BoosterPack is like a living insectoid battery, and his charge can be either positive or negative. He is similar to Nanomech. He is a Mabix from planet Matropia. He is usualy used to increase the strenght of his allies or decrease the strenght of his foes. He is the smallest alien from the Omnitrox.


Credits go to illuminate01 on DeviantArt.



-Can attach to any one's hand and increase his powers, courage wisdom ecc. and some times giving new ones

-Can attach to any one's hand and decrease

BoosterPack stats.png
BoosterPeck transforming
his powers, courage, wisdom ect. and some times blocking abilities

-Can memorize something and by attaching to some one's hand he can show him what he saw or heard

-Can shoot needles from his fingers

-Can pass through energy/laser beams

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