddy attempted the frowned-upon Human Teleportation experiment, which resulted in Eddy getting a wicked robotic arm and leg, and BotBot being stuck inside an awesome robot suit. After that, they became state-sponsored Magicians, traveling around the world in search of the fabled Thinky Guy's Rock.

BotBot and Eddy

In BotBot and Eddy, the brothers meet Ben Tennyson and joined the Plumbers, using the opportunity to search other planets for the Thinky Guy's Rock. Along the way, they get entangled in a secret plan made by a bad guy named Daddy and his Fake People.


We don't know what BotBot looks like inside the armor, but the armor itself is a totally wicked gray robot suit wearing an apron for some reason.


Eh, when you're dubbed by 4Kids, it's not like this part really matters.

Memetic History

At one point on chat, users were coming up with various ways that different anime could be ruined by 4Kids dubbing. Echoson suggested dubbing Full Metal Alchemist, which Yoponot adapted in part by casting Alphone Elric as a new character simply known as "BotBot". This goofy-ass name quickly gained the "character" an ironic fandom, which spiraled out of control just as fast as it had arisen.

ChromastoneandTabby later made fan art and even T-shirts of this thing for the shitpost points. These shirts have been scientifically proven by scientific people to raise your sex appeal and increase your vitality, so go buy one ASAP.


On the Wiki

  • By proxy whenever BotBot Bot makes an edit.

BTFF RPG (Franchise)

  • BotBot first appears in the Spooktober RPG, both by proxy as BotBot Bot and as a secret skin for the player character to wear.



  • BotBot was originally created by Yoponot, and is arguably his (or anyone else's, for that matter) most important contribution to the world.
  • BotBot is used as the mascot for the wiki's current primary bot, BotBot Bot.
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