Boost Rider is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Arthrowheel from the planet Chelys.


Boost Rider has the appearance of a light-green scorpion. He has a dark green tailtip and armblades, as well as a bluish body shell that reflects Evfnye's clothing.

Boost Rider wears a purple and white mask, sunglasses and the Omnitrix symbol on his head. Underneath the mask, there are venomous bloody teeth. Luckily, the mask is only removed by Boost Rider when he is angry.


Boost Rider, compared to Evfnye and the other transformations, has a very angry temper and is easily annoyed by almost any inconvenience. This happens due to his species being exposed to constant radiation.

Powers and Abilities

Boost Rider can create energy wheels from his legs, then balance himself on them and ride. He has the ability to electrify them and leave an electro-blue trail wherever he rides.

Boost Rider has strong claws and a sharp stinger, all of which combines with his speed, endurance, resistance and strength to create a powerful attack, strong enough to ram a door of a bulding.

Boost Rider can short-circuit his body by spinning and electrifying his wheels, then grabbing them with his claws. If he conducts this impulse, he can knock out an enemy.


Boost Rider's temper makes him too dangerous to be used without training. He was also disappointed in himself when he couldn't speed himself faster, even though his speed was already impressive.

When short-circuting himself, Boost Rider feels a high amount of pain, despite being able to recover from it afterwards.


  • Boost Rider was first used in Explosions, when he saved Black Ram from exploding, then rode to the address indicated on a bomb he found, just to ram Dr. Quotient's door.
  • In A Royal Service, Boost Rider was activated by Yanne. He then electrified his wheels and electrocuted himself to shock Dr. Quotient via exposed wires and a lever.


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