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Borg 10: Alien Rescue Squad is a series by Turu17. Ben is not the main character, instead Borg , a roller skating teenager, is the new main character. Borg, Crown, Pink, Rick, Emma, Agita and Akito and his friends go into space helping aliens in need and, making new friends... and new enemies as well, their mission is to bring peace in all the universe. The Omnitrix of this series is the Omnitrox, and its creator is BronZZ. They get missions by the plumbers to save others. For more charecter info, click here and go on this (Borg10 Series). As a space ship, they use the X-Cruiser 3700. Also go on Borg 10: Alien Rescue Squad Theme Song.

Season 1 Episodes

  1. The Chosen One!!!
  2. Road Trip
  3. Hunters
  4. Dino Trouble
  5. Armored Adventure
  6. 1+1=1
  7. Ready, Set, Go! (its game Borg 10: Ready, Set, GO!)
  8. Sun Rise
  9. The Plan
  10. The Decoys
  11. Escape from the Null Void
  12. Trash Problem
  13. The White Knight
  14. Stolen Singers
  15. Losing Control
  16. Mana Battle
  17. Against the Infection
  18. The Rise of Ultimate Vilgax (Part 1
  19. The Rise of Ultimate Vilgax (Part 2)
  20. The Rise of Ultimate Vilgax (Part 3) (season finale)

Season 2 Episodes

  1. In Between a War
  2. Elemental
  3. The Space Phantoms
  4. Lost
  5. Triple Treat From the Lucubras
  6. Cute?
  7. Miss Universe (Mission in Desciese Part 1)
  8. Galactic-Wrestle-Mania (Mission in Desciese Part 2)
  9. Alpha Tech (Mission in Desciese Part 3)
  10. My Shadow Is Everyone's Shadow!
  11. Aliens from the Dark World!!
  12. Merry Christmas!
  13. The Seven Wonders of the Universe
  14. Red Alert!
  15. Stoned!
  16. Frogged Out!
  17. Messive Evolution
  18. The Ultimate Negative 10 (Part 1)
  19. The Ultimate Negative 10 (Part 2)
  20. The Ultimate Negative 10 (Part 3) (season finale)

Season 3 Episodes

  1. Old Friend, New Member!
  2. The Transporter
  3. 2 for the price of 1
  4. For a Big Problem, There's a Big Solution (Part 1)
  5. For a Big Problem, There's a Big Solution (Part 2)
  6. The Gourmand Gang
  7. Don't judge by the looks!
  8. Child's Play
  9. Infiltrator
  10. A change of character
  11. Nightmares
  12. Gold is forever
  13. Dark Wonder
  14. The Flood
  15. A day at the beach
  16. Last Laugh
  17. The Hidden Library
  18. Reverse of reverse
  19. Not so chosen one after all
  20. The Hero Force!

Season 4 Episodes: 

  1. Pumpkin Twist

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